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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Last day 2014

Another year is at an end, it's been a mixed year

I am pleased we have been simplifying our lives, and hope to do more, we will never have a frugal lifestyle, but we are eliminating waste and unwanted purchases.  I do now enjoy our weekends, gone are the long Saturdays in town, shopping for what we do not need. We now cook most of our food using ingredients and not ready made sauces. Lots of little steps which are adding up to major changes.
I would love to live some of the lives I read on here, a plot of land, simple life, I grew up in rural Somerset, so it's not a rose tinted view, I understand the hard work which goes into these lifestyles. Instead we make our little plot as best we can, I have some room to grow things, and room for our grandsons to play.
My weight is still a problem, I lost a stone last spring and most of it is back, I will try again next year, at least I am not putting on more.

I send you all New Year wishes, enjoy your evening, with a loved one I hope, and here's to a great 2015.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

12 days of Christmas

I am having my own 12 days of Christmas, today I am taking 12 items from my wardrobe to our local charity shop, it is something I have been thinking about for a while.
2 tops
1 skirt
3 pairs of summer trousers
2 pairs of sandals
1 pair of boots
1 hand bag
1 cardigan
and loads of scarves (counted as one item)
Each item is in good condition, but I don't use them any more. 
 Hubby for Christmas got me an Xcut express machine, so my Xyron above with all the shapes and spare cutters I am giving to a friend who has just become a infant teacher, she will have loads of use for it.
 Some of you are doing sealed pots this year, above is our version, we have had this bottle for years, it came back with us after a holiday in Germany, each year we empty it and have a treat. when the girls were young we emptied it in August and used the money for their school shoes.  We expect about £70 from it, and will use some of it to go for a nice meal, which is our treat. What is left over goes back into the jar for next year. 
We never miss our loose change. 
 Two Orchids, the back one is still growing buds,
 more free flowers.
 Amaryllis is doing well, it was a l;ate start, and my Hyacinth is still growing, 
I have moved both into the sitting room.
My lemon and lime plants like their new pot and are happy in their sunny spot. The Avocado is much the same, I think leaves are all I am going to get from it.

Sunday night the lower lights on my Christmas tree failed, so yesterday I packed the tree away, I still have cards and a few festive items out, so it's not totally bare here, again this year I have sorted and loads of small items are being passed on, my daughter Su will have first choice at them, her much larger tree was sparse this year.
I have also left loads of white lights around the house, in the dark cold evenings it makes the place look warmer.
We had another hard frost last night, every were is white, but we are warm and snug inside. Later I want to go to The Range, to see if their Christmas lights are half price, I can get a new set for next year, also they sell Xpress cutters, I already have a few, but again I am hoping their Christmas ones will be int the sale.
I think I am feeling a bit happier, getting the house back to normal and giving it a good clean helped, just a couple more days at home. Back to work on Friday, we have our neighbours 100th birthday tea on Saturday, Win is amazing for her age. January 1st is Logans 4th birthday, 2nd is Wins birthday and my brother Martins birthday, we are not travelling back to Somerset, the roads are horrendous, our last journey home took 5 hours, which was 2 hours longer than normal.
Still no stitching, but I have joined a stitch along which starts on Jan 10th.

Sunday 28 December 2014

In between

We are in the strange time between Christmas and New Year.
Our Christmas was very quiet, my fault, I could not muster up the full festive cheer. We had Josh and Sam on Christmas eve, we had a great Christmas day, and after a long drive had most of Boxing day with Logan and Finn.
Our Fireman Sam
 Josh had a huge Lego set

 Logan with his Batcave 
 Finn, a gift for Nanna and Grancha
We are back home, I am fighting the desire to take down all the decorations, they can stay for a few more days. Not interested in the sales or shopping, but I hope to spend an hour in the garden later.
It's a sunny day here after a hard frost, no snow this low in the country, might try and get for a walk later, we have soup made from all the leftover veg from our Christmas lunch, I make it every year, with fresh baked bread.
We have an invite for New Years eve to our daughters house, so in between we can rest, December was a trying month in so many ways, resting somewhere warm with the sun shine through the window sounds bliss.
Paula thanks for your card, it's near the cat's baskets, lovely card.
From reading blogs, we have had a mixed Christmas, so I hope you are all happy, warm and with someone you love.

Sunday 14 December 2014

Resting on a Sunday

Once again these are out
 Our tree is dressed
 The boys are there of course.
 Dave the bear is dressed up and has friends
 New Christmas slippers
I am enjoying a family weekend, yesterday hubby and I went into Fareham, just for the morning, hubby was hoping for hints from me, and managed to get me another gift. We stopped and watched a signalong, deaf people signing to Christmas songs, it was simple and beautiful, we sat for ages and enjoyed their entertainment, very festive.
Last night we had a family meal, both daughters and David, a perfect evening, just what we needed. I even watched X Factor, and is hoping Ben will win tonight.
Today we had friends in for morning coffee, and later another friend for afternoon tea, hubby just made us bacon rolls for lunch. This is a beautiful restful weekend.
Grandma is down, so we have not seen Josh or Sam, will catch up with them in the week.
Tomorrow Su and I have the day together shopping, I only have one present to purchase, so it will be more fun than rushing about.
Next weekend will be hectic, we are back to Somerset, not a trip we had planned, but we will say goodbye to my brother, meet with the whole family on Friday, and then back home on Saturday, we are hoping the roads won't be too bad.

Tuesday 9 December 2014


Our garden this morning, another frost, the starling at the tree feeder is having his breakfast.
 I have done no craft, not a stitch, no inspiration, 
but here is some work done by Fliss
 All stitched free hand on my machine, 
lovely to have my daughter teaching me things.
 Just needs to be made up, cushion cover?
Every thing is on hold here, my back has caused me more problems and with two trips to a chiropractor, it is now beginning to feel stronger. How easy is it to put your back out!
I have not finished making my cards and they need to be in the post, I'm home today I will see if I can get them done, everything is here, just me.
I also need to get my sewing machine out, the weather is so cold I need to wear my warm winter coat, but the woolen fabric near the lowest button has pulled apart and I need to make a quick repair, the coat is perfect for this time of year and other than this small area is in perfect condition, I am not getting rid of such a warm coat for one little thing.
As for Christmas most of it is done, I have a couple of presents to get, Su and I have a day together next Monday, so I should finish then, but every thing has stalled.
We spent a lovely weekend in Somerset, time with Logan and baby Finn, excited house for a little boy. I saw Martin and Leanna, we had time to sit and chat. Martin and I spent a lovely afternoon on Saturday with Mel, my older brother was looking very ill but still had his sense of humour. We even managed to avoid a huge accident on the A303 and have a good drive home.
But sadly Mel passed away on Sunday evening, so everything has now stalled.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Ho Ho ouch!

I won't keep you waiting, feeling festive and then last Wednesday I did my back in, boy am I in pain, just a strain, stupid thing to do, oh well feeling a bit better today.
 Time to send out my Christmas cards
below how I make them, nice and easy with layers, it's my photo from the summer, I stitched the baubles and put together the stamp for inside, only thing I did not make was to Merry Christmas topper. I hope you all like your card
 Our Magnolia tree is in full drop, poor hubby has an extra task, these leaves are huge, and once cleared up, loads more drop, Oh well give it a week and they will be all gone.
At least we can see the birds feeding in the tree.
 In the greenhouse, still picking tomatoes, 
I thought this plant was over but loads of new growth.
One lonely pepper on this plant 
 In the garden flowers which should not have buds, another crazy winter 
  My best tree, I love the view from underneath
 I did start these guy's whilst waiting for my stash to arrive, but I am unable to get comfortable to stitch, so not much done. Only have a bit of white for their beards and two pairs of shoes, oh and all the back stitching. Still waiting for my stash to arrive did not notice one item out of stock.
I am hoping my back will sort it's self out, work are great, they ensure I am supporting it when sat down and not too much on my feet, but by the time I get home, all I can do is rest. Each day is a bit better, and I am really hoping this is just a one off.
I have not done much in the past week, Fliss helped me with the Christmas Tree, Sam was very excited to see it up. We did manage to get some present shopping done, nothing expensive this year, just nice useful things. Hubby finally found me a couple of gift's, both of which I helped with, one for my craft and a nice new red leather purse.
We hope to go and visit family in Somerset this weekend, I was not able to sit in the car for almost three hours last weekend, I don't want to have to make the trip too close to Christmas.
Paula you have a parcel on it's way to you......


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