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Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

I do hope all of you with the heavy unexpected snow are keeping warm and well

Sunday 30 October 2011

Anew start

 I have started the Romantic Sampler, it was calling and I gave in.

I am using natural linen at 32 count, using one stand of DMC, I have not changed any colours, I started at the top right,
Not done alot this weekend, was not well yesterday, and took to my bed, feeling much better today, but to tired to do much, should be going out to lunch with friends, will see how that goes.

Thursday 27 October 2011

TUSAL October

 The girls are looking for a winter resting place,  
and my ort pot is full of soft threads.

Loads of colours from my own work (still no name for it),

Not done much stitching so far this week, work is very busy, I'm having to cover two peoples roles so I'm tired when I get home, and Tuesday Sammy had his birthday tea. Hope to stitch tonight.

I hope you are keeping dry, we have had very heavy rain, and more due today, we are lucky no chance of flash floods, but driving is difficult.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Christmas Tree Cat

 Yesterday I did a quickie, 
Christmas tree cat by Brittercup Designs, it took just a couple hours to stitch.

I changed a few things, used DMC silks, with Treasure Braid BB59, which is a black/Silver thread for the whiskers, and I put Mill Hill red seed beads, #02013 instead of the Kreinik red thread.

 I will make it into a decoration for my Christmas tree, it's not the tradition here in UK to make these types of decoration, but as from last year I have a 6 foot tree, so it will fit on well.
I think I might stitch a few more for cards, they are quick and so effective, the pattern I got from Just Cross stitch, Christmas Ornaments 2011, from the USA.

 We popped in to see Joshy who is covered in spots, Chicken Pox for a six year old boy is no fun,we had loads of emergency vehicles in our town centre yesterday, from very old to very modern, all the kids loved it. I did take photo's for Josh to see, but it's not the same.

Just going to pop my Christmas cake in the oven, I am making two, one for us and the second in an oblong tin to cut into two small squares for Su and Fliss's hubby Steve. Then I'm off  to spend time in the garden, getting everything ready for the colder weather.

Saturday 22 October 2011


I have done some more stitching and I think I can save it, the centre square is wonky and I have a plan to off set it, I did manage to finish all the white stitching, very boring, but I am going to over stitch this area with a pattern.


The photo below is not best quality, but it does show the whole design so far

I have had the last of my magazines from America for this year, 
there is loads inside which is calling to be stitched, 
I know I am going to get my silks out for Christmas Cat Tree, by Brittercup Designs.

And once again they are back in our lives, on Tuesday Sammy is one year old, time has gone by so quickly, and for his birthday, mummy has suggested Teletubbies, he loves the purple one, I don't know their names, so below is his birthday treat. I have also go him a Teletubbies sing along and dance DVD, The card in the back ground I made for him, with felt letters for his name.
We do not have alot planned for this weekend, off to town shortly for a few things, then a DIY shop, and home for lunch, afternoon in the garden, doing a tidy before the real cold weather hits us, and they are promising we are going to get it soon, so fingers crossed it misses the south.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Dam, blast and bother.................

Yep I have miscounted on the pattern, and here's my problem, lower green band is to high and as I matched the darker band it's all in the wrong place.
If I try and remove the darker panel, it will mark the fabric, and I wanted to do loads of open stitching here. I love the green panels, they look so light and textured and want to do more like this.
 So tonight I am going to try and repair the mistake without removing loads of stitching, which means it could go two ways with out a pattern to guide me. I am going to carry on stitching the blue square in the middle, but I am going to make is quirky and not central. This was never going to be a balanced piece.
 On a brighter note, my orchid has flowered again, I still have two in our sitting room, left over from last month, on our anniversary. so this graces my desk in the office, it is the sunniest room in the house, so the orchid will love it here.
Not much else has happened this week, work is just work, I did pop to Hobbycraft today, I brought the silks for the Romantic Sampler, they have not yet put out their Christmas stuff, we also popped into Next and Laura Ashley, I wanted to buy some Christmas bunting for Fliss, but at £25 it was expensive, I think we are going to try and make some. Sorry Fliss I was thinking of you!

Monday 17 October 2011

Plans are made

 I did manage to get some stitching done, just started the inner blocks,
I will sew the squares first, adding muted colours to the design, as yet I have no firm plans for the centre.  I have been looking at all the different stitches and will fill the area's with stitches other that cross stitch.

 So far these colours have been chosen, I will also try and use some of the colours already stitched, this part is still undecided.

 This is my design so far, the colours are no true, I just used them for the template, I like to have my work on my lap and pull the silks from my drawer and match them. I have designed this piece with out finding the centre of the work, I wanted it to be random.
We have had a good weekend, sad to see Wales lose their rugby semi final to France, but next weekend we will be behind New Zealand, we did want a red and black final, now we just want the All Blacks to win!!
Rest of the weekend was spent at home, all the kids came to visit on Saturday, had a great meal with a friend here on Saturday evening, loads of left overs in the fridge. Sunday was just a day at home together, me doing the pattern above, Kev just pottering.

Friday 14 October 2011

What basket

 Here's Grace my cat, looking cute, 
I say my cat, because even tho Kev is home before me each day, she waits on the drive for me to come home and cries for her food, and often Kev has already fed her, she sit's on my lap all the time, Kev calls her but she ignores him, I think she has decided I am her person as cat's often do.Anyway for my title, Grace has a lovely basket with a extra cushion and a wool blanket, she has had it ages, but in the past few days she has taken to sleeping on our rug, in the middle of our walking path.

I have finished the outside border for my work, I don't think I shall have so much stitching time this weekend, I want to build the design for the centre of this panel, I have been looking at inspiring blogs, ladies there are some fabulous stitchers about, I am going to create the centre panel on my computer before I do any more stitching, I plan to us different stitches here.
We are out to friends tonight, and have a friend coming for a meal on Saturday night. Tomorrow morning it's the game, Rugby, Wales against France, Kev is a true Welshman, so everything will stop for the game, we are hoping for a Wales via New Zealand final.....
Weather forecast is good for the weekend, so I'm off to work, 8 hours and then let the fun begin, have a good day.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Just stitching

 I am still working on the outside border, I have added black and white to the top right corner, this was always my plan, I love the striking difference in the shading, whilst using the same design, now I have to finish all the bottom and the right side.
I do have a plan forming for the middle, I want to sketch it on my design programme to ensure it will work, so I should end up with a pattern at the end of this design, most of the time I make it up as I go along, so I never end up with a pattern.

Off to work now, it's a dull day weather wise, we are expecting another very busy day at work, but at least the time goes quickly.

Saturday 8 October 2011


 I have done a bit more to my stitching, but it has been a busy week, and with my time divided between a good book, sewing and friends, the sewing is coming along slowly, and in the background the Romantic sampler is calling me........................
Had a good day, hair cut first thing, looking more and more like my old self, time with my happy hubby, a Welshman who is very pleased with his national ruby team, last team for UK still playing.
We are having a night in with a nice home cooked meal, I have just made blackberry and apple crumble, with custard, 1st of the X Factor live finals tonight, bliss, and another day off work tomorrow.

Please pop to my daughter Fliss's bog, photo heavy with my cute grandson Sammy....

Thursday 6 October 2011

Slow progress

 I have done some more on my new piece, I don't even have a name for it. I got bored with the white so I thought I would start on the outer border.

I miss counted and only have 9 rows between the green and purple, it should have been ten, so I had to change my design, I sat and looked at all my silks in the drawer and picked bright orange, not a colour I would normally use, with the lemon, and then balanced the pattern, I love fat and thin rows, I'm not sure if this will be the only pattern on this outside panel, I do have an idea forming in my head.
 I got the pattern for the Romantic Sampler yesterday, it's perfect for me, I already have the colours in my stash and the linen to start, I will use a larger count which will make the design smaller. It's very hard to not start it straight away. I do know it will be done before I get going with Winter Watergarden, which is still not calling me.
I am also trying to read a book by Stephen Fry, I do love to listen to him on TV, and I am enjoying his books, he has such a good command of words, I must admit some of them I have had to look up. Work is also very busy at this time, but once I am home it's finished.

I am finding if I sleep well, I wake up with loads of aches, which does get a bit better in the day, if I sleep badly I don't ache so much but I am tired all day, can't win. The weather is normal again for the time of year, back to wind and rain. But it's warm and snug inside.

Monday 3 October 2011

A good day all round

 I have had the day off today, had a check up at the hospital this morning, which was good, got the all clear, first of many, and putting last year a step further away, I just need to get more energy to get myself going.

Above and below is the bag Fliss made for me, I have lined the inside adding pockets around the side and have made a padded bottom, and a draw string close on it. I am very pleased with it, I love the colours, full of summer.
This afternoon I spent with Fliss and Sammy, who is toddling around every where, we stayed in because the sun is so hot, it's a day for getting sunburnt, as I always try to do on my day off, I collected Josh from school, when we got home Josh showed me his Tracy Island, from Thunderbirds and all the different crafts they fly.

A day of pure bliss, now the evening with Kev, what more could I ask for.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Home made crafty present

 Yesterday we popped to see Fliss and Steve and the boys, it was a beautiful day and the hottest October day on records, it really felt like the hottest day of summer, Fareham had a local farmers market, so we walked around the market for an hour, Josh brought himself some books with his pocket money, I brought the latest Stephen Fry book to read.

When we got back to Fliss's for lunch she had a present for me, she is very good a crochet, something I have never done, Fliss has a love of working with bright colors. These are very typical for her to use.
 I have some pale fabric,heavy cotton, so I will line this bag and put pockets on the inside and make a draw string to close it. Look at the bottom below, so perfect and no one will see it, can't wait to sort it and start using it. It was a complete surprise, thanks Fliss I love it.
 Below is another free flower, I have just placed it on my desk, I shall enjoy it here whilst I am reading your blogs.
It's another hot sunny day here, we are fore caste for a couple more hot days, which is a bonus at this time of year, I don't remember this type of hot weather in October before, But we are going out on the motor bike later, which should be fun and cool.
I have only done a small amount of my cross stitch I am stitching one area in white, then I shall add coloured back stitch to form the pattern, I have also decided how I will do the boarder, I want to incorporate different stitches as well and threads.
I have also been on the net and purchased a sampler for this designer, the romantic sampler is to my taste. I just have to wait for the payment to clear and then it's mine, I have a feeling Winter Watergarden is being pushed back.


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