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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Book worm

Hubby finished this book, so I read it before sending it back to our library, I enjoy this book, it had two stories running through the plot, both were good, as always everything is sorted by the end of the book. 
 Recommended to me, the plot looked really good, just walk away from your family and make a new life, but always looking over your shoulder. I did not enjoy this book, I think it was the style of writing, firstly I could not work out the date when the book was set, it gave references to 90's, but the style used made it feel as if it should be in 50's, this kept me confused. The author wrote The Accidental Tourist, which was another book I did not enjoy.  
 Last in the series, I am loving this, it's a much bigger book than her others, but I will be sorry once it is finished, I love the light easy reading of this series. 
After a lazy start on Sunday, I popped out, just for a while, went to The Range, managed to get the craft item I required for my Christmas card design this year. Popped into town, just a wonder around, I did buy two books, Sue Grafton Y is just out in paperback, and also got Anne Tyler at half price. I don't often but new books anymore, but I did want Sue Graftons last book, I have her first and will keep both in my small collection. Rest of the day on Sunday was reading and drinking coffee.
Monday we drove to South Wales, hubby had arranged a meal for his family in their home town, as a family of 7 siblings it's hard to get them all together, they have all spread out around England, as it was one brother was unwell and did not make it. We had our evening meal with oldest brother and wife, it was great to listen to the brothers chatting about their childhood.
Tuesday we spent hours over lunch in a local pub, who gave us their function room, so we could be all together. Later hubby and I went for a drive around the beautiful area, we ended up at an Owl Sanctuary, where they had bird of prey as well as owls, loads were outside of the cages, it was good to see so many children so close to these birds. Both hubby and I were happy as it was a dull day, and we both expressed how lovely it was to not have the hot sun for a day. 
Yesterday we drove home, we drove through light rain most of the trip, but it was dry when we got home, another lazy afternoon and evening.  I caught up on the second series of The Handmaidens Tale, I find it compelling to watch, but also very uncomfortable at some of the actions of those in charge, another scenario of suppression of woman. plus Unforgotten another good crime series, Sunday evenings on TV is a bit dark at the moment. 
Today it's raining, so finally we have our normal summer, the gardens are looking much better for this rain, we have few plans for today, we are due a parcel, so will make no plans until it arrives.


  1. I remember when I read Sue’s first in this series and I always wondered what she would do after she got to Z. So sad. I think I’ll have to catch up on that series this winter. I can’t remember the last one I read. I love going to bookstores. I used to go to Barnes and Noble, about an hour’s drive, by myself, and spend the entire day! I don’t buy a lot of books anymore because I have WAY TOO MANY! I have them in every room in the house. Nice reviews.

  2. Oh and PS. Glad your husband got together with his family. Too bad the one brother was ill, but it’s nice the others made it. And the owl sanctuary sounds interesting!

  3. I'll start looking out for Y in charity shops now it's out in paperback. I wonder if she had started Z before she died. I've only read up to L so far but have the others here ready

  4. How lovely to have a family get together, it's a shame that one brother missed it, an excuse to get everyone together again in the near future. I'm loving The Handmaid's Tale, I didn't watch series 1 so we watched that on catch up before starting series 2. It's the last one this week, I'll miss it. I love Unforgotten too, I'm a Nicola Walker fan, she's in some really good things.

  5. I love a nice light mystery so I should try her books. I better start with A. sound like a nice family outing. I am envious that you had some rain! The Pacific side of our nation has so many wild fires going on. Even in Seattle we are on a fire alert for bush fires.

  6. Did not know Y was out! Will keep an eye out to catch it.



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