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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Sew complete

I made this carrier on Sunday, but waited until yesterday to take a photo, it's looks better with a plate of food in. 
 Made with 2 tea towels, a long handle attached to 2 opposite corners, on the other 2 corners huge loops are attached, place the plate in the center, pop the loops over the handle and I have a dish carrier. This was lunch for sign language class.  
 It takes a 10" plate, so I can carry large pie, cake ect
 I have finished reading this book, I could not put it down, I love mind games and the author sent Finn everywhere. I thought it was better than Behind Closed Doors. 
 My plastic lids came, and they will work perfectly, I know I have more plastic in my kitchen, but these will replace stretch and seal, a one use plastic. They are all round but they do fit over square and oval dishes.  
It was fun to make my plate carrier, I cut the two tea towels into squares and pinned them together. With the leftover fabric I made the wide handle and the two thinner loops, pinned them in place and double stitched all around the square. I had seen this on Pintrest, and thought it would be useful. Tea towels work well as the linen will protect my cooking.
I now have two single quilt covers from our old kingsize covers, which we replaced when the corners were getting thin, both are pure white, so the leftover fabric I have kept in my stash. I did not require to make pillow cases, we already had the matching set.
I have done some more knitting, I am not enjoying the rib on the neck use 4 double ended needles, it's 12cm long, so it is taking a while, I will show a photo once it is finished.
I was asked if I had a pattern for the bags I make, no pattern, I just cut out square or oblong in the size of the front and back, when using tea towels they decide the maximum size the bag can be, I cut the front and back to size and shape, I measure along the sides and bottom, and cut a strip of material long enough, the width I decide by eye, the bigger the bag the wider the side and bottom strip. I cut the linings the same size and sew. Handles I make as strong as I can, I make each bag a different size, always dependent on the fabric I have. Most of my inspiration comes from Pintrest, where you can get patterns. 
We have the promised bright sunny start to the day, I am out with Will and mummy this morning.
It's a busy few days, as we are away in our camper van on Thursday for  a couple of nights, praying the weather fore caste will be right.


  1. What a brilliant but simple idea the plate carrier is!

  2. What a clever idea, I haven't seen anything like that before. It started off bright here but it's gone a bit dull, we are forecast a lovely day though so I hope the sun gets out again. It should be lovely weather for a few days away.

  3. That’s a super idea for carrying plates of food safely. I’m currently investigating making some wax wraps for food but need to source the beeswax melts first.

  4. Lovely to see the sunshine. The plate holder is brilliant and so easy to store.

  5. Gorgeous bag. Have a wonderful time in the forest- you’ve picked great weather. If you hear acuckoo it might be Selborne! 👏👏

  6. Clever use of dish towels. I may have to give this a try.

    God bless.

  7. I've heard others talk about those plastic covers being so clever and useful. You'll have to let us know how they hold up to washing/wear.



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