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Monday, 12 March 2018

Little treasures

Every little boy should have a bag for his small toys
These are just 17cm high, perfect for little hands.
One for Will to take home and one left here in our toy bag.
 Very simple easy design, these are reversible, 
so you can have the bunnies or the carrots on the outside.
 Cut out the size of your bag, I cut into two pieces, 
to ensure the design was not upside down on the back.
In each of the bottom corners cut out a square.
The square will decide the bottom width of your bag.
 Sew both sides and the bottom
Just the cut out un-stitched
 Fold together making a straight seam, and stitch
The side and bottom seams should be together in the middle.
 Main stitching finished, put one inside the other, wrong sides together
fold the top in, add the handles and sew neatly together.
 This bag is made the same way, but because the pattern works on both sides the bottom is not cut and stitched together. The squares are cut in the middle. I used a zip for the top.
 Perfect with my teabags for my sign language class bag. 
When cutting the bags ensure the side and tops are straight, the cutting is important, if you cut wonky your bag won't have square corners, match the bottom cut outs so they are both the same. If your fabric has a design check to ensure everything is lined up, the look would be spoilt if I had cut the bunnies head off at the top. I try to ensure the center line looks good and the handles are both in the same place. Small details keep the bag finish neat.
I always make an inner for the bags I make, two reasons, firstly, to strengthen the bag, I want it to last, secondly, it looks much better no seams on show.
The teatowels cost me £4 for three, I used just two, so the fabric cost me £2.66, again I had the threads in my stash.
For the teabag bag, I spent £1.09 on the zip, the fabric was leftover from the file bag I made.
I spent a happy Saturday afternoon at my sewing machine, making these bags for Will was perfect use of the fabric. With Easter coming and Will loving Peter Rabbit, it was a perfect match, I can make larger shopping bags out of any design material.
I am very happy with the items made so far this year, I love my craft, but I am not happy just making stuff, I prefer to make something for a purpose. My craft area is full of lovely coloured bags for wool, patchwork, sewing, and my sign class bag.
These bags are very simple to make, if you look on Pintrest you will see loads of designs, do have a go at making them, Will's bag took just a couple of hours. I can't wait to see what he thinks of them, I put his two Thomas trains in the bag staying here.


  1. They're fabulous. I popped to Asda to see if I could get some of those tea towels but they didn't have any, they must have sold out.

  2. I was looking through the Aldi leaflet yesterday and found myself thinking of you. They have got some lovely tea towels on offer next week. Love the bags, very clever.

  3. Oh those bags are so cute! Good job of it. I sure do love Twinings tea here. Have it every morning!

  4. Fabulous bags, I am hoping to finally get round to using my sewing machine this year and have a go at making some bags too.

  5. Great little projects. I love the bunny and carrot fabrics! Have made several zippered bags myself with this technique for the folded bottom, it makes it so simple.

  6. I love all kinds of bags, so useful. Your bunny/carrots bag is perfectly adorable!

  7. Being a bunny lover that bunny bag appeals to me... well done nanna, Will is a lucky boy.

  8. Just found your blog! I’m enjoying it.



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