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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Nothing much

 I love these books on this shelf,
 so many fun subjects, collected over many years.
The hall is finished, and everything is back in place
The floor area is our cats feeding place, 
dried food and water stays here, wet food dishes are removed once cleared. 
I purchased this wool in a sale, thinking I like the colours for socks, but I think I prefer to use lighter colours, so I am making squares for my scrap blanket, I have 2 x 50g balls. I do like the random look to the finished squares. 
A couple more books,
Erica James a simple easy read
Peter James 1st book, not as polished as his later books. 

I am having another sort of my wardrobe, it's almost end of summer, with all the beautiful weather we have had this summer, I have worn loads of summer clothes, but I have a pile of stuff not touched, so I am sorting and taking it to the charity shop, plus a couple pairs of new shoes, one pair I brought a couple years ago, and the second my daughter gave me (she did not find them comfortable) both unworn and brand new. I have one section I don't wear much, it's some of my work clothes, I have thinned this section out last year, but I am happy to have these items, just in case I need them ( no I have not any plans to go back to work)
I am also looking around the house as we put things back after decorating, I spent a day sorting the photo's on our stair wall, I took some from the dining room to put on this wall, and removed a couple to pack away. It's so very hard when you have cute photo's of our grandsons, even now they are growing up, I still want to see their photo's.
Josh our eldest grandson turned 13 last week, how quick those years have flown, he is a smart lovely boy, still can't believe he's a teenager. I am spending the day with Josh and Sam, plus Will and mummies tomorrow, the weather is promised to be good as we are spending the day at a local country park.
Today is another stay at home day, I have a parcel due to arrive, and a visitor this afternoon.


  1. A shelf of books always looks so inviting doesn't it, you just feel the need to have a browse.
    Enjoy your quiet day at home.

  2. It's nice when all the decorating is done and you can put things back in place isn't it. I don't cope well with disorder so I'm constantly sorting out (where does it all come from!) I'm in the middle of sorting summer clothes too, like you I seem to have worn more of them this year. Have a fun day out with your grandson's and daughter.

  3. Order is a key word in our home, both hubby and myself are super tidy, both were taught to be tidy as a child, so putting the hall and stairs back sorted the spare room is very comforting for both of us.

  4. I bet you're glad to have everything back in its place. I can't stand everything all over the place when we're decorating. Yes, the years fly by, I think the older I get the quicker they pass. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

  5. Those book shelves look great, such a brilliant use of space in a redundant doorway. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  6. I do like a look on bookshelves, I need another bookcase myself.
    Good luck with the wardrobe sorting I did mine a while back.

  7. A good mix of books - not a single one of those is among my several 100 books!
    Hope you have a good day with grandchildren

  8. The hall looks really nice! What a clever way to keep the cats food and water! Have a wonderful day. I know just what you mean. My sweet grandson also turned 13 last week! They do grow up so fast.

  9. Decorating is such a good opportunity for a clear out isn’t it. Love the shelf of books.

  10. Decorating is nice but what is better is when you can put everything back in its place!

    Grandchildren grow up so quickly don't they - enjoy your time with them.

    All the best Jan

  11. Oh my those books are awesome! That balderdash and piffle I have that too and it's a really interesting read.



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