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Thursday 30 April 2015

Windsor Castle and afternoon tea

We have had a special day out
here the presentation shown on BBC, 
we were not allowed to take photo's
(Colours are their flags)
 A Welsh Guardsman welcoming the visitors
Windsor castle behind him.
 The long walk
here we parked our cars
 Closer to the castle 
 On duty, these Guards men were everywhere
 A naughty photo inside before it all started.
 Afternoon tea
It was a fantastic day, all dressed up in my new frock and posh hat. 
We had a lovely view of everything inside the castle walls, the lawn was just perfect green with stripe, all very posh. The weather was kind, it was cloudy a couple of times, but no rain. We were under the flight path and close to Heathrow airport, planes went over regularly.
 Hubby enjoyed seeing his old regiment, The Welsh Guards on show. 
This is the closest we have ever been to our Queen. 
One fun moment, we were sat on the back row, with a great view, behind us, just as the guards were marching in was Sophie Rayworth, she was there to make her report for BBC news, lovely lady, very friendly.
We walked back along the Long Row, to huge tents, the Irish Guards band was playing to entertain everyone. The afternoon tea was set out perfectly, with tables covered with huge white clothes, The chocolate brownie was to die for, I did think I would share it with hubby, but after the first nibble it had to be all mine. The small bagel perfectly made, sandwiches with no crusts, with a scone, cream and jam.
The drive home was under 2 hours, we stopped and had our evening meal out, a lovely end to a perfect day. It was a pleasant surprise for hubby to get this invitation, it's a day we will remember for a long time.
At home all the rain is helping the lawn look good, and every thing is growing well in the garden including the tomato plants I put out last weekend. Off now to have the rest of a plesent evening with hubby.
I also had a surprise email, more about that next week, but it made me smile.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Another finish

Au Fil de Noel is finished
 With golden shiny stars
The reindeer's antlers are brown, the white did not look right to me
 Just the right amount of colour
 Another small cushion to go with my Christmas collection. 
Not sure what to stitch next, I have the 3rd part of Carrie Rose in 10 days time.
I am still reading the book Perfect. 
 In other news, we have a lawn
and a very tired hubby
The lawn is now flat and level, there was always a huge step down from the decking to the grass, hubby is very pleased, we got the turf on-line at a good price. We did not consider seed because we encourage the birds into the garden, so it would have turned into a feast for them.
It's really cold here today, I have walked around the garden, checking all is OK, saying hello to all the wonderful things growing there. This weekend I will have to thin out seedling and plant a few more. I am formulating a plan to build another small raised bed at the back, only big enough for salad items, not told hubby my plans yet, I will spring it on him soon. I also want to get the table and chairs finished, I gave in and purchased white spray paint to do them, the design would make it hard to paint the table top, plus hubby will use the green paint to do the garage door to match the gates, so no waste.
We have been trying different ideas with our bread maker, at the weekend we purchased some dried Italian herbs, which we mixed with our bread recipe, it taste wonderful, we will make it again. Perfect for sandwiches, we had some cold home cooked gammon, simple combination.

Monday 27 April 2015

Busy post.

Firstly some sewing
part 5 arrived, nice easy stitching
 Orange pip, with nice shiny leaves
it's getting stronger each day
 What's this
an USA product, on Pintrest they are saying if you dilute 50/50 with water and spray it should keep flies away, useful in the garden. Summer is coming and mad cat woman and her 20+ cats next door are already providing us with loads of flies. I have sprayed it along our wooden fence and over the wooden table, it smells lovely.
I'll let you know if it works, I got it from Amazon.
 Tomato plants are doing ok, 
I have a plastic closh around them for a bit of extra protection
 Peony time again, can you feel my huge grin, so far there are 8 buds, but more will come. Sorry if you get fed up with my gushing about this plant, it just means so much to me, a bit of mum in the garden. 
 English bluebells a beautiful sight, I have some more to plant for next spring and behind my Aquelia just coming into flower, this plant has reseeded through out the bed, so loads of flowers. I hope to dig some up when they are a bit bigger and do a plant swap with neighbours. 
Dawn sent me a link to Sizzlex sale page, so I now have a small order coming my way, I did keep it under £20, I have ordered some nice embossing plates.
Yesterday afternoon we were inside, so I was able to stitch the whole design in one day, next square will be out in a month.
Tonight it is much cooler, the sky is dark and we are hoping for some more rain, hubby and I are going for a small walk, he has to return a large rake borrowed from a friend, Tomorrow the top soil and turf arrive, he has the whole day to get it done, we just need the delivery to come early.
Hubby is now working just 3 days a week, just until September and then he will retire, I have another 6 years to go, thanks to the government changing the retiring age for woman, I hope to be able to stop work in a couple of years. So hubby will have time to play golf (weather permitting) twice a week.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Simple post

Dawn sent me some oca
they look a cross between bugs and potato
These already have nice growth on
 They should be planted in pots undercover and put out in May, I choose to plant them in potato sacks today. The flowers are very pretty, so they are here behind the trellis by the 1st greenhouse, we should be able to see them growing from the front of the garden. Which is another good use of an awkward small space. 
 Hubby brought me a magazine, 
this one is always my favourite, 
I can not remember the last time I got a magazine, 
so it's a real treat for me 
 I have done some stitching, I finished the red and white tape on the right hand side, I forgot to stitch it before. The snowman has black arms, I used cotton, it's thinner and looks better. I did add the reindeer's antlers using white cotton, but they do not show up, so I will do them again with white silks. The stars are going to be gold. I hope to finish this soon, I have not been stitching much in the past week, the garden has been calling.
The 5th stage of Maryse SAL 215 arrived in my in box today
Yesterday was spent in the garden, hubby forked over the lawn area again, then raked it level, and rolled it, it does look very good, he will roll it again before laying the top soil and turf.
I pottered until about 3ish, after the overnight rain, the sun came out and it was lovely and warm. My cucumbers finally grew, I have three seedlings in small pots. I put some sweet pea's with my climbing French beans, thanks Pam for the tip. Our three tomato plants are out, this year they are growing in a huge pot on the decking, they are looking good this morning.
I also had time to sort my shed, I now have room to move about, everything I stored over winter is now being used in the garden.
We had one problem, the rain butt was not sitting properly on it's raised platform, we had to empty the water out, place a paving slab underneath it, which gave it a flat platform, the rain we had last night has already collected in the butt.
We sent out for a pizza last night, very naughty for the waist line, but it was a rare treat.
Today I have an eye test, so we will pop into town and then on to B&Q for another can of primer for the garden table and chairs, nothing else planned, it's down to the weather, I am happy to potter around the plot for the afternoon.

Saturday 25 April 2015

Art in my garden

It's not just plants which make your garden
Granddad here guards the back door.
 I often show you this area, a mixture of colour and form
 Love these pots
 Toadstool or shiny ball
 Out side the back door, get the message I like blue
 My little robin, in the hedge
 a present from a friend
 This bunny has been with us over 10 years
 Hubby's art
 We both love this clock
 And sound, these wind chimes, always the sound of summer.
Shed art is another tale
I have a few stone animals around the plot, as well as bug hotels, bee bells, and far too many bird feeders. As a woman of a certain age, the garden at night lights up with coloured lights, always a great view from the sitting room.
When we arrived here in 2009, there was only the small flower bed at the back, plus a rusty wheelbarrow with a sad rose planted inside. The lawn was full of dandelions and was yellow, the Magnolia tree had loads of growth from the base and looked like a huge bush. So all the beds have been created by us, it has taken time to use the space so well, I would love a bigger garden, but am happy with how this looks. We have discussed an allotment, but there are none close by, and I'm a home person, my joy is stepping outside into my growing area. 
This garden has helped me recover from my battle with cancer, it has entertained loads of fun BBQ's, plus a playground for grand son's, it has seen a few sad times as well, but the joy of seeing life coming back each season gives me so much pleasure.  
Today I have a few task's, the most important is sorting the ground for the new turf, we still need to level it, pulling soil from the middle to the front, we have also hired a roller to ensure it is flat, on Tuesday the top soil will arrive with the turf. 
Today I received a parcel from Dawn, with Oca seeds, I will get them into a couple of large tubs, some thing new for me to grow, photo's next time. 
PS, granddad in the first photo, looks so much like my first husband, Josh calls him Bobby(Ex's name is Bob), it's rather funny.

Thursday 23 April 2015

What makes you smile

Welcome to our little garden
 Nice seating area outside our living room
 Side garden crammed full with plants
 Few of my many pots
 Blue flowers in the side garden
 Seedlings, fruit and more pots
 Still no grass, that arrives on Tuesday
 Herb garden and around the tree
 Small soft fruit bed
 Steps up to my veg section
 Raised garden, second seating area
 The whole back section
 Perfect little veg and flowers
 Back inside and more free flowers
 Flowers in the corner
Yesterday I showed you two of our four lovely little grandsons, we have so much pleasure seeing them.
My garden is my other joy, not a day goes by without me walking around our little plot. I am amazed how much I have growing, flowers, fruit and veg, I am always on the lookout for ways to grow more, but always the garden has to look good.
Our poor front garden to parking space for two cars, still I have some room there for flowers.
I also love regrowing orchids, and planting fruit pips, I am lucky so far, I have the perfect warm spot to help things get started. 


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