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Friday 30 September 2011

I have been looking at designs to stitch, something small before I get back to Winter Watergarden, I got fed up with looking at books and magazines, so I picked up my frame and chose a colour and started stitching.......................

I have no idea, what this will look like when it's finished, I have stitched the boarders so at least I know what size it's going to be, but I am not thinking ahead, I shall once I have finished with the green, pick another colour and keep going, I do love to stitch like this, that's how I designed my heart Devon.

We are having a heat wave here in the UK, it's really hot which is great after the summer we have had, and it's due to last the whole weekend, friends have had BBQ's, the mornings are a bit misty, which I love and then pure sunshine, it's a shame to have to work today, but I do have Monday off.

Have a good weekend what ever you are doing.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

A post for Heather

 Yesterday I was sad to see Heather, upset by some one's misplaced comments, today I feel really proud to part of our corner of blog land, every one is so supportive of her, which is right when one of us hurt we all hurt, so.............................

Here are just a few ( and there are loads) of ruined, unfinished work, so Heather if you see this take heart, we are very good at showing you the great pieces we finish, here is my scrap box.

This forever friends, I ruined by the back stitch, I stitched it for my sister many years ago, with the practice I have had, my back stitch is much improved.
Please every body show your work you have hidden up to now, we are all the same stuffing work like mine above in the bottom of your work basket and then in the deep drawer and then it finds it's way to the attic, should have binned this years ago glad I kept it.

Monday 26 September 2011

TUSAL September

 Decent sized pot this time, all from finishing family sampler and my latest heart.

Moo got in on the pic, hanging on the pot, the ort's look and feel so very soft, can't wait until I can use them. Not sure what to stitch now, another small project before getting on with Winter Watergarden, I would like to finish it by the end of the year, so I had better get stitching soon, I have also a couple of larger designs to do. I also want to design something, maybe another cushion front, ideas are forming in my head.

I had a go with Su's tiny sewing machine, it stitches well and should be great for her to start doing some sewing, but not a patch on my own machine.

Busy day at work, after the weekend, we get more work on a Monday than any other day. I had a phone call from a lady I used to have as a customer is my last job and we are meeting up for coffee on Saturday, something a bit different, it will be great to catch up.

Hope your week has started well and stays that way, we are having a heat wave here, which is a nice way to finish September.

POP over here, and give support to a lady who sounds lovely, 
unlike the person who has upset her 

Sunday 25 September 2011

A finish and a trip out

 My heart is finished, I am going to sew this and another one I have into small hangings, Su has been given a small sewing machine which she wants me to try out for her, I will show you next time.

We popped out this morning, we wanted to stay local, so we visited Fort Nelson about 10 minutes drive from us, which is above Portsmouth on a huge hill, looking down over the bay. It has local history from both wars, and neither Kev or my self have been there, if you want to know more pop here
I am trying to find things to do at the weekend, I have had enough of the trip to town to trawl the shops buying things you don't need, just because you see them, our parents only shopped when some thing wore out or broke, when did this mass weekend shopping start, and with Christmas coming everybody just goes mad!!

 My third book I have read, the author was in our local bookstore so I decided to try her latest book, the ending was very predictable,  I would call this a coffee shop read, very light with a simple plot. I will not be buying another or her books not normally what I would read.
Below one of my orchids is still in full bloom, I brought a couple a  few weekends ago.
Nothing much planned for the rest of the afternoon, a bit of sewing. Later we are out to a pub with friends, twice in one weekend, we are always meeting friends in local pubs on a Friday evening. Should have done some gardening, but all the knelling and bending does not do my  joints any good.

Friday 23 September 2011

Our friends.............

         were great on our anniversary, we asked for no presents, after downsizing our home just under 2 years ago, we really did not want more things to display, so we asked those who wish to pop something into our art fund. A bit cheeky but it suited us.  We have been looking for art for our sitting room wall for ages, our problem was two fold, Kev and my taste differ and most every thing we see was expensive.
But in our local art shop I saw this in the corner, not the best photo, the colours called, I had said I did not want any prints, I wanted something in oils. but as we looked closer we saw....
 its pair, London and Paris, they are by Henderson Cisz, he has done loads as you can see here we have been looking at New York as well. So we are very happy to have two prints on our sitting room wall, now we need to get our friends back to show them off!

 I used the prints to make our thank you card, 

We have nothing planned this weekend, Su and Gav are away at a wedding and it's Fliss and Steve's 12th wedding anniversary, so we hope to see them, just rest a bit of gardening and sew and I have another book to read, I will finish my little heart as well.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

This stitching is on white 32 count aider, my photo is very dark, but it is coming along nice, it's only a few inches across so another small piece, which will stitch into a padded heart.
I have also read another book, I am a book worm at heart, I did enjoy this one, I love most of the things Sue Johnston appear in, so I found her book very interesting.
My garden is looking good, we have had a bit of sunshine so my favorite flowers are blooming.
As is the strawberry plants above, I don't think I will have fruit on them, and below my chili peppers are doing well. Almost all my veg plot has finished, I have leeks and onion to go in soon.
Our picnic was rained off at the weekend but not until we have made all the food, so we had a mini picnic in our sitting room, which was good fun. Plus an expensive visit to the dentist, we also have been looking at art for our sitting room wall, more on that next time.

Work is very busy so the days are going quickly, as is the evenings, but tonight at eight, we will watch the great British bake off, both Kev and I love it, and we even have the last of the cup cakes to go with our coffee.

Paula. this pattern was from a magazine,  
but some of the others I have stitches have been my own design

Thursday 15 September 2011

Leftovers, a book and a WIP

I had been very busy and made the cup cakes as well as the anniversary cake, above is how they looked on the afternoon, below is all that is left, Kev loves fruit cake so he is very happy to have a slice each evening. We are going on a picnic on Sunday with both daughters and their children, so I will make more chocolate cup cakes, Josh will be very pleased.

After all the stitching of my family sampler, I wanted to read a book, I have had this one waiting for a while, it took me three days to read it, it's the best story I have read in ages, and you could never guess the plot, I have heard the film is not very good, but the book is great, Fliss is next to read it.
I am also stitching this week, I started this one in June, so it will be nice to get it finished, I will make it up for Fliss, she loves this style.

Su has been given a small sewing machine, which I hope we can use at the weekend, Su is not good at sewing, so it will be mum doing all the work.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Saturday 10th September 2011

 We had a very good day on Saturday, only one little storm, and then as our families and friends walked in the grounds of Portchester castle to St Mary's church the sun poked through.

St Mary's is our local church, set in the grounds of the castle just 10 minutes walk from our home, you can see more here, church is boring for little grandsons, all three of them.
 Connie was lovely, just wanting everyone to enjoy the service, and loved all the little children. here we are giving back our blessed rings, neither of us wanted to have new rings.
 It was great to see so many friends and also family most had to drive over 100 miles to be with us, but that is what days like this is about.
 And finally a photo of me, I even like it, we have loads of photo's, I will start putting them into an album.
It was for us a perfect day, just as we had planned it, loads of smiling faces, hugs and chatting, catching up, showing off all the children.

Thursday 8 September 2011

20 small's makes.......

 one big finish.............
 I have done my silly cow and my union jack flag, 
both different than you would expect, I really enjoyed the patterns.

 I love the centre panel, it has a bit of every thing and alot of me, my sewing, gardening, Grace my cat with five birds above her head, each bird is the to remember a much loved cat.

Lizzie Kate spring "ABC" was perfect for the centre, I added a couple of butterfly's and a bee. Faye Whittaker "All our yesterday's" provided the Guard, I added the green and white plume to make him a Welsh Guard. Most of the other patterns were from magazines The World of Cross stitching being  the most used.

I have put our grandchildren name and year they were born in the panel, I used a modern text style for this side, I also added Fliss and Su, they were always going to be here, but until the last minute I had not decided where.

 I have on this side three hearts, one for both Kev and myself and one celebrating 25 years of marriage. There are 5 hearts, one each for our children, I have 2 daughter's and Kev has two son's and a daughter.

Below is my sewing machine and books, both I always have close to me.

My bottom panel I decided to keep simple, I did half cross stitch in the pale creamy yellow

Now all I have to do is frame it, I have all I need, so it will be displayed on our sitting room wall for Saturday.

 One big tip, each time I chose a thread colour, after I had finished using it I popped it into my clear bag, as a result I was able to use the same colours more than once, I felt this helped hold the sampler together and kept it from being messy.
Now my plan is small projects for a while and read a book, after 5months of stitching one project, it's time for a bit of fun.

Thank you for every one who has left me comments along the way, it's has helped me to choose and stitch this very special project.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

25 years later

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary, 
we are out for a meal tonight
Renewing our vows on Saturday, with a garden party for family and friends.
I'm lucky I have had 25 happy years, and Kev's promised me another 25!!

Saturday 3 September 2011

Love your hubby

It was Kev's birthday on Friday and Fliss and Steve brought the boys around, Sammy had good fun with his Grancha, later we went out with friends, and home for supper and a long chat and laughter.  A perfect way to start the weekend.
Today we have been doing chores ready for our garden party next Saturday, our anniversary is on Tuesday 6th, we are going out for a meal, just the two of us.

I do love my Kev, he is a good hubby, this morning he has cleaned both ovens on our cooker, it's been a long while since I was able to clean them, and it's so easy to shut the doors and say next time. So with our house cleaned top to bottom, most of the shopping done, and a party tent brought jut in case it's wet, we are ready, we expect about 50 family and friends.

As for the family sampler, I have just a few more stitches to finish it, I promise I will show you next time as we frame it, it will be on the wall for a party.


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