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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Gala day.

On Saturday it was our village gala held at Portchester castle, it was a beautiful hot sunny day, normally our gala is held in June, our last gala was June 2019, so everyone was pleased to go to the event, the parade through the village did not go ahead this year. 
 Inside the castle grounds are all the vintage cars, loads of stalls run by local groups, youth organisations, and local charities. There is a huge show ring in the centre and loads of things happening through out the day. Outside the walls are loads of things to try, archery, huge blow-up spheres which you get in and roll around, bumper cars and a fun fair. 
Out side the castle walls on the coast side, the tide is in, so perfection, we could have been anywhere along the Mediterranean sea, we are very lucky to live here, almost everything we need is at hand. So many times we have enjoyed this view and the castle grounds. 
Looking back towards the castle, we walked home along the shoreline, passing loads of people walking towards the castle, it was a perfect time. 

We have only missed the gala once, one year when my sister visited, its a good family fun day, normally we take Will, but on Saturday he was with grandpa and grandma, we did not stay too long, just a lovely walk around. 
Earlier we both had our flu jabs, our doctors surgery is on the ball with getting everyone done early, giving time later for getting our covid booster jabs, which they are hoping to start in October. 

On a separate note last week the castle was closed to public, the car park taken over by huge vans, antiques road was filming, so look out for Portchester Castle location, coming on BBC1 soon. 

Both Friday and Saturday evenings I got a M&S too good to go bag, both had a great mixture of things, we love these bags, for their value as contents are worth £12, and the treats we have, we are able to walk to the shop within our local garage. 

Thank you for your comments in my last post, I am feeling better, so many of us are worriers, and these days we have so much more to deal with. I always find the end of summer hard, I love the autumnal colours everywhere, but I do love being outside in our garden, sat inside watching is never the same. 

Today is a lazy day at home, not seen daughter for a while, she is settling into their new routine of school everyday, Will is busy, he went to a starters marshal arts class and wants to join, Friday night he camped out in garden with daddy and loved it, he is growing up so fast. Everything changes once they start school. We have had a short sharp storm this morning, the garden would like a couple more. 

Friday, 17 September 2021


I had seen a few reviews on this book, youngest daughter passed it to me, not my favourite style of narrative, but I stuck with it, not sure how to review it, the, a storyline around mental illness, love and families. It would be hard to say I enjoyed it, but it was a really good read. Book 40 read this year.  
I was passed this book, I had read Virginia Andrews way back, everyone loved Flowers in the Attic, Family Storms was a exceptional read, well written, a brilliant story, told by a 14 year old girl, book 41 read this year. 

I love Peter James crime novels, always set in and around of Brighton, this is a totally different storyline, I enjoyed it from his first word to the last, great read. Book 42 read this year. 
It can be difficult when you are part of a book swap, loads of my friends know I am a huge bookworm, so I am often given books to read, luckily for me most are to my taste. It's a fantastic way to find new authors, and ones you have not read for years. I rarely give up on a book, a few I have read I have been pleased to get to the end of the story.

I have lost myself in books this week, just a bit of gardening as everywhere is looking good, with no projects, I have nothing to think about, and I am a thinker, so thoughts turn to what's happening all around us, the upcoming winter months, family, Will has now his date for his operation. I have been feeling gloomy, hubby keeps asking what I would like for my birthday in November, it's a huge one, I officially retire and get my pension. I have never worried about my age, we are who we want to be at any age, but these days being older with this virus around us is worrying, Oh did I say I worry as well as overthink things. With the changing season showing and summer coming to an end, its just another level which has all got together to bring me down, I do have a loving family, hubby, daughter and siblings, so it's a case of working through it, I'm not complaining as I know people who really suffer with mental health issues, mine will pass it always does.

We have been out, a lovely afternoon on Monday with youngest daughter, it was her birthday, so I took cake and flowers, she had already had her gift, dentist and shopping on Tuesday, Wednesday we had a walk around our park and through our small market, Thursday lunch with friends at a garden centre. I've seen Will, George and Molly loads, sadly Will started full time school this week so days playing together have been replaced with desk, teachers and different fun for him. 

Monday, 13 September 2021

Changing seasons

These are the rest of my bulbs for next spring, Saturday I spent the day outside, sorting untidy pots and planting the new seasons colours. Hubby was out in afternoon, so an enjoyable time on my own. It was sunny and warm, a perfect day for being outside. 
The bigger pot had a dahlia plant, which I have popped into a plastic pot to over winter in my greenhouse, it is now full of a mixture of bulbs, my metal pot, had a daisy in, which again is in a plastic pot in greenhouse, I love the mixture of colours in the violas, such tiny beautiful flowers. The Cyclamen I purchased in the village the day before.  My pots of Begonias are in full of blooms, they will last until the frost arrive. 
The long pots infront of the raspberries now have pansies in, limited colours, loads of white flowers, which I love, these will soon grow and fill these tubs. I have replanted some of the plants from these tubs into my raised bed, I probably have a 50/50 chance they will come back next year. 
Now for something completely different, I was reading a blog where the lady was using Sphagnum moss, and getting good results for her cuttings, she was experimenting with moss and Perlite. I already knew Perlite was great for some cuttings, but not everything, only time will tell if this works. I've made my 1st garden prop box, I have done 2 cuttings from the same plant, one each in the 2 growing mediums, time will show which is best. 
My 39th book read this year, a very light predictable story line, I almost did not read it, another new to me author I won't look for another of her books. 
I am aware Sphagnam Moss is grown under licence, mine was grown and sold here in northern England, I did alot of reading before making the purchase, it has loads of uses, so far I have used it with my air-plant, carnivorous plants, succulents and orchids. I don't intend to purchase more of it, one bag should be enough, it can be added to potting compost, but I would rather not do that, I want to cherish it for it's water retaining properties, the rest of the bag is laid on top of compost in a huge plant pot saucer, in hope it stays alive. My air-plant is not looking too good, I have cared for it since May 2018, I am hoping I can keep it alive. 

Saturday was a really late night to bed, we decided to watch the US open tennis tournament, Emma Raducanu has stormed the tennis world, coming through the qualification rounds, making her the 1st ever person to qualify and then go on to win the tournament, and she is only 18. It was a great match, Leylah Fernandez was not going to give her an easy ride, truly stunning to watch, they both have so many great years of tennis ahead of them, and we have loads to look forward to watching. 

Sunday was another sunny blue sky day, these days are always a bonus in September, the temperatures are never normally as hot as August, but everyone loves the sunshine as summer is closing.  After all the housework, more time outside, I am starting to put things inside the greenhouse, then more reading, blissful weekend. Loads of laundry dried on the line, we washed all the bathroom floor mats, these are thick and takes load of time to dry. 

Today is youngest daughters birthday, Will is at school, George is not well, so no nursery, we will spend the morning with them, and then, well I don't know, if I'm feeling creative I hope to get my sisters sewing machine out and have a play.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Little bites

I'm working on the back of this jacket for George, I separated the 3 parts at the armhole shaping, like the body, I need to add extra rows, he is a tall boy, it's all stocking stitch now. I love the button bands are made as I knit and not added later. I've not done so much on this, but it simple knitting from now on. 

I am also working on Molly's dress, this yarn is so soft, I am now at the point to shape the armholes and will work separate front and back pieces, I am past the part I got stuck on last time. I have enjoyed knitting this in the round, the yarn colour mixtures makes this beautiful. The design had the lace work on the back as well as the bodice, but I knitted in stocking stitch, in hope it's flatter and won't be uncomfortable. 

Will's 1st day at school this week, he has visited a few times and a couple of his best friends are in the same class, so a happy little boy, with his book bag. He has got up and dressed every morning happy to go. 
My lovely friend has made me another wooden pot, this time he has left some bark on the side, there are a couple of natural cracks in the wood as well. It's stunning, I love the colours and it's so tactile to touch. 
For once I popped in place without showing hubby, he's not so keen on all my wooden pots, I have shown him since.
Another book finished, a new to me author, she has loads of titles but I won't want to read any more, it was not my best read, book 38 read this year. 

Wednesday I went with mummy to pick up Will from school, the school grounds look fantastic, so many places for the children to have fun. He only attended the morning so we picked him up at 12, he was happy hungry and a bit angry, once fed he was himself and told us everything he did. I got cuddles with George and Molly, and time to chat with mummy.  Later another quiet time at home with hubby.

Thursday I was at daughters before the school run, George was sick in the night, mummy had no sleep, so Will was taken to school, George went for a nap, Molly slept after here feed, mummy was sent to bed for the morning, I had a lazy few hours. I stayed much later daughter had her own medical appointment, George did not attend his, Will came home happy another good day, he had a sticker on his shirt, stating he had ate all his lunch, it was so much fun to have a play afternoon with them.

Today, Friday, we have again nothing on, it's raining which I am pleased about, I am tired so happy not to do much, I hope to walk to the village for a couple of things, I have a greenhouse project to try, then I think loads of reading time, luckily for me hubby is a book worm as well. 

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Nanna's pot

Apparently this pot is for Nana, that's what Will said when he saw it in the shop, it goes with my others, he is called Neil, better than the name Will quoted, 4year old boy humour, Neil Armstrong, 1st man to step on the moon, we had a lovely conversation about space travel. 
Gardening, Science and General Knowledge all in one pot. 
We have had this resin rabbit a few years, he was a dark brown and looking very tatty, this was the best colour paint we had, hubby has done a great job, I love he still has his features. He's now back in the herb bed along with a few other rabbits. 
I have beautiful flowers in the greenhouse, and now with the hedge gone we can see them from our outside table, the white flower is a 1st time flower, the tiny pink ones flower a couple times a year. 
We have loads of late summer flowers, the begonia's and coleus are stunning.  
I am so lucky to have this fuchsia, it's a cutting I grew last year, the parent plant died over the winter, the colours are stunning and another chimney with Begonia's. 
Our wedding anniversary was a quiet one, daughter came over with Will and Molly, George was in nursery, we had lunch together, sat outside in the shade and watched and played with Will, loads of baby cuddles. Later we had fish and chips for tea, we stopped going out for a meal on our anniversary years ago, at the same time we stopped giving each other gifts, a card is all we give. 

Tuesday another bright sunny day, I had sign class in the morning, and the rest of the day at home, hubby was out most of afternoon, I can't say I did much, garden is tidy, house is tidy, I have knitting and a book to read, what more should I require. I had loads of nice comments, I decided to wear a summer dress, I have a few, and I decided it was wrong not to wear them, I want to wear everything I own, even my posh dresses. 

Today I'm off to school at lunchtime, it's Wills 1st day and I will go with mummy to collect him, I have everything crossed he will enjoy himself, he is happy with the visits he has had 🤞🤞

My black bin has arrived, I had to change the bottom of the garden outside the greenhouse to fit it in, hubby drilled holes along the side at the bottom of the bin, I have a wire rack inside, I now have to wait until the Magnolia tree leaves start to fall, we will shred the leaves and leave them in the bin for a year. I am not sure what they will become, I hope leaf mulch, but I would be happy with any sort of mulch, which can be used next September around my beds. 

I've not yet tried my sisters sewing machine, I have had a look at the manual, I think it should do what I want, best thing is to find some time, a couple of days, set it up on dining room table and have a go. There is no rush I have plenty of time to make this project, or if I can't, time to order what I need, it's not needed until early December. 

Monday, 6 September 2021

Things to do

I have my sisters bigger sewing machine, it does embroidery, my machine is far more basic, I normally do not embellish my sewing, but I have a Christmas project and I am hoping I can do it using this machine and save money, so for now I'm going to practice. 
Our local community centre had a charity book sale on Saturday, there were loads of books, I got 3, all hard backs, one new author for me, each at 50p, Bargains all around. 
 These lovely pots were purchased for herb pots, but our kitchen window sill is not warm enough, so I put these Christmas cactus cuttings in, they should thrive here. My African violet has been here for years, it flowers often, so pretty. 
My 37th book read this year, another good story, it was a slow start, but a delightful warm read, memories of enjoyable times, most of the story set in 1988. I now need to chose my next book, I have a good selection here. 
I still have had no idea what day it is, my brother arrived on Wednesday, hubby's birthday family get together on Thursday, so in my mind they were weekend days. We ate leftover cake on Friday and on Saturday we had the scones, jam and cream, with all the rich food gone, time for some simple meals. 

Friday we had a BBQ, just the 3 of us, a lovely sunny warm day, we also went for a walk to our local castle, my brother now walks most days, rest of the time outside in the garden. I did get an early night, I was very tired, I took my book to bed, but didn't read at all. 

Saturday was a lazy day, my brother left mid morning, he was going to stay with his daughter, hubby was out in the morning, I did manage to get some housework done, then I finished my book and did some knitting, I focused on Molly's  dress, I am now working on the bodice, still in the round until I get to the armholes, I have passed the point I had difficulties with, photo next time.

Sunday started with a lovely blue sky, I had a bit of a lay in, I'm still tired, we had nothing planned, just a day at home, I managed to empty the soil from the cucumber and tomato plant pots, I dug it in around the raspberries with some chicken poo pellets, the pots are cleaned and packed away. I separated my large agapanthus and popped a clump in another section of the garden, I also dug up a young red Robin which was not thriving, planted in the wrong spot. After a general tidy round, I rested in the warm sunshine, later I gave everywhere a good soak. 

Today is our wedding anniversary, 35 years, we lived together for 2 years prior, so 37 years in total, how brilliant it is to meet and love someone for so many years, hopefully with many years to come.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Creative and cake

I am revisiting some patterns, I started this baby dress earlier in the year, I got myself totally confused with the bodice pattern and ended unpicking everything. Daughter was given some knitted garments for Molly which she loved, so I asked if she liked this dress design, so here I am trying again. 
This is being knitted in the round, so no sewing together, the pattern is standard and should be knitted in 2 pieces, front and back. This time I have gone through all the details, and I'm sure it won't cause me any issues. 
I have restarted this, again I tried last year and had issues, I'm doing the fronts and back in one piece, again no seams. It's for George so I am making to fit him, he is tall and thin, most tops are far to wide for him. I have far to much of this yarn as I purchased it to make for both Will and George, but I won't make Will one as he does not feel the cold and won't wear it. 
It was hubby's birthday on Thursday so I ordered in afternoon tea for 3, we had extra family here, so with a few added savoury treats and his birthday cake, we had a lovely lunch. We kept the cream and jam scones for today, and still had too much food. 
This cake was purchased from Lidl's and was lovely, Will had 2 slices, every little boy likes chocolate cake, I should have taken a photo of George, he loved the cake but got it everywhere, all good fun. 
We did go out shopping on Tuesday afternoon after my sign language class, we should not need to leave our village again for a couple of weeks. As I said before we had 2 huge local festivals over the bank Holiday weekend and neither of us want to risk going far. 

Wednesday my brother arrived for another few days, he like us is not having a holiday again this year and decided to visit us again.  Will had a sleepover, he was really excited he loves his uncle Martin and waking up on Grancha (Welsh for grandad) birthday, it's lovely to have family here, in a couple of weeks Will starts school and we won't see him as much, that thought saddens me.

Thursday was just cake and more cake, a few friends popped in, loads of family messages, I forgot to take photos of our afternoon tea packs, they are made by a local lady and are a real treat. Later we had a Chinese takeaway, just the 3 of us, I don't think I need to eat much today. 

Doing nothing in the garden, it's still looking good, sadly it's so cloudy and dull, no plans for a BBQ, just having a relaxing few days. Having hubby's birthday midweek, I kept thinking it was Saturday, so I have no idea what day it is, today I'm starting a new book. 

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Bank holiday weekend

Hubby did a wonderful job of cleaning out the birdbath, it was full of muck and the stones covered in green stuff, the only way to keep it clear is to clean it regularly. I have a copper ring in the middle to help with algae, I would like a couple of small plants, but not sure what to get. 
I manage to pot up all the pansies and violas, I have my folding table out in the greenhouse, I've discarded the cucumber and tomato plants, I'm not going to get many more from either, all the green tomatoes are in a brown paper bag, they should all ripen. 
 Daughter wanted some of my peony plant, so I dug up my roots, it was huge, I will keep it in this pot until next spring, when I will plant it in a pot daughter has purchased. This plant is amazing, so long lived, the original plant was in mum's garden when I was a child. 
I was given this gooseberry bush, it was tiny at the beginning of the year, I've now potted it into its final place. I don't like them but hubby loves them, such a spiky plant needs to placed out of the way of grand children. 
Hubby is always helpful in the garden, he moved pots around in this area, the begonias now can be fully seen. The big black pots has some chrysanthemum and pansies in, the sticks are to keep the cats away. 
My sister gave me this pink blueberry Bush a few years ago, it's a lovely size, but in truth I don't need 3 blueberries, so I popped this on our local Facebook page and it was collected. The pot I reused for the gooseberry. 
Sunday was sunny and warm, so brilliant to be outside, hubby went for a bike ride, later he helped me move things, there is very few things better than a day outside, it always amazes me how much I can find to do outside. I trimmed everything in our herb garden, the scent was so good. I did clean my shed, soon I will have loads of stuff to over winter, so knowing its clean in there is pleasing. We did have another mid afternoon BBQ, just the 2 of us, making the most of the warm weather. Later after a wonderful shower, another quiet night in, patio doors open until late, hubby sprayed everywhere on our decking with Pinesol, which helps keep the flies away and it smells great. 

Monday started and stayed a cloudy day, we went for a walk along the shoreline, we are so lucky to have this walk so close, no need to drive, no photos, I've done loads of post before. Most of the garden task were finished, so it was a crafting day, I have done more knitting, and I am looking at my cross stitch designs, we have loads of time to fill, and I am truly fed up with looking at my phone. I have been working on another blog book, the last one I published was 2018, I normally work 1 year behind, but last year, whilst I had plenty of time, I was not in the mindset, and with the new layouts, I found it all too much. It is simpler in the systems, but much harder work, so much of the automatic things have gone, so every photo and word has to be manually imported and edited. I have decided to print 2019, 2020 and 2021, the events of these years have been huge. 

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

August roundup

No craft spending this month, I am using what I already own, my stash is not big, other than fabrics, I hope to use more yarn in the coming months. One trip out, to get some plants and of course bargains found, it's always easy to spend for the garden. I did spend £14.99 extra, but one garden light did not work , I returned it and got a refund as they had sold out. I did buy a couple of cardigans and a pair of sandals, all replacing scruffy items, I'm still very happy with my clothes spending. 

We have decided to enter in our local Rowans lottery, I don't feel able to do another fundraising annual moonlight walk, it's a 6 mile walk through Portsmouth and the old dockyard late at night and probably too much for me, so our solution is to donate £10 each month, we already give to Macmillan nurses each month, we can never thank them enough for being there when we needed the support. We have never had the need to use our local hospice, but feel very strongly it should thrive for our community 

We have done nothing in the house, we have a few things which will need replacing but most of which will last into next year, the garden is now completed other than some winter colour, everywhere is looking good.

Our waste again is nothing, all garden waste goes into composer, we are not using the council bag, we still have the option until the end of this year. I will get a black plastic lidded dustbin to make leaf mulch, using all the leaves from the Magnolia, which should break down over the winter months. Both the waste and recycling bins are never full, shows just how much we have changed.

As for weight loss, 1 word, chocolate, nothing more to say, I'm weak, no control, I've not put any weight on, not lost any either. 

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Planning and potting.

There are bulbs in all the shops, these are from Wilkinson's, I do love their bulbs, great price and most do grow. I have added the cost to my stash spend, these days its more of a garden spend. 
B&Q, firstly I do love Snakeshead Fritillary, I love to have them everywhere, most of these bulbs are for the raised bed, should have a great show in the spring. I'm pleased with the mixture, should be very colourful. 
I got these from Homebargains, at 99p per pack, it's worth a try, again for the raised garden, I did replant some bulbs, but I had forgotten what I had, so these extra ones will balance the area. 
Pansies, Violias and Chrysanthemum's, one box of pansies and 4 of the chrysanthemums are for hubbys front garden, most of these are being planting into bigger small pots for them to grow and improve before they are required for the back garden. Most of these will go into pots around the back garden, I do love the winter colour they bring. 
My friend was using this type of candle in her garden when we visited, we were impressed and got a couple, they smell of lemons and are really good at masking the smell coming from next door, and helping with the flies. We light them and keep them close to us, when outside, we have managed to have a couple BBQ's and not suffer too much. The pots when empty will be used in my greenhouse. 
I am working in the garden today, all the small winter bedding plants are going to be potted up and left for 3-4 weeks to ensure I have stronger plants, hubby will plant his in the pots in the front garden. I am going to remove the cucumber and tomato plants, the green tomatoes will go into brown paper bags and ripen in the next few weeks. I want to put up my folding table so I can store the newly potted plants, they could go outside, but the huge pigeons will trample them.

We had the late afternoon yesterday with daughter SIL and their lovely family, hubby helped daughter dig out her box hedge, it was all dead, we had a lovely takeaway together and watched as the boys went to bed, loads of Molly and George cuddles, Will gave us loads of information about space, he was playing with a Lego space shuttle. We shared a glass of wine later at home without the TV on, it was so peaceful. 

I find it so over whelming at the moment, Covid has haunted us for almost 2 years, we manage to stay safe, but for how long, there are 2 huge festivals locally this weekend, we have shopped and plan to be home bound for at least 2 weeks, it's all we can do. All the reporting of  HVG driver issues, and empty shelves in supermarkets, it will start another panic buying session, more trying times.  Afghanistan is haunting, I can not imagine life as a woman there, after the freedoms of the last years, sadly I don't believe a word the Taliban are saying, they are brutal, we moved from the south west to the south east of England a few years ago, which was hard, can you imagine moving to another country, so very different from yours, and bringing so little with you. The Gulf Coast has another hurricane , after Haiti, it is the hurricane season, our planet is now fighting back, with floods in Europe, wild fires in USA and Australia, mankind has do so much damage to mother earth. 

I'm off to the garden to leave all the bad news and the media frenzy against anyone who they think is wrong or have not done enough, it's sunny and warm outside, I need peaceful time. Hope your holiday weekend is good. 

Friday, 27 August 2021

This week.

 It's been a busy week, we had Molly and George on Tuesday, mummy took Will for his last swimming session, he is a good swimmer now and just as important he is happy to play in the water. George loves this bike, he scoots around the whole ground floor, and now loves Molly. Tuesday was also our oldest grandson Josh's 16th birthday, he has grown into a lovely young man.

Wednesday was another babysitting morning, this time at daughters house, with Will and George, mummy took Molly for a hospital check-up, all was well, boys do play really well, Will is a loving big brother. afternoon was spent at home with hubby, coffee in the sunny garden. 

I have finished another great book, Rachel Joyce does write a good story, I loved both Harold Fry and Queenie Hennessy stories, so to read about Margery Benson was pure joy. 36th book read this year. Hubby has ordered me anther book by this author. 

Thursday we had nothing planned until mummy asked for help, looking after Molly and George, Will was at his last pre-school day, this time she was able to get her nails done, a pure treat for her, both slept, so a restful time for me.  Later we had a BBQ, just the 2 of us, we did think of inviting family and friends but decided to enjoy good food and our garden together, it worked, it was sunny, warm and very relaxing. 

Friday was really a day of nothing to do, we saw no one, we stayed at home, pottered, picked soft fruits and relaxed. I did need a slow day after so many nanna days, I normally see them once or twice a week, but loads of appointments all came together. We did get great news from George's physical therapy visit, as we already know, he is doing well, his lower body had got much stronger,  he is starting to take steps. Sadly Wills trip to Great Ormond Street was postponed, he has a cough, so it's best to leave it, hard on mummy and daddy because they has sorted their head around it all, its not easy preparing for an operation on a 4 year old, it does mean I have a clear start to the week coming. 

We have no plans for the Bank Holiday weekend, we never do, locally is so many holiday destinations, and with good weather, everywhere is going to be busy. I have books to read, knitting to do, I have started the 2nd project, I am also thinking of doing another cross stitch, but no idea what I want to make, I do prefer making huge designs, I have a few unstitched designs in my collection, I will find time to look, I have all the canvass and threads I need. 

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Meanwhile inside

 Mummy got 3 soft pairs of joggers for George, these are great in length, but far too wide for him, he crawls out of them. The top pair is what he is wearing now. I was intending to make his joggers, but I can only get the fabrics online and was not keen to order without knowing the quality.  

They are all finished now, they fit perfectly, maybe just a tiny bit long, but George is growing so quickly. These are from Next and are brilliant quality, and were very easy to adapt to Georges size. I only took in the leg and waist, I did not adjust the band at the foot, that being too small to work with. It was a quick task, the hardest part was unpicking the waist bands at each side.  

I am enjoying knitting this simple design, soon I shall separate the fronts and back for the shaping, it still feels bulky to me, I have already planned my next project, another abandoned one, this time in 4ply. 
I finished this book, the storyline had a quick pace and was easy to follow, the backdrop of the lockdown due to a 'birdflu' virus was uncomfortably close to last year, luckily for us our lockdown was never as harsh or controlled as in the plot.  This being my 35th book read this year. 

I am starting to look at myself, I am very good at sorting the house and garden, but I don't do much myself, I have not purchased many clothes in the past 4 years, I have been trying to wear what I own and donate what I won't wear. My styles have not changed, I have not followed any fashion trends for years, being 'at home' is making me lazy. I try and not wear jeans too often, but I hardly wear a skirt these days, maybe if I am going to meet friends, I do find jeans very comfortable and hard wearing, so they are an easy choice when I have housework or gardening to do, and most days I do something in the garden. 

I have been trying to keep my nails looking better, it is hard when I love getting my hands dirty in the garden and I have weak nails, I have been using coloured nail polish and shaping them myself, my hands do look better for the extra care. Lockdown has changed me, I don't wear much makeup and these days I only pop eye makeup on when I am meeting friends, before I would wear makeup even just going to the shops. I decided last year I would let the grey in my hair come through, for years I did my own highlights, I still own a rubber head cap with loads of holes in, I am pleased I am not as grey as I expected, I do get my haircut every 5 weeks. 

My weight has loss has stalled, I'm still a stone lighter than last year, but I did want to drop another 8 to 10 pounds, for me winter is a better time to lose weight, we hunker down and eat balanced meals more vegetables, Summer is loads of sitting outside with coffee and nibbles. Hubby is not making his wonderful cakes anymore, they were much better than all the biscuits we eat, I'm not blaming him, I am the one who reaches for the treats, and far too many times in the day. 


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