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Friday 31 August 2018

August, where did that month go

Good low spending month was the comment I was going to have here, then I remembered to add the yarn purchase, opps not such a low spend. 

 I'm not sure if this is brave or stupid, below is the monthly totals for the last few years. 
Each year I was improving, until I finished work, more time for crafting at more cost, but I do get huge enjoyment from my crafts, and soon I should have an income form the bags I am making.  
I have added a tab at the top of my blog 'Made for selling', plus I have had some local interest.
My steps have dropped to such a poor level, I have stopped my early morning walk, for reasons I won't go into, so weight has not improved, but I have not put any extra pounds on.
Our plastic waste is still dropping, both hubby and I are always looking for a green solution, hubby has stopped buying bread and he is again making our own, another plastic wrapper stopped entering our home. We purchased some stretch plastic lids to replace stretch and seal, these are working so well, I'm looking to get more, they are plastic, but are reusable. It's little steps but they are working for us,  I have a couple more improvements, but I add them bit at a time, poor hubby gives me some strange looks every now and then.
Our water saving is OK, we are not big on this, but we have sorted more water storage in the garden, the hope is to eliminate the use of mains water for the garden. I have changes planned for my greenhouse, which will embrace low water use.

Thursday 30 August 2018

Nothing much

 I love these books on this shelf,
 so many fun subjects, collected over many years.
The hall is finished, and everything is back in place
The floor area is our cats feeding place, 
dried food and water stays here, wet food dishes are removed once cleared. 
I purchased this wool in a sale, thinking I like the colours for socks, but I think I prefer to use lighter colours, so I am making squares for my scrap blanket, I have 2 x 50g balls. I do like the random look to the finished squares. 
A couple more books,
Erica James a simple easy read
Peter James 1st book, not as polished as his later books. 

I am having another sort of my wardrobe, it's almost end of summer, with all the beautiful weather we have had this summer, I have worn loads of summer clothes, but I have a pile of stuff not touched, so I am sorting and taking it to the charity shop, plus a couple pairs of new shoes, one pair I brought a couple years ago, and the second my daughter gave me (she did not find them comfortable) both unworn and brand new. I have one section I don't wear much, it's some of my work clothes, I have thinned this section out last year, but I am happy to have these items, just in case I need them ( no I have not any plans to go back to work)
I am also looking around the house as we put things back after decorating, I spent a day sorting the photo's on our stair wall, I took some from the dining room to put on this wall, and removed a couple to pack away. It's so very hard when you have cute photo's of our grandsons, even now they are growing up, I still want to see their photo's.
Josh our eldest grandson turned 13 last week, how quick those years have flown, he is a smart lovely boy, still can't believe he's a teenager. I am spending the day with Josh and Sam, plus Will and mummies tomorrow, the weather is promised to be good as we are spending the day at a local country park.
Today is another stay at home day, I have a parcel due to arrive, and a visitor this afternoon.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Matching pair.

Yes they are finished

I am pleased with my first pair of knitted socks, I love the colour and they fit perfectly, I knitted them on four double ended needles, not my favorite way of knitting, and therefore there are a few places where they are not as neat as I would like. But I will wear them as soon as the cooler weather comes along. The yarn was perfect, the shading is not matching , but that does not bother me. I will leave them on these wooden shapes for a while, even with the cooler weather it's much to soon to wear socks and closed shoes and boots. I used a free pattern from Winwick mum, as suggest by Jo who is queen of knitting socks.
I have ordered a long circular needle, the next pair I am going to knit using the magic loop method, I really do not like the double ended needles, it's OK for small sections, and the small circular needles pulled the stitches too tight.
These are the same yarn, in a different colour for my next pair.

Monday 27 August 2018


My book cushions, I made two

 Another bag with big front pocket. 

Sunday it rained all bloody day, heavy, not going out in that rain, all good for our water table levels and our gardens, but depressing to look at. Hubby was driving between 1pm and 7pm, so plenty of time for me to play inside.
I have another 5 items made, and some fabric set aside to cut out more. The reading cushions used some off cuts of fabric, purchased from a charity shop, just costing 50p each one, both have zips at the bottom so covers can be removed and cleaned. we have gifted to two grandson these type of pocket cushions which they love. The pocket on the bag was another off cut, the main body of the cushions and bag came from a good quality curtain, purchased from a charity shop, which is a cost effective way to add to your stash.
I am adding this extra cost to my stash list, but I will record the purchase prices to off set the total cost.
I also made two plate carriers, using tea towels, same as here, the fabric was not strong enough for bags.
I have been looking at my WIP, mainly cross stitch, I am the nearly woman, I have nearly finished 3 projects, plus nearly finished knitting my 1st pair of socks, so I will finish both the socks and Mandela this week. I have a Christmas cross stitch I would like to use this year, I last stitched on it in November 2017.
Weather is predicted to be better today, so I might get outside for a while.

Sunday 26 August 2018

Bank Hoilday weekend

Hubby has managed some more painting, this book case is set into the wall where the old door way was. I am hoping to be able to put back all our books, we keep quirky titles and short reads here. 
Pulling out fabrics for a huge sewing marathon. 
Front pile, 4 items cut out and ready to sew, 
pile with purple fabrics waiting to be cut out
at the back Christmas fabrics. 
Loved Girl on the Train, 
Paula Hawkins has done it again, 
very good book, loads of interesting turns along the way. 
While hubby paints and I sew, Purdy lays in the middle of our sitting room and snores, Grace is in her basket behind the sofa, it is a cat's life here. 
This morning it's wet again, but that's our normal summer, yesterday was sunny, so we are having a good mix of weather. The garden is looking much better, but I'm not outside much, the flies are still a huge issue. We had a long line of white towels out yesterday, looking lovely in the sunshine, I do love white towels and linen, it was perfect drying weather.
My dear hubby has finished the hall book shelves, he did the top coat this morning, so just the skirting boards left, but he is driving this afternoon for a few hours, I would rather he did not paint on driving days, but he does like to get things finished.
Friday I created patterns and cut out 2 reading cushions, with a pocket front, using the ABC offcut I had. Plus a couple plate carriers using some thinner tea towels. I have sorted material for 4 shopping bags. I spent time yesterday on Esty, looking at prices, I need to ensure I am not losing out on these home made items, and at the same time, my sister will want to have her mark up as well.
I was thinking of adding a page to the top of my blog, and put a few items for sale, using the same prices but with free postage in UK, what do you think, would anyone be interested, this is some of what I have made.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Day out

Lovely view of Spinnaker Tower, people were drop jumping from the tower, we sat and watched them whilst having lunch. I assailed down this tower back in 2014, but I would not drop jump.
 There are loads of huge boats here
 Isle of Wight ferry with one of many sailing club on the other side. 
The huge ferry's going to Europe also come through this channel, 
The Pride of Normandy sailed by whilst we ate lunch. 
Total purchases on day out with daughter, smells wonderful
 Another book finished, not a crime/thriller this time, I enjoyed it.
 Old and new, the hall in the new pale green, dining room in the old magnolia. 
Hubby has just the gloss skirting boards and door frames to do in the hall, he will remove each door and paint it in the garage allowing it to dry before rehanging, just 3 to do, but it's on hold until next week, he has a few busy days driving. 
We had a great day shopping, most of the shops at Gunwharf Quays are top named brand outlet stores, so plenty of bargains to be found, and we went into most shops, daughter purchased a few things, I passed on everything, even in M&S, where I could have picked up loads.  We then walked to the city center and had a look around. We used the park and ride, allowing us to use a choice of bus stops to get back to the car, it's just 15 minutes from our home to the park and ride. 
Wednesday in contrast, I had a day at home, ironing and loads of housework, I can't believe how dusty everywhere gets when you are decorating, and our wooden floors were terrible. The spare room is still full of items to go back out, but they can wait until next week, there is so much in there, the items I can put back are right at the back. 
Today I plan to speak to my sister and then cut out more bags, she says she wants loads, I plan to have a sewing day on Sunday. 

Tuesday 21 August 2018

New project

I got my tulip bulbs, plus a few more
 This will be very useful in the greenhouse
This is growing, I last picked it up in June
I'm new to knitting socks, and loving it, but already I have leftover yarn, Jo from through the keyhole, is knitting her leftovers into a blanket, which is a brilliant idea. I should be able to make 4 squares from the yarn leftover from these socks. 
 My daughter recommended this book to me, I popped to our library to get a few books and found it on their shelves. I'm half way through.

Sunday was a quiet day, no decorating, we popped into town, did not stay long, not much we required, the big sprayer will be very helpful in the greenhouse, I only have a hand held one, which is always needing filling up. I have added the cost of the items to my stash spent list for this year. I also managed to get some more colours from the Sally Hansen range of gel nail polishes, they are not cheap, but they strengthen my nails, for once I'm not hiding my hands.
Monday hubby gloss painted the stairs, the area is now finished, Will and I spent loads of time in the garden, he is very good at picking up the leaves from the lawn, I deadheaded all around the plot. We picked ripe blackberries, raspberries and a couple of strawberries, and ate them outside, I like he understands if we work there is a reward. we then had loads of time playing outside, Will prefers to be outside, he is interested in everything around him, we walked to the library together, he also loves books. 
Today again I am going out with youngest daughter, we are popping to Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth, we have nothing to go for, just some time together, hubby is happy to stay at home and paint the rest of our small hall walls. 
Later this week I have the lovely job of cleaning all the photo frames and rehanging them on the walls going up the stairs, we have loads of family photo's. 

Sunday 19 August 2018

Village Fete

We had our village show yesterday, 
so we took Will for a walk around
 Will loved the big bunny with pink shoes
I finally found the black material and finished these two bags
 I prefer these bags to the ones with colour linings. 
 Another bag finished
I was later starting sewing on Friday morning, hubby needed a bit of help with the decorating, but the walls are finished in the stair well of the hall, just the glossing to do next week.
I managed to make the bags above, but then we got a call from mummy and Will, who wanted to pop over, we were having Will on a sleep over, so mummy and daddy could have an evening out together. So everything was packed away for now. Loads of fun at bath time, he is so comfortable at ours on a sleepover.
Saturday we were up at 6.30am, early for us, plenty of play time a lovely morning nap for Will and then we walked to our community center for the Village funday, it was dull overhead but dry, the lawns around the center were full of people and stalls, Fire engines were climbed over, everything checked out. Will was too young to try any of the stalls, but he loved seeing all the children, the big bunny came towards him and Will hid, but quickly he was OK and had a long cuddle. We had lunch out at a local Bistro, and later mummy came and collected him, so Nanna and Grancha had a quiet evening reading together. I have finished You are Dead by Peter James, another good book.
This morning again it's dull, I thought August was the best month for sunny weather, so far it's been more like October, later I have to pop into town, I want some tulips, Carnaval de nice, which I got from Wilko's last year, I would like to see their stunning blooms again next year.
No decorating today, we will start back tomorrow, I agree with your comments, we do not like decorating, with our home being open planned once you start one area you have to keep going until it's all finished, it does help we only have painted walls, so once it's washed down it just needs a couple coats of paint. Hope to get it done before the end of the month.

Friday 17 August 2018

Bags of fun

Reversible kiddies bags, with loads of different fabrics inside. 
I believe the most important part of the bags I make are the handles, so I always take time to make them as strong as I can. 
 Three bags completed
 These are roomy, strong and pretty, I have two black lined ones to finish, the inner and outer bags are complete and pinned together, I just have to make the handles, slip them into place and sew the bags together.
 Another tea towel bag (made with two tea towels), 
no lining, same design on both sides. 
 My trusty machine, years old and well loved
 Not too many functions, but everything I require, I clean and oil this machine myself, it never lets me down and is a joy to use. I had been thinking about replacing it, but I really can see any point, especially as I have not used all the functions yet.  
 Another library book
It poured down this morning, too wet to even look out the window, so again I got sewing. I spent yesterday after noon finishing the 8 children's size bags and loads of cutting out.
This morning after I had made handles, I used two layers of fabrics, black on the bottom and the same colour as the lining for the front. I iron all the folds before pining together and sewing. I then cut out 5 bases for the check bags and 5 check outers. I had cut out and sewn the inners yesterday afternoon. I used all the plain black fabric I had to hand, so I will have to find my spare black fabric to make the last two sets, no colour fronts just all black.
I did the one shopping bag, I have cut out another three shopping bags ready for sewing. I am helping my sister gather stock for her craft business, she wants to use family members to help give her the various items to create a good base for selling. I have a couple more different styles of bags to make and also some cushions. I hope to have most done by the end of the weekend. I will then make a few Christmas items, including festive bottle bags and bunting.
Hubby has started painting the hall and stairs, he has started in the stair well, it's the most difficult part. We are changing the wall colours from magnolia to a pale green, just a hint of colour. He has done the ceilings and the first coat on most of the walls. The same colour paint will be used all through the hall and into our sitting room, we are open plan and it's difficult to have different colours in different area's.
We had a super bargain yesterday morning, we popped to our local B&Q to get the paint, they did not have the big tins in our colour in silk finish, so we drove to a much bigger B&Q, got the paint and I spotted a rug which would go perfect in our decorated sitting room at £78, the last one on the shelf, when we checked it was dirty, we were offered a discount but refused, just in case we could not clean it. The lady then found us and said we have another rug, come and look. When we opened it, it was the ex display rug, clean but it has a plastic hook going through it, she offered it to us for £50, so we took it, plus hubbies Wednesday discount we got the paint and the rug for £63, should have been £98, we are both pleased, the hook has been removed and you can't see any marks.


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