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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Just stitching

Carrie Rose
Just a few purple flowers down the right side to stitch. 
Then on to the center block, just 26 rows, in this page.
Work was good, typical MOD, loads of reading, security and protecting information. I have signed up for flexi hours, and with one weeks rota where I have to work until 4.30pm, so I am pleased lots of early finishes. Second day, it was boring to read more security notices, which apply to me but is aimed at military personnel, so I was set the task of verifying Council tax bills, there were loads of them, it's that time of year, I won't complain about ours again.
It's great to be finishing at 4pm each evening, I can be home by 4.30, time to enjoy the garden.
We had a quiet Monday night in together, I was home early enough to spend an hour in the garden, everything is doing well, just need the warmer weather for everything to grow.
Tonight it's photography club, I still need to read through my home work again, it is just not sinking in!

Monday 30 March 2015

Monday morning

Carrie Rose so far
I have done more stitching down the sides that has been released, 
I just keeping going until I require the next design.
I love the addition of the pale lilac
it will be used twice more

I have pulled out all the threads for my next project, Au Fil de Noel, I will make it as the design shows, the red is a bit darker than I expected, but I do like the balance of this design.
Yesterday was a cold breezy day, so after Martin drove home, we stayed inside, I should have got my sewing machine out, but hubby found a film, and we settled down for the afternoon, hence so my stitching has been done.
I have ordered a couple of gardening books, by James Wong and Carol Klien, should be here by midweek.
Tomorrow evening we have a model in the photography studio, and we have homework to do before the shoot, each of us will have just 20 minutes, we have to understand the lighting terms, we ask Richard (who is studio assistant) to set the lighting, and he has requested we chose 3 sets, and then we have to instruct the professional model.  I did not think this would be of interest to us, but after the lovely shots I got of hubby last week, I am looking forward to the session, that's if I can remember everything.
So now I'm ready for my first day back at work, I do not have to be there until 10am today, it's a strange feeling going in so late. It is nice to see the sun shine, still breezy, but the rain will return this afternoon.

Sunday 29 March 2015

Nothing doing

Part 4 of Maryse SAL 2015
it's so quick to stitch
I am into this French rustic style
 Carrie Rose
I've gone around the corner
and down the right hand side
 I am using the gold and blue on each side panel, the designs are all different, but it works. I have the flowers to add around the boarders and the a bit of the center to stitich, now I have completed more colour, I can stitch the central design, knowing where to put the colours. 
Yesterday was a wet and blustery day, so we spent most of it inside, I took Martin to Novatech, local computer store, and then we visited Su and David, they had started the heavy work on their back garden, and wanted advise on how much they could take away. David has a small tree to remove, it's next to the shed and is already causing problem with it's roots. Normally I would do anything to save a growing tree, but in this case I advised him, they have another small tree in the garden, which will be trimmed later in the year.  The rest of the day was spent inside, later a nice meal and we watched another film.
Martin lives alone, and enjoys company, so loads of chatter, ref children, grandchildren, our childhood, and when it's just hubby and brother, then the conversation goes a bit silly.
At this point they are both sat in my car, fitting a camera, it records front and back, is it just me or are some drivers getting more aggressive, hubby had a knock in his car 2 weeks ago, not his fault, just a driver who wanted to get in front and took chances.
Nothing done in the garden, it's getting the rain we required, just wish it was not so breezy, the petals from my Magnolia tree are littering the lawn.
Lazy evening later, preparing to start work tomorrow.

Saturday 28 March 2015


Inside blooms, 
colour for Fliss, Mothering Sunday plant still in full bloom from the boys
Mini orchid, 2nd time for  loads of flowers and buds.
 More flowers, stitched type, 
I love this shade DMC 3042 and use it often.
 We drink alot of filter coffee, I don't like instant, I save the filters and used coffee. The coffee is dug in around my garden, and once the filters are dried I keep them in my shed, which then always smells of lovely coffee. When I need to pot a plant, I use half the filter in the bottom of a small pot, saves loads of mess.  
Yesterday was a day of hanging around, my brother said see you in the morning and did not arrive until well after lunch, which I don't mind, but had I known before hand I could have done a few bigger task in the garden. Hubby finished his game of golf about 3 and arrived home, so we had the rest of the day together, I love to see hubby and brother together, so close. We watched a film and loads of chatter.
Today we have loads of running about, a busy day.

Friday 27 March 2015

Lazy afternoon.

Carrie Rose
another boarder completed
I have another boarder next to the slanting one, 
it has large flowers on, 
I am thinking of adding another pale colour, maybe a lilac.
I have had this heart for ages, 
it's heading to the back garden area
the words are mine
I had a very productive morning, I popped to the photography studio with my sewing machine, Richard had used a black sheet for a back drop, but it was not thick enough, so he purchased another two, I lined the hung sheet with another sheet, now it does not let any light through. and to the bottom of the front sheet, I stitched another to be laid on the floor, just to have a change from white. It did not take very long, and we are both pleased with the results. It's nice to help some one out.
I made another loaf yesterday, the house smelt lovely all afternoon. Josh and Sam came after school and each tried a slice with jam, treats for little boys. Josh was his lovely normal self, it was a pleasure to have both boys. Hubby is very happy with the bread, it's his favourite food and eats bread every day.
I did not do much in the garden, Martin popped over for a couple of hours, it was breezy and not so warm, but no rain. Hubby had a great game of golf and came home happy. It's nice to have a lazy afternoon for a nice change. The rain for the garden has been great, I am now collecting rain water for my blueberries.
This morning is sunny and breezy, hubby is on the golf course again, Martin is due soon, I have a bedroom to tidy, Fliss is staying with her sister for a couple of days. No plans as yet, I will wait for Martin to arrive and we can decide what to do.

Thursday 26 March 2015

Gone potty

We had a lazy evening last night
and if I am sat down I am stitching
Carrie Rose is coming along nice
this is section 2
 We popped to B & Q yesterday, we required a few items, and got these pots, originally our water feature was here, but it needed replacing. Most of the features I liked were nearer to £200, that's alot of money for an item use now and then.
So I have made a pot tower, I will add trailing Lobelia to the bottom two pots, and I have a Geranium (Pelargonium) saved from last year for the top pot. I will have to put a bit of trellis behind pots to hide our wood store.
 This is pretty and all 3 pots for £23.00.
 This handsome plant is my March colour,
Snakes Head Fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris)
each month  I am adding one plant 
to encourage colour in the garden all through the year. 
I have to read all the growing details before I decide where to plant it. 
 The fruit garden has all my wire coated plant supports in, this will stop the cats, once the plants grow, I can remove the stays and use them around the garden. These were purchased last year, and will last a long time, they are really useful all through the year.
We popped to Sainsbury's to get some Green bottle juice, which I love, they had loo rolls on a good deal, so we stocked up, and I treated myself to a new pair of black jeans, my jeans are really grey now. First clothes I have purchased in ages, hubby got a few summer T shirts. We also got a selection of flours for the bread maker. We have just finished eating the small loaf made on Monday, so I will make another today.
Lunch with Ann was fun, we had a good catch up, next time we meet will be a Sunday, now we are both working, I am looking forward to having our last office lunch in the ward room, one guy is retiring and I've been invited.
My start date has been confirmed for Monday, so less time for craft and blogging, but I have caught up with loads of things.
We had the best surprise in ages, we had a visitor about 5pm last night, my brother Martin had driven down from Somerset, he stayed with his daughter last night and tonight, and then Friday and Saturday night's are with us, we had nothing planned for the weekend.
PS were are getting the rain our garden needs, another dull morning here.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

I'm happy

This is a gardening post, with added extras
Just a couple of flowers, 
 I have planted seeds into my raised bed, just half for now, 
on the other side, some seedlings and seeds in trays.
 I started to move more top soil, I have dug loads into the fruit bed, I have loads of raspberry's coming through, the strawberries are healthy. I have buds on the blackcurrant and a few buds on the pink gooseberry. I will need to put some wire over this to keep the cats out.
 I'm in a sea of net, stopped for lunch and a quick sewing fix
I have sewn three thin strips of net onto the main piece, 
it was worse than sewing a wedding dress.
I have threaded the flexi pipes through the channels, so the net now stays in place over the raised garden, I can also get easy access to the bed. 
The reason for my title, I had an early finish in the garden, it rained heavy, enough to make me smile. I did not move all the soil but there is always another day. I planted flower seeds around the garden, I have so many seeds, I thought I would mix them up, sow them and see what comes up.
We have been told our gates are ready for collection, but my table and chairs require another treatment, the paint on them is stubborn and did not all come off.
I also did an hours stitching on Carrie Rose, photo's next time, but the ironing is still piled high.
We did studio work tonight, here's a photo I took of hubby, I really like this one, and the best bit I had three to chose from, another thought provoking evening.
Early start this morning, ironing then lunch with a friend, looks as if I should be back to work on Monday.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Lunch and a finish

Lunch yesterday was cheese on toast
after all the rich meals from the weekend
a nice simple lunch
 I got on with my sewing, I wanted these to be finished.
after I stitched the 8 triangles together, on the wrong side,
I marked the 14" circle as a guide to stitching on the side panel.
I used two length of a leg stitched together.
 I am rather pleased with these
each is stuffed will the contents from an old pillow
the case has been saved for lining material
nothing is wasted.
The jean's top is saved, one I will make into a bag,
I have already stitched two handles.
The others I want to use the back pockets, for a storage hanger. 
 All I require is my table and chairs painted and a sunny day
glass of something cold.
These should last forever.
 Last night I picked up Carrie Rose,
 Only did a few stitches,
but it feels good to be working on this again.
Our first loaf of bread was a success, I had convinced myself the 1st loaf would fail, I have had a slice as toast for breakfast.
Now I want to start adding ingredients, I have sun dried tomatoes and olives in the fridge.
We had a typical day here in the South East yesterday, we were fore caste light rain, but we had sunshine, enough to dry the laundry. We had some rain in the night, but it's sunny now, but my pots are still dry, I will water them soon, I rather not water in the evening at this time of year.
If it warms up I will spend time in the garden this afternoon, I have seedlings in the green house which need sorting, and I would like to sow seeds in the raised garden. Before that, loads of ironing.
Wean, when cutting down jeans to shorts for anyone, I always cut them too long, let the person try them on inside out and pin to length required, I find I can get the fit better this way, but most of my jeans cut to shorts finish at the knee.

Monday 23 March 2015

5 pairs of jeans

I have started using my rotary cutter
 First I removed the legs from 5 pairs of jeans, 
this time I will only use the legs, 
but I will keep the top, I hope to be able to use them.
 I placed a thin cutting board inside each leg and cut along the seam.
 I made 32 templates, cutting each with a half inch seam allowance. 
These will make 4 circular pieces, two cushions
 Each pair of jeans is different shades,
some worn more than  others, which I love.
1st try at sewing them together, 
the center point is really hard, but this could be covered, 
the effect is what I was looking for.
Firstly, I know Dawn I have left the cutter open in a couple of photo's, and I promise you, I remember your warning of how sharp the cutting blade is. The more I cut out the better I became at closing it before putting it down.
I have cut two long strips to join top and bottom together, I will finish this off later today. I have saved our two old pillows for the stuffing, so other than time these cushions will have cost me nothing.
The jeans were begged from anyone with an old pair, my friend Cat, my brother and an old pair of mine.
I love the rotary cutter, it's very sharp and just perfect for cutting straight lines, when cutting the legs from the jeans, it cut through both layers and seams with ease.
These are for my iron chairs in the garden, we have to collect them, they have had all the paint removed, I will paint them white again.
It's dull here today, I have my second load in the washing machine, where does all the laundry come from. I have some house work to do and I require a trip to supermarket, if I am to use bread maker today.
One positive note, my security clearance has come through, just waiting for my start date for the new job, it will be nice to be earning again.

Sunday 22 March 2015

Thank you's and it's so nice to be home

We had 3 days in South Wales, the weather was beautiful and the winds light, our B&B, Soar Chapel, Beaufort was a perfect base, with few plans and a promise not to shop. Good food, lovely locals to chat with, the mountains in every backdrop. 
It was the perfect restful weekend. 
 Back home and the Magnolia tree is beginning to burst with blooms, hubby filling all the bird feeders, can't have them missing out.
 Our new bread maker arrived whilst we were away, I have always said I would not get one, but I read a post, in which the author was showing the ingredients in brought bread and gave us her recipe, a light bulb moment, when we are trying to remove any un-necessary ingredients from our food, why are we buying so much bread. Tomorrow I will have my first batch.  I'm sorry I can not remember the blog with the post, but thank you for another interesting topic.
 I have purchased a rotary cutter, with rulers and cutting board, I have been watching them use one on Sewing Bee, I have a set of dress making shears, which I always use. But these will make straight cuts neater, quicker and more accurate.
We visited Dawn whilst we were away, last year she moved to a small plot of Welsh mountain with her hubby, Dawn is hard working and is creating her home where she grows her own food and raises chicks and ducks, with Lambert the ram and Alpacas, it was a joy to be able to see the work she and her hubby has already put into place. With a lovely lunch sat in the sunshine, loads of chatter. Almost all the time of my visit I was green with envy, they are not lucky, they both work hard to make the life they want.  Dawn had her own craft shop before the move and has stock left, I purchased the cutter set from her, and will always check her stock before purchasing other items. I did use the cutter this afternoon, but that's another post. Pam visited at the same time, another lovely lady, very talented sewer, who creates wonderful patchwork. So thank you both ladies, I so enjoyed your company, it's a shame Hampshire is so far away.
I have not stitched since Thursday, real life was so much fun.

Friday 20 March 2015

Finish and new projects

2nd finish in this Rovaris design
my 1st colour scheme is here 
 I stitched on 28dpi, using one strand of DMC
Red 666, orange 741, yellow 973, green 699, blue 3843, indigo 550 and violet 340
I have never stitched stripes before, it worked well with this design.
I will frame it in a thin black frame and pop it on my office wall.
 The post man brought me two new designs I tracked down on the net ,
 I have seen these on pintrest and loved both of them.
From a French designer

I did this post before we left for our break in Wales, 
I did not want to post twice in one day, a bit OTT. 

Thursday 19 March 2015

Super woman- photo heavy

The top soil came just after 9am, 
the driver took the pallet as far up the garden as he could.
I have used half in my raised garden, and only picked out a few stones.
Lovely soil, I'm going to let it settle and sow seeds next week.
I spent most of the morning outside in warm sunshine
and popped out again later in the afternoon.
 It was a beautiful sunny day, just a couple photo's of our spring flowers.
 I sunk the chimney pot into the ground, for security and it looks better, I have added top soil and forgetmenot seeds. I have also added new soil for my hosta, and put wire in the hole to stop the cats getting in. The second chimney I put in the long side garden. I dug around the area to ensure there was nothing growing there.
 The olive bush has settled in it's new pot
I have one of my old pots out as well, the second pot is in my shed and  has growmore in, nice to be using it as it should be as a good storage pot.
 My cucamelons have been re-potted, I have 3 plants, just 2 shown here. 
The lemon and lime plants are very happy in their new pot. The avocado is looking happy as well, they are all in the greenhouse.
Back to stitching, I managed to get loads done yesterday, 
I had a hour in the afternoon, and most of the evening
 Just the bottom section of the 'E' to be done
which is where I had problems stitching the 1st design.
Going to find an hour today to get this finished.
Yesterday was the busiest day, I was on turbo power. 
I changed our bedding, washed and dried it on the line, later I did all the ironing. I also cleaned our upstairs bedroom and bathroom.
I also painted the new wood on the raised garden, I managed to give it two coats, there was no breeze and it dried. I watered most of the pots, every one was dry, we really do need some rain. I also did a tidy up of the beds.
After school Sam and Josh came to play football in the garden, both boys were very happy, they tucked into our Easter biscuits, Sam said it was the biggest biscuit he had ever eaten. I love to see them having fun in the garden.
Later we popped to see Su and David, over the Easter break I will start working in their garden, this year we are going to cut back all the over grown shrubs, and see what else comes up in the garden.
Today I am going to give downstairs a clean before we go this afternoon, most of what I am taking has been packed, so 4 days of rest and relaxation.


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