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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

New project

I got my tulip bulbs, plus a few more
 This will be very useful in the greenhouse
This is growing, I last picked it up in June
I'm new to knitting socks, and loving it, but already I have leftover yarn, Jo from through the keyhole, is knitting her leftovers into a blanket, which is a brilliant idea. I should be able to make 4 squares from the yarn leftover from these socks. 
 My daughter recommended this book to me, I popped to our library to get a few books and found it on their shelves. I'm half way through.

Sunday was a quiet day, no decorating, we popped into town, did not stay long, not much we required, the big sprayer will be very helpful in the greenhouse, I only have a hand held one, which is always needing filling up. I have added the cost of the items to my stash spent list for this year. I also managed to get some more colours from the Sally Hansen range of gel nail polishes, they are not cheap, but they strengthen my nails, for once I'm not hiding my hands.
Monday hubby gloss painted the stairs, the area is now finished, Will and I spent loads of time in the garden, he is very good at picking up the leaves from the lawn, I deadheaded all around the plot. We picked ripe blackberries, raspberries and a couple of strawberries, and ate them outside, I like he understands if we work there is a reward. we then had loads of time playing outside, Will prefers to be outside, he is interested in everything around him, we walked to the library together, he also loves books. 
Today again I am going out with youngest daughter, we are popping to Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth, we have nothing to go for, just some time together, hubby is happy to stay at home and paint the rest of our small hall walls. 
Later this week I have the lovely job of cleaning all the photo frames and rehanging them on the walls going up the stairs, we have loads of family photo's. 


  1. Your socks are coming on well, very nearly finished now. I love that you're going to make a blanket too, it's fun watching how the different colours work up when they're made into small squares, they can be so different to when using the yarn in a larger project. Enjoy your day with your daughter.

  2. Your socks are growing nicely (mine are abandoned for now!)
    not sure i will ever be a sock knitter, too many other distractions, lol.
    I didn't realize that Wilko had the tulip bulbs in yet, i will have to go and have a look later, I loved the red and white ones i had last year too.
    Hope you had a great day out with your daughter.

  3. Very pretty socks. Good for you planting your spring bulbs, the stores here don't even have them in yet. We need some new tulips.

  4. Hi,I love your socks and the colours are just Beautiful.Great squares,I am also making a blanket from left over yarn.Making teeny tiny solid granny squares,in crochet.Still have not attempted to do a pair of socks but I just love all the Beautiful Sock Yarn you can buy.x

  5. Hope your mother/daughter visit was enjoyed by you both. My DD is moving onto a new home so we have had lots of time together. Will is learning good values, at least values that I think are important.



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