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Tuesday 27 October 2009

New House

We are in, after a long hard day of moving, two weeks ago, we are settled in the bungalow.
Everything not in storage has been unpacked, our cats have become settled, found warm places to snuggle and are having fun discovering all the new gardens around.

Today we started the "builder game" I re packed the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, we are renewing both, and yes you guessed it, our well recommended builder did not turn up this morning, oh how I dislike this game. With a new kitchen and bathroom due to arrive with in two weeks, please keep your fingers crossed for us.
As for craft, forget it, loads to do, I am looking at designing a sampler, so each evening, when we finally sit down I am sorting through my stash of magazines.
I will try and post some photo's soon, but my camera charger is in storage.

Tuesday 13 October 2009


Never leave your work where your hubby can find it.

The other night after I had finished taking a photo of my sampler, I folded it and put it on the book shelf at the top of the stairs. This book shelf is empty, we have packed everything for our move.
Last night we were sorting the wardrobes in our bedroom, when Kev my hubby, comes in with a cloth to dust the wardrobe tops. Call it intuition but I looked up, just as he was going to use my folded sampler as a duster!!! In his defence it does look ragged around the edges, and the stitching was folded inside, after I growled at him, he fetched the proper dusters.
Phew, what fun we have.

Sunday 11 October 2009


My Spanish Sampler is finished, and I am very pleased with it.
This is not the best picture, but with almost everything we own packed into boxes, I am glad to be able to show you.
I am looking for some pale green fabric, I will make a cushion cover and place this in the middle, I will also stitch a motif for one corner to bring it all together, the colours will match our new bedroom. If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

We are moving in 5 days, the house is now a shell, my craft room is empty, all my projects are in storage. I have to sort my plants, I have a very kind boss who is allowing me to take my plants into the office and sit them in the window, they will stay there for a couple of weeks.
The only place to pack is the kitchen, I will start that tomorrow.
We have far to much stuff, and we will sort so much after we move, I thought we had done enough but there is still to much for two people.
we have been very stressed for the last week, but now the moving date is getting closer we are feeling happy.
Both our cats have no idea what is happening, I keep telling them they are coming with us, but they wander around the boxes.

I will be off line for two weeks, I have the Internet at work, so I can visit all my fave sites.

Sunday 4 October 2009

Walk the Walk, Pen y Fan

On top of the world.

On Saturday 3rd October,
and I walked to the top of Pen y Fan, which is 886 meters above sea level,
and the highest peak in the Breacon Beacons, South Wales.
Typical of Wales, the weather was unkind,
it rained and the wind was very strong,
but cold and wet we made the 8 mile climb up and back in 1 hour 40mins.

Below is us at the start point, ready for what ever was to come.

At the start of the walk at 8.20 am, it looks bad,
but people were hiking for a good cause and we joined them.
The views from the top are said to be wonderful,
but sadly we were unable to see anything
the mountain was surrounded by mist the whole time.

At no point were we going to give up,
I have never walked in these conditions before, but with Kev beside me,
younger and older walkers everywhere,
we kept going.
Everyone enjoyed themselves,
we passed people who cheery encouraged us to keep going.

This is taken near the top,
403 walkers braved the day, we are raising monies for the Welsh Guards Afghan Appeal,
Kev is ex Guards,

We are proud to be apart of this appeal, I will remember this day for a long time.

As for our move, back to the real world,
our house looks like a tip, a third of our items are in store,
we have loads to pack and place into store this week.
But two weeks time we move!!

Thursday 1 October 2009

Happy Husband

I have the happiest of husbands,
Kev took delivery of his new bike this week,
All he has to do is change the number plate,
and yes we went with a personalises one for him.

As yet I have not been on it, was hoping to get a go soon, but with everything going on I will have to wait. Kev had a trip out on it and came back with the biggest grin.
We have our moving date, and are busy packing everything that will fit into boxes, we are downsizing now the kids have all left home, still a 3 bedroom house but much smaller, so less housework for me. We are storing everying but our furniture, so on moving day it won't be too bad. Well that's the plan.
This weekend we are supporting Kev's ex regiment The Welsh Guards, they are in Afghan, and we are walking Pen y Fan a mountain in Wales, it's an 18 mile walk around it. We have been walking as much as we can and have brought walking shoes and wet weather gear. This will be on Saturday so Sunday I will be resting, I have a good book and the final panel of my Spanish Sampler. Monday I will be back into work, but I have told my boss I will bring my foot spa!!


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