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Friday 31 December 2010

New Years Eve

This morning I am getting the house ready for a party with friends.

2010 was not the great year I had hoped for personally with my health, but with all treatments now over I am looking forward to a smoother ride in 2011. I still have had good holidays, done some great stitching and made plans for more. Loads of BBQ's with friends and family.

2010 was also a great year, Samuel was born a brother to Joshua, both a great joy to their Nanna and Grancha. Su married her partner Gav, with a beautiful summer wedding. Both my daughter's are happily married, Fliss has her boys, Su loves her job.

As I am looking forward to having friends around for a fun evening and to show our thanks for their support, I also hope everyone in blog land has an enjoyable evening with someone they love.

Happy New Year to you all,
I hope you have a great year
I look forward to hearing your news.

Thursday 23 December 2010

OK I'm ready

With just a couple of days left, I am now officially ready for the big day.
Shopping done, presents wrapped, and house shining and clean.

My last task was to decorate my home made Christmas cake.

I normally only make one cake per year, and this is it
It's a rich fruit cake
Kev loves them, most of it will be gone within two weeks.

But also Christmas has to have one of these,
never home made, always brought from Marks & Sparks
It is the most wicked taste
and this will not last the day.

I hope where ever your Christmas moment is happening, you have health, fun and happiness with those around you. Here we will have family, fun and loads of laughter. I am keeping my fingers crossed every one traveling to their families will make it safe.

As for 2011, for me it's going to be a strong new year, putting most of my health problems behind me, watching our ever increasing family thrive, and enjoying time with hubby.

Merry Christmas to you all
and thank you for popping in!!

Thursday 16 December 2010

Party time

Today is a very good day
I have had my last major hospital treatment

No more early morning visit's to our local hospital
just time to recover and gain my strength
as I said in October more people are living after cancer
I have the most wonderful family, friends who support me.

On another note, the snow has returned in the north
It should hit the south by the weekend
I saw this joke below and thought it most appropriate

We are in full swing towards Christmas, it's going to be a fun time this year, and I am not bothered if the tree is wonky, if any part of the dinner is not perfect, I don't even care if there are no presents under the tree for me ( but there are 3 there already)

I am fed up with the magazines showing the most perfect setting for Christmas, why does every thing now have to be so spot on, when did it change? all the TV chef's showing how to recreate their perfect food, all that matters in this house is all the family are happy and having fun.

Monday 13 December 2010

The postman has been

Today I had a parcel from Denise
I knew it was coming
its almost as good as Christmas morning

I love your christmas card, so jolly and seasonal, it hangs with the others, I have not yet had many cards, which is a shame, I love Christmas cards, I know we use alot of card, but if we recycle them then it has to be worth it, and it helps keeps the postal workers in their jobs!! So lets keep up the tradition.

I love this tree on the front page, and the christmas ball on page 49, and the splendor of floral's, November mums is my birth flower. Denise loves the blue Santa, but I love Santa in red, I also love the bird on page18. I have subscribed to this magazine for next year, we can't purchase it here in our shops, so it will be sent direct to me.

There are also loads in this magazine I love, your American patterns are very different from our English ones, so such a simple gift to me is a pure delight, thank you Denise, and I do so hope you enjoy the one's I have sent to you.

I still have not done much stitching, my hands will not allow me to do much, but I finish my radiotherapy on Thursday, and then is just getting myself back together again.

With Christmas so close, I have wrapped all the presents and finished all the main shopping. I have two presents to finish this week, I have also to royal ice my christmas cake and then that's it. I sure there are things I could do, but this year it's about family and not perfection.

Friday 10 December 2010

Here it comes

Welcome to our Christmas house

First we have Santa, who sings as he rides his bike,
this being Josh's favorite thing.

I love a pagan style, loads of holly, ivy and berry's, also candles

and finally I have found a project to stitch, I will check my silks this weekend, and then shop for the ones I don't have. I will make it into a cushion for my new grandson Sam.

All is well here, managed to do some Christmas shopping yesterday, will try and wrap every thing this weekend. I have seen hubby's present and will get that later, so I am feeling happier.

Monday 6 December 2010

1,2, Tree

We had a busy weekend, Kev spent Sunday in the garden picking up the fallen leaves from our tree and I decorated our Christmas tree. We do have lights for the tree in the garden but Kev will put them up next weekend. I am left on my own to dress the tree and house.

We also went with Josh to see Father Christmas, who was the jolliest person we have ever met, Josh was shy but remembered to tell him he wanted a camera, a real one. Sam slept all the way through.

This is the first year for us to have this tree, it's bigger than our other tree, but I have so many baubles to go on it, the angel on the top is years old. I do not have tinsel I use strings of beads. Our house is full of festive candles, which I love.

Below is the ornaments form this years swap, they look good on my tree.

I did start to wrap some presents, but Fliss, Josh and Sam popped in, so I shall have to finish them this week. All our cards are in the post, so we are progressing well. I have a few presents to get, and have planed a day shopping with Fliss on Thursday. The main bulk of the food shopping is done, our cupboards are full.

I have two presents to finish, and I want to print Kev's card today, so all in all I feel good, I have not made every thing I was going to, and still I have not done any cross stitch!

All our snow has gone, it rained most of Saturday and it all went then, it's a nice way of getting rid of the snow, all clean and no slush. It is still very cold here -3 in the car a short while ago.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Late to the party

Last night the snow arrived, our garden looks just great, all our bird feeders are full with loads of different treats, we are snug and warm inside.

Most of the country is snow bound, we are lucky, here along the south coast and normally miss most of the snow.
Our street looks magical, shame it's three weeks early, would have been perfect for Christmas, the weather forecaste is for it to get warmer over the weekend, so I expect most of it to be gone.

Family are all well, Sammy is growing each time I see him.

I have just had my 6th session of radiotherapthy and I am feeling OK, just another 8 to go. Still not done much craft, but I am looking for something to stitch, and I must start wrapping my christmas pressies.


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