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Thursday 28 February 2019

February update

More yarn purchased, mainly for the loom, but much better spending. I sold the 1st loom and shuttle for £25 and a pack of the nice card £10 to my sister, so I have reduced my spend in each section. Just a few things in garden section, Lime plant being the expensive purchase, but most items for the greenhouse. I still was just over my spending monthly total, I will have to have a couple of non spending months.

Nothing on clothes, or Christmas, Just a few of books, two text and 1 novel,  totalling £32.43. I must start going back to our library every week.

Money saved this month
Car insurance, renewed and changed with a saving of £79.07 for the year (which was £1 cheaper than we paid last year).
My mobile, changed to sim only saving £18.00 per month.
Hubby's mobile, changed to sim only saving 13.00 per month, neither of us wanted to new phones.
My Dyson V8 cleaner battery was not lasting as long as it should, hubby phoned Dyson, on checking records the unit was not as old as I thought, 26 months, but out of warranty, but without asking the guy is sent a replacement FOC as the battery should last longer, £64 saved.

Money spent this month
We have ordered triple glazing for most of our bungalow window and doors, (a couple windows are newer, so don't need replacing), they should be fitted next month, and will make a difference to our heating bills.

Our food spend is good, we are making smaller meals and therefore having extra to freeze and having more free meals. Our food spend is down, plus having purchased no chocolate or anything with chocolate on, so we are both feeling good.  Our waste is very small, our recycling bins is always low, which is pleasing, I have got rid of items on our local facebook page, passing them on, mainly babies toys which Will no longer plays with, pleasing as most of them I purchased 2nd hand.

We are both now very good at walking through shops, looking and not purchasing anything, there are loads of new season pretty things everywhere, including the garden centres, but I am sticking to our new values.

Only once did I want chocolate in this last week, but resisted, my brother was naughty and ensured there were loads of chocolate in his fridge when we visited, but I left it all there, he was impressed. I have no plans to purchase any chocolate, not sure how long I can last, but if it's not in the house I can't eat it.

Monday 25 February 2019

In my hands

Both of the above books were very different for me, and if anyone had given me the story lines, I would have passed, but both were enjoyable reads, Peter James has written a series of books set in Brighton, with a police office called Roy Grace, I hugely enjoy those books, The Truth is very different. I also started reading The Child recommended by Jo, but realised I had already read it.
 Just the cuff to finish the sleeves, then I will use all the navy yarn I have to finish Will's jumper, I had hoped to be finished by now. But it will be done by the end of the week.
Better late than never
17 comments, Will pulled the name out of the dish,

Will decided to pull out a second name.
Carol and Pam please email me your addresses,

Sunday afternoon we walked to Portchester castle and along the waters edge, it was warm and sunny, and very busy. It was very enjoyable. We both need to walk more, and as the weather improves, we will make local walks most days. 
Today is another sunny day, Will is here so we will be in the garden soon, he is reading at the moment, he loves all books, but he also loves to be outside. 
Nothing much to do in the house or garden, no laundry or shopping needed, so a play day. 

Sunday 24 February 2019

Sunny weekends

In the sunshine these are WOW
 A bit of underplanting, looking good
looks like April 
 My Mediterranean plants are doing good in the greenhouse
Saturday was such a lovely day, I spent time outside, it was just too lovely to be inside, I try not to start too early in the year in my garden, as once the gardening bug bites, I want to be outside all the time, and even here along the south coast, February is still far to early, I need March to be gone, then I can play outside everyday. I have moved all the pots full of bulbs to the decking outside our patio doors.
Hubby is working on his motor bike, he has had it's MOT and service this week, and is now waiting until 1st of March to Tax it, then he can ride again, he has not used his bike since early October, but it has been polished loads in the past few weeks, I think he is missing the freedom.
We are not using the heating in the daytime at all, whilst the sun shines the house stays warm, we are also up to date with the laundry, drying loads on the line. These extra warm days are bliss, we went for a walk through our local park, which was full of children and people.
I have the bottom of Will's jumper to knit, I am slowly getting to the finish line, but I'm not in a knitting mood, but I won't start another project, I need to finish a few 1st. So for now I am reading.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Almost like spring

My kitchen jug is done, spring flowers,
all silk flowers, I love this corner.
 Lime plant
Limes do not have pips in any more, this will go with my lemon and orange plants.
My desk has loads of plants, some looking better than others
 Coffee plants grow well as houseplants, so I am going to replant the bigger ones from this pot into a huge pot, which is by the patio doors in our living room. I will leave 4 shoots in this mug to stay here in the office, but I will have to move it in the summer months as coffee plants grow in the shade. 
Frosty mornings, we both have warm feet. 
I went out on Thursday with youngest daughter, we popped to a few places and then to a local garden center, where I got the lime plant, I have given up looking for pips in limes, they are now grown pip-less. I also purchased a new air plant, mine died when I put it in the upstairs bathroom, the new plant is in my office, away from the window, I have added my purchases to my stash list. The office is looking green, I do like to see plants on my desk, it's a lovely sunny spot, and there's a radiator under the desk, so ideal growing spot in the cooler months. I am going to repot all my citrus plants, I got a bag of citrus compost.
I dressed up on Thursday wearing a skirt, and knitted jacket, it was so warm and sunny, it did feel good. I can't wait until spring is here, but I know March will be a beast it always is, so the unexpected warm sunny days in February are cherished.
Friday was dull all day, I did house work all morning, our new battery came for the Dyson, so I was able to do everywhere in one go. After lunch I visited my eldest daughter, she was home waiting for the cooker repair man to call. It is nice to have time inside chatting, she is now back at work after her recent knee operation.
I have ordered another weaving book, I have seen it recommended on loads of American sites for weavers, it is focused on my style of loom and should help me up another level.
I don't have any plans for the weekend, I hope to finish Will's jumper and work on my second sock, but if the weather is good I will be outside in the garden. If it's dull and cold, I will get out my sewing machine.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Stage 1

2nd project is off the loom
 I have worked this so the colours will match on both sides of the bag, with the burgundy at the top, the stripes won't be at the same height, that's a bit much for me to complete at this time. 
 No need to weave the ends in,
I am going to sew the sides together
 Perfect size for the heddle bars
 Few of the lines are wobbly
but I'm happy with this.
 Lining fabric, this will also be hemmed over the top edge of the weaving, so it will be visible on the finished bag.
I used 78grms of the yarn, so the cost per 100grm ball is £6.89, and the cost of the yarn used was £5.38, which I am happy with, this is never going to be about saving money, any craft using yarn is expensive.
I am now getting my sewing machine out to make the cotton liner, the bag will be straight in use, ensuring I do not damage my heddle bars or they collect dust.
I am still planning the big bag for the loom, I have the fabric, I will have to purchase some wadding to pad it out, my hope is to get it done soon.
I have been watching more youtube to get the most out of my loom, I want to weave a finer fabric, but I am holding off buying the 2nd heddle until I am sure I will use it, they are not cheap.
I have one sleeve and the bottom of Will's jumper to finish knitting, and the second sock, my jumper is on hold for now.
In my next blogs I should have a finish or 2, plus I will draw the winner of my giveaway, if you have not entered, please visit here.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Back outside

 We will soon have flowers on our Magnolia tree, 
 Our pots are leading the way

We have had a few frosty mornings, followed by sunny days, so the garden is thinking it's spring, the blooms, which are just a few on the magnolia tree are far to early, but the tree is full of buds. This happened last year and when in March the cold weather came all the buds were cold burnt, the tree was not damaged but we did not have so many flowers.
Our pots are now leading the way for colour, but there are loads of daffodils in bud. The greenhouse is doing good, I have not as yet used the heater, I don't think the overnight temperatures have dropped enough.
We are planning to move my shed, only a couple of feet back towards the neighbours new fence, in the hope we can stop any weeds or brambles growing in the space, plus I can have a bit more space in front of the shed. On a sunny day we will empty the shed, move it and I can give it a good clean.

Monday 18 February 2019

Day out at Beaulieu

Campbell's Bluebird - wonderful looking car
Chitty chitty bang bang
Daughter in grandads hut
Childcatchers waggon
My 1st car was a mini
Hubby's dream car - E Type Jag
Trotters trading to
Flying car from Harry Potter.
Iconic London bus
Will loved the bus
and this bike
We have never been to Beaulieu before and spent a wonderful time, looking at all the different vehicles, Will loved it all, the mono rail, which took you through the museum and site, to the very old bus which drove through the grounds. Everyone working was friendly, helpful and had loads of time for Will, children were not allowed on the vehicles, there were signs everywhere asking not to touch anything, which made it easier for Will to understand not to touch. All the vehicles are inside, so the light rain did not bother us, we had a lovely lunch on site. They had a huge display featuring Chitty chitty bang bang, which I loved. We did not visit anywhere else on the site, but we have a year pass, so we will go back again, just the two of us and spend a whole day there. 
We spend some time at Will's house he has had so many toys for his birthday, Grandma and Grandpa came over, Grandpa was not able to come today, he is getting over an operation. We did not stay for tea, it's nice to be home for the evening. 
We had a wonderful time in Somerset, Friday night we spend with my sister, Saturday we had the day with my brother, and had a meal out in the local pub. Sunday we spent in Taunton catching up with our beautiful boys, the drive home was clear and not too long.
We are both very tired and will have another early night, pizza for tea, simple without to much fuss.

Saturday 16 February 2019

New things

Valentine gift from hubby, 
I asked him not to purchase flowers, 
we are away this weekend. 
 Hubby loves his new socks,
a perfect fit
 This is the 3rd bud on my Amaryllis, 
but no flowers yet.
 Sneaky cast on for socks for me.
We are in Somerset, drove down Friday afternoon, staying with my brother, no plans just a lazy Saturday.
Sunday we will visit Logan and Finn in Taunton, it is always wonderful to catch up with these special little boys, due to hubby's health last year we have not seen them since later summer.
I have not forgot my giveaway from last Saturday, I will sort it once we are back home.

Friday 15 February 2019

Weaving a bag

After reading my weaving book, 
I have started a second project
 Neat lines of colour
 Loom threaded for weaving,
the colourful Christmas table cloth cut into strips are wound on the back spindle, to keep the threads from tangling, it works perfectly.
  Making the design
 Really neat edges
  Neat start row
 Loving this design
 Neat rows, watching to ensure no mistakes
 Measuring for width.
For my second project, I decided to make a long thin bag to keep 3 heddle bars in, I will make a cotton insert, for strength, with 3 long sections, each for a heddle bar. I do intend to purchase another 12 dent heddle bar. So this design is long and thin, once finished I will sew the sides together and form a bottom.
It much easier to work when I know what I am making, the yarn I am using is German sock yarn, 75% wool. Regia, Schachenmayr, 4 ply, I used it on my 1st project threaded on the loom, this time I am using it for the weaving as well.
For the width, I required 58 dents threaded, I wove, 13 White, 6 Burgundy, 2 White, 6 Navy, 12 White, 6 Grey, 13 White. Each hole has 2 threads, so a total of 116 across the width of the fabric
With the weaving I am doing white for as many rows are I feel I like then I do 6 rows Burgundy, 6 rows White, 6 rows Navy, 6 rows White, 6 rows Grey. I think by making the wide white rows different widths each time gives the fabric a feeling of free hand.
I have sorted the issue I had with the edges this time, I just need to ensure when I beat the last row, I keep all the rows the same.
I am again excited about this weaving, once I have finished I can sew it to make the heddle bag, I always prefer to be able to make something with my crafts, rather than packing it away.


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