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Friday 31 December 2021

This year

 I do love to have a round up of the year, our biggest news was the birth of Molly, our last grandchild and only granddaughter, we have 8 grandsons. Here Molly is wearing the Christmas dress I made her, the first of many makes. 

George is now standing and walking around furniture and with his walker, he's not far off going solo, Molly is rolling everywhere and moving around the carpet. Will loves school, it been a wonderful year for this little family. Our older grandsons are all doing well, growing up strong, hopefully we will get to see more of them in 2022, we have seen our Taunton boys this year, but none of the others, distance and virus is keeping us apart. The last 2 years at this time we thought we were facing challenges with our babies, supporting youngest daughter whilst battling our own thoughts, this year, it's all good.

Both hubby and I have kept well as have most of our siblings, my older sister had surgery in November, but is healing well, getting older is no fun at all. 

It's definitely been another strange year, I am beginning to believe our old normal will not be back with us, and this is now how we will be living our lives. Being so global any infections can spread so quickly and like the Omicron variant it's here before we know it, so it's case if living and managing the risk. 

On the whole, we had a good year, we are healthy, loved and have a comfortable lifestyle, what more can we ask for. Our mad neighbour is leaving us alone, we have not had any issues since the early summer, we can hope it last for many months.

I hope your new year celebrations are what you want, it's just the 2 of us and I expect we will be in bed by 10 past midnight, we have family for a huge roast dinner on New Year's day. 

See you in 2022, with new adventures, Happy New Year, hope its healthy and happy.  

Thursday 30 December 2021

December round up

Be warned this is my boring post, loads of spreadsheets and stuff. 

I only spend a small amount this month, items to make the dice, December is always a low spending month. 

I did spend more on clothes this year, but my spend is so low I am not worried, I don't impulse purchase anything any more, making everything last longer. Total spend this year £275.34. I did not spend any money on cut flowers, only £36.97 on Christmas ornaments and hardly anything on books. I have purchased loads of good Christmas cards at half price, I will pack them away with our decorations. 

We did not realise our TV was not compatible with our satellite dish, so we have had to replace it with an ariel, costly again, but the picture and sound are now perfect on the TV. No other big cost. Our heating has been on more, it has been very cold, our boiler was changed a couple of years ago and with the new windows, we do have a warm house. 

My end of year stash spend, I did not get below £1000, which is £83.33 per month, but I did spend less than the last 3 years, included in this was 2 bigger spends for the garden totalling, £245. I'm happy with this last year, I have been using up much of my stash on many crafts, giving me less spend here and more money in my pocket. 

This list shows what crafts I am spending on, they change as I change, I won't get any more glass fusion or card making, once I have used my stock I will no longer do these crafts, I have enjoyed both, but I no longer get the fun from them. 

In the garden I have my composter set up and a large black dustbin full of leaves in hope of making leaf mulch, our council have stopped collecting the garden waste bags, you now need to buy a wheelie bin and pay for collections, which I decided to opt out of, we did not have space for another bin in the front of our house, and I feel strongly about having to pay to have garden waste collected, the council sell the collected material on to be made into compost, so why should we pay for the service. We have considered asking to replace both our council bins with slimmer ones, but as yet not made any decisions, our bins are only ever half full on collection day. The cost of my composter and black bin will be recovered in the savings in under 2 years. 

My weight at the end of this year is more than I wanted, but I'm not a heavy as I was 2 years ago, so I will take it as a win. Hubby and I will slip back into losing weigh in January, but I do need to walk more, hence the purchase of an expensive Fitbit.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

In between

Instead of purchasing cut flowers or another poinsettia, I filled this hamper box with plants, the Christmas roses and cyclamen will go into the garden, the small conifer will be put in a pot, so I can use it for many years at Christmas. It has worked very well and looks great. Sadly only 1 Amaryllis have buds growing, the other 2 have only leaves. 
 I have not picked a book up to read for a couple of weeks, hubby got me this one, so it's next to my chair.
This is the book I am most interested in, firstly I love the sailors dress Luna is wearing, I am going to make her again, with loads of clothes to change her, and I would like to make a couple friends, to keep here for when Molly comes to visit. I have most of what I require, I just need some more coloured felts, it's good to be collecting girly items. 
My brother returned home on Monday, the roads were quiet and his journey was good, it takes 3 hours on a good drive, as always we loved having him here, he fits in very well, I love to see my husband and brother both so happy together. We have not seen any other family, they are all well and happy, and that is what matters the most.

I have received some lovely crafting and gardening gifts this year, all very useful, we asked our children not to get us gifts again this year, it's difficult to know what we want, youngest daughter was the only one who ignored us, but the children gave us each a small thoughtful gift, I was given a tea towel, the children in Wills class each drew themselves and were all printed on the tea towel, it's fun and will never be used. My sister gave us the hamper above, she reused the basket and filled it with lovely treats for both of us, a brilliant well thought gift. 

We have not been out to any sales, and won't be going shopping soon, our plan is to stay at home through out January, hunker down and let the virus pass us by. We have most of what we need, plus a good supply of books to read, what little we need can be purchased in the village. I have made one expensive purchase, I have a new Fitbit, I have always worn a step counter, I had a cheap one, it does not allow me to gather information other than how many steps I have done each day. The Fitbit will show me more information, weekly and monthly figures, I need to get out more, walking is my excise, I have to focus on getting to 10,000 steps each day, good for my weight and hopefully keeping my prediabetic levels down.  

My only wish for now is for the relentless rain to stop, we live along the south coast, which is normally dry, but this constant rain, which for us will not cause any issues, but there will be loads of people watching river levels, hoping to miss any floods. 

Sunday 26 December 2021

As it should be.

 This was our Christmas day. 

Today hubby and I are home with my brother, a quiet day after the busy day yesterday, its dull and wet so we might not get a walk. No leftovers, we have steak and chips for our main meal. 

I have books to read, and a rabbit to cut out (yes you did warn me), I've also got the 2nd book with designs for Lunas friends. 

Friday 24 December 2021

Merry Christmas

 I hope you are able to be together with family, friends, those who you love, after the past 2 years I need a family Christmas.

We have nothing to do today, just relax together, tomorrow we are at daughters house with Will, George and Molly, children bring out the true meaning of the season.

Boxing day we will be home with my brother Martin, a very different day, but one I am looking forward to.

This afternoon we are going for a walk, we are lucky to have some lovely places close to our home.

I hope your Christmas is all you wish, thank you for all your wonderful comments and good wishes.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Luna and Alba

  Luna Lapin, I did as much sewing as I could on my sewing machine, this is for baby Molly and I need it to be safe for her to play with, so adjustments were made. Daughter chose the gold spotty material for the ears, I had thought I would use a pink fabric, but the spots look good. 

Heads up, having a chat, these are ready for their eyes and nose, in the book they use buttons for the eyes, I am thinking of using felt, but I checked out the safety eyes and went with them. This was the point I decided to make 2.
I had loads of fun making their clothes, it took an afternoon with my sewing machine, I have not made buttonholes, I will stitch the shirt and dress closed, making it safe for Molly. 
Here they are, both dressed, I was thinking of making Luna a bolero or cardigan, but decided she looked good just in her dress. I have red and black thin leather for shoes, but I think I prefer them without shoes. 

I love his waistcoat, made with tea towel fabric, left over from a bag. His jeans are from an old pair of my shorts, the denim is thinner. 
I made the nickers from some lace I already had, the colours chosen to match the flowers on her dress. 
These are such fun to make, doubling up and making two was just so easy. All the clothes has been sewn on and should not be removed, I'm not sure what mummy will do with these, they could be a toy to play with or used as decoration in Molly's bedroom. 

Everything is now finished for the big day, I had my hair cut yesterday, today we will walk to local shop for cream and a few bits. It's a relaxing week here, I am thinking about my next craft project, I still have the button band to knit on my green cardigan. 

Maybe, just maybe I might make another rabbit for myself next year. 

Wednesday 22 December 2021

So close

My sister sent us a hamper full of lovely things for both hubby and I, the basket is beautiful, so rather than just leave it under the tree, I decided I could make use of it for a few weeks as a plant display, I have 3 Amaryllis bulbs, 1 with leaves, 1 with 2 buds and the 3rd not doing much at all, plus a tiny conifer and 2 Christmas roses, It does make a plain spot look good. 
My hairdresser is due this morning we have all tested negative, so I can get my hair cut, my shorter style has grown quickly and whilst it's still tidy, it's a bit long. I changed my mind regarding colouring my hair, I had purchased a semi permanent, which would have washed out, I managed to give the pack away. 

The house is tidy and ready for Christmas, we have only fresh dairy and veg to purchase on Thursday, it is really looking good for lunch at daughters house on Saturday. I have one set of arms to stuff for Alba Rabbit and then add his clothes, which I am stitching into place, to ensure it's safe for Molly to play with, I will sit later and finish them and wrap them for gifting. 

My brother has arrived, he will stay with us until middle of next week, we don't have any plans, it's a restful time together, plenty of local walks together.

My daughter could not have her injection in her foot this week, she had just had her booster jab and they needed at least 2 weeks separating treatments, so it is booked for 1st week in January, it's a shame as her foot is very painful. I am missing her and her family, their isolation is only for 3 more days, I can't wait for my cuddles, George is standing all the time, he will soon be walking. Daughter is checking online if the new 7 day rule applies to unvaccinated children 🤞🤞. 


Monday 20 December 2021

Another finish

The dice are completely finished, one is a normal dice the second has shapes on, the last side I changed to the six numbers. I really enjoyed making these, they are an added gift for George to play with. I can see Will playing with George and showing the numbers, shapes and colours.
These are made with an 4inch upholstery foam square, some calico, and loads of cross stitch silks (threads), I purchased 2 skeins of each colour. 
We have had a quiet weekend at home, only walking to the village, where we can get most of what we need, the new real ale bar opened, so we did pop in for a half on Saturday, it's nice to see something different open, it's in one of the old charity shops. We have had another shop open, it's an Asian small supermarket, full of lovely spices and many things we have not seen before, and a fresh veg counter, we will try and use it as much as we can.

I have made all the clothes for both rabbits and my sewing machine is packed away, I do have some hand sewing to finish on both rabbits, but it's simple stitching so won't take long. I hope to be all finished by Wednesday, when I will do a rabbit post. 

We are still all testing negative, everyone testing this morning as my brother is on his way to us for Christmas, mummy and daddy tested Will yesterday and he is negative again, but they sticking to the rules and he won't be going anywhere this week, which sadly means they had to cancel their visit to Santa.

This morning I am picking daughter up and taking her to a local hospital, she is due an injection in her foot, daddy is home with boys, so I am happy to taxi her around, I won't go inside their house, it's hard not seeing the children, 10 days is a long time, but with everything crossed we will be together on the big day. 


Saturday 18 December 2021

Last normal weekend

 After a sunny day yesterday, this morning is grey and horrible, it has not rained, but it feels as if it should, so I have put on my tree lights early in hope it brightens our day.

I have again been busy in the past couple of days, the french knots on the dice are finished, I did change the last square, and I am pleased with the change, later today I will cut the squares out and sew them together and fit them over the 4 inch squares I have. I will also finish the last of the machine sewing on the rabbit bodies. I have cut the fabric for their clothes, 1 girl and 1 boy, so by the end of tomorrow the main sewing should all be done, I can finish the hand sewing one afternoon. That is the last of the Christmas gifts.

My cake is now ready for the icing level, which again will be done this weekend. Hubby will make his very tasty sausage rolls, we are eating Tesco finest mince pies and loving them. 

Will is perfectly fine, bored with not going out, he is sending to us each day a lockdown joke, the humour of a 4 year old is funny. Mummy and daddy are both testing negative, as are hubby and I, so Will's lockdown finishes on 24th, if nothing changes we will be together on Christmas day. My brother is also regularly testing negative, so he will be here on Monday. Christmas is on plan, BUT we do have supplies in the freezer if anything changes,  just keeping everything crossed. Most of our friends are also being very careful, limiting who we meet and where, we are not taking for granted our negative status. 

Knock knock

who's there


Europe Who

Your a poo!!!!!

at this point Will falls over laughing. 

Now I need to do some cleaning, I want to blitz the whole house before my brother arrives, it's not really dirty, but once it's done I always feel much better. I have made a Christmas song list on Alexa, so music will be playing whilst I work.

Hope you have fun this weekend, and if you are out and about, be kind to people, we never know what someone else is going through, so be nice and kind. 

Wednesday 15 December 2021


 The french knots are all finished for my 1st dice, and I'm doing well with the shapes for the 2nd dice, this is going to work out well, and it keeps me busy, when I am sitting down. 

I have used a light box to draw the shapes onto the fabric, the dots are the outer corners of each side. 

Our Olive tree has fruits, not as many as last year, but as we leave them for the birds, I'm not to bothered, I do need to get another bag of food for Olives, I just can't remember where I purchased the last bag. 

I still have the rabbits to finish for Molly, so I am planning a sewing day over the weekend, and get everything done, none of the sewing is hard work, just fiddly, but I have a picture in my mind of how to finish things and how they should look. 

Christmas is a bit wobbly here, our grandson Will has tested positive for Covid, it is ripping through his school, most of his class is now off, those who do not have it are being kept home, trying to keep safe for Christmas. Daughter is still negative as are we, Will had a sleepover here at the weekend and I collected him from school on Monday. We are all testing daily and have everything crossed we stay negative and we can get together on the main day. My brother is still planning to come here, but every thing is 'what if', decision day will be Monday of next week. Will is perfectly well and has no symptoms, we are worried about George getting it, but there is little you can do, daughter can not separate Will from the rest of the family, I do feel for daughter, so many worries, as you can imagine she is worried if we get it, but it's a case of waiting, testing and hoping. 

We did meet yesterday with the sign ladies for a coffee and chat, hubby came with me as there were other husbands there, We had a negative test, which we do before we go anywhere, we found out about Will at 4pm yesterday. We have no plans other than to stay local and only go out when necessary. 

Monday 13 December 2021


The garden is looking good, a bit bare, 
everything is settling into winter, our Magonlia tree still has some of its huge leaves left, but soon it too will be bare. 
There is still colourful spots around the plot, summer is still hanging in. 
Inside my Amaryllis are both starting to show growth tips,
 every day I can see growth. 
My cuttings from the succulent plant all look to have taken, each one is upright and none are droopy.
My jug on the kitchen window sill is now in winter/Christmas colours, a lovely mixture of silk stems. 

 I am pleased with my new glasses, both in the clarity of use and the new slightly bigger sized lens, the increase in the lens strength was not huge but it does make a huge difference when reading. I also went to Will's school concert, held outside on Friday afternoon, it was a pure joy to watch all the children enjoy their singing. 

Saturday morning we collected Will for a sleepover, he was very good, we walked to the village for a teacake out in his favourite and ours bistro, he played happily all afternoon, watched Strictly with us and went to bed a good boy.

Sunday was not quiet such an early start, he woke up about 6.45, mummy came over with Molly and George for lunch, we had a family afternoon together, later hubby and I had a lazy evening in. Molly was wearing the holly dress I made her, it fits perfectly, the skirt is a good length, she did look really pretty, I can't wait until the summer when I will make more dresses. 

I had an unwanted issue this week, my bank card was used twice, our bank was straight on it, the 2nd transaction was stopped, they called me but my phone was on silent, so they called home and hubby was able to say I was not shopping, and would not be using my card, so they stopped all transactions until they spoke to me later in the day. They refunded the stolen amount and cancelled my card and sent a new one, brilliant service just when you need it. 

Sadly mummy got a message Wills best friend at school and his dad have both tested positive for Covid, we have all took test and are negative, we will all take test every day this coming week. I have everything crossed we stay negative, I am looking forward to seeing my brother over Christmas.

I have finished the french knots on the dice, they were very quick and easy to do, I have traced 6 shapes and I am hoping these will be done as quick and easy, the shapes are much bigger than the dots, once all the knots are done, it won't take me long to sew them onto the foam squares. 

Thank you for all your kind comments on my photo's on the previous post, they are a happy family, and very good at having their photos taken, my phone is full of their photos. 

Friday 10 December 2021

It's all about children

Will has wrote his first Christmas list, he is doing well on both reading and writing since starting school in September, this was sent to mummy from school. He is able to read his set school books, which is very pleasing as he is more of a run and play boy rather than a sit at a desk. 
I am more than pleased with this photo sent from daughter, Molly wearing Nana's knitted dress, the yarn is the softest, she is now 5 months old and daughter is dressing her in lovely shades of pink, sadly Molly wasn't at her happy best in this photo, she is teething. 

George with his snowman book given to him on his birthday, he is signing 'man', he can't process snowman yet. Again he is doing well with his signs, he is communicating very well, he goes to nursery twice a week where they use signs as well as mummy and myself, I am so pleased I have been learning BSL and now Makaton. 

It's Christmas jumper day today. 

I just wish our other little families lived closer, we don't see them often enough, we are not travelling again, too many bugs about.

I have been crafting, I have finished 6 red dots and 5 green dots, which is just over half the dots done, I hope to have the rest finished by end of next week. I have started reading a book, but it hard going, I have read the author before, I will keep going for a bit longer. I have everything ready to redo the button boarder on my green cardigan, but I'm holding back as I want to finish the dice, I also have yarn for another pair of socks.

Thank you for your comments regarding me being tired all the time, I had a blood test a couple of weeks ago and nothing was found, I think it's just the cold darker days, we are not going out much, so boredom could be creeping in. I did have a burst of energy on yesterday and sorted through my card making drawers and threw loads away. I had too many open things, lots of bits, most of which I know I won't use. I feel much happier now it's all sorted. 

Today is our last visit into local town, I have to pick up my new glasses, we are not doing anything else, on the way home (by bus) we are stopping in the village for a treat of lunch. 

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Festive time

 Monday we went to a Christmas party for George at Portsmouth Downs Syndrome charity, it was on Portsmouth pier, so whilst it was wet and windy outside we had loads of fun, Molly was all smiles at Santa, but George was unsure, it's his 1st time of meeting him. 
Tuesday it was our Christmas lunch for sign class, not only does Shelia give her time to teach us, she also made a lovely lunch, it was fun but sadly our last get together this year. We had 3 new songs to perform, 2 practiced with Shelia and the red red robin, we practiced as a surprise for her. 

I slept over at daughters on last night, just to keep her company whilst her hubby was working away from home, he is in Saudi Arabia for another week, he works for F1 IT team, his dream job. The carol concert at Will's school was postponed until Friday as it was being held outside and the weather was very wet. 
Daughter is able to collect Wills Christmas bike and hide it whilst he is at school, George is at nursery and I get to play with Molly, later we are popping out to her local village to have lunch. 

There has been some local flooding, the storm came the same time as high tide, nothing too bad and we were not affected. 

We had a new ariel fitted this week, before we had a dish and was having issues with the sound on the TV, totally our error, we did not check to see if the new TV was compatible with our dish. Now it's all sorted, hubby will sell the 2nd hand freesat box and dish, which will help towards the cost. We now have lost the facility to record programs, but we are using Iplayer and other online places. 

We posted all our cards which have further to go, but I still have to write family cards, I've dropped behind a bit, I will try and get them done by Thursday. I have finished the first side of the dice, I have done 6 red dots, next I will do 5 green dots, that will make me half way through. I am planning 2 days next week to finish Luna and her brother Alba, it's a case of sort their limbs and the final sewing together. 

I am tired all the time at the moment, I am sleeping well, but every day really quickly after I get up, I start to feel over come with tiredness, most afternoons I need to sit in my chair, I use the time to craft, I've never felt quite like this, it's new to me, I am hoping it's just the darker days and soon I will start to gain more strength. 

Sunday 5 December 2021

Another project.

Our local haberdashery has been brilliant, I wanted 2 square dice in upholstery foam, the thickest they had was 4inches, I asked would they cut 2 squares for me using their cutting machine, giving neat edges. I also purchased this fabric, it's like a light calico. these are to make play dice.
I hatched a plan to print out 4inch square boxes on the computer and place the dots in correct positions, and six different shapes. It was a jiggle, but I got there in the end. 
The best, best bit choosing my colours, I am keeping to just 6 primary colours, their shades being chosen from the colours I have more than one tab. I will use the same 6 colours on both dice.
So loads of the beautiful french knots are required, this is not necessary a Christmas gift, it would be nice to get them done, hopefully it will help George with basic counting, colours and shapes, whilst having fun. In the end I purchased new threads as I wanted them bright. 
I finished the socks, I am pleased with them, I have one last knitting task, I need to pick up the stitches for my cardigan button band, I would like to be able to wear it now it's much cooler. 

I finished daughters Christmas cake, it's up to her and Will to decorate, our cake will have its marzipan layer later today. Another step towards the big day. 

Saturday we spent most of the day at daughters house, hubby went with daughter and Will to pick out a new bike to suggest to Santa as a gift for Will, he was very excited, and now has to be extra good until Christmas day, I stayed with George and Molly, so loads of laughter and giggles, later we had a very quiet evening watching TV. 

Today is another lazy day, I have a few sign ladies popping in this afternoon to practice for Tuesday. Hubby is picking up leaves from the garden, once that is done it will look tidy again, nothing else needs doing.


Thursday 2 December 2021

It's arrived

Christmas has arrived, this huge tree is decorated, I'm not sure I will have such a big tree again, I found it very tiring up and down steps to get to the top at 7foot.
 Silk flowers are everywhere, I can't keep the leaves on a real poinsettia, this does look good. 
I leave a couple of the bottom branches off my tree, it allows the tree to fit in the corner, I have used 1 branch and some silk, holly, ivy and poinsettia flowers, fills this other corner. 
I've only had these 2 decorations a couple of years, they look good on the table, it's dark in this corner, so once the lights come up, it's pretty. 
These shelves in the hall is my small santa display, my bigger Santa's I've had for years. 
This is my nativity shelf with loads of trees, the 3 figures were from Spain many years ago, just a simple display. 
This stitching is almost 40 years old, it comes out every year and hangs in the hall, I love it. 
I am pleased to have the decorations out again, I have very few new items, loads of them have a memory or story, so it's like seeing old friends. 

I had a bag of items we put on Facebook and gave away, nothing wrong with them, except I had too much stuff. With George now standing at my lower coffee table and the TV stand, I have not put out so many items, I am happy to have less. 

I have decided this will be the last year of using our tree at 7 foot, we can use a smaller lower tree trunk, which means I don't use the lower 2 levels, so the tree sits at 5 foot, and not as wide, much easier for me, the lower branches have had a battering from the grandchildren.

With battery operated lights everywhere, the dark evenings are now bright and cheerful, I do love the glow and glitter. I don't use tinsel, I've never liked it, I prefer strings of beads. 

Wednesday 1 December 2021

3 more finishes.

I have now packed my sewing machine away, I finished this dress for Molly. I have already given it to daughter, so Molly can wear it all through December, the red top is separate and there are red tights to go with it. I did not have a pattern, so the design is simple, just a plain band with a skirt attached, to band at the top straps with ruffs instead of sleeves. I had issues with the buttonholes, and I'm not happy, but it will only be worn a few times. 
I am really happy to be making clothes for a baby girl, this should be 1st of many and using just 1 meter of fabric. The red top came from Next. 
A while ago daughter purchased a king size quilt cover and I made 2 cot size quilt covers, I kept the left over fabric. George is moving bedrooms, so I have made him a simple quilted play mat and some cushions, I made similar for Will. 
This looks weird, but it's important, the paper insert is a template of snuggly, Wills bedtime toy, Will said he needed a sleeping bag, mummy remembered as a child Mrs Christmas made her special items, one being a sleeping bag for her favourite toy. This has been the most important make so far this year. 
I have finished the 1st of Micks sock and I'm doing well on the 2nd sock, I need them finished by Tuesday, which should not be a problem. I am loving the colours they work well together. 

I had fun at sign group on Tuesday, we have been given 2 small things to learn, we also have a 3rd item we are learning as a surprise for Shelia, next Tuesday is our last meeting for this year, so we will perform all our new routines, and then have a lunch together. 

I have asked our local haberdashery if they can cut some furniture foam into a couple 4inch squares, I have an idea forming for a teaching game for George, but only if I can get the blocks. I am hoping to finish Mollys rabbits, I have cut out 2, Luna and Alba, Luna being a girl and Alba (meaning sunlight) being a boy. Most of the stitching is by hand, I can use my sewing machine on my desk for the couple extra items, I won't need much space as everything is so small. I have started another book, but I'm focusing on the last few items for Christmas. 

Today I am going to decorate the house for Christmas, I am feeling very festive, I will have music playing, a huge coffee pot going and enjoy putting out my loved ornaments. Later I want to pop the base icing on daughters cake, then she can take it home, Will is going to help her decorate it, I will add the marizap layer to our cake. Christmas is coming and in this house its a lovely gental slide into the holiday season, just the way I like it. 


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