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Saturday 30 June 2012

Family weekend

 More on Patchwork sampler, not done so much this week, 
been busy, 
but hope to stitch tonight for a while
 Dice for my car, I hate furry dice, but love these, got them on Amazon, and they match the colour of the car., I really am enjoying all the union jack things around. All the cars are covered in dust, so tomorrow I will hand wash my baby car, so if we have more rain it's my fault.
 The tubs at the side of our house are looking good, 
we now require some sunshine to make them grow.
 Today we had Josh, who was playing games on my ipad, this one is called  flow free, he quickly got up to much higher levels, and went home and asked his mum to put it on her ipad. It also goes up to a level I like, it's free so if you have the iphone or ipad give it a go.
 Sammy preferred to play on the floor with toys, he loves this wooden train and loads of Bob the Builder toys, later we walked to the park at the end of our road and had loads of fun on every thing there.
This afternoon we went shopping, I got an nice dress in a size 12, also had my hair cut, hope to colour it tomorrow, to many grey hairs for my liking.

We are planning a roast beef dinner tomorrow, not had one for ages, if the weather is nice in the afternoon, we will go out in the car, no plans as yet to where we go, just having fun in the afternoon.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Mix it up

 Patchwork sampler is stunning, I can smell the finish line, 3 more patterns done, I am so excited with this, I will have it framed. It's so great to have a hobby which gives so much pleasure.
 My orchid, in the sitting room, stunning, I love real flowers in the house as well as in the garden, such a delicate flower which is so sturdy and last so long.
Do you  love my daps/pumps or what every you call them, I did gym in school in daps, plimsoles to every one else, I love the way the same item has a different name depending where you live in the country or world. These are for work and they are so soft and light, with so many flowers.

Work this week has been manic, I am doing two peoples work, my arch nemesis is away and I'm loving it, no snipes, no questions to anyone, it's hard work but the atmosphere is great, loads of happy faces. Shame our boss does not notice.

Plans for the weekend include Josh and Sammy over on Saturday, loads of time with family and evenings in with hubby Kev, perfect.

Sunday 24 June 2012

All very English

 Patchwork sampler is moving forward, I have finished another two sections, I have a bit of filling to do, but this is the bottom right hand corner done, I have just over 2 pages to finish. I am stitching carefully, avoiding mistakes, I want to finish this I have so many great things to stitch, I am going to have to have a rota a with 4 projects and do one a week.
 I am loving all the retro look at the moment, I purchased my T shirt yesterday from Next, I love the shop, but their prices are often high.I had a good time shopping with Su.  And the frame below, I wanted to put Josh and Sammy in it, but it is not big enough, so I will have to find another photo.
 Yesterday day turned into a family day, my brother Martin visited and brought his daughter and grandson Riley, Fliss popped in with the boys, Sammy and Riley are the same size and played well together, in the photo below they look as if they are plotting some thing. Lots of laughter.
Today is sunny, I have spent the morning with Fliss, and soon I will sit and stitch, not had much time to myself, but I do love family weekends.

Thursday 21 June 2012

I have colour

 I have been doing some of my Patchwork sampler, 
Sweet flowers is not finished, but I will work on it over the weekend, I love the colours, and at this time I need colour and cheer. I so love to stitch this work, each pattern is a perfect work of art.

Work is almost impossible, but there is another meeting tomorrow, with an extra person sitting in, so I hope to be able to register my feelings and may be some one will listen and offer a solution. I have a good boss, but he is weak, and my supervisor is strong and has no people skills. We will have to see.
 My garden looks a mess, I was unable to do much in the spring, 
on the few dry days, 
so I am please with the flowers growing.
 Enjoy the colour, feel the warmth, on this wet cold evening.

 Yep the mere cats are still with me
I'm off to stitch, and next time I am here I hope to feel better, we have just booked out next small break in 4 weeks, so something to look forward to.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Summer fun

 Come out to play Nanna and Josh, I have my ball, and there is water here at the right height for little boys, Sunday was such good fun, the warm day was bliss, we have loads of photo's, you can never have enough photo's of your grand sons.

 I have copied the present Fliss and Steve gave Kev for fathers day, don't the boys look cute, we had one big copy, a smaller one and loads of small photo's, there were five different settings, just perfection.
 I have done loads more of Sweet Flowers, my stitching mojo, is on the wane, I keep at it, but my heart is not there. I have loads of apt's on my ipad calling to me, and I'm still following the football, England are playing tonight.

TUSAL time, not the best pot, but every little helps.

I am sat here wishing for the weekend, work is bad, just one person can change the balance of an whole office, she will never change, so my CV is with a few recruitment agencies, we will have to see what the next few weeks will bring. But it's a sunny evening, so I am going to sit with hubby and cheer for England.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Chocolate cake anyone

 Chocolate cake made, with vanilla icing, fudge topping and cherries, full of calories, but for Fathers day, why not.
 Josh loved it, he had the biggest slice, ready to run around in the garden playing football, we have had a sunny day here.  Just half the cake left, guess what we are having for supper, I used an old cake stand which belonged to Kev's grand parents.
 I have done loads of the stitching, I hope to finish this area tonight and then I just have the over stitching, I am itching to do one of my other projects, but I am being good, finish this section first.
We had both Sammy and Josh this afternoon, plenty of fun in the garden, Kev go nice sepia photo's of the boys all dressed up, like enchants, for his father's day present. Kev used his new lens on his camera, so he has loads of pics.

Back to work tomorrow, see what happens there. Nothing planned for the week ahead,

Saturday 16 June 2012


 Not done loads of stitching, been watching football, I know, it's football, but I have been enjoying the matches. Last night we went out for a meal, bad for the diet, but we had a great time, and home in time to watch England win their match.
 My kit came from Hazel, Tree of life, just look at the colours, this will be in the frame very soon. Thank you so much Hazel, watch this space to see it grow.  I really do not have time to go to work any more, shame Kev does not agree with me. Below I have been shopping, I am loving every thing with our Union Jack and British icons, I have loads of ideas on how to use the buttons.
 I saw this on a blog and it's so me, so after some searching I have found the chart here, please pop and have a look, if you like samplers, you will be in heaven, my copy is on it's way to me.
Normal Saturday here, I'm baking a chocolate cake later, Josh has put in his order for his visit tomorrow.

It's blowy here, but bright and so far no rain, I love Saturday afternoon at home, relaxing and doing  our own thing.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Yep stitching

 I have finally done a bit more stitching, I just have the lacy top to do, I did enjoy the flowers, I love the colour, I've added the green again. Below is the 1st lacy panel I did on the right hand side, just to show you.
It's not alot of stitching, with all the rain we are having the light is so poor for stitching, I do have a good lamp, but after work with tired eyes, it's not so great.
 Today was sunny for a very short while, so I had a quick pop into the garden, and I found this perfect flower, I planted a couple last year. Such perfect tiny flowers, nature is beautiful, shame we are not having a summer we can spend in our garden.
I am spending loads of time on my ipad, playing "Draw Some" with friends, it's quiet addictive, I have also been preparing my CV, I think it's time to look for a new job, work is very busy and I prefer to be working hard than have nothing to do, but the person I work with is getting more and more controlling and vocal, not just to me, and well it gets to me and I come home feeling weary, when in fact I should be full of life. I'm now well and ready for a new challenge, jobs are hard to get, but I can still look. I always think there is work for those who want to work hard.

Monday 11 June 2012

Bird food

 Our weekend was dull but mainly dry, Saturday was spent doing normal around the house things, but on Sunday, Josh and Sammy came to help Grancha. Kev loves to feed all the wildlife which visits our garden, and he makes his own lard cakes.
Josh helped chop and mix every thing together, he is packing soft cakes into cups, ready to take home for his garden. Below Sammy is helping to put them in the out side fridge to set.
 Then they filled up the nut and the worms, so there is plenty to eat.
 We then had loads of fun in the garden, football, cricket and golf, and loads of running around,
 This is what we found on our bedroom window, we think it must have been a pigeon
 Quite impressive, we often have marks where birds hit our glass, but this is the best.
Not much stitching done over the weekend, but loads of laughter, family time is always the best.

Over night we have had more heavy rain and in nearby towns we have flooding, we are OK, and I really do hope not to many homes are damaged, South Wales had loads of flooding. It's still heavy rain here and no change for the week, and we are still in drought. The long range fore caste is for June to stay wet!

Today I have two appointments at my local hospital, both check ups, so by the end of the day, I hope all will still be well. I feel so well, my energy levels are rising, I have lost another couple of pounds, every thing is positive here.

Hospital went well, I only have a check up each year, with one last small treatment left to go.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Saturday catch up

 Sweet Flowers
Above is my progress on Tuesday evening, after another day of bank holiday rain, 
I managed to get alot done in the afternoon.
 This as of last night, it's growing very nicely, after these flowers I have the grey lace top to match the other side. Then wait for the rest of the patterns to be released, there are loads of flowers in a wide top band.
 When my sister was last with us, we placed an order from USA supplier, which has arrived, these are hers and I don't think I would want to stitch any of them, strange how different our taste are.
 I did get this Ink Circles design, I have stitched one other, I love the balance and the colours of this.
We have had rain and very high winds this week, I have lost one of my small green houses again!, so we have purchased another stronger one, but it has to be sent to us, so not sure when we will get it. Every thing in our gardens are looking so lush, the rain has helped, but we are still in drought, I am really fed up with wearing boots and a coat every where, this is summer.

Working only 3 days was great, very busy as per normal, but at least we get the work done. We are not planning anything this weekend, was far to busy last weekend, tomorrow we hope to see Josh and Sammy, they have been in Manchester this week, with Grandma,with loads to do in the rain.

The fore caste is for more rain, so I can see loads of stitching and blog time.


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