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Monday 27 February 2017

February on the way out

Another month is almost over, my stash spend is so very low
I am feeling pleased with myself, to keep to the same amount as last year I have £70.89 to spend each month. The upside of no crafting is not spending.
 Begonia's for the chimney pot under our Magnolia tree
The white dahlia's for my new raised cut flower garden.
We did not spend much time in town on Saturday, I had to upgrade my phone, the screen was not responding most of the time, so I got a new deal for £2 per month less than the old tariff, with a 2 year warranty on the phone. I so hate shopping for phones and changing to a new phone, firstly I don't understand all the stuff surrounding phones these days and the new one's are normally very different from my old phone.
I also got a couple of pole supports for my raspberries, I have the beautiful supports my sister got me last year, but I think I will need more lower support.
I popped to a quilting fabric shop, but with loads of designs to choose from, I got no inspiration, I will go back again with daughter, the quilt will be for Will's cot, so she can decide on fabrics. We walked past all the other shops, there was nothing we wanted.
We saw Will, mummy and daddy for a couple of hours on Sunday, we would have liked to go for a walk, but it was damp outside. We also went for a meal in the evening, a Christmas present from daughter and SIL, we had a lovely time and would like to go back with all the family some time.
Today we popped to Lidl, spent £84.57, but got 6 bottle of wine, 7 lots of meat, 2 fish meals, rice, tin tomatoes x 4, 12 eggs and loads more. Wow it was a great shop and will keep us going for a couple of weeks.

Saturday 25 February 2017

Me, again !

Serious colour in this bloom
This spot looks nice, both pots have loads of flower, there is a second stem and bud on my Amaryllis, so even as the first couple of blooms are going over, there are loads more to come. 
 I love this spider plant, I hope to take the babies and grow into more plants.
 Around the house, my desk top still looking good.
The tulips are coming along, my hyacinth has height, now just waiting for the flowers. The cyclamen on my kitchen window sill has new flowers.
 Another book, I loved Behind closed doors.
The light in my photo's above is not fantastic, we woke to a dull day, everywhere is so grey, so I love to have so many plants and flowers in the house. My Valentine's day flower will be finished with tomorrow, they will stay for this evening.
I have no craft to show, I really am not in the right frame of mind to do anything, I have many issues with one family member who gives me so many negative messages, who I love dearly, and is always on my mind. I can't change the situation, everything I say is twisted against me, which sadden me to my core. Hence the reason I lose myself by reading so many books.
I think tomorrow, I might start a new cross stitch design, I have two to finish but can't find my motivation. I have about an hours work on the black cardi for Will, it will be done this weekend, I have already started knitting the blue cardi.
Last night we had tea with our lovely little family, I was able to feed Will for the 1st time, he is now taking a bottle, mum tried so very hard to feed him herself but he is a hungry baby, he is more alert and aware. Mum is recovering nicely from her surgery with the support of her loving husband.
Today we are going to pop to town, first time this month, not sure if we need much, just a couple of things to do.

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Cuddles with Will

Cuddles with Will
 Already he is changing, only 4 days old
William seams a big name for this little man, mummy and daddy have started calling him Will.
They are settling into family life, resting where they can, it always lovely to see another young family together.
We have had loads of cuddles, we went for tea tonight, it was a good deal, we cooked shepherds pie and took it with us, so we all had a good meal and catch up.
We have no plans to visit again before Friday, when we will take Thai Green curry.
Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa are visiting with Chicken casserole, they get their catch up and cuddles.
My Lemon Meringue was lovely, we finished it tonight, it was tart, which is how we enjoy them, hubby has requested another for this weekend.
I have one band to finish on his black knitted cardi, which will be done by Friday, all the sewing up has been done (which I do hate), so I can then finish his blue cardi. He has more clothes than I have, but in various sizes, which will last him.
Not done much else, I finished reading Undertow by Sue Grafton, which I really enjoyed, I am popping to our local library on Saturday to get some more books.

Sunday 19 February 2017

Sunday evening

Baking on a Sunday
Paella and Quiche for mummy and daddy
 Lunch size quiche's and paella for us
Lemon Meringue, Marry Berry's recipe from BBC food.  
I don't do enough baking, hubby is such a good cook, but I do enjoy some time in the kitchen, my Maliee Quiche recipe is here, its made without pastry, which is a bonus for me, I have 4 small quiches for my lunch, they do have cheese in, so hubby can't eat them, but he is not a fan of quiche.
We are having a coffee and the first slice of the lemon meringue, my lemons were big so I only used 5 instead of the 6 in the recipe, I also cut back on the sugar in the meringue, so it's a good tart flavour, just how we like it.
Last night we were with friends and had a Chinese takeaway for supper, plus a bottle of Presecco, I stayed out to mid night, which surprised me as I only had about 5 hours sleep, it was fun to sit and chat.
Mummy and William are back home, we took the food to their house and was surprised they were back, but being very sensible they were making time for just the 3 of them, so after only 5 minutes we came away, and will catch up with them later in the week.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments, it's lovely to have a new baby in the family, we are looking forward to getting to know him as he grows.
Later I will be finishing knitting the baby jacket and if I have enough wool a tiny hat as well. 

Saturday 18 February 2017

Welcome to William

William Jonathan arrived at 2.58 am this morning
My Amaryllis is blooming 
 Valentine flowers 
 Another good book to read, whilst waiting last night
We were in the hospital until 5.30 this morning, with Granny, it was lovely to share the moment, our newest family are all doing well, so lovely to see mum and dad with William. We will pop in to see them this afternoon.
So a quiet day at home, I want to do some baking so when daughter goes home on Sunday, there will be a couple of fresh meals in their fridge. Plus an early night for us both later.

Tuesday 14 February 2017

St Valentines Day

Hubby saw this and thought of me
 I normally get cut flowers (not roses) 
for Valentines Day
I was also given this scarf, I had seen it before in M&S
I do love the colours.
Dinner for two, and more flowers
Tonight, home from work, I entered into a candlelit home,
 warm and cosy, a chilled glass of Prosecco, 
I am married to a romantic, even after 35 years together.
Lovely meal into together, we are about to find a film to watch.

Going to see youngest daughter tomorrow evening, she will be in hospital on Thursday for inducement, so sometime soon we will meet our youngest grandson.

Hope your evening is as fun as ours. 

Sunday 12 February 2017


The first set of buds are opening, so much promise
the second bud is almost as high
 Update with my indoor tulips
all the bulbs are growing well, the leaves are forming

 The hyacinths are coming along, still not alot of height
 I could not walk past these, down from £9
There were loads of gardeners picking these up. In all there was a choice of 10 different plants, and like others, I changed a couple of plants for one's I prefer to grow. One lady went off with two packs all filled with little holly plants. B&Q staff do not question people doing this. I want 3 of these plants for myself and I will get a nice pot and plant the rest for a birthday present for my sister, who has just recently done her garden. I have added the cost to my hobby stash list. 
I am really please with my inside flowering plants, it is important to me to have flowers at this time of the year, I can't wait to see the tulips bloom, if I grow them like this again, I would use glass beads on a vase and cover with water, the water beads don't show through enough.
We did not have settling snow yesterday, today is much the same, just dry, everywhere is so grey.
I have done some more knitting, I am doing the front 2 bands on the black cardi, and I have done some more on the main body of the blue cardi. I hope to get them finished this week.

Saturday 11 February 2017

I'm still waiting

I popped outside it's -01c and trying to snow
The snow won't come to much, but winter is still here
Back door                           Front door
 But our garden is waking up, pots are budding nicely.
Our Magnolia tree is coming back to life, plus we have snowdrops, 
crocus in bloom and daffodils almost in bloom.  
 Buds on bushes around my small plot
 Cold outside, warm inside I am still reading
I enjoyed Big Little Lies, not a book I would have picked on my own, 
But I will look for more of her books. 
I really loved Hello from The Gillespies,
the story line started brilliant and stayed that way, 
I have read loads of her books.
Another Saturday at home, I enjoy catching up with blogs, whist enjoying a hot mug of coffee, we do have to pop out soon, we require a visit to a DIY store, I need a wooden top for my multi drawers to finish my side of the office, and hubby always needs a few items. I will wander around the garden section, but it's to early to get things.
We will also pop in and visit our daughter, he is now 1 week overdue, and has been given Thursday 16th as her inducement day, if nothing happens before. We are all excited and can't wait to meet little man.
I have done more knitting, but not enough progress to show you here, I have not been in the mood for craft, but my cold is now clearning, just need to get rid of the bl**dy cough.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Ummm Sunshine

All tidy again, with loads of things left out
including stitching and photo's on the wall 
 I am loving the dark wood floor
We spend most of the weekend sorting, which meant another load of stuff to our local charity shop, we always take our unwanted things to Save the Children. I did not sort all my drawers, the job seamed just to daunting, the stuff can stay where it is for now. I did decide not to put back 3 shelves on the wall, they attract so much clutter!
My car has been back to the garage on my recent service they found an oil leak in the gearbox, it's now repaired with a new clutch, all under warranty and it's had another clean, it is positively shining almost glowing on our drive. Oh well a couple journeys to work will bring it back to it's normal state.
I have had the past two days off, this cough is keeping me awake at night. On the positive side I do feel better today, so the hope is I will go back to work tomorrow.
The garden is coming to life, we have snowdrops in our front plot along with daffodil growth, lovely green leaves everywhere. In the pots along the side of the house are crocus leaves, and more daffodils leaves in my side garden. I have primroses in the pots along side my greenhouse. My Magnolia tree has loads of buds, the flowers always form before the leaves. Blueberry and blackcurrant bushes have tiny buds forming, plus the start of new growth on my strawberry plants, which are raised in tubs.
February is such a month of promise, but spring waits until March has done it's final winter fling. If we are to have snow it often falls in March.
Still daughter is waiting as we all our for the arrival of grandson.
Now I am going to do some crafting.

Saturday 4 February 2017

Just sorting

Another book to read, this is the first of two about the same family
book two With love at Christmas, I have already read
 I am fascinated with the buds on Amaryllis, 
they look so strange and beautiful 
 Tulips in my water beads
Another Orchid and new growth on my fir tree
 Orchids in our sitting room
My Hyacinth with no height, I don't have a dark airing cupboard to start these in
so next year I will buy one already growing
Our house is a mess, hubby has finished decorating the office and laid the new flooring, most of the furniture is back in, now I'm having a sort out. Our spare bedroom has things everywhere, plus the hall by the front door is also a temporary sort out area. I am spreading things out and choosing what comes back in here. I have loads of crafting drawers to store everything in, and I am aware I have loads of drawers I never open, should I work my way through them and dump stuff, or do I leave them as they do look tidy and hope one day I will use things again, normally I would sort and pass on, but I have retirement in a few years and hopefully plenty of time to do and make things. Once it's all completed I will show a photo.
All I have done this week is read, I have picked up the cold bug going around, and it's on my chest, so after work (I still go as the bug came from the office), a comfortable chair and book is a perfect way to finish the day.
Wednesday we saw daughter and SIL, it's her due date today, but baby Bill is staying put for a bit longer, we will see her tomorrow if I am feeling better.
Thursday evening I went to Deans Diner with Josh and Sam, the boys love it there, and I prefer to buy them burger there than any other burger chain. Sam was as cute as ever, doing a seat dance and waving at the ladies walking by. Josh told me he is doing his 1st park run with his mum this morning, I just checked and he managed 5k in 45mins.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Positive month

Another month over, how quickly did January go by.
I have been very good with my spending, this year to match the budget to the same as last year I have an average of £70.89 to spend each month, I came in well under this amount, so already I'm up £30.72.
My 2nd Amaryllis is getting tall
double in height in two weeks
plus a second bud. 
 What to read in January, Christmas themed books
both easy reads and very enjoyable.
 The Witness is a new author to me, I really enjoyed this read
Another easy to read Carole Matthews book
It's a busy time in our household, hubby is decorating our 3rd spare bedroom, which we use for our office, every thing was removed, he has painted walls and ceiling, glossed all the skirting boards, window and has the door frames and door to do. He is laying new laminate flooring, which is about a third done. Our walls have gone from white to pale green and the floor is a dark oak. He will finish by the weekend and I have loads to put back in, and loads which I will get rid of, it will look good once it is finished.
January has whizzed by, I have spent alot of time reading in the evenings, I still have some more knitting to do, but I did not craft at all. I always find January a tiring month, going to and from work in the dark, plus everywhere so cold.
So snug warm evenings and weekends are the norm here. 
This week it has been much lighter evenings when we leave work at 5pm, we have huge amounts of rain due over the next few days, so our plan is to be inside.
We have been eating from the freezer, and should be able to keep going through out February, the only meat we should purchase will be chicken breast, we are not at the point where we just have all the stranger items left. It will be nice to sort the freezers, we have 2 small ones, and replace things to match our changing taste.
We have had loads of soups, hubby made ham and pea last night, which I had for my lunch today, with a nice slice of bread. We have not ate any processed food, even the ham in the soup was home cooked gammon.
Our new Air fryer and coffee maker arrived, we have used both, cooking a roast gammon, roast potatoes on Sunday, quick and easy to use, and very easy to clean. It's going to be much cheaper than using the big oven.
We have picked up some great bargains for our cleaning products, and have a full store cupboard. plus I have stocked up on toiletries for both of us.
We have avoided the local sales, I did buy one pair of boots and slippers, but at a great price and hubby got a couple pair of jeans.
Hubby has sorted my car insurance changing supplier and has saved me over £200 on my renewal cost, my policy went up by over £100, he is enjoying the shopping around.
So a positive start to 2017, but baby Bill our youngest grandson has not made an appearance, he is due on Saturday, so we are in a state of excitement.


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