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Wednesday 31 July 2013

What would you chose

My stitching is finished, and now I want to add beads to the pale pink diamonds, here are a few from my stash, the seed bead's on the right are pink and a very good match for the pale pink stitching, but do I want to blend, or use the darker ones on the left, these are different sizes but the same colour. 
Then there are the large flower shaped bead or the purple hearts, both much larger, some times too much choice makes life harder, at this point I am liking the beads on the left.  
Work is still great, as I learn more of my task, I find I am enjoying every thing, working in such a small office is good, every one gets on and works together, no ego's. The pace is very different, slower, but we still get more done, with the huge back log, I will start to work later a couple of nights, we don't get paid overtime but, we take time off, it's always nice to have a few extra hours/days. We have a busy week next week, lots of visitors and visits out, all part of being new and getting integrated into the company.
Today I went out for lunch with hubby, just outside the nearest gate to our office is a park, with a small tea room, it was very enjoyable, I knew the park was there, but never imagined it to be so big, and full of people all ages enjoying them selves. I can see me popping there for walks on nice days.
Nothing much planned for the rest of this week, still getting over the weekend, which was so busy, housework and laundry is all up to date and my garden is looking great. We have had a few wet days, so no watering.
The hardest thing is to decide if I am going to do another quickie or get back to some of my main stitching.

Sunday 28 July 2013

A busy weekend

Not the best photo, but this stitching is coming along well, I have the centre pink diamonds to stitch is tent stitch (half cross stitch) and then I think I will add beads. I will make it into a very small hanging ornament.

My Dahlia's have a second show of these beautiful flowers, its very pretty beside our back door. 
 Not done much in the garden, been a very busy weekend, managed to get a visit into a garden centre, the purple flower are for my back garden.
 These are for the front raised flower bed, I have some good sized rocks there and these are going in to add colour and keep the cats from digging. Quite a mixture of plants.
 On Wednesday I went to Portsmouth harbour and went out on the water in this rib, there were 3 of us for the trip, we were shown the Sea Cadets on various vessels doing sailing and rowing. I'm not good with small boats and deep water, but I did manage to enjoy myself.
 Just a couple of vessels in the public side of the port, it was strange looking up at them. We also had a tour of HMS Bristol, which stays in the harbour, it's used for training, all very interesting.
Hubby and I are home alone, we have had visitors all weekend, my brother Martin and my Sister Leanna and her partner Alan, the rain last night stopped us having a outside BBQ, but inside it was still was fun. They are driving the 100 miles home, so we are just catching up with every thing, before sorting the huge pile of laundry and then a lazy evening. A few extra people in our home makes loads of work.

Nothing much planned for this week, Friday afternoon is going to be fun, the only clue I will give you, is, I have brought a new hat, another work jolly.

The mad cat woman next door is playing up, but we intend to ignore her and enjoy our garden, which is the advice of our local PC Bob.

Monday 22 July 2013

Wow Colour

 My free stitching is going well, I love these colours, I just have to stitch the top section and then fill in the pink diamonds. Did not have as much stitching time as I wanted, the real world got in the way.
 Sunday we went to a localish working silk mill,where all the machines are worked from a water wheel it was not working when we were there, but they did have ladies, who were hand spinning silk, fascinating, I purchased the 4 hanks of silks for £10, they are hand spun and hand dyed, I have nothing planned for them, but I do love the shades, the lady gave me her card, it will be handy to keep in touch with her.
 The shuttle I could not resist, I love the feel of wood and have loads of wooden ornaments, this looks good on my office shelves with all my craft stuff, and the little scissors, with a fine sharp point.
 I fell in love with every reel here, I wanted them all, but the wooden bobbins are not for sale, they are hard to get, shame, I so wanted one. Each silk just shimmers, the whole mill was so very interesting, they had loads of framed photo's of costumes they had provided the silk for, loads from the BBC productions.
I had a day shopping on Saturday, got loads of new summer clothes, pretty dresses and a great pair of shoes to go with my jeans. I also had time to have a sort out on my side of the office, I have packed away a few items I'm not working on, and made better use of the space. I even got my sewing machine out to put a new zip in a much loved skirt.

Hubby did more work in the garden, he now has to relay 3 rows of paving slabs and make ready, an area for concrete, so he can get his bike out of the garage with ease.

So now we are waiting for two things, Kate to have her baby, a future King or Queen, and the thunder storm we are all hoping for, fingers crossed both arrive soon.

Sunday 21 July 2013


My e-mail has been hacked, please do not open any mail from me, if you have mail, please check your computer security.

Sorry to those affected.

Friday 19 July 2013

What a week

Can you see what it is, good let me know, I just stitch with this and see where it leads me, some times it goes well and other times disaster, I am happy with this, not sure what it is going to end up being, may be a small cushion. I do love the colours, very me. 
 I am a very proud Nanna tonight, Josh is showing off his awards from school, earlier this week he had a very good school report, today his first level with his ukulele and 100% attendance for the year, it does help he loves school and it's a good school, Sammy looks happy with his big brother.
My garden is looking very good tonight, I water it each evening as well as watering Win's next door. I picked my 1st cucumber tonight, shame the tomatoes are not ready, but I have loads more cucumbers growing, so a full home made salad soon. Both greenhouses are full of plants loaded with produce, and I am still picking raspberries and small strawberries, I have enough ready to pick, so Josh and Sam must be due for a visit.

Work has been a pleasure, I was asked if I was happy in my new role, which I am and was told they are happy with me, I fit in well. So after a happy little dance, loads of smiles, we went back to our task. Typical MOD property, we tried to open windows this week, but they had been painted shut, one sharp knife later all our windows open.

Today has been cooler with a bit of a breeze, which is nice, we have not made plans for the weekend, we will see how we feel each morning. I do want to go shopping, had a really nice tax rebate this week, so summer clothes here I come.

I'm off to stitch, water the gardens and start my weekend, have fun what ever you are up to, it's much more fun in the sunshine.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Change of Plan

Me change my mind, well my first stitching did not go to plan, well I did not like it, and I am really unable to stitch any thing I do not like, but, it did change to this, and I have a good plan forming in my head, it will look better after a few more stitches. 
 This is one of my favourite pots, my dad always grew daisies, they were the only flower he grew, if you could not eat it, he was not interested, mum always sorted the front flower gardens.
 My Jasmin and Lotus bertholotti are both loving sharing this pot and corner of my decking, neither has loads of flowers on, but the growth is very good, I have taken cutting off the Lotus, I do owe my neighbours plants, I have been raiding their gardens. 
 Inside the green houses, my cucumbers are coming along well, hope to pick my first one soon.
 Green peppers are forming well, I have 4 on this level of this plant and loads more flowers, I have sorted the growing conditions this year. My tomatoes are almost ready for harvest, my hope is to have a home grown salad soon.
 My Aubergine has just one flower open, but a couple more forming, last year I had only one. So I have improvements all round.
I am really loving this wonderful weather, it does help I am home just after 4pm each evening. Work is going so very well, every one in the office is just great, we have no one who wants to be different or controlling, it's such a blessing. Kev is so pleased I come home each day in such a good mood, nice change from all the stress. I did not think offices like this were still around, the work is not hard, but I do have to concentrate alot, but it is interesting.
Looking back at my 1st post of this year I now only have to sort my weight, I have made a start, just a few changes, we are walking more, so I hope to have better results soon.
It is really nice to have such a positive post, life is good, so now I'm off to potter in my garden, then later stitching.

Monday 15 July 2013

Another year

Happy birthday mum xxxxx 

Saturday 13 July 2013

A hint of a stitch

 I have almost finished my red door, I will do some back stitch, this is for a card, a friend is moving. Below I want to do this pattern in cross stitch rather than long stitch, I will use shades of purples, fingers crossed it will work. I have done nothing on Winter Watergarden, and again I have packed it away.
 Last night after work we went for a walk, along the sea line to Portchester Castle, this is a favourite walk of ours, the sun set was lovely, as it dropped down below the tree's it created a great photo.
 The tide was out as far as it could go, I do love to see boats stranded on the mud, and in the back ground is The Spinker Tower, and the Naval docks. I really am enjoying getting home by 4.15pm, those couple of extra hours allow us to do so much more.
Today Kev has done a bit more work, where he has removed the decking, and I have done all the house work, it is now a bit to hot to work outside, so I am going to sew and later a BBQ at our daughter's house.

My first week at work  went so very well, the role is not hard, it is more about checking all the details and courses have been done, I really hope I have found the place I can work and be happy.

Tomorrow, I want to potter in the garden for a while and then we will go out on the bike, later I hope to get my sewing machine out. So a nice gentle weekend, the weather is perfect. Grace is over her trip to the vet, she had three teeth removed, and is eating better.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Sunshine and smiles

With our heat wave still with us, and a new job, 
today is about flowers in our garden,
 Every thing is perfect
 Full of blooms
 Some new this year
 Some on their second year

Hubby worked hard in the garden over the weekend, removing unwanted decking, the whole of the area was covered. Now we have to dig down for hard core and concrete over the top. makes getting the bike into the garage much easier, this has been on our to do list since we moved in.

Hubby is a perfectionist, which I love, he lifted each board, cut it and then replaced, ensuring every thing is sturdy. We are lifting most of the paving steps in front of the garage as well, so job not finished yet, I was is helper, sorting cut wood and picking up tools and providing loads of glasses of cold water and even the 1st glass of cold beer when the job was done.
I have had three days on my new job, it's a small office with just 5/6 staff, we are all a similar age, and it is so very different, quiet, slower pace, the lady I work with is brilliant, helpful, under standing with every one. I can really see me liking this role. It is on the Naval dockyard at Portsmouth and until my permanent passes come through its a pain each day getting on site. But walking from my car to the office each morning to the sound of gulls, in this beautiful weather is bliss. On my 1st day my new boss and I chatted about my hours, 8am to 4pm, he suggested I start and leave 15 mins early each day, to beat the rush of every one going home at the same time. So I am home each evening just after 4pm.
So I am very happy here, sorry I have done no stitching, most evening are outside pottering in the garden, drinking chilled wine or cider shandy's, life is feeling good at this moment.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Over the fence

 This rose is in Win's garden, stunning I see it every time I walk down my drive, Win loves her garden and grows all her bedding plants from seed, at 96ish that's not bad going and her gardens are the best in the street.
 Over the back fence, our neighbour has a kiwi tree, this is the blossom, so very pretty.
 This year I intend to harvest some kiwis, the ones hanging inside our garden and see if I can ripen them, they start falling off the tree in December, but are rock hard, but I have seen on the net various ways store and ripen them. Every year nothing is done with the tree's this part of their garden is left to go wild.
 Also over our back fence, behind our garage is this tree, the bees love it, I don't know what it is called.
 Strawberries and raspberries are ready for a raid from Josh and Sammy
 In my green house all the plants are coming along well, this very hot week has helped, 1st cucumber is forming along with peppers and tomatoes.
 Our magnolia tree gives me two main task each year with picking up the large petals and leaves, but now is the time it throws down it's seeds, and they are big, each over 2" long, I pick them up each morning, below is today's bunch.
I have done no sewing, it's just too hot and the tennis has been so exciting, I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday, glued to the TV, both "gentleman's" semi finals were really gripping and it was a shame to have two losers, the tennis was just brilliant. We have popped into town this morning to get our shopping and now home for the afternoon, ladies final, then later to a BBQ. Tomorrow men's final, so another afternoon at home, and later out on the bike.
Don't you just love summer 

Thursday 4 July 2013

It's not about need

I went out with a friend on Tuesday, to a craft shop and garden centre
 As my title says, it's all about want, I love this pot, which looks like a milk churn, and the dahlia inside, I was looking for a pot for my lemon grass, The churn was empty and I put them together, they look good with grandad by our back door. The dahlia is Scarlet/Yellow, the flowers almost look unreal.
 The shop purchased lemon grass has rooted, so I have planted it into this pot, it's for my patio table to help keep flies away. I will let you know if it works, we have loads of flies, inside and out, another by product of having so many cats next door.
 Not done much stitching, but the door is coming along well, with my garden, tennis and friends stitching time is limited. Did not get much at the craft shop, my stash is big enough, just a few plastic trays for my storage drawer and a couple of threads.
Yesterday I spent the day with Sammy and Fliss, after school we went with Josh to the beach, had loads of fun and ice cream, followed by a fish and chip tea, took the boys home at 7pm, Sammy was worn out, he now uses the big slide and there are loads of steps each time. Loads of laughter, and Grancha popped along on his bike.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Door to the garden

My door is coming along well, I did not have the correct colours for the door, so I choose from my stash, The yellows are very pale so stitching is a bit harder than expected. But with the tennis so good I am not stitching as much as normal.
 Purdy in the garden, she loves where this chair is placed, it is under our bird table, and the birds and squirrels all ignore her and feed. It is a sunny spot.
 My Jasmine has flowered, but I am disappointed, the flowers are white, they were shown as cream, oh well not much I can do, I will enjoy them any way.
 Up date on Pintrest gardening, back in May I put 4 rose cutting into potato's and planted them, no roses, but soon and unexpected crop of potato's, I did not think I had room to grow potatoes, I think we will get just one small meal from these. The shop purchased lemon grass has rooted well, so today I will purchase a nice pot for them.
 This week we had had some wonderful sun sets, 

I'm going to Hobbycraft and a garden centre with a friend today, can't say I need anything, but I will want things. Tomorrow I plan to have time with grandsons, after school, I am taking them to the beach and out for tea, I am hoping to go somewhere other than McDonald's. Thursday hubby has day off, so after his game of golf, we are off on the bike and out for dinner. Friday I am with a friend in hospital.

So busy week, before starting work on Monday. Loads of tennis on TV, no plans for this weekend, all the finals to watch.


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