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Sunday 21 April 2024

Inside out

 This past week has mainly been dry, loads of blue skies and even sunshine, but the icy cold wind has made everywhere except my greenhouse feel really cold. My pots with geraniums and begonias which I over winter inside my cool greenhouse are growing again this year, it's still far to early to pop them outside, I still have my covers on the begonias, to get them growing a bit earlier.

I have taken the plastic cover off my little greenhouse, now it's a shelving unit, it worked well through the cooler months, I have cucumber, pepper plants on top shelf, and the flowering plant I cut in half, now two plants, 2nd shelf are my calendula seedlings, 3rd shelf all the bedding plants I purchased and potted up, 

I have bedding plant seeds on top level of my staging, and salad and herbs on lower level, there are 6 cauliflower plants I am growing on, as yet I have no room to plant them, I have leeks and spare runner beans in the deep planter. I only ever use the top two levels here for plants, it gives me enough space, the rest is storage of trays and other useful items and stones and gravel underneath, this is the sunny side of my greenhouse. 
I have planted out my runner beans in my raised bed, I had sown them in deep plug trays and the roots were all coming out the bottoms, they look healthy and strong, so I have taken a chance with them. I have 5 small plants as backup, I don't think we will get any more frost here, our nights are warm, it's a couple weeks early, only time will tell. This bed has broccoli in the middle, parsnip's and beetroot either side and space at the end for 2 cucumbers. I must have left a few tiny  potatoes in the ground, I have a few sprouting, they can stay, hopefully a cheeky harvest, the whole bed has a net over to stop the pigeons. 

The cold wind kept us inside most of the week, my cough, whilst not as bad as before is irritating in the day time and keeps me and hubby awake at night, so I'm not very happy at this point. Saturday was a warm day, we were both outside most of the day, I sorted some of my seedlings, and started a few more flower seeds, I had to reconfigure my nets on my veg bed after planting the beans. My broad beans have tiny pods, I watered both veg beds, it's been a dry windy week, so they needed a good soak.

My back is still sore, I am using my potting table in the garage for storage, I purchased a builder mixing tray, which keeps all my mess together, but bending or even kneeling  does not help, it's like having a big mixing tray, and works perfectly other than an aching back. 

Today we have been invited to a neighbours BBQ, we will pop around for an hour, there are always a nice mix of people there. It will be nice to sit in a different garden, where I'm not looking at things to do.

I will do a craft, book and family post next time, at this time of year so much of my time and this blog is all about the garden and with veg beds this spring, I have more than ever too do, which is OK, because I love to garden. 

Friday 19 April 2024

Bags, buckets and pots

 I like to use different things in our garden, this container was purchased for a flower pot, but it works better as a water bowl, the birds love to land on the pebbles for a drink, I have other places they use for bathing.

This is another lovely spot, I'm using a square washing up bowl for my water plant, the old sink is my grass bed and the birdbath is now an alpine garden, with a couple metal chickens, it's a lovely view. The triple acers behind and the red and white flowers of the azalea make it colourful.
Hosta's when in the ground are decimated by slugs and snails, these live happily in the bucket and an old brass coal bucket, I have the extra copper ring around the plant, whilst these are in leaf they need to be away from walls as snails do try every trick to get to them.
In the greenhouse I have two buckets with carrots growing, they will be popped outside soon, two compost bags full ready for tomatoes, I know one has a cucumber pot resting on top for now, To the left is a BBQ bucket, re-purposed for my Aloe Vera, and on the right two huge plant saucers for my sphagnum moss.  
This year I am trying harder with veg, my new raised beds are great, but as always I want to grow more, so here on the path by the greenhouse and tucked behind the raised bed is a compost bag with some sweetpeas, the grey tub has a mock orange in, both of these should fill this back corner with colour. Two bags with second early potatoes and a big pot with some peas in, which is on an old water-but stand. 
The green square bowl has a cranberry plant in it, I got it last year, not sure what I am doing, along with trying to grow peanuts (Monkey nuts), I do like to try new things. 

The weather for most of the week has been dry, just one wet day on Monday, we have seen sunshine, but a rather cold northern wind has kept me inside, alongside another horrible dry cough, so another boring post. 

I've always used different containers for growing in and decoration around the flower section of the garden, now I have my veg section my containers don't need to be pretty, just practical, I am filling any space I have, luckily hubby does not come up around the greenhouse much, he hates having to step over pots and other things. I need to leave space for my tomato plants, I have grown them before in the greenhouse, they do get far to big for the space. 

Most can be tucked away in the cooler months and give me back my space for other items, it's the best of both worlds, allowing me more growing room whilst I need it. 

Thursday 18 April 2024


 I have spend loads of money finishing off our new layout garden getting the veg section sorted,  normally when in the garden I do like to reuse bits, I also save stuff, just in case. I have had some small black fencing left over from around my butlers sink with my grasses in, having stored these for ages, I am now using here in the front of this rhubarb bed.

I had these bigger loops in the bed, I purchased them for the back of my now rhubarb bed 3 years ago and then used them in my tall raised bed, I then put them in the front of my rhubarb bed, but they did not look right, too tall. Sunday I used hubby's hacksaw and cut off the loops, I can now use these as cloche frames, I was going to purchase some to make a run, I already have netting or fleece, these are the perfect height to protect my seedlings and will make a nice run.

I love lights in the garden, neither of these lamps were cheap, both are years old and I've had good service from them, but the solar tops have gone, rather than purchase new lamps, I have got these smaller ones and popped them inside a very cheap way to prolong the lives of the lamps. 

I have the underside of our old outside round table as half hoops, the chains holding up the nets are from cheap hanging baskets, the baskets I cut the outer ring off and use them upside down to protect my young plants, purchased from B&Q years ago, again much cheaper than cloches.

All my raised beds were made from our decking planks, which only had been down a few years, hubby used wood from the frame to join every bit together, he even reused the screws. he made more into raised beds for our neighbours, the rest of the planks are beside my greenhouse, just in case.

My ponds were made reusing containers and pebbles I already had, sadly I did waste money on a pond liner, which did not work. I am always looking at what I have, as much as I can spend loads in the garden, I do love a bargain or a recycle and as I have said, I throw very little away. 

The one main thing I now do is when purchasing new I buy quality, for years I got cheap obelisks, which maybe lasted 2 years, this time we paid much more for ours and they are solid and will last years. I tried to save money going for a bargain, but it's not cheap over time. 

My biggest savings is to purchase off Facebook market place, I have had many bargains over the years, I prefer second hand bits to new stuff outside. I got most of my clay pots from one person who was clearing their grans greenhouse, I also love old chimneys, which I reuse as planters.

What's you best garden recycle. 

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Sunshine and sandals

 Friday, Saturday and Sunday I wore sandals they were sunny warm days, I'm back in socks and shoes now the cooler weather is back, I do love having my toes out, hopefully the warm days will return soon. It was so good for my soul to sit outside listen and watch the tiny birds, slowly relaxing for more than one day.
Saturday we had a BBQ, daughter came with her 3 children, daddy was working, 1st BBQ of the year is special, and we could all sit around our new bigger table. Hubby has a new spot to cook from as we use the new garden layout, still loads of room for the children to run about. We sat outside for ages, listening to the little ones laughter, Will checked out my wildlife ponds and agreed they looked good, still waiting for frogs. 
The tulips in my cider jar are looking good, the two red ones have been blooming for days, I can't wait for the others to bloom, these were a pack of mixed colour frilly ones, planted with some tall snowdrops. The tulips have done much better than the snowdrops, this photo is taken from the back of the garden, it sits behind the railings in my veg section, but can be clearly seen from the house and our seating area.
Molly randomly asked mummy if she could ride a horse, we don't know where she got the idea from, we don't have any interaction with horses. So she had a trial on a lovely Shetland pony, she patted and brushed the pony before riding. Quickly daughter could see Molly was not enjoying herself, and when Dinky did a poo whilst she was riding, Molly was very unhappy, she does not want another go.
I have finished importing all my post for 2022 into my book, it is a lot of work, I do enjoy the process, 183 pages, I did 168 post, so a few went over 2 pages, I have checked the placing of headers, titles and dates, to ensure they are all looking right, I have also checked the spelling. Now I need to read each page and have a final check of the layout and it will be ready for printing, which won't happen until they offer a great discount, normally in November on Black Friday.

Every day I do a bit outside in our garden and say that's it for now, and the following day I find more to do, Friday I did loads outside, we had lunch outside enjoying the sunshine, Saturday was a day off, family time, they went home just after 3pm, so relaxing time for hubby and I. Sunday I did not do much outside, a short time was spent in my greenhouse, the rest of the day was on here and knitting, I have finished one side of the jacket. Monday was another day at home, we did not pop into town, back to another wet blustery day and much cooler, I did some housework in the morning and I chatted with my sister in the afternoon, we often chat on a Monday.

I have an aching back again, a mixture of gardening and playing with George and Molly, and just for a change I have another cough, which is irritating me already, I hope I can shift it quickly. We are now half way through April, how quickly this month and year is going, days seam long and leisurely, but weeks, months fly by. 

Saturday 13 April 2024


Taken late last summer, this was the last photo before the changes made in our garden, it does look lovely, until you try to use the space. The big decking is a perfect family space other than flies and smells coming from next door, the decking is higher, the paving path is another different height, the lawn had loads of odd angles and was lower.
Photo taken last week from the same place, everywhere is the same level, the flower bed at the back of the lawn is now clearly seen from the sitting room, the veg beds behind are seen but the railings put them in a different part of the garden. The lawn is smaller as we made the paving outside the patio doors wider and made it into a rectangle. 
We have a new table, hubby saw it online at a bargain price, it goes with our original chairs and bench and can be made bigger when family arrive. I now have less pots in this area, over winter some cracked and I've not replaced them, only herbs around here and near the back door and handy for use.
Here is the plan I drew up, we did change one spot, the path along the garage we decided to run it down to the house, making the lawn not so wide and removing the corner inset in the lawn. We also paved all the way to the garage. In this plan the lawn does look much bigger, the plan is not to any true scale. 

Having spend a lot of money on the refit, plus we did loads of hard work ourselves, we were chatting, did we get what we wanted, hoped for, value for money spent. This was all done for me, hubby wanted to remove the decking and nothing more, I knew our garden was huge, and we were not using it all, I hoped for veg beds, my growing space and plenty of family space so three little ones could run around and play outside. 

Our first thoughts are we are both happy with the finished design, and the standard of work done, our landscaper made suggestions, which we took on board, after all he is the expert, he digested my plan, understood what we wanted, and created it and all on one level. I have done work before in the garden and then later changed it, no chance of that here, sitting on the patio side of the garden last summer helped us to see how we can now use all of the area. My growing area, which we can close off when the children are here, is perfect, we made the veg beds as big as we could, ensuring the paths between were not to tight, reusing everything from the decking. I am excited to be growing vegetables, I have most everything I need. One sad note as I looked through my garden purchase list, so much of my seeds and bits came from Wilko's, I am missing their shop in town, Wilko seeds are sold at The Range, but the store is not local. 

I have had comments about how tidy the garden looks, I'm outside every time I can be, even on cold days, I don't pop out when it's raining, we have a cat and she use the flower beds, Grace is getting older, so I do need to go out and clear up after her regularly. We have lots of different beds, so it is easy to tidy a bed quickly, I am always picking up leaves and bits, I adore dead heading when needed, it always leads to more blooms. Our garden is my healing place and my work in retirement. 

Thursday 11 April 2024

Little things

George is much better and went to nursery on Monday and today, Molly has been very clingy to mummy and us, which is OK, she is still young, she acts much older until something upsets her, then we remember her age. They popped over to play in our garden, this space is made for children to play, my makeshift greenhouse door works well as a gate to keep them out of my end of the garden, it's real purpose was a clothes airer, which had brackets to hang on a wall.

 Grace has changed so much in the last month, she is now very vocal, every time she wakes up she wails, both hubby and I are ensuring we are home as much as we can be, so Grace has company, she follows me everywhere, wailing until I sit down so she can get on my lap. She is not eating much dried food, so we are feeding her wet food twice a day, she is a small cat and as always, skinny, I have started brushing her every couple of days, she is not cleaning herself so well, she dribbles when she is sleeping. We are now fearing the worse, each morning we check her basket for signs of life, she will be 20 next month, we have been at this point before and she came back stronger. 

Inside the greenhouse things are growing, from my own seeds, to smaller plants purchased in strips, now in bigger pots, as I call them geraniums and begonias coming back, I've cut my bougainvillea back in hope it regrows this summer. It's full in here, but it's my happy place, my chair is back here, I can hide in here for ages. It's the first place I check each morning, looking through the glass in hope all is well, I don't mind it messy in here as I fill the space with growing things. 

The weather is all over the place again, after a dry sunny weekend, where the warmth of the sun was so good, and the rain showers fewer, again the temperature has dropped and the wind is strong and loads of storms, it's so difficult to know what to wear each morning, loads of layers. The high tide and stormy weather on Monday night caused flooding on local roads, all nearer to the coast, we have not had local flooding for years, we are just 10 minutes walk from the water, far enough for us to be safe. The wind whilst strong has done no damage locally and our garden is OK, our Magnolia has lost most of the blooms. Yesterday was again cold wet and grey, I did walk to our village market, loads of lovely plants, but he has put his prices up and he's not great value anymore, even our pet shop had nothing new in.

On a wet afternoon I decided to sort my paperwork drawer, I have all my personal bits in one place, hubby sorted the household folder a while ago, mine was overdue, I disposed of MOT, and tax from 10 to 20 years old, and loads of receipts and booklets for things I no longer have, anything newer I refiled, I do feel much better to have it done. I working on my 2022 book, I'm importing my last month, then a couple of checks and it will be ready for any good publishing discounts, I will then start on 2023. 

I've finished the back on my knitting, but no other crafting, the garden is calling, even with everything sorted, I can find things to do, in the evenings Grace is sat on my lap, so I'm not doing much, not even reading, often I am tired after being outside all day. I did manage to get some house work done, I still need a spring clean throughout.

Monday 8 April 2024

Green weekend

I have been working on my second veg bed, it's had covers on it since it was built last year, I weeded it added some mushroom compost and then planted a row of broccoli, I know these plants are close together, I'm hoping they stay small as it's only for hubby, either side I have seeds, parsnip's and beetroot, along the outside I will have runner beans and at this end a couple cucumber plants.  
I had been looking unsuccessfully for local courses to learn how to weave hazel or willow, I have always wanted a low fence around both veg beds, hubby searched online and found these, each is 1 meter long, our beds are 2 meters by 1 meter, so perfect. The hoops are from our old round garden table, hubby has broken it down and I nicked them, perfect for keeping the nets at a decent height, I do love a recycle. 

 I planted my 2 lupins which are now huge, and a white aster in the red rose bed, they should fill the back section with the foxglove and Alcea, all grow tall and full. The front of this bed will be bedding plants, if my seeds start to grow, I've not used old seeds and I'm using good compost, so why they don't shoot is beyond me, probably lack of sunshine. I have used the dreaded slug pellets in this bed, I've tried other natural products, but they did not work, and after the cost and effort to grow these, I don't want to lose them.

Saturday was the most perfect day, I had a lay in, I'm still catching up on my sleep, we walked to the village, I popped books back to the library. The local pet shop had their trays of bedding plants, at £1.40 for 4 to 7 or 8 plants, great value, I got 4 trays, these I will pot on, and plant out once they are much bigger. I only have a begonia corm left to plant, it's for my cider jar, but the tulips are about to bloom, so it can wait a few weeks. I worked in a T shirt all the time outside, the breeze as promised was warm, we had lunch outside with a well earnt cider shandy, we were in by mid-afternoon as the rain threatened, nice early shower and a treat of pizza for tea, followed by an early night. 

Sunday after stripping our bed and remaking it, the morning was lazy, laundry on the line, blowing itself dry, the sunshine coming through the window called me outside, I have potted up the strips of bedding plants I purchased, they will be ready to go outside in a few weeks, the runner beans are now growing, I was worried, now I'm happy, my greenhouse is full. I moved the red rose from the side bed to the back bed, it's just not thriving, moving another plant to the raised flower bed, I added some good compost in hope the rose grows in its new spot. I feel good, completely up to date outside, all I need to a good clean inside the house. Our Molly and George  visited in afternoon,  and played outside for ages, load of giggles and laughter, perfection.

I sorted my seeds, loads free with the subscription to a garden magazine and passed them to our friend and neighbour for her new raised beds, it was good to share them.  

Sunday 7 April 2024

Wildlife Pond

 We popped to my favourite garden centre which has a good aquatic shop, I manage to purchase these 3 plants, hubby and I choose them together, these are bigger than I wanted, BUT, with me there is always a but, 2 of them I will separate into smaller pots, making 5 plants not 3. For now they fill the space.

The pond liner was not working, I'm not able to keep the water level to a decent depth, the plant pots are five inches and I would like them submerged, so change of plan, I had a nice tub which I had a spring display, but it kept waterlogged with all the rain. Humm I wonder would it fit, right size, not as wide as I wanted, the aquatic plants fit.

Hopefully I won't need to work on this anymore, I am very pleased, I have the depth I wanted and the top bowl runs into the lower pot, it's not as wide as I wanted, but still plenty of water. I added the grass from this tub to the back corner and piled loads of pebbles around and filled the gaps with pretty gravel.
 I'm not worried if the sides can be seen, this is the working end of my garden, hopefully the plants will grow and soften the edges, I would like some drift wood for a bug bridge, but for now it's done, the water should settle and clear.
This lovely plant I have had for years, it sits in a plastic bowl, no drainage holes as it loves to be water logged, it's a huge plant, the curled long leaves fascinate me. I have already popped a cutting into one of my ponds, I do love these plastic washing up bowls, being square with handles, this one is three years old, they are a perfect addition to our garden.  

Hubby is in the process of making me a huge bug house, which I want for the back section of the garden, he has cut 6 blocks and drilled different size holes, I can get one on top of the other on these shelves. The butterfly box fits in well, we are sorting other things to go in before adding a wire front. This is huge at my request, he has made a bird nesting box as well, he does love to make things, these with other bug areas should be fun with the younger grandchildren, as well as making our garden diverse. 

The pond is finished, it has cost me just under £40, for the liner (which was discarded) and the plants, I already had the containers, and stones which I had used in another part of the garden before we made our changes. It's been huge fun to put it together, looking around for things to use, I had 4 grasses, for someone who is not fond of grasses, I was surprised as I also have 3 in my butlers sink, two of the grasses had been split a couple of years ago, every gardener loves free plants. 

Later I will get floating weed to help keep the water clear, it's ready for anything to move in. I am hoping I have enough green cover outside the pond, it's nice to get a section completed, nothing much grew in this corner, not sure why, I have lost so many plants over the years. 

I'm not reading or crafting, all my time is outside, if it's raining, I have bits to do in the greenhouse and / or the garage. It feels good to growing things again. 

Saturday 6 April 2024

Another week

 If I was asked about tulips, I would have said, I'm not fond of them, they rot in our heavy clay soil, last year I got a few packs for different tubs and I have really enjoyed their colour this spring, these in my cider jar have still to open, I have forgot what colour they are, a nice surprise to come. So maybe later this year more will be purchased to add colour to the garden next spring. 

I adore the colours in this trio of acers, I trim them each year so they don't get huge, I love them in this big tub, it's a perfect spot in the garden for them. They can be seen from the house and add colour here at the back of the garden. My bird bath alpine plants have started to come back, tiny flowers soon. The azalea below is also about to bloom.

This is my success story, purchased as a twig many years ago for 99p, it sat in a pot where my trio live, when it outgrew the pot, we decided to give it a space in the garden, not an easy choice in a small garden. We love it here, again I am learning and I have trimmed it last year, it's nicer kept smaller. 
Spring is showing itself in the flowers in bloom, I love snakes-head fritillary, these in this pot will be placed in the ground soon, bluebells are just starting to flower and the lovely camassia, another blue flower, I do also have some white flowers, finally a bleeding heart, I forgot where I had planted it, it's beside the hellebore, it's doing OK, so I'm not going to move it. 

It's been a strange week, most days I've been to our local hospital, so daughter gets to have a lunch, do some shopping, even get a shower, the children's ward caters for their parents as well. I can see loads of improvement in George, his chest sounds much better, and hopefully the medication will sort the virus which he has as well as the chest infection. 

Thursday we had dentists, I needed a bit of work, we both booked hygienist and had to pay 50% up front, not a cheap morning, even with our NHS practice. I have some huge decisions to make, the damage to my gums caused by chemo back in 2010, when  all my teeth became loose, is now pressing me to decide the way forward, I'm pleased with myself as I was told in 2011 my teeth would not last, implants at over £7,000, is not an option not only the cost, but also my the gum damage, makes the option not viable, for now I can manage, but soon.

Friday George came home, he still has alot of healing to do, I had not planed to visit but daughter called, it was lovely to see Will and Molly, I did finally manage a good night's sleep, I had been worried for George and not sleeping. It was a dry and sunny day, I did get an hour outside in the garden, just sweeping and sorting, the seeds are not doing as well as I wanted in the greenhouse. 

No plans for the weekend, it's promised windy, dry and warm, no sun, I would be happy with dry, normally at this time of year I am starting to wear sandals, but no chance yet, still in warm clothes. I hate to wish the days away, but some warm dry sunny days would be super nice. 

Thursday 4 April 2024

Back outside

I purchased this white Jasmine from Asda for just £2, I thought it would fill a gap along the back fence, I picked a nice looking plant, plenty of new growth. Finding a spot to plant it I thought would be an issue, but I realised I could move this middle paver forward to match the one in front and have enough space for the roots, I have the temporary green little fence to protect it, this is a working area. I just hope it grows up the back fence now. 
Kirt has new plants for his hair, I used the grass in the pond section of the garden, it was getting too big for him, hubby chose these, they should be very colourful and very different, I'm not a person who likes to keep moving plants around, but it will be nice to see something different. 
I also got 2 alpine plants for this square pot, I have been looking for something different, I did not want anything which would grow too tall, I was looking for plants which stay green, these will have tiny white tinged with pink flowers, so a very different look.
I got this plant in Wales, I've never seen one before, I don't know if it's a bulb or plant, I love the tiny blue flowers. This year I will keep it in a pot, I will look it up on line for the care instructions.

It was nice to have some dry sunny days over the weekend, but with the return of the rain, the weather is keeping us inside, my fake grass walkways makes it easy to get outside as they drain well and not at all muddy. The broad beans are full of flowers, I'm watching for any sign of pods forming, I don't have anything else in the raised beds, hopefully I will get to plant more in the coming weeks.

My seeds in the greenhouse are mixed, some are further on that others, the tomatoes and cucumbers are all doing well, I have sown some different herbs, I am watching for my runner beans to sprout. The potatoes in two bags are doing well, as is my carrots being grown in tubs. 

Thank you for all your comments regarding George, he will always have a weakness in his chest, his oxygen levels drop at night, mummy (daughter) is very tired as she was waking through the night checking on him. Sadly he was back into hospital on Tuesday late afternoon, his oxygen levels fell again quickly, he has been on oxygen ever since, loads more test, which they can compare to his test results from Thursday, it's such a worry.  I am spending time with George,  which allows mummy to shower go for a meal and not worry about him, his is a nanas boy, I was lucky to be with him when the music lady visited his bed, he loved the instruments, and was happy to play along. Our local hospital is just brilliant, it's a shame A&E suffers from the same issues as every other HNS hospital. I'm back in visiting again today, daddy is looking after Will and Molly, George has improved today, so hopefullythey will allow him back home.

Monday 1 April 2024


 Easter here is again with family, we had loads of fun on our egg hunt, in warm sunshine, we ate lunch inside and spent the rest of the day outside, the children having plenty of space to play. Molly and George share everything, so their eggs were placed together, one each.

Will was very happy with his haul a mixture of chocolate and fruit chews, he searched for his in the veg section of the garden, Molly and George had dairy free chocolate, so they hunted around the flower beds, all three enjoyed their hunts.
Hubby like myself enjoy having the children in our garden, here he is playing with Molly, both wearing rabbit ears, loads of laughter and fun.

We are extremely lucky as Grandma and Grandpa were away, so again we had daughter, SIL and the little ones here for a egg hunt and lunch. They are making a family day on Easter Monday, more fun for the little ones, and no cooking for mummy.

The long weekend started with George at the doctors, he has been a few times in the past weeks, he has a rash and cold, which simply won't go away. He came to ours on Thursday, and quickly his temperature rose and he was again not well, her doctors called for an ambulance to send him to local hospital, they would not allow daughter to drive him. After loads of test including meningitis hours on the children's ward, he had fluids and medication through a cannula,  he was a brave boy. Rather than keep him in, the decision was made to leave in the cannula and daughter to take him for the next 3 days for medications. He hated the cannula and the huge bandage on his hand and was upset, it's gone now, but he is still not well.

We had turkey and pork for lunch, best roast for ages, little ones did not eat much, too much chocolate before. They stayed until late afternoon, the younger two were both tired going home, time for a snack, bath and bed, both immediately fell asleep quickly. We had the evening together, watching a thunder storm and loads of rain, we were so lucky to have a perfect Sunday.

My brother Martin is down, he is spending a couple of days with his daughter, SIL and grandson, he will be back here later today for a couple more days, nothing planned, rest and relax.

Today is another sunny start, rain is promised later, the difference to waking up to blue sunny skies is wonderful, having two dry days is perfection, I shall pop out for an hour soon, one small job to finish. 

Saturday 30 March 2024

March round-up

 Another month where most of my spend is in the garden, I got a great bargain with some needle felting rovings, I am happy to be using my craft stash, it does please me to see it shrinking slowly. Again most of the garden purchases were for structure, I should not need any more compost or manure this year. I have over spent this month, but 2 metal Obelisks were needed for my raspberry bed. My wildlife pond added to this high total. Later in the year I do get a couple very low spend months which will balance my spending out.

It's been a very expensive month on the home front, with both a new cooker and fridge freezer, we had both in our previous house and we have been here over 14 years. Plus vet fee's for our dear Purdy, we cancelled pet insurance when both cats stopped leaving the garden, the monthly premiums were getting higher each year as they aged. Our trip away was not expensive, the hotel was paid for earlier this year, and we hardly spent anything.

Waste is as normal for our household, all the peelings go into our composter, along with coffee and tea, I cut the bags open, we only bin pepper and onion skins, neither is composted. 

My weight has gone the wrong way, this again has not been a good month, I decided to allow March to happen, Mothering Sunday and Easter, and start again in April, having said that my steps are much higher, best total for months, so something is heading in the right direction. 


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