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Friday 29 June 2018

Photo post.

Just a couple of photo's from our trip
I don't often like photos of myself

Will loved his new cot blanket
 I only used half the yarn I purchased, so plenty for another project. 
Now I will finish my 2nd sock, I marked on paper all the rows so matching the size should not be a problem, I want to do more on my cross stitch and read more.
I am spending most days inside with our doors shut, flies and smell make our garden off limits, I check the greenhouse twice a day, but gardening is on hold. I prefer to be inside when it is so hot outside, I am not comfortable in this heat, but it is a shame I can't open my patio doors.
I do still walk 3times a day, but much earlier and later on two walks trying to avoid the heat of the sun. My lunchtime walk is now always the shorter of the walks.
The garden is looking good, just a couple of small fails, I’m going to have to rethink the planting on mums old bird bath, I will look at Alpines which don’t require too much soil. My three tier planter is full of French marigolds worked well, hubby is really pleased.
Later today we are driving to Somerset, not a planned trip, but hubbies brother is requesting we meet up on Saturday, our worry heads are on alert, fingers cross it’s not anything bad.
I have finished reading The Glovemakers daughter, I have read mixed reviews on this book, but I really enjoyed it, nothing beats a good book. My youngest daughter is now reading The Handmaids Tale, I am enjoying the second series on channel 4, the story line is not unlike 1984, both were wonderful reads.

Wednesday 27 June 2018


Greenhouse harvest
 Cut flower garden
 Finished whilst away, sent to me by Linda 
 Next read
We got home at lunch time on Monday, so after unpacking the van, I got all the towels and quilt covers in the wash and on the line, we always tidy the van before we drive home, and once home I sort again, removing anything which won't keep. Tomorrow all the bedding and towels will be packed back in, so other than food and clothes it's ready to go, we hope to be away in July for at least one weekend.
It was also pleasing to have a harvest ready, we had salad for tea, and loads of fruit and ice cream, there  were many more berries, but I just picked enough for our tea. I think I am going to make a summer pudding this week. I love being able to cut flowers from my raised bed.
Tuesday, we had our afternoon tea with our sign group, one lady Gwen left the group last month as she moved away from the area, she surprised everyone by attending the tea, which made the afternoon a huge success. We sat looking over the local marina at huge posh boats, the tea was wonderful. As for my results, I came 3rd out of 7, which was very pleasing, I got a certificate and a small cup.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

More Photo's

Bexhill on Sea

 I love the old style 

 Everywhere beach huts

 Why does hubby look all of his 6'2" and I look 2' tall and wide?
Loads of interesting objects in the lawns along the front
Beachy Head

 Looking towards Brighton

 It was a very busy Sunday afternoon. 
On Friday we spent the afternoon in Bexhill, another beautiful sea front, all geared towards families, the most pleasant walk, it was a really quick bus trip from the site, I love how these resorts are kept clean and visitor friendly.
On Sunday we were taken to lunch by an old army friend of hubbies, Phil and Angela live nearby. After a nice roast dinner, we were taken to Beachy Head, which is the most wonderful place to walk, we could have spent the whole day there, just strolling around, on one side we looked down on Eastbourne, and on the other we looked toward Brighton and the south downs.  It felt as if we were on top of the world, with perfect weather sunny, hot and a nice breeze. Staying away from the edge, there are sheer drops in places around the peninsular, we drove to the area where the houses are being lost to cliff erosion, but could not park.
We checked out a couple of camping sites here and both hubby and I agreed we would like to have a couple days stay here, so we can walk along all the paths. 
We used the awning for the camper van for the first time, it was nice to have the extra space, we had a table and chairs inside, it also helped keep our van cooler, but we do have a huge fan inside the van, so the heat was not a problem. I always pack frozen home made meals, so we do not cook much, most is defrosted and heated in the microwave, we had enough food and only had to purchase a loaf of bread, we brought food home with us, as I like to pack too much, the last thing I want to do is shop when we are out.

Monday 25 June 2018


Pier - which was closed !!
 Walking towards Hastings old town
 Working boats

 East cliff railway
 From the top of East cliff

 Net sheds

 Walking towards St Leonard's 
 Fell in love with this

We have had a few days in East Sussex, and spent Saturday in Hastings, my only holiday here was in 1975, so I really wanted to come back and visit the old town area. I was very pleased to see the character of the area not changed very much, most of the new was made to blend with the old. 
It did help we had fantastic weather, we traveled to and from the camp site by bus, we chose a site near to a bus stop, I purchased a day rover ticket and hubby used his bus pass, so the cost was minimum.
We walked from the rail station to the old town of Hastings and then back and on to St Leonards, which was a long stroll, but we stopped along the way for drinks, ice creams, lunch, and loads of photo's.
The one thing which we commented everywhere we went was, it was all very English, with the same style of buildings, gardens and sea front, we could have been anywhere in England.
More photo's next time, just too many for one post.

Saturday 23 June 2018


These colours are perfect for a little boy
 It's growing, and a good width for a cot
 I only changed two colours from my original blanket, 
I wanted it boyish rather than the soft pastels, I change the pink and pale brown for a navy and grey. It's amazing how such a small switch makes such a big difference.
I have this blanket and my socks with me, we are away in our camper van for 5 nights, which will be the longest time we have stayed in it. The forecast is kind to us and we don't expect much rain. We have again not traveled far, this time we headed east and are staying just above Hastings in a lovely camp site. We have our bikes again, so we can explore the country side, I am sure loads of photo's will follow next week. So we are relaxing, reading and enjoying time together.

Thursday 21 June 2018


Long strap shoulder bag,
change of plan this is for a friend who asked for one of my bags. I will purchase more fabric for DIL

 Another shoulder strap bag, 
this one for daughter who is cat mad,
made from two expensive tea towels

 Reversible child's bag, for a little boy
 I love the animal print 
 Bag made from flags from the royal wedding
 I love the back
 Close up of the front,
this is a much bigger bag, the design on the front decided the size. The material with their photo on was not woven as dense as I normally use for bags, so I lined this bag fully with white cotton material, this will give it an extra strength, plus I could put a pocket inside. This is for my sign tutor, she loved my home made bags and asked me to make her this one. 
I had already cut these bags out, so they took less than an afternoon to make, I am really quite quick at sewing them, BUT, I have no plans to make any more for a while, unless I get a request. I have in my craft room a bag for everything, sewing , knitting, Crochet, even a bag with my sign class books in.
I would love to sew other things, I have made my own clothes before, but I have a wardrobe full of clothes and really should not make anything new for a while.
I hope to use my sewing machine for Christmas gifts this year, as I do enjoy any time at my machine. What are you sewing?
Thank you for your wishes for my sign exam, it was not too bad, some things I did not know, but I joined the class later than the other ladies. We get our results next Tuesday, when we meet for afternoon tea.
Wednesday I caught the bus into town, met daughter and Will at 10am, we went for a coffee together, Will has his swimming lesson at 9.30, which he loves and is always hungry after. We then met an old work friend of mine, a quick chat, daughter took Will home for a nap and I spend a lovely 4 hours with Ann, we had lunch together, and a wonder around town, I spent nothing, not a bean, there was nothing I required, we popped into a couple clothes shop, looked at the sale rail but I passed on everything.  Both Ann and daughter loved their new shopping bags, another wonderful day.

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Stash, start and prickly

Colours for Will's ripple blanket. 
I have done the first level with each colour,
 I wanted it to look softer than just shades of blue
I have done some of my 2nd sock
I am truly excited by these buds, 
this cactus has never flowered in all the years I have had it. 
Sunday, we had a lazy day at home, I did some housework whilst hubby did the ironing, after a brunch, poached eggs on toast, we spent time together in the garden. Hubby is not a gardener, but he is good following instructions, firstly he cut back all the ivy coming over the fence from next door, neither of us like the plants over the top of the fence. He then had a huge tidy of his garage, I pottered, planting a big pot and adding a few plants to gaps in the garden. I also took away all the protection, the plants are now big enough to survive the cats and pigeons. My shed was almost empty so I swept the floor, and did a tidy around, I also pulled my tulips bulbs out of the dried compost and stored them with two amaryllis bulbs, I normally do not store bulbs, but the tulips were so beautiful I would love them to grow again next year. I also pottered in the greenhouse for an hour.
I did start Wills ripple blanket, I like the colours and I'm pleased my daughter loves them as well. I have not done much to my socks, but I do plan to do more later in the week.
Monday morning Will arrived for the day, we walked to the park, he now knows the way, he played lovely with a little girl, they ran around together. Will is now saying words, hubby was over joyed when he called him Grancha (Welsh for grand dad), but Will's favorite word is tractor!
Today is sign class, it's the last class and we have exam's which is going to be interesting. Next week is our last meeting this term and we are all going out for afternoon tea, where we will get our results.


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