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Thursday 26 March 2009

Days gone by

Its a cool Thursday evening, dark outside so I am unable to see my garden. Occasionally a cat walks along my path by the garage and turns a light on and I get to see the golden daffodils which still grace my garden. My mind has turned to the new growing season, I have packets of seeds ready to be put into their trays and raised for the summer, my weekend is planned.

My sister has sent me an old photo from my chidhood days, We do not have many photo's so it's always a joy to find a new one.
I love this one because I'm the little girl in the front sat on the chair, and if you look close at my white dress, you can just see swirls on the skirt, my mum embrodirered rings of flowers around the skirt, I have never forgotten that dress mum made me, I can still remember the joy of wearing it, and now for the first time I have a picture of it.

The second of my pictures was taken in the junior
school, shows my older brother and younger
sister, I'm wearing the cream cardi, my brother looks cute in this one, but he was no angel. martin is 10, I'm 8 and Leanna is 6

Sunday 8 March 2009

Sunday Morning

Its a sunny, cold Sunday morning, Kev is playing Golf so I am sat at my desk with a steaming mug of real coffee, I have housework to do, but that is for later. As I look out my window I see a beautiful display of daffodils, we planted them last September, they bring a blaze of colour to our garden, they are planted in a shelted spot in a boarder filled with shrubs, so the wind has not caught them.

I have been busy in the past week, I love to cross stitch and have made 1/12 scale carpets for my dolls house, I have loads of pattern books and have enjoyed hours of fun stitching. But last week I decided it was time to create my own patterns.

First I installed Jane Greenoff's "Cross stitch pattern Crater 2", I have had these disc for a while and put off using them. I then sat and produced a simple pattern, the boarders were tricky, and the centre hard to fill. But I kept it simple and it worked. That was only the start I then had to sit and do the stitching, the enjoyable part. The colours were chosen to match a bedroom. It is a simple rug, I just need to block it to make it square again and cut it out, I have not decided if I am going to add fringing at both ends.

I want to create my own large sampler, with items relevant to my family, I have saved some some charts with items I can use, ie cats, I don't think I'm up to designing a cat chart yet.


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