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Thursday 30 June 2022

June roundup

I had no intension on purchasing needle felting fibre, but a request was made to me, expensive but it's part of a gift I also got some bits for summer bunting, as yet I've not made them. Garden was a cheaper month, most everything is done. Still a good spend month. 

The next bit is boring just the summery of my half year spending, please skip if not interested. 

Half year figures, on my stash and garden list they are brilliant, less spending on everything, these are the lowers half figures I have had in years, but no major purchases, I hope everything is now done. I have loads of bits for cross stitch, card making and glass fusion, but I don't intend to purchase much for them.
I did spend £197.05 on clothes and shoes, which is higher for me, included in that was a winter coat from M&S, sandals from Clarks, both reduced and loads of underwear. I started recording my clothes spend in 2019, I have never been not replacing clothes and still view I should be wearing what I own.

Our shopping was more expensive at start of month, party food is not cheap, but it did last most of the following week, hubby being ill meant we ate less, so it balanced itself out. Still everywhere is full, just in case. We did another Asda shop, the 10% blue light card was still running. 

I have started harvesting some salad and fruit, which taste better and save money. We have again this month wasted no food, we were eating party food after the jubilee weekend for longer than expected. We are both pleased how we manage our portions and ensure we only cook what we need.

My weight is down, not by much but it's going in the right direction, my steps are where I want them to be, I'm still having a few treats, it's about portion size and getting out and walking. 

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Last few days of June

Book 51 read this year, I struggled at the start of this story, but quickly it came together, clever story line, 2 different woman on the case, I loved it set in 1960's and in Brighton area, which I know. I have read of few of her books now. 
I have not read this author before, he has written loads of books, it was an interesting read, lots of misdirection, did I enjoy it, yes the story line was clever, But, sadly his style of ensuring his main characters knew everything and was able to guess the next break-in, was a bit to much for me. Book 52 read this year.
My to do list from my last post, another 2 items crossed off, daughter took Mollys finished cushion home on Monday, the felted trifle was finished, just 3 things left, I am thinking of finishing my knitting next. 
 My trifle is done, I had fun, I used so little of the fibres, which was so soft, very different from the fibres I got from Hobbycraft, the Swiss rolls were easy and fun to make, with red fibres for the jelly, yellow for the custard, white swirls on top for cream and red for sliced strawberries. I hope it looks good included in the tea party, it's a birthday gift for a friend, I'm not sure what the recipient will do with it, probably throw it away once we have all gone. 

Sunday was a lazy day at home, it was too dull to walk to the castle as we planned, but we did walk around our park, we had an early afternoon BBQ, and a lazy evening reading, I can't remember the last time we turned on our TV. 

Monday I went with daughter, shopping for Molly's first birthday party, we had coffee out, George was at nursery, Will at school, it was lovely wandering round shops, Monday night was my first yoga class in years, it felt good to be gently stretching and breathing together, it was suggested I ease into a few moves with my damaged left shoulder. I have paid for 6 more classes, and hopefully without any injuries I can continue. 1st step to doing more, thanks Sue, your post gave me the push. It does feel good to be doing new things, in a few weeks I will look for a keep fit class, taking things one step at a time. I also hope to join a local nutrition class, just hoping she gets the numbers to cover her cost. 

I slept well Monday night and ached a bit on Tuesday morning, we went into town, best way to combat aches is to keep moving, did not need much, popped to Wilko's to see what they had reduced in the garden section (nothing I wanted). I also had a sort out and took all our old prescription glasses back to opticians for reuse, they have a charity box. Home for a gentle afternoon, later our visitors arrived, Alba (18) and Paula (16) have come from Spain to visit, plans were changed and they are now with us for 10 days, they were due to stay in London for 4 days, but their mum sadly had to stay at home. So we have both girls to spoil however we want. 

First task today is a supermarket shop, they can both chose what they want to eat, Alba is willing to try everything, Paula is more careful, so she gets to choose, they both eat loads of fruit, fresh foods and fish. 

Sunday 26 June 2022

Lovely things

I have framed my finished cross stitch, I included the fabric (even-weave) details and the designer and title of piece, I have gifted this to our local haberdashery shop, she does sell most of what you need, I just thought she would like to be able to display a finished item. Sarah the owner was delighted. 
Hubby's new rose has bloomed, I do love the deep red, it is planted in my newly made flower bed, which was the old herb bed, just 4 buds this summer. Behind the transplanted flowers are blooming, I can't remember their name. I am looking for a huge white daisy for the other side. 
These coleus are a love of hubby's, so I was pleased to purchase these locally. 3 plants and loads of shades, they should grow huge and will need bigger pots. For now they are pretty on this table, once they get bigger I will take cuttings, they are very easy to propagate. 
I got this from a local maker, the page is laminated, so when George tries to write his own name, it can be cleaned, for now we will get him matching the letters of his first name, it's a good start for him. It does have his last name on there as well. Simple first steps.

Asda was busy on Friday morning, we got most of what we needed, we did not see many empty spaces on shelves, and we were home by lunch time, it's a medium sized shop over two floors. I did go looking for a couple of tops, but saw nothing I liked, I prefer plain tops, most had a design on. It was dull all day and really windy again, later in the evening we had a heavy downpour, my 3 water buts are all almost full now, which is pleasing. 

Saturday, I was home alone hubby was out until mid-afternoon, I had a lazy start, I have been feeling so tired in the past couple of weeks. Daughter is staying at home, her hubby has Covid, each day they are testing, he is positive and she is negative, hopefully soon they will both be free of it. My brother is finally negative, he still has a bad chest. We both had a negative test on Tuesday. 

I have been trying to finish things off and get a few task done, 
  1. Framing my work was on my list, 
  2. I have to sort the buttons on Molly's round cushion, 
  3. I have my knitting to do, still not finished my back. 
  4. I plan to make my felted trifle this weekend, 
  5. I would like to start making Launa Lupin and some of her friends. 
  6. Oh and my summer bunting. 
So Saturday after doing some housework, I pottered in the garden for a couple if hours, did all the dead-heading, moved a few pots, had a tidy in the greenhouse. It stayed cloudy and blowy, we got the heavy rain about tea time, so water buts will be full, hardly any steps, but I'm OK with it, I have walked loads this week. My list above will get sorted soon. 

You can tell Glastonbury is on and Wimbledon is due to start o tomorrow, it still cloudy and wet here, fingers crossed it clears up today, we were hoping for a BBQ, 

Friday 24 June 2022

Social days

First of my library books, it's a sequel, this author normally does stand alone stories, always with the same police officers, so at first I was thrown, thought I had already read it. Another brilliant story, book 50 read this year. 
My lovely daughter said, your new flowers look very real, touch them said I, Oh mum you have fresh flowers, one of my friends gave them to me on Wednesday, I am enjoying them, whilst they last. I have chosen not to have fresh flowers for over two years.

Tuesday was a good morning with sign group, our numbers were much smaller, 2 ladies were isolating, one just had a knee op, the other waiting to have her hip op, one couple were away in their campervan, so only 5 of us, we sat outside in the shade, and in truth very little signing was done. The afternoon was spent sat in shade in our garden with hubby.

Wednesday I had a couple of old friends here for lunch, we sat on our decking in the shade, we all worked together in HMS Nelson in Portsmouth and try to meet up a few times each year. I managed to spray the decking with Pine Sol  which smells lovely and keeps the flies away, it was an very enjoyable few hours. 

Thursday we had Molly and George here and decided to keep them inside, both are fair haired and skinned, daughter went to hairdressers, later I picked up Will from school. It was a dull day, and very muggy, it did try to rain a couple of times. It was planned for daddy to do the childcare, but sadly he was taken ill when in Canada last week, spent 3 days in hospital, and flew back days later and arrived home early Thursday morning. Not a problem we love our grand children, but it did change our plans for a day out. I am working with George to teach him the colours in sign, he is very quick to pick them up and is good at putting signs together, he signed black bird, from his book without prompting, he is saying some words, but the signs help when frustration sets in. 

Today we are popping to Asda, there are a few things we need, and the 10% discount is still running, we have no plans for the afternoon, it's dull and cloudy at the moment,  I expect we will be sat in the shade or inside reading.

So far this week I have kept my steps high, I have ate loads of salads, but there has been treats as well. I have e-mailed requesting to join a yoga class, the start of my doing more. It's been too hot to do much crafting, I have started my felting. 

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Quiet time

 Another brilliant book, this one given to me by a friend, I do like Miriam, she is honest and funny, she swears like a trooper. She has had a very interesting life, and talks about the same issues as most of us get as we age, book 49 read this year.

Bored at home Sunday afternoon, so I got my shorter distance lens out, I am really pleased with the mixture of flowers in the garden. Hubby's favourite lens has broken, he has had it fixed once before, so to save money, I have given him one of mine, I can keep using my shorter lens, he like distance photography, I like close up and macro. We both have the same camera, so we can easily swap lens. 

Our Olive tree is full of blooms again, it is planted in a huge pot, I am just so pleased it thrives, I did give it a good feed of special food last month, can't wait for the Olives to form again. 
I got a pair of this brand of gloves in early May, and have used them each time I work in the garden, they are really flexible and very tough, I had been looking for garden gloves like this for a while. These are on sale in B&Q, at £3 a pair, they are workman gloves, and found with the tools, this is just my thoughts, I'm not being paid, I think they are perfect for my needs. 

It's been a nothing few days, we popped to B&Q, I wanted some plant pot wheels, passed on theirs to big and expensive, I looked through the plants, most looked half dead, normally in our local branch they are well looked after. Hubby got new sink taps for the downstairs bathroom, ours are very tight. Homebargains was close-by, so we popped in for a few household items, I got a small plant to fill a gap. 

I have dug out my Hosta's, one is in a copper coal bucket, the other is in a galvanised bucket, both helps deter the slugs and snails, this year both plants have been ate, just stalks left, so I dug them out, in hope I have cleared away any slug or snail eggs in the soil, I have also cleaned the slate as well, so fingers crossed next year they will survive.

I've picked my second cucumber and there are loads more, tomatoes are not doing so well, one plant died, second plant not setting flowers. Eating loads of strawberries and just a few raspberries. Herbs are really happy in their new pots and I'm harvesting loads. 

I did get my sewing machine out, I added another big fabric badge to hubby's motorbike jacket and I cut down a pair of Will's joggers to shorts, cutting off the ripped knee's, he put them on and did not want to take off, I have a couple of school joggers to cut down for the summer weeks ahead. I've not done any of my knitting, just too lazy, not started a new book yet, but I have been to library and have 6 more books. 

Daughter stayed the highest scoring lady on the archery last Saturday at the Gala, she was thrilled, I am sure once the children are older she will join the local club. 

Sunday 19 June 2022

Gala at the castle

I went to the gala at Portchester Castle yesterday, it was hot, but over-caste and breezy, the gala happens every year, I went with youngest daughter and her 3 children. Back home we had a BBQ, and Will had loads of fun with these bubble guns, a lovely family day, hubby stayed at home, it was too far for him to walk, he is still not up to full strength. 
More photo's of a fantastic day.

George loved everyone, he was running (I know he has only been walking for a few weeks) everywhere loving so many people around, he is not happy with dogs, so we stopped and said hello to loads of beautiful dogs, there was a dog show there. Will loved the army people, he loves everything military, they let him have a go with the light guns, to shoot at each other, he tried hard at archery and managed to shoot some rubber tipped arrows. Daughter loves archery and had two goes and was highest scoring lady as we left.  It was as always a great family day, we only stayed for a couple of hours, enough time to have loads of fun. I have always loved living so close to the castle, we are able to walk there in 10 mins, often along the shore line, though not today, the pushchair can't make that route, it's a perfect back ground for events, there was a fun fair in the carparks, but we did not think George would like the lights and noise.

Hubby made a perfect BBQ, just simple food, both boys were hungry, Molly is now trying all foods and often will nick food out of Georges hands. Will loved the bubble guns, he took one home, the other will stay here for when they next visit. They stayed until just before 5pm, we tidied the toys away and the garden, had an early shower and rested all evening and an early night. Daughter had all three bathed and in bed early, so she had a restful evening. 

Today I will do nothing, running after a quick little boy is tiring  as well as fun, so nothing much planned, I will get my sewing machine out for one small task hubby has requested, should only take 15minutes. 

Sue over at My Quiet life in Suffolk, had a great post on Friday, basically asking has she retired too early or settled down to a quiet life too early, it got me thinking, because I am a home bird and always prefers to stay at home, chatting to hubby I realise I have settled too quickly, so I will look for the yoga class I have promised myself and find out about the WI in the village, it's time to get out and do more, thanks Sue. 

Saturday 18 June 2022

Big spender

I have been asked to make a small felt trifle, for a friends birthday, it should be simple to make, I have a photo for a guide, BUT, I did not have any felting fibres in the colours I required, so these were ordered. It has now become an expensive bit of fun, a friend is knitting and afternoon tea for a birthday gift, sadly I think the person receiving it, will throw it away once we forget about it, can't say I blame her it's not something I would want to keep.
My strawberries have been fantastic this year, I got out this old 3 tier planter, and have ensured it's watered most days, the bugs and slugs have kept away, but I do think I have a mouse who likes to pick one now and then. I decided next season I would double my height and produce more strawberries. I opted to get a new 6 level tower as I did not think I could get another the same size, the cups on the new set are a bit smaller and a different shape. The old tower is going to be used for herbs. I know I said in my last post I want to reduce my pot numbers, but this system works so well and does not take up too much space. I will get a new set of wheels for it to sit on, makes it easier to turn the tower. 
On hubby's suggestion we moved the square chimney from the far end of the raspberry bed, it left enough space to pop the blueberry pot, keeping the fruit together, the birds who visit our feeders keep away from this area, we are both pleased with this corner. My rabbits have moved into this area, I think they look good.
I planted a small hellebore in front of the tub, there is another at the other end of the raspberry bed,  it should fill out and tumble over the slate. In front of the willow tree, I have put my camomile plants, in hope they spread and full this front area. If it works this area will be full every year of flower which will return every year. 
In the new bed under the Magnolia tree, I found a sunflower plant, it's too big to grow in that garden, so I have popped it into this big tub, in hope I can get it to grow and produce a flower head. 

Our days are much the same, up about 7.30am get any jobs done whilst it's still cool, rest in the shade of our pergola for the rest of morning and until just after 2pm, then the sun is fully in our seating area, so we are then inside. Our sitting room is lovely and cool this time of year, the patio doors are open until 9pm ish, just a case of being sensible in this heat. Our bedroom is cool as well, so we are sleeping well, we are able to open the window at night, we can't have it open in day because of flies and the cats next door. 

Early Friday morning I did a quick run to Lidl, hubby is now eating and I needed to stock the fridge, we are picking cucumbers, salad leaves, herbs, strawberries and a few raspberries, but our fridge was bare. Most of the day was at home, hubby went to Will's school for a father's day event, daddy is away with work, so Grancha's allowed, it was fun but he came home very tired. 

Today it's our village gala held at Portchester Castle, about 10 minutes walk from home, if daughter decides to come with her 3 children, I will walk down with her, but if she decides it's too hot then I won't bother, hubby is not able to be out that long in this heat. There is a field used as a car park, but it's always bedlam there, so driving is not an option.

Thursday 16 June 2022

Phew, can it rain now

Our Magnolia tree is now dropping it's seeds so every day I am picking them up, they are pretty, I've never tried to germinate them, I might try this year. 
I got this plant, Kleio Lilac (Spinosa), I purchased 2 last year, and they preformed so well, one survived our mild winter months, this pot is surplus to my needs, but it can stay for the summer, after purchasing this new plant. 
I have finished the simple baby blanket, it's for a girl and using winter shades as baby is due in September, daughter chose the yarn. It was nice to sit and do some simple crafting. I used 4ply and a smaller 2.5 hook, so it is a tighter finish. Now I'm back with my knitting, want to finish my top.

Hubby is slowly getting stronger, we had to consult the doctor as he was being ill longer than expected. I am cooking very simple meals, which suit me as well in this heat. So other than the village, we have not been out, finding shade in the garden, sat watching and listening to the birds. I have analysed the whole of the garden, I can't find a spot or plant I don't love, we have perfection, oh other than 3 fence panels which are falling to bits, her next door won't allow us to replace all three, so they stay falling into her garden, hubby has made our side tidy, when the next storm comes they will be completely broken and blown onto her property as that's the way the wind blows. 

 I am looking at how many pots I have in the garden, I do love pots, but I really should let a few go, I am always wary of passing on big pots, they are so expensive to replace, as I don't use many plastic pots. I only have my huge pots in plastic, this is to help keep the weight lower. We are both chatting on how we can change pots and maybe pop mixed plants in the bigger pots and pack away my smaller pots, I have plenty of room to store them, the herbs are in loads of small terracotta pots. 

So a lovely slow few days in this heat, life is so much better in the slow lane. 

Tuesday 14 June 2022

Blooming heaven

After spending a couple of days at daughters house, I do love to come home to our garden, and at this time of year there is so much to see, just some of the blooms out at this time. I am really pleased to see the little lemon drop of a bloom on my little lemon clematis, it's a bush plant rather than a climber, and it's full of buds. 
These 3 plants are all doing well in the greenhouse, each can come out on a table this week, the colours are stunning and should add to the colour already in the garden. 
I have also harvested my 1st cucumber, and the tomatoes won't be long, the smaller tomato plant in the front of the pot has died, don't know why, I might get another plant. My cut and come again lettuce has been feeding us for weeks, I have loads of seedlings in another pot coming along well. 
Fruit is starting to produce, I picked a few raspberries this week, most of my canes are late summer, the strawberries are giving loads each day, the blueberries and blackberries will have some fruit, but I cut both back, so harvest won't be to good. 
I purchased this plant a few years ago, it has not done well, I have had it in a few different pots and in different positions around the garden, it is now tucked by my Olive pot, by the gates, not a great place, but it seams the plants loves this spot and pot, and for the first time I have a flower, the bright pink leaves at the base of the plant. I am so pleased, it can stay here as it grows the colour of the leaves and blooms mean you won't not see it. 

I really did enjoy this book, the subject matter should not be enjoyed, but it's about spirt and the love strangers can have for each other, how to build a family, when yours have been murdered. Book 48 read this year.
Monday morning was bliss, I woke at 5am, and went back to sleep until just after 7am, all three of daughters children are early risers, so I was up at 5.30am both Saturday and Sunday, I do love all of them, they play well together and are basically good children, they understand no, if anyone is going to push their luck it's always George, he is walking well and very quick when he wants something, Molly is standing and almost there with walking, she is just starting to climb, Will at 5 is so kind to his brother and sister, he loves them both and often is sat on the floor playing with them. 

Hubby picked up a nasty tummy bug and was ill most of the weekend, he was very happy to be home alone and hopefully not pass on any bugs, he was still not right on Monday, so after I popped to the village for a few things, we had a day at home, me in the garden most of the time, again I am moving a few pots, the hedge along the back fence is getting big, and I don't have so much space. I did move the blueberry pot over to the edge of the raspberry bed, keeping the fruit together, it was hubby's idea and it works well. But as always, one job turns into multiple jobs, everything is tidy and I'm happy. 

Today is sign class, it's across the road at my friend and neighbours house, so no driving, afterwards it will be time in garden, enjoying this summery weather. 

Thank you for your lovely comments about my sewing, it's a passion I have had all my life, my mum passed it on, I am happiest with craft or reading time, and to have something beautiful at the finish is the bonus. 

My brother Martin called us on Monday, he has tested positive for Covid, he's ok other than the sore throat, but wanted to warn us, as he stayed with us on the Jubilee weekend, so far we are all OK, both had negative test. 

Sunday 12 June 2022


I used DMC, Charles craft, Monaco evenweave, 28 count, with 1 strand of DMC thread (silks). Lovely tiny neat stitches. The design is Quaker Tiles on white, by Vivienne Powers, purchased off Etsy, I had all the colours except one which I matched to the closest I had. 
It's been a pure joy to stitch. 
50 squares all different patterns. 

I aim to frame this now, it's a gift, for someone who knows how much work went into making it, later in the week we will pop to Hobbycraft and I can purchase a thin black frame, keeping everything simple. A pure joy to stitch, I do love a neat balanced design, I've never stitched Cottages, flowers, animals or any other traditional designs. 

Friday 10 June 2022

I've started

Grandson Will's teacher is expecting a baby girl due in September, daughter asked me to make a small blanket and choose this yarn, a lovely simple thing to make, the colours do all the hard work. 
I have not done as much as I wanted on this top, I don't have many rows left of this back section, the short cap sleeves are knitted along with the back. I'm loving again the colours in the yarn. 
I was gifted this needle set, they are all longer needles, 2 pairs were missing, one size I had in the correct length, I will look out for the smaller size. I am hoping to knit a baby blanket, I normally crochet blankets. I prefer to knit with old needles, they feel so nice, I have not purchased a new set in years. 
I have just started this book, looking forward to reading the whole story, this is the sequel to The tattooist of Auschwitz.

Another few days of staying at home and doing very little this week, Wednesday it poured with rain all day, all good for the garden, which is looking really colourful. Thursday I did get into the garden for an hour, mainly dead heading flowers and planting some english marigolds, everywhere is sorted, we even sat outside for our morning coffee. We were home all day, I had my hair cut first thing, then the man from British gas came and serviced our boiler. After lunch we had another man here to repair our garage door, the door was always difficult to open, it was a new up and over door fitted a few years ago, one cable snapped, the door was fitted badly, now it works brilliantly, I can open it easily. 

Today I'm home for the morning, then I'm off to daughters to look after her youngest 2 for a couple of days, Will is going to his auntie's house for a sleepover on Saturday night, there is always the chance he won't settle and be back with me. It's easier to stay at their house, they all sleep better in their own beds.  I have craft, my book and plenty to do, both little ones are in bed by 6.30pm, so a lazy evening tonight and tomorrow, they both still nap in the afternoons as well. 

My painkillers have arrived and I have had one good night sleep, I won't take any whilst with the children, but I can catch up on sleep next week. I am feeling much better, just catching up on some sleep is helping. 

Wednesday 8 June 2022


I love Peonies, I now have 3 plants in the garden, I rarely cut flowers from the garden to bring into the house, but I do love cut flowers, I don't get fresh flowers, they become expensive. I got myself a new bunch of silk flowers, I wanted big peony blooms, I was looking for the very simple pale pink ones, these were the closest I could find and they are stunning. Not cheap but they will stay out for weeks and then be packed away for next year, I have a good selection of seasonal flowers.
I have enjoyed doing my cross stitching, I am finding it really relaxing, all the yellow is now done, only a few squares left to stitch. When I started this, it seamed really fine, but quickly my eyes have adjusted to the size and I'm not struggling at all. I have one last big piece at this small DPI left, I am forming a plan to have another mix up design, using the loads of designs I have, which I have never stitched, as always my stash is bigger than it should be.
This was a book of short stories, I'm not normally as fan of short reads, but there were a couple of stories with DI Alan Banks which filled in a few gaps, Book 46 read this year. 
Another great book, I have not read this author before, interesting start to the plot, which stayed excellent the whole way through, it deals with losing your memory, all the bits of your past life which makes you, you! I will add this author to my list. Book 47 read this year. 
I purchased this Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle back in April last year, it started to look a bit sad, I read online it's a bulb and needs a period of rest, so I tucked it in the greenhouse for the winter, below it's in flower, these photo's were taken a week ago, I thought the blooms might open more, I think this is the full flower form, I have given it a feed and will keep in in the greenhouse for a bit longer. 
A few weeks ago I purchased this Bougainvillea plant, I got it from Lidl's at a great price, once home all the blooms turned papery and fell off, I was not worried, this often happens with plants purchased from supermarkets, the leaves were healthy. I repotted it and again it's coming into bloom, I have it in the greenhouse, but soon I will be able to have it outside for the summer, I have a very sunny spot in mind for it. 

Life here has become very simple, I have done very little, I stupidly ran out of my pain relief tables last Wednesday, and have slept badly every night since, I normally take 2 at bedtime, I have nerve damage in my shoulder from an operation back in 2010, nothing can be done, so the tablets allow me to rest and sleep. 

My brother drove home on Monday morning, he lives 106 miles away in Somerset. Just hubby and myself and a fridge full of food we normally don't eat, laundry was done and dried on Monday.

I did not go to coffee morning with sign ladies on Tuesday, too uncomfortable. I have not done any more cross stich or knitting, I'm too tired to concentrate, but I have started a crochet granny stitch baby blanket, Will's teacher is pregnant and daughter asked me to make one for her. 


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