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Friday, 17 August 2018

Bags of fun

Reversible kiddies bags, with loads of different fabrics inside. 
I believe the most important part of the bags I make are the handles, so I always take time to make them as strong as I can. 
 Three bags completed
 These are roomy, strong and pretty, I have two black lined ones to finish, the inner and outer bags are complete and pinned together, I just have to make the handles, slip them into place and sew the bags together.
 Another tea towel bag (made with two tea towels), 
no lining, same design on both sides. 
 My trusty machine, years old and well loved
 Not too many functions, but everything I require, I clean and oil this machine myself, it never lets me down and is a joy to use. I had been thinking about replacing it, but I really can see any point, especially as I have not used all the functions yet.  
 Another library book
It poured down this morning, too wet to even look out the window, so again I got sewing. I spent yesterday after noon finishing the 8 children's size bags and loads of cutting out.
This morning after I had made handles, I used two layers of fabrics, black on the bottom and the same colour as the lining for the front. I iron all the folds before pining together and sewing. I then cut out 5 bases for the check bags and 5 check outers. I had cut out and sewn the inners yesterday afternoon. I used all the plain black fabric I had to hand, so I will have to find my spare black fabric to make the last two sets, no colour fronts just all black.
I did the one shopping bag, I have cut out another three shopping bags ready for sewing. I am helping my sister gather stock for her craft business, she wants to use family members to help give her the various items to create a good base for selling. I have a couple more different styles of bags to make and also some cushions. I hope to have most done by the end of the weekend. I will then make a few Christmas items, including festive bottle bags and bunting.
Hubby has started painting the hall and stairs, he has started in the stair well, it's the most difficult part. We are changing the wall colours from magnolia to a pale green, just a hint of colour. He has done the ceilings and the first coat on most of the walls. The same colour paint will be used all through the hall and into our sitting room, we are open plan and it's difficult to have different colours in different area's.
We had a super bargain yesterday morning, we popped to our local B&Q to get the paint, they did not have the big tins in our colour in silk finish, so we drove to a much bigger B&Q, got the paint and I spotted a rug which would go perfect in our decorated sitting room at £78, the last one on the shelf, when we checked it was dirty, we were offered a discount but refused, just in case we could not clean it. The lady then found us and said we have another rug, come and look. When we opened it, it was the ex display rug, clean but it has a plastic hook going through it, she offered it to us for £50, so we took it, plus hubbies Wednesday discount we got the paint and the rug for £63, should have been £98, we are both pleased, the hook has been removed and you can't see any marks.


  1. Your bags look great. You've been very busy.

  2. Your bags are always so lovely, I'm sure they'll be best sellers. I hate decorating, the whole house ends up upside down, and especially the hall, stairs and landing, it's such an awkward place to paint. What a great bargain you got on the paint and rug.

  3. Brilliant bargain with the rug!
    I've with Jo about the decorating, don't like it one bit, although I do like it when it's finished :-)
    Great bags, i'm sure they will sell really well.
    No rain here, I've hung a line full of washing out before I came to work so i'm hoping it will be ok till i finish at lunch time. Have a good weekend

  4. Bags as always are fab. Take advantage of B and Q discount quickly-it’s stopping in September as part of their cost cutting exercise. I love the sound of your wall colour-I always find pale green shades very calming. .

  5. Love the bags....they look fantastic!

  6. Love the bags!
    You got a very good bargain on the paint and rug!

    All the best Jan

  7. Your bags are just wonderful. They look like the kind I would love to take to our Farmer's Market and fill with good veggies!

  8. I do believe this may be the first time I've visited your blog Marlene, although you have visited mine, quite regularly. I too have an old "brother" sewing machine, and sometimes wonder if I should upgrade to a Singer. But then mine, has never caused me any problems either, so why change?

    Do you use your Janome for a sewing business? I like the neat look of your kiddies bags. :)



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