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Monday 29 February 2016

List again

My spend for the first two months 
it's a very pleasing start to this year, 
the figures in red are the savings I have made on last years spend
I am on track with 52 things in 2016 at the end of the second month 
We had the car cleaned whilst we were shopping. 
My nails are looking better, they have polish on all the time. 
I have also worked on my 2015 book, it's a long task. 
TV is off at least once a week, and 
reading is good, thank you to those who have suggested different authors. 
I've made a start on my quilting
We are now happy having one or two meat free meals a week
and sitting at the table for each meal

The item I am struggling with is do one charitable thing a month, number 20, last month was just giving some nice stuff to a charity shop, not what I had in mind when I added it to the list, but this time of year is not the best to do things. 
Hubby is getting bored being in the house so much, we had a few words last week, he wanted to go to Waitrose, he required a couple packs of herbs and was going to use our £50 of vouchers, which meant he would pop loads of things into his basket, because he would not have to pay for them. He did not go shopping and we still have the vouchers, we can use them in March when we will need a real shop. I have got him to agree to record all household and food spending, marking how much is spent each visit we make and to keep the receipts, so at the end of March, we can elevate our spending. I sometimes wonder if he thinks I have lost the plot, but I am determined we set our spend to a place where we can have a decent lifestyle and not break the bank. I have always had a well paid second income, and for years we spent most of it, now with reduced income, I still want to be able to save a bit each month, just in case.
Every thing went well at daughter's wedding venue, we spoke to those involved and every thing is on track. I also tried on both dresses purchased on Saturday and now find myself favoring the shades of blue dress, I have seen a nice jacket on the net and have ordered one, should arrive later this week.
I'm off now to do my hexagons, I did not get time to stitch the one's I cut out at the weekend. I did not do any craft Saturday night, we opened the bubbly and had an enjoyable night watching the film 'Sebastian and Belle'

Saturday 27 February 2016

15 anyone

We popped to Chichester today, loads of independent shops
 I got some more patchwork fabric, 
plus black material for the back of Sheffield cushion
 Another new author
This is my book for March
I was given a web site 'read it swap it' and suggested I have a look
it's a must for book lovers so I have registered. 
I did buy two dresses
My shopping trip for a wedding outfit was a bit of a disaster, I found loads of lovely fitted dresses, in styles I love, but a size 14 was rather snug and in every case the size 16 was too big, so I need a size 15, which no one sells. Both dresses above are a size 14 and both fit well, the plain one from Wallace and the other from Laura Ashley. I saw loads of lovely Jackets, but did not purchase any today, I still have a few weeks. I am thinking the plain Navy with a nice Jacket, gold shoes and bag. Both hubby and I had enough of shopping. We did go into a huge craft, fabric and everything shop, hubby was bored.
Our meal last night was good, the pub was a bit of a drive, but it was a foodie place, we both had two courses and would go there again. The bottle of bubbly stayed in the fridge, I'm such a light weight these days, but the plan is to pop it tonight. We had an early meal so hubby could be back to watch his beloved Wales beat France, so I managed to stitch a few simple rows.
Tomorrow I am out with daughter, going to wedding venue, checking everything is in place.

Friday 26 February 2016

Sunny drive home

My parcel has arrived,
I won't be using the fabric sent it is a high for me DPI
But I will be starting it soon
 Today I finished at 4 and was home by 4.30pm
The garden called
 My spring pots are breaking into flower
 Scattered around our plot, so much promise
 My dish from last year
looking good after the cold weather
this has been outside with just a cover on.
 Inside, tomatoes and cucumbers all doing well
my Fuchsias are all growing well, they should be great plants for the summer.  
The garden is looking good, so much promise, just waiting there. Our Magnolia tree is now behind, we have almost no buds which are not damaged by the cold weather, we will have to wait and see if the flowers form this spring, it has never missed a year. My greenhouses still have the tender plants in, I won't bring them out until late April.
I have done most of the white stripe on Sheffield cushion and will now start the red stripe on the left, each stripe is 40 rows deep, so loads of easy stitching. I have not done any more the my hexagons, I hope to cut some more out this weekend.
It's been a lovely warm day along the South Coast, I managed to find a 15 minute walk at lunch time, and enjoyed myself. My daily steps have dropped, the building I now work in is much smaller and I no longer have to walk up two sets of stairs. I have also promised to again walk after tea each evening, hubby will walk with me, so I have no excuse.
My first week at the new job has been pleasing, I have learnt the first level of the role, it won't be hard work, just ensuring the details are correct.
We are off out for a meal later, Christmas present from youngest daughter, so let the weekend begin.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Just the begining

Just laid these out to see what I had
I will make some more next weekend
 These are one from each of most of my fabrics
I wanted to check they were OK for this type of sewing
The striped fabric hexagons are not so easy to stitch.
Most of you will know what the back looks like, but I have been asked, 
so I picked three of the best to show. 
The paper hexagon stays in until they have all been sewn together
The corners are very important, they have to be neat so they all fit together. 
The red ring is done, just doing the white panel
so a boring couple of weeks stitching
I have been informed my parcel from France will be delivered tomorrow, so another stitching project to start, I am excited with doing the Christmas tree it is just so pretty. Hubby has changed his mind regarding the cushion he wants me to make, he now wants different wording, so I am waiting for him to find the design, and fingers crossed there won't be the need to get loads of other different colour thread, I had thought I had purchased all I needed.
My new job is going well, it's not hard work, just lots of it, learning their systems will also help, every thing is very logical and practical, so right up my street. The past couple of nights finishing at 5pm has been a bit of a wake up for me, but I am getting to grips with the new start and finish times, on the other hand it's nice not to have to get up at 6am any more. My journey each way is longer, I now use the motorway, but lucky for me I go the opposite way to every one else, so whilst the other side is full of cars, my side is not so busy. On the plus side, it is still light at 5pm so I am not driving home in the dark.
This week I have not walked after work, been a bit tired, we are popping out in a moment, I need to walk to the bank, so we will go the long way through the park.

Monday 22 February 2016

Print, cut, sew

Trying a different type of patchwork
I like the idea of hand sewing 
 I have been collecting fat quarters for ages
a nice mixture of designs and colours
 My first finished hexagons, these were picked for their design
I want to store them in a big box, getting all of the required hexagons finished before stitching together, I have no plans on designs, I will wait until I have made loads. I am not very good a doing random style, I spend ages ensuring the random effect is what I want, to scared to just pick up any hexagon and sew.  
 I hope to finish the ring of red soon
I want to then stitch the long white panel on the left
white is the hardest part to do. 
  Another book finished
Another good read, I am now on the hunt again for a different author 
I am having fun breaking away from my usual reads. 
Sunday was a stay at home day, after we cleaned the house, it was craft all the way. I was going to get out my sewing machine, but whilst looking at fabrics, I put all the fat quarters together and realised I had enough to get this project going.
I have also collected together all my felt squares, again I have loads for projects.
Later I did manage to do some more on Sheffield, I am powering into this stitching, it has to be finished by June.
I love stay at home days, hubby gets bored, but I am trying to get him into hobbies for him rather than him sat at the computer all day, he loves backgammon, cards and golf.
My plants from Saturday are looking OK, it's always a worry when you move things.

Sunday 21 February 2016

In other news

Not the best photo's
 But stitching is coming along nicely 
I stitched a small amount  most evenings when Logan was in bed. 
I have been naughty, been shopping on the internet
I had to order a pack with pattern and fabric, a tea towel, which I will not stitch on, I have loads of different shades of pale fabric here to choose from, I also will have to order the DMC threads, but I should have most of them already. It is coming from France so it will take a while, but it has already been dispatched.  
I went with youngest daughter for her wedding dress fitting, the dress fitted perfectly, just a bit long, it needs all five layers to be shortened by a couple of inches, it is being done at the shop, I could do it, but there are a couple of chiffon layers, so I am happy for them to do it. The wedding is just six weeks away.
Su looked stunning her smile was beautiful, I would love to show you, but she would do something awful to me if I did.
Hubby and I went into town looking for my outfit, but nothing jumped out at me, I am hoping the spring lines will be here soon and I can choose something with loads of colour. I did go to Sainsbury's to get some trousers for work, they are a style I like and at £14 a pair, they won't break the bank, plus this week they have had 25% off clothing, so they cost £10.50 each.
I have not started anything new in my 52 list for 2016, but still ongoing with lots of things, I did not walk as much as in previous weeks, it's hard to take Logan too far, so in fact I have put a few pounds on in the last week.
But I have sowed seeds for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers a bit later than others, but my little green houses do not have heat, so I can't bring them along to early. Hubby is complaining about the gardening stuff in our office, but I am managing to keep it all on my side.  I am enjoying being in my shed again. Counting down the days until the real fun begins again in the garden.

Friday 19 February 2016

Logan's visit

Every time we go to Fort Nelson
we sit on these cannon balls for a photo
 I am not into guns at all, but little and big boys, love it here
mainly inside, with loads of tunnels to run around
These have been carved beautifully. 
An afternoon at The Spinnaker Tower
lower viewing level with glass floor
 Looking down at Portsmouth
We went with Sam and Josh's Grandma and Granddad Pete
Who have never seen Sam and Logan together
Plus an afternoon at Portchester Castle walking along the edge of the sea, crunching along in the gravel, a walk through the walls thinking of who would have lived here when it was built, we can also see the Spinnaker Tower across the water. Loads of visits to the local park. It only rained on Wednesday, and hubby and Logan did some baking.  Now the house is quiet, no toys littering the floor, just hubby and me, every thing back to normal.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Around the house

My baby plug plants are now a decent size
soon they will be too big for this propagator 
Coleus are all doing well
These will bring loads of colour to the garden this summer  
 Our posh photo from Saturday night.
I love my dress, I have worn it many times
Proud parents of our grown up couple
I had a lovely lunch with an ex workmate, Ann, I would love to work together again. Ann took the afternoon off, so we wondered around shops, neither purchased anything, but it was nice to have a look. Later over coffee we exchanged gossip and put the world right.  It rained most of the afternoon, it was fore caste, but after a few sunny dry days it was not too bad, plus the rain brought slightly higher temperatures. Hubby and Logan had some boy time, baking scones for tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to another evening in with hubby tonight, nothing planned except some stitching, hopefully another night without TV which is an ongoing item on my 52 things to do list.
Tomorrow is going to be exciting, my daughter and I are going to her final wedding dress fitting, April 9th is getting close, I really must get my outfit, I did have a look today, but we hope to go shopping soon, Chichester has some independent shops where I hope to find something different.

Monday 15 February 2016

A sewing post

Colours for my next project
 Hubby has set me a task
He would like this design on a cushion
I have already turned the design into a pattern
The threads and canvas cost £28.00
so I have already spent more in Feb than Jan
Still loving this
I have two crossed blades to stitch under the white rose
so inside will not be all black
 I am loving the simplicity of this
March - Joyful World
a quick stitch for me
 This is for Jo, Through the keyhole
I always fold my fabric whilst stitching on a large piece,
the double fabric holds tighter in these clips
but the folds are never too bad and always iron out
I roll my work in between stitching each update. 
I have not stitched my patchwork cushion, it's still in the frame, waiting, some time soon I will finish it. I am enjoying the stitch along, this one is very different to the normal designer I follow. Later I will do some more on Sheffield.
Logan is with us for a few days, so later in the week I will post loads of photo's.
We had another great night out on Saturday, good company, lovely food and loads of music to dance to. Most of Sunday was resting, the knee's can't take it, even if the mind is willing.

Friday 12 February 2016

My happy post

Hubbys present from me
I normally don't do Valentines, 
but there is a new local shop  with great prices. 
Sam loved it as soon as he saw it.
 One way to learn music
Sam came after school yesterday
 Our poor Magnolia tree
Weather burnt buds and loads of new buds
 The sky last evening, after the bad frosty start
the day turned out bright and dry
 These were waiting for me when I got home last night
Hubby got me flowers to celebrate my happy news, and it's real happy news, I finished work today at 12.15, and I have next week off, with nothing to do but stay at home. Grandsons will be involved because it is half term.
On 22 February I start a new job, I got an interview as soon as I put my CV out, and I got the job, handed my notice in yesterday, only one week required and asked to finish today. Was let go, so other than sadness for leaving a few of my work friends behind, no more having to listen to the horrible woman who is now dominating the office. Plus better conditions, more days holiday per year and a pay rise. Last Wednesday I spent the afternoon with the new company, a suggestion I made to ensure I would be happy with the work and new office, they jumped at the chance to try me out. So again I am starting a new role, this one is permanent.
So plans for next 9 days,
Hair cut tonight. 
Tomorrow a lunch at home for friends old and new. 
Tomorrow evening Valentines ball at HMS Collinswood (local Naval base). 
Sunday free.
Next week, lunch with Ann on Wednesday, 
sewing machine out, rest, read, gardening and 

Monday 8 February 2016

Batten down the hatches

Storm Imogen arrived yesterday evening, no one got much sleep the winds were howling all night, it was not so bad this morning going to work and again coming home but the winds are getting stronger again. Every thing in the garden is good, the fences are still standing, both small green houses are Ok.
We had very heavy rain through out the night, loads of standing water this morning and the local creek was very high.  It's warm and snug inside.
I re potted these plants, 
they are much bigger and love this sunny warm spot. 
Spent time on this, at some point I am going to get fed up with 
red, white and black
It's needed for June so plenty of time
I'm sat in my PJ's, we have just come back from a blustery walk through the park, not many dog walkers tonight, another day where I have done 6000 steps, I'm on track to up my steps to 7000 at the end of the month. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning, I had lost weight last week, so other than any hiccup over the weekend I hope to be a bit lighter than I was last week. Our plans are coming together, we are not on a diet, we are cutting back portion sizes, eating only betweem 8am and 6pm, which I am not finding a problem. My trousers felt loose today, it's a good sign. I do have a fancy for chocolate, but I am ignoring it.
I read a book yesterday afternoon, it's a great way to spend Sunday afternoon, often hubby want's to go out, but curled up in a chair with a hot mug of blackberry and elder-flower tea, is bliss.
Lunch was fun, oldest daughter was in a bit of a mood with me, I had a double moan at her when she 1st arrived, but if she behaves like a 16 year old (at 36) then I will treat her like a 16 year old.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Saturday shopping

The girls were snug this morning
 We popped to town and then a quick fly through Sainsbury's
A few yellow sticker items, these cost just £5.20 for both
iPad cover and wallet. Josh loves Star Wars
 Two of these for £15.00
Logan and Sam love Lego
 These £3.69 each
All of the above are now in our new this year, present box
SIL will love the shed, youngest son the other book.
Our kids grew up learning to read with ladybird books. 
 On the down side, why does ink cost so much
£28.50 for black and 3 colours for my new printer
I walked to a nice haberdashery for some ribbon, I was good just got the ribbon and came away, hubby was watching all the time, but I am sticking with my not spend just because theme.
A new spice shop has opened in town, we did have a look and prices are much cheaper, plus they have loads of new to us stuff. We purchased a couple of items, we will go back with a list rather than buying loads of stuff we might not use. On the plus now when hubby see's a new recipe with different ingredients, he has some where to shop.
We also popped back to the local reclaim yard we visited last March when we purchased a pair of lovely chimneys as seen here. I wanted a tall round chimney, but all he had this time was this square pot. I have a corner in my back garden where nothing grows. this is going to be perfect.
 I have worn this bracelet for over 15 years, I love it.
Last November a link broke and it cost £40 to repair. I was warned the links might start going because of the age, there are over 50 links. Another broke this week, and I  decided it was not worth the risk of having it repaired as soon the repair cost would be much higher than the value of the bracelet.  Hubby has repaired it with a round link, giving me a little more time, I won't be able to do this again as anywhere else would stand out. 

I have just had cheese on toast for lunch, it was yummy, with Worcester sauce, I love simple food, soon I will pop to my shed and put my plants in bigger pots.
Tomorrow we are having a family roast dinner, just six of us, it will be nice to all be together.


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