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37 books read in 2023

85 books read in 2022
3 books read in December

3 books read in November
81 books read this year

2 books read in October
78 books read this year

Just 1 bopo0k read in September
76 books read this year.

75 books read so far this year. 
12 books read in August.

Brilliant book

11 Books read in July 
63 this year

52 books read this year
7 books read in June

7 books read in May
45 books this year.

8 books read in April
38 books read this year. 

Book 30 read this year,
11 books read in March

11 Books read in Feb, yearly total 19 books

8 books read in January. 

44 books read 

17 books to end of April

7 books read in January. 


83 Books read in 2020

73 books to the end of November. 

69 books to the end of October.

64 books at the end of September

59 Books read up to end of August. 

10 books in May  ( total 34 books)

5 books in April ( total 24 books)

5 books in March, (total 19 books)

7 books in Feb
 (14 books in 2020)
Unpublished book by local author, Ian Dormouse Brown. 

7 books read in Jan.

Gave up half way through


I did not finish the stone circle

Add caption


1st read club book

76 books read in 2017

Read on iPad

I am missing a brilliant read. 

Behind her eyes, was a really good read, loved it 

Read on iPad
Read on iPad
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Loved The State We're in
gave up half way through on If you go away

Both Brillaint

From Josh 2016
32 books read 2016

Brilliant read

For Su and David 2016

Brithday present from Mel, lovely read

Ice Twins good read

Brillant book

Christmas 2015

All brilliant

loved it


loved it


Brilliant book

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