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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Day out

Lovely view of Spinnaker Tower, people were drop jumping from the tower, we sat and watched them whilst having lunch. I assailed down this tower back in 2014, but I would not drop jump.
 There are loads of huge boats here
 Isle of Wight ferry with one of many sailing club on the other side. 
The huge ferry's going to Europe also come through this channel, 
The Pride of Normandy sailed by whilst we ate lunch. 
Total purchases on day out with daughter, smells wonderful
 Another book finished, not a crime/thriller this time, I enjoyed it.
 Old and new, the hall in the new pale green, dining room in the old magnolia. 
Hubby has just the gloss skirting boards and door frames to do in the hall, he will remove each door and paint it in the garage allowing it to dry before rehanging, just 3 to do, but it's on hold until next week, he has a few busy days driving. 
We had a great day shopping, most of the shops at Gunwharf Quays are top named brand outlet stores, so plenty of bargains to be found, and we went into most shops, daughter purchased a few things, I passed on everything, even in M&S, where I could have picked up loads.  We then walked to the city center and had a look around. We used the park and ride, allowing us to use a choice of bus stops to get back to the car, it's just 15 minutes from our home to the park and ride. 
Wednesday in contrast, I had a day at home, ironing and loads of housework, I can't believe how dusty everywhere gets when you are decorating, and our wooden floors were terrible. The spare room is still full of items to go back out, but they can wait until next week, there is so much in there, the items I can put back are right at the back. 
Today I plan to speak to my sister and then cut out more bags, she says she wants loads, I plan to have a sewing day on Sunday. 


  1. I'm afraid I wouldn't be drop jumping or abseiling from the top of that tower with my fear of heights, eeek. I like the colour you've chosen for your hall, everywhere here is an ivory colour except the kitchen which is a pale grey.

  2. I'm with Jo, lol. I could never do that, you were very brave!!
    Nice new colour, I was once a magnolia girl too but i've been braver with colour since we moved to this house :-)

  3. Gosh, that takes me back, I remember when the tower was built. I'd forgotten about Gunwharf Quays, only went their very occasionally but they had some nice outlets.

    1. I'm brave with colour in the bedrooms, but with open plan, too much bright colours get a bit OTT

  4. Aww I was there this time last year and LOVED it there! The shopping centre is great and I wouldn’t even go up the tower, let alone jump off it!! Very well restrained on the resisting all Bargains front! I’m so weak I would have caved in and bought stuff!!!

  5. I may have been able to go up the tower if I was having a brave day but no jumping off or abseiling for me! I clicked the link to the outlets and there are some nice outlets there. Your candle sounds wonderful as I like both vanilla and lime.

  6. Lovely pictures of the Spinnaker Tower, pleased you had a great visit.

    All the best Jan

  7. 25 years ago I went rock repelling with my husband and brother. There was a guy with us that had done it many times and had all of the equipment. I wouldn’t do it now! Love yankee candles. After we finally finished building our house and it came time to paint I couldn’t make another decision so all walls were painted cream. I don’t imagine I will ever change them because I’ve had enough painting to last a lifetime! Have a great weekend!


  8. What an interesting tower. I would have a hard time even going to the top! What a nice day with your DD. We got a few new floors last summer and the dust was everywhere!!!!!



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