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Sunday 31 July 2011


 It's that time of the month again, and I'm please to have a full ORT pot, 
I had to pat them down a bit.

My girls wanted to get in on the action, they have seen other photo's with interesting accomplishes, so they sneaked in, they live on my desk all near to my screen, I did not know they had been watching! My "big" jar is 3/4 full, I have pushed all the threads down, I hope to have enough to stuff my 1st heart I make next year.
 We cut our Magnolia tree earlier this year, something neither of us had done before, I treated it like a shrub, and cut it back to shape, and in the past few weeks it has bloomed for the second time.
 Kev and I are both very happy, we love this tree and now it back being the right size for our small garden. All our new planting  is behind in our garden, which I'm OK with, just means we will have  them later this month and in September.
I am busy stitching the small rug for Christine, and thanks I love stitching this, I must confess I have also been doing some of my family sampler, just can't keep away from that one.

Yesterday, Su, Gav and Shannon popped in, Shannon has her 4th birthday on Thursday, we had a cake and pop, Shannon had loads of presents, it was fun, they then went to her nanny's house for more fun.
This afternoon we are with friends at another BBQ, I love catching up at weekends, the chatter, laughter, and a raid on the garden for cuttings!!

I hope you have sunshine and laughter,where ever you are

Monday 25 July 2011

Sunday afternoon

 Josh wanted to go for a bike ride yesterday, and locally we have the perfect weekend spot.

This beautiful lake is 25minutes drive from our house, it is on a big estate filled with office blocks, but at the weekend when everyone is home with their families, it's the perfect quiet spot. Josh riding his bike, does not like having his photo taken so I have to be sneaky.

 Sammy spent most of his time with Grancha or daddy, I don't mind, I get all the brilliant smiles as well, he loves my chain and pendant. I got to spend time chatting with Fliss, catching up on everything, plus a bit of gossip. We walked around the lake twice and once around a smaller lake, every thing here is man made, and so perfect, we passed families with picnics and loads of happy children. It's so great to hear Fliss is feeling so much better, finally having found out she has an allergy to wheat, she has stopped eating wheat and almost instance she is back being our happy smiley Fliss, and losing a few pounds each week.

 After our walk, a pub garden and a needed cool drink, I love this photo of Josh, Sammy and daddy, another sneaky one, here we were sat near water, all made safe with high fences and mesh covers over the water.
I did manage to get some stitching done, this section is going to be alot of stitching, but it's quick and easy and it does look fantastic. I have ordered the silks I need for the carpet, just waiting for the parcel, should be here later this week.

Friday 22 July 2011

On top of it all

 I am now stitching the top panel on the sampler, I decided not to stitch the grandchildren names until I have almost finished, just in case I hitch them whilst stitching other area's, and as always I never take the simple route.
I have loads of books with different styles for letters, but I loved the style I have used, it was a quote on another piece of work, there was no capital J so I have had to make mine up, I am pleased with the results.   I want loads of colour in the four outside panels, I have loads of bright areas, so I wanted the background here to be pale.
I have 7 colours to use in this panel, I am doing three rows and then eight rows and then back to three row, so as the pattern goes on, each time one colour is stitched ie PINK, it will be in a thin panel and then next time it will show in a fat panel but I have alot of stitching to do!

I am also going to make another rug, I have 200 followers on my blog Somerset House, so I decided to make the 200th follower a gift, Christine has decided which design she wants and I am pleased it a pattern I love.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Getting ready

 In September we will celebrate 25 years of marriage, we are going to our local church for a blessing, same church Su and Gav were wed in last year.  Afterwards, we are having a garden party, we wanted something different than a big party, so we have chosen favorite family and friends to share our day.
Above is the card I created, I tried to keep it similar to our wedding theme, and below I thought I would show you a few of our wedding photo's. Below with my beautiful young daughters, who both have grown into beautiful young woman, Fliss my eldest daughter, you might know through "Joshy & Belle" blog site.
 I love the movement in this photo, oh to be young again.

It was a strange weekend, we had no internet, so I got on with my cards, Saturday we popped into see Joshy, he was having a bowling party with his school friends, it was an early birthday treat, 12 younsters all having fun, and a grandson with a huge smile on his face. Sammy just wanted his cuddles with Grancha, Sunday I was very tired, so no stitching at all.

Work is very busy at this time, I had a agument with my boss on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, so whilst he is not getting at me the office is very quiet, I'm struggling at the mo, don't have a reason why, but most things have become a chore, the rainy weather does not help. My mum would tell me to snap out of it, but at best I keep my head down and get on with things.

Friday 15 July 2011

What is Friday night

 Friday night's are heaven, this is ours tonight, no pub with friends we are off to a birthday party tomorrow night. A good start is a glass of wine with our meal, always red and always shared. Music is fun, often the radio or Cd's. Laughter and fun together just the two of us.

Kev my hubby is cooking, we are having risotto, with a great Spanish smoky bacon and tomato bread. I love rice dishes, but we are so lucky to have such a huge range of different foods from different cultures. Kev loves to mix flavours and create stunning meals.
 Grace is always in as I get home from work, a welcome, she is looking for a lap to snuggle on.

 My chair, with my sewing box and all my silks stored in the drawers beside me, tho no stitching tonight, not if I am going to have a glass of wine, or the frog will be out tomorrow. This is one of my comfort zones in this house.

 I have finishes the 4 boxes for the grandchildren names, and I have done the edged, all I have to do now is put their names and their date of birth, again I am so happy with the way this has turned out. it's a great burst of colour.

 I have been asked to show the whole sampler again,  the white spaces are getting less and my stitching is filling more canvas, the more I add the more I love it.
The title of this sampler is simply "2011", I will have that in the bottom box with my name in the top box. The box/panel on the left will be all about this year being our 25th wedding anniversary. I have ideas, but once I look to stitch there, things will change they always do. Next I want to sew more in the centre panel all to do with my sewing, top right is going to be buttons, beads and shinny things, top left is going to be stitches.

So enjoy your Friday night, what ever your are doing and 
remember Friday is the welcome mat to your weekend.

Happy birthday Mum

It's a sad fact, but you never stop missing your mum

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Stitch after stitch

I am really in the groove with my stitching, it helps I'm doing a simple background pattern

Top photo is from Sunday, I managed to do alot after my brother, Martin had left, I needed to sit after such a busy weekend, and my needle swam through the cloth.
 Below is from last night I have added the last colour for Logan, I think the colours all blend well. As I am stitching the design for the centre is growing in my head, I will be ready to start once this is finished, I want to add buttons and beads and make it all about my stitching.

Yesterday was very interesting in work, I was in the repairs unit, learning about all that goes in CCTV equipment and a bit about what can go wrong, I had a great time playing with 16 camera's and watching everyone working in the warehouse.
We have nothing planned for this week, the weather is hot and by the time we get home from work all we want to do is sit in the cool. It would be nice to go for a nice walk to the water front.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Whilst no one is looking................

 Here's a quickie
This pot is fantastic, sat just outside the sitting room doors, a burst of colour

Because I am boring everyone with the tale of my cucumbers, I thought I would show you mine,
I brought the plant for a bit of fun, and wooo they are growing, 
so fingers crossed so we can have a full homegrown salad soon.

 The best part of the weekend, I had my hair cut, first time in a year, it all fell out last July, it's still very short, but it's come back, very grey, so now I am a blonde for the first time in my life.

Hope you are having as much fun as me this weekend, 
show you stitching update on my family sampler next time.

Friday 8 July 2011

Friday morning update

I changed my mind again, as I often do

I decided I would do the grand children's section, I sat and designed this, well I made it up as I went along, top blue is for Joshua, with pink for Shannon, I will do the same blue below for Sammy, they have the same colour because they are brothers, and below that I would put another blue block, but a different shade. I will add their names and date of birth. I want to put some babies hands and feet around this area, then this side is finished. The photo below was taken at the start of my stitching last night, the one above was at the end of the evening.
We have a busy weekend coming up, my brother Martin is with us, which means laughter, red wine and loads of fun!! and extra children and grandchildren over.

Tomorrow is an important morning for me, it's my first hair cut with my new curly hair, it's a year ago I last went, I will post photo's after my cut, my hair is still very short, but it needs a tidy up, and  a style which allows me to dry it straight, can't get used to curly hair.

Sunday we are sorting all our plans for our garden party in September for our 25th wedding anniversary, we hope to have a blessing at our local church before.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

A finish, a WIP and a beautiful sunset.

 Devon is finished, I did want to add more, but nothing looked right.

 I have added beads in the six flowers, and used RG treasured braids, over the flowers in the green section, I am going to make this into another hanging heart, with the green enamelled heart I made hanging from the top. I need to purchase some hanging ribbon for this.

 I did put Winter Watergarden back in the frame, but got nowhere with it, I am still at part three and it's just not calling to me, so Family sampler is back in. I have finished the bottom of Thomas, I just now need to add the rails, which I will use a shinny thread. I am then adding sewing items around the centre space, I already have loads of patterns, it's just deciding which to use.

 Friday evening, Kev and I went for a walk along the beach, 
we stayed later than normal and I got this fantastic shot,

I'm off work today, I have picked up a tummy bug, yesterday was quiet bad, today I feel better, but not good enough to go to work. I hope to stitch this afternoon, it's also Grace's birthday, she is 6 today, wanted to take her photo this morning, but she is off out and I could not see her.

Heart is on 25 hpi, using 2 threads of DMC silks (floss), with the size if 15cm x 16 cm, 
110 x 125 rows

Friday 1 July 2011


 It's TUSAL time again

I have been busy last month, most of the colours come from my heart I am stitching,
My big jar is also looking good,all my threads are pushed down, 
so I should have enough room for the rest of the year.

I have finished all the cross stitch on my heart, which I have named Devon, you can see in my stitching, rolling hills, sand, sea, a sunset, beautiful wild flowers, and for a bit of fun, deck chair material. I now want to add more and give it depth, I tried some silk flowers last night, but did not like them, so it's back to design, you know where my mind will be today.

It's another sunny day here, with another promise of a good weekend. 

But work today and afterwards a very sad visit, my neighbour Barb is in hospital and I will visit today, we don't expect her to come back home, so it's going to be a sad goodbye.

No other plans for the weekend it's going to be a see how it goes one, but I will find time for stitching, my mojo is back!!


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