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Saturday 28 February 2015

Thank you Pam

Beautiful stitching, Pam is a wizz with her sewing machine
she is set herself a challenge to raise money, 
she started with £5 and aims to make as much as she can
these are her 1st items made, so I requested to buy them, read her post here 
 It's a lined knitting bag, 
but great for my cross stitch, no more carrier bags, 
everything fits in, including the sewing frame. 
No progress on Skaters, not one stitch. 
 The cacumelon seeds have come up, I planted 5 and now have 3 seedlings, I'm please with that, I will only require one plant. Lemon and Lime plants are doing well, soon they will require another bigger pot and placing them outside, greenhouse first, then summer in the garden. My Avocado, is very tall,  has 18 leaves on it, it needs another pot. I have read on the net, it can take up to ten years to produce fruit, which would give me winter storage problems, so I will plant it out for the summer, if it survives next winter I will be very lucky. I have been very pleased I managed to grow the stone on 1st attempt.
Been shopping, Jo from the good life, has given a tip on how to ensure you have colour all through the winter, I think it's a great way to ensure I can build colour. Here's my 1st purchase. I will get a plant from the garden centre in March, it's a great way for me, who does not have a huge knowledge of plants to enhance the garden. Lovely tip, Jo thank you.
 My greenhouse staging collapsed over the winter, hubby was going to make me wooden staging, but this is much cheaper, bigger than the last one, but more space to grow things, if it works as well as I hope, I will get another for the second greenhouse.
We went to a few shops this morning, Wilkinson's for cleaning products and a nose around their gardening section, which at this time of year is full, I only purchased the two items. On to the The Range, dangerous ground for me, loads of craft, sewing and gardening. I only purchase a round pot stand on wheels, for my new pot, I really don't want to risk damaging it. I resisted on the craft dies, we got our cat food at the best price and stocked up.
I have not stitched at all, we watched all three programmes of Cilla, recorded last year, Sheridan Smith plays a fantastic lead role, well worth getting it on catch up, if you have not seen it, it was on ITV. I am still very tired, but the third section of Maryse SAL, has arrived, so I will do that next. 10th March my 2nd part of SAL Carie Rose is published, so I want to be free to stitch that. I also have more patchwork to do, next week is shaping up to be a busy week.

Friday 27 February 2015

Still waiting

Balls of sunshine, purchased to brighten up our home
None showing in the garden yet, just leaves
so full of promise
 2014, arrived this morning
this is book 5 for me, a true indulgence. 
 The sun has gone from this spot, so my crocus has closed for the day, it is nice to see some colour in the garden, I have loads of bulbs with leaves, but they are behind this year. My Peony has not grown much, and the daises are just coming back. My Acer is behind with very few buds on.
 My fruit garden is showing signs of life, raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrants all with new growth. The strawberries are dormant, and I have to decide if the gooseberry is going to grow, or if it needs replacing.

I have not done any craft, I have slept badly for two night's, I go to bed tired and when my head hits my pillow, I am wide awake. Frustrating and so I am very tired. Today I had to pop to youngest daughters house to wait for a plumber, so as a nice surprise I have done all her downstairs housework, to be fair she does keep a clean house, so it was not hard work. I hope tonight I will be tired enough to sleep.
Very little planned for weekend,
I have a haircut tomorrow, I have been using a lady in our local village, she is half the price of my old hairdresser, and each time I get the haircut I want, no coffee, no posh surroundings and no over charging.
We are hoping to go out with our camera's and if it stays dry and warm a quick trip on the bike. I am really bored with being at home, but my vetting for the new role has not been completed, so I wait.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Finish, start and regrowth

My SAL 2015, 
I have caught up with the first two squares. 
I love the simplicity of this design.
Skaters are back on the rota
 Cucamelon seed's, these are the only seeds I have planted this year.
 Free flowers
last time these were white
I only ever purchase white flowers
 The promise of more to come
plant in the front has very small flowers
A gift from my sister, this wooden heart, our Christmas present, 
Not something I would purchase for myself, but I do love it.
Just two photo's from tonight, one with a slow shutter speed
 second with fast shutter speed.
It is past our bed time, but we have had such a good evening at photography club and I am still buzzing, Richard our tutor is so clever, he set's us up and tells us what we should achieve, and then stands back, ensuring we use the settings until we get the photo's we want.
Yesterday was busy with laundry and some housework, with an early night, I am always tired when returning from family visits, today was a lazy day, I did stitching this afternoon.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get the sewing machine out and make another patchwork cushion, using the same fabrics as before but in a different style. I have decided on the finished front and back to use plain red fabric for the outside pieces to make up as a cushion, not a colour I would normally use, but I think it will enhance the patchwork. This second one will have blue fabric, all I have to do is purchase the fabrics.
Thank you for your comments on my last post, I get two reactions from my folded bags, one is 'brilliant' and the second is 'your weird' I just find them so handy.
I watched  the film Gone Girl over the weekend, brilliant film, very clever storyline. I want to watch Boyhood next, still looking for a book to read.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Sad little post

With the tidy theme on blogger at the moment
let me ask you a question
what does your carrier bags look like
mine is folded as on the right
 This is the saddest thing I am every going to post
how to fold your carrier bags
Flatten the bag
 Fold in half and then half again, 
long and thin
Handles at top
 Then fold the corner
 and keep folding into triangle shape
one fold on top of the other
 At the top
fold the excess into the pouch created with the folds
 Much better
 Six bags in my kitchen drawer
Small enough to keep a couple in my hand bag
I have not found a 'you tube' tape of this, but it is the same style as a flag is folded.
I'm off please forgive me for this post.

Monday 23 February 2015

Home sweet home

 I have managed to do some more stitching, 
so far only two squares have been released
my in true me style, I have stitched six boxes.
 I hope to get these two finished in the next few days
and then back to skaters
I am pleased to be back home, I had a great time away, the journey down was hard, the A34 just before the motorway was closed so I had to travel along the A303, with everyone else, it was a long journey made worse but the idiot drivers who were trying to get ahead all the time. My journey home this afternoon was via the motorway's and much easier.

I had a day with my sister, we did card crafting, I took loads of my card and cut out dies from her stash, she used loads of mine. Leanna did want me to leave a few of my dies, but I resisted, it's not something I want to start, our taste are very different.
We did make up loads of cards for Leanna to sell, she had purchased a kit, printed with fairies, butterflies and flowers, none to my taste, but we did make 20+ cards.
 Just a few I cut for my stash
beautiful embossing design, goes well with this card
I managed to get to see everyone I wanted, and enjoyed a lovely visit on Sunday to Logan and Finn, both were sleepy after a hectic morning, but it was great to have time with mummy and daddy.
It was great to catch up with older sister Liz and younger brother Ivan, we did not go out on Saturday evening, but had Sunday morning drinking coffee and chatting. I love to stay with my  brother Martin, we get on so very well, he worked on this computer, but I really have to purchase a new one, we are just weighing up if I should get a lap top.
But it is so nice to be back at home with hubby. 

Saturday 21 February 2015

New start

I have done some stitching, most of the first design, just the central words.
As always I have a busy time whilst back home, Thursday I spent some time with my older sister, a couple hot drinks and loads of catch up. I also saw Leanna my younger sister.
Yesterday was a nanna day, here we are all together, Logan and his baby brother Finn, we went out for the perfect lunch, and spent loads of time catching up. Finn was a great little man and slept all through the meal, Logan played with his Batman and super hero toys. Both boys grow up so fast, I last saw them in late December, so Finn has changed so much. We did have time to play on the adventure area in the garden. 
I will pop back and see them on Sunday for another round of cuddles and giggles.
I brought my desk top computer with me, Martin is checking it over and replacing the graphics card, he also wanted to upgrade my programs and cleared my computer. Not to risk losing all my work, I went ahead and ordered my book, 2014. So it should be with me within the two weeks. Everything else has been backed up.
Today I will spend most of my time with Leanna, we are planning a craft day, I am hoping we can avoid a shopping trip, so far this long weekend is getting expensive. Plus I would like to do some card making, I am hoping to use her dies and make some toppers for my stash, I did bring loads of my paper and thin card.
Tonight the plan is to pop to Visit Ivan, younger brother for a couple of hours, with Martin, I will be their driver, I am also making Paella for tea. I should have made it yesterday but after such a huge lunch, I passed on an evening meal.

Thursday 19 February 2015


Just a few more stitches to be done
4 snowflakes and the wire 
 The second tree is done, you won't notice but I had to unpick the top of the tree, star, it was one row to low, I could have gotten away with it, but I knew it was wrong. I was pleased I got so much done,
I'm not taking this to my brothers house, I have my new SAL and Santa's to stitch if I get time.
I finished the back panel of my patchwork cushion yesterday afternoon, I now want to decorate the five squares, so I am having time out to decide what to use. The plain squares make it look very different. I still have no idea for the outside panels, I can't even decide if the panels should be plain of patterned.
In an hour I will start the long drive to Somerset, it takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the traffic, I am taking the longer route, using motorways, I really don't want to be driving down the country lanes, nice in the summer, but at best mucky at this time of year.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

All square

The front is finished, I did add the lace to the center block, 
it makes the design look a bit vintage
 and the reverse
I have ironed it to it's size. Later I will make the back, the stripes are going to be placed the same, but the 5 squares will be plain linen. I need a trim for the outside, but as of this moment, I can not decide what to use. 
 My simple stash arrived, I purchased it from K@tZ XStitch, this is my second order from them, they are quick and keep me informed at every stage of the process.
I am stitching a SAL, from Maryse as you can see I am stitching the white 2015 design. I love the simplicity of this design, a simple stitch for me. I do enjoy SAL's I have two for 2015
 It was a heavy frost this morning, it's sunny now
 We had photography club last night, it's changed to a Tuesday, with less people, and now the club is a nice bunch. We have an hour in the studio, learning on how setting on our camera's work and then outside to take photo's to show we understand. I had an extra 30 minutes before the start of the session, in which Richard talked me through some of the finer points. I understand about the light but just having troubles putting into practice.
One shot from last night, taken at ground level, 
the rings are a decoration grid around a tree, 
I love arty work like this. 
Next week we are on a Motorway bridge for the whole session. 

  This morning I nicked hubby's macro lens ( we both have Sony's so we can each use all our lens) and took some shots of the Cyclamen, I'm rather pleased with them. The flower bud looks like a birds beak.
I have started packing to visit family, home in Somerset tomorrow, part of me is looking forward to the visit, but I intend to spend time with my sister, we get on better when we have 100 miles between us, we are very different women, we have the same craft taste, but go about things in a very different way. I am staying with my brother Martin, and also going to see grandson's Logan and Finn. It will be great to have time for myself, hubby is staying home and only coming down on Sunday evening, whilst I drive home on Monday, he will be tutoring a course in Bristol. 
I have not stitched skater at all, I hope to be able to do some this evening, but for now the sewing machine is calling me. 

Tuesday 17 February 2015


This is my 1st attempt at patchwork
Pam does inspiring work, so I here's my design
 I made 4 strips of fabric, each piece an inch wide, total 4 inch wide panels, I am a control freak, so I found it very hard to put the colours together, 
these were changed around loads of times, 
I checked your blog Pam to see how you do it. 
I then cut them in half so I have two of each.
This is going to be a cushion cover, I will make the back the same, I have stitched the outer two panels together. I am thinking I will put a stone plain piece of fabric in the center where I have placed the pink card, this I would stitch a design on. But I also have a nice piece of Embroidery Anglaise, in a stone shade, which would fit.
 I am going to sleep on it and finish this tomorrow.
I have just the center panel to stitch together, then I will stitch the outer panels to it. Each square is a four inch square, so they balance the panels. It is precision stitching,  but I do want the corners to match up, so I am using my measure at every stage.  I intend to put a boarder around the whole piece. The design is one I sketched, not to hard for me, but enough to stretch my creativity. I will have to get same wadding, which I can get when I am in Somerset later this week.
How was your afternoon..........

Monday 16 February 2015

Sew and stitch

These flowers brighten up my kitchen window, 
such a stunning shade of pink
loads of buds in there, this was purchased the week before Christmas
 Yesterday morning I sorted all my fat quarters, 
I have been collecting for a while, I would like to do some patchwork, 
I have not purchased any for a purpose, I have just collected what I like.
 I love the printed fabric with leaves and flowers, I would like to embroider over some of the lines. I also have plain colours so I can have central squares, which I can put a design on. At this point I do not know what to make. A couple of new cushion covers for the sofa, or a nice tote shopping bag.
 I sat for a while late yesterday afternoon and stitched, I have to fill the tree, plus a few more snowflakes and one last cute bird, this will be finished soon. I will make into another small cushion.
I have joined another SAL, a very simple one, with a square each month, from a French site, I love the simple style. I check through my growing stash and did not have any of the correct colour fabric, and for once I wanted to use the suggested shade, so a small quick order is on it's way to me.
We had a very informative evening last night, we were located in a car park in Portsmouth looking across water to a main road into the city, with a boat wreck in the foreground. I managed to get a few good photo's, and loads of great tips. I am using my big camera more and always on Manual, plus it was not so cold.
It's very dull and grey here again, I have a bit of house work to do and then a walk down to the village, we are due rain later.


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