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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Stash, start and prickly

Colours for Will's ripple blanket. 
I have done the first level with each colour,
 I wanted it to look softer than just shades of blue
I have done some of my 2nd sock
I am truly excited by these buds, 
this cactus has never flowered in all the years I have had it. 
Sunday, we had a lazy day at home, I did some housework whilst hubby did the ironing, after a brunch, poached eggs on toast, we spent time together in the garden. Hubby is not a gardener, but he is good following instructions, firstly he cut back all the ivy coming over the fence from next door, neither of us like the plants over the top of the fence. He then had a huge tidy of his garage, I pottered, planting a big pot and adding a few plants to gaps in the garden. I also took away all the protection, the plants are now big enough to survive the cats and pigeons. My shed was almost empty so I swept the floor, and did a tidy around, I also pulled my tulips bulbs out of the dried compost and stored them with two amaryllis bulbs, I normally do not store bulbs, but the tulips were so beautiful I would love them to grow again next year. I also pottered in the greenhouse for an hour.
I did start Wills ripple blanket, I like the colours and I'm pleased my daughter loves them as well. I have not done much to my socks, but I do plan to do more later in the week.
Monday morning Will arrived for the day, we walked to the park, he now knows the way, he played lovely with a little girl, they ran around together. Will is now saying words, hubby was over joyed when he called him Grancha (Welsh for grand dad), but Will's favorite word is tractor!
Today is sign class, it's the last class and we have exam's which is going to be interesting. Next week is our last meeting this term and we are all going out for afternoon tea, where we will get our results.


  1. What lovely colours you've chosen for Will's ripple blanket, I think it's easy to go for shades of blue for a boy so it's nice to see something a bit different. How lovely that he's starting to talk, he's at a lovely age. Good luck with your sign class exams, I'm sure you'll do very well.

  2. I've kept my tulip bulbs too, hopefully they will come back when planted again. My husband is not a gardener either, but like your husband he will provide assistance when required, lol.
    I like the colours you have chosen for Will's blanket, they go well together.
    Good luck with your exams and enjoy the afternoon tea afterwards :-)

  3. I hope your exam went well for you today. I have decided to have a go at a ripple blanket but I'm going to be using treble crochets with some yarn I originally bought for another project which didn't get started.

  4. Best wishes for the exam, I hope you and your classmates do well and enjoy your afternoon tea.
    Pretty colours for the new ripple.
    What a treat the cactus flower will be.

  5. Ripple blankets are so pretty - love the colors.

  6. Good luck with your exam. Lovely colours in the ripple-how I wish I could master crochet.



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