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Wednesday 30 September 2015

Reasons to be cheerful part 2

Carrie Rose is almost done
 Last part due in November, so for now it's packed away
 So tell me how do you start your post for your blog,
I always paste my photo's and then add words, it works for me, I do like to see photo's, if I have anything extra I always add it to the bottom of my post.
But we are all different, I always have a camera close by, and take loads more photo's than you see on here.

This week is again shaping up well
so lets go with my title

1, Late September sunshine, still wearing sandals and summer clothes 
2, Crisp clear mornings, I leave for work at 6.45am,
 it's fresh, cool but not cold and so full of promise
3,  Work is great, every one is playing nicely, no problems.
5, drive home at 3pm, sun still shinning and warm
6, hubby at home, no stress and always a smile for me
7, lovely home cooked meals, no hidden fat or sugar or anything
8, Sammy and Josh after school now on Tuesday, happy little boys
9, both daughters really happy makes me a happy mummy
10, had a pedicure from a new local shop, will go back again. 
PS, still into blue nails
Sorry for the above photo's our feet are always pretty to see, but the sandals are always welcome, I am hoping to be able to avoid shoe and boots for a while longer. The weather fore caste is good into next week.
My diet has started well and I'm feeling good, we are able to go for a walk each evening, so I'm reaching my step target. We have a health check machine in work for 6 weeks, this morning I used it, measures weight, height, which then gives you your BMI and % of fat in your body, also blood pressure and heart beats.  I have kept the print out and will use it again on 27th October, it will be a good measure of how I do this month. My BMI was not as bad as I thought, but my % of fat was high, so I know what I have to do.
We are sorting every thing for the weekend, hubby has cleaned and polished the bike, we have every thing ready to pack, we travel light when on the bike, so loads of little containers, just enough for two days.
Please have a bit of my cheer, it's really uplifting. 

Monday 28 September 2015

A bit of this

I decided if I'm not drinking for a month,
the last bottle should be a good one
This is my favorite red wine
and yes it was lovely with a steak meal.
We had a good busy stay at home weekend, popped to town for just a few things, and no extra's. Sunday I cleaned the sitting room, did all the corners so it all sparkles, I moved the furniture around to our 'winter layout', this ensures nothing is in front of the radiators. Soon it will be time to have the heating on, it's cold now getting up at 6am most mornings.
Sammy came over to visit with his Lego, we helped to build boats.  Su also popped in and she has confirmed how her wedding cards will look, it's just up to me to make them, I ordered all the supplies we require. After lunch we went out on the motorbike for a couple of hours, it was fun and not too cool. Next weekend we are away for 'Ride to the Wall', we have everything crossed it will be dry.
 I have also finished my last holiday book, it was a good read, not great but good
Lots of things around me, plus this time of year has given plenty of thinking time, not sure if that is good. 
After speaking to my doctor I cut back on the tablets I have been taking since my cancer scare, I should finish them in December after 5 years, but for now I have cut back to just taking them three days each week, and will stop in late October. I am feeling so much better, I have read so many reports where the side effects for the tablets impact on so much of your health and I have heard of many women not lasting the five years. So I am walking more, hubby is now cooking all meals from scratch, no hidden added stuff, just good ingredients, no snacking (that's my downfall), I am already eating much more fruit and hitting my 5 a day target. My head is in the right place to loose some weight, I want to get my cycle out and get going on it, and I will soon be looking for yoga classes.
After checking our new finances (you know life after hubby's salary), things won't be too bad, we will have to think about any larger purchases, but because we have stopped all the unnecessary purchases, we should still live at a nice level. Our plans were right on, we have most of what we require for the next couple of years, then we will revisit everything, so I can retire. We still have a nice level of spending, and could trim things back if necessary, but not at this time.
I enjoy going to work myself, the office is fun, we all work hard, no ego's and my brain gets a work out
Hubby is enjoying his time at home, and is beginning to create a routine, I am certainly enjoying him being home with me, and not having him arriving home late after a long drive. So now I'm off, it's Chicken Byraini for tea, and some for lunch tomorrow, who knew life was going to be so good.

Saturday 26 September 2015

and repeat

Carrie Rose is coming along well
 I just have the flowers to stitch along the bottom
Then it's a case of waiting for the last part in November
 Last weekend in the park, Sam and I picked up acorns
some we put on the bird table, 
because Sam told me squirrels love to eat them
and a few I have here, who knows, they might grow
 I have not done my garden pots yet,
I've got a late showing of colour
these with some winter pansies will be sorted soon
 Rather than leave my raised veg bed empty,
I have these to see how they get on. 
 The Alpine garden in the sunshine
the rain cover has helped keep it dry
and produced loads of growth. 
Something munched through the leaves on my raspberry plants, so I have cut them back, so a very poor crop this year. I am hoping to purchase another blue berry bush, one was not enough. The garden is looking scruffy at the moment, but I am allowing all the late colour to bloom, soon it will be time to cut it all back.
It's been an off week for me, I have had a bit of a tummy bug, not full on but enough to affect my days. On the plus side, I have removed the extra pounds from our  holiday. I am planning October as a month of change, we all see Stoptober on the TV, I don't smoke (never have), but in October I am stopping drinking, I only have 2 or 3 glasses per week, and I am watching what I eat, no snacks. I am also increasing my walking, I lost my pedimeter UP on holiday and have just got a Jawbone, they measure your exercise and sleep. So loads of changes for me.
At work we were told our department will stay until March of next year, but the thoughts are it will stay longer than that, so I am not thinking about anything until after Christmas.
We had to travel to Somerset on Thursday, another funeral, my younger brother died in early September, it was a shock to everyone, I not able to put into words how I feel, it's all just so sad.

Monday 21 September 2015

Holiday heaven

This was the view from our balcony 
 The infinity pool
 Down to the man made lagoon 
 On the beach
 Looking towards the mountains
 Along the coast
 Hotel front garden
 Botanical gardens- day out
 Venue for lunch on a day out
 Birds of prey at Oasis Park - day out
 I fell in love with Flamingo's aged 11
first seen at Slimbridge
 By the waterfalls leading to the lagoon
 Our favorite stopping point, 
people watching
A few of the stunning plants around the hotel.

Our hotel was at the top of a small mountain, tumbling down to the sea, Front reception was built on level 6, ground level at the front, our room was on level 5, and the back reception was on level 3, everything faced to the back of the hotel and overlooking the pools and beach, the hotel built into the side of the mountain. 
The outside was also on 4 levels, all with  slopes or steps creating stunning walks around the grounds. All the landscape around was barren wasteland, but the whole of the grounds were an oasis of green and colourful flowers. 
The most wonderful holiday possible, Rio Calma, Fuerteventura.

Sunday 20 September 2015

Back home

We flew in last night and after a few hours sleep 
my garden called
 All the rain has woken every thing up
I was so pleased to see so much growth and  colour
 Even my alpines looked good, 
I have added a black pebble recovered (stolen) from the beach. 
 We also have this beautiful photo's 
Our Somerset boys look great,
So pleased to have such a great photo. 
I managed to read 4 books on holiday, the best being Breaking the Silence, good enough for me to find a couple more books by this author. I will post next time some photo's of our break, all we did for the past week was sit and relax by the pool or sea, loads of long walks, drunk a few cocktails, and generally enjoy the break. The hotel was perfect and the location stunning.
Hubby has spent the day sorting laundry, now he is retired he does not get weekends, plus the day has been sunny and warm, I'm so glad we brought back the sunshine.
Sam has spent most of the day with us, he brought his bike and helmet, so we went for a long walk around the park, it was nice to be outside and he is so cute.
Later tonight I hope to do some stitching, this time Carrie Rose I can stitch everything except the final corner.  Downton Abbey is also back on TV tonight, now I'm off to cook Paella.

Friday 11 September 2015

Come fly with me

Yea I'm off work now for a whole week
I have my new sun hat and 50's style sunglasses
very glamorous 
 Just need to put this lot into our suitcase
Tomorrow we are off on a big silver bird to find sunshine
 Lovely flowers for Fliss who is home with cats
plus loads of lovely things in the fridge for them 
 One last look at Broken sash, I won't stitch on this when I get back, Carrie Rose will be back in the frame, plus I must do some more knitting. I'm only taking a couple of books with me next week, no craft, just loads of prime time with hubby. 
I have to repaint my toes bright blue (it's my fav colour this summer) a quiet evening in together,  having Byrani for tea, maybe a glass of wine to start the holiday.
I will take my iPad, so I should be able to keep up with your lovely blogs whilst relaxing around one of the pools. I am only taking my small camera, for a few snaps, we don't want to spend all the time taking photo's. It's going to be about relaxing and resting, loads of giggles, nice food and wine, which means diet will start once we are back home.
Have a good weekend and a great week, we intend to, speak to you all soon, xxxxx

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Boys, boys boys

The most perfect photo from last weekend
Josh really enjoyed playing with Finn
Sam and Logan spent loads of time together
Logan yesterday going into school
he had a good day and was happy
Sam started today and again another happy little boy
it was great to hear them describing their school dinners,
which all children now have when they start school
 A lovely gift in the post from Nine to five/Thirfty Delux
pop over and meet her, I love her post.
I have never done pulled work, something to look forward too
 Broken sash
tomorrow I should get the next section of  Carrie Rose
but I will work on this to the end of the week.
I am enjoying the sunny weather, we have gone for a walk each day after work, not too far but enough to get me out and about, we always manage to walk through our local park. One evening we met our neighbours from further up our street, it was nice to stop and chat.
Hubby has had a busy week so far, spending today at daughters house taking a small amount off all their doors after new carpets fitted, tomorrow he will get his second game of golf.
Saturday we are off on holiday, so suitcases are out and clothes being sorted, it's only for one week, I keep telling myself, I always over pack. But the promise of a rest in warm sunshine is really appealing.
Tonight is British Bake off, followed by a new drama Doctor Foster, so an evening sewing and watching TV. We enjoyed on Monday evening watching a programme about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and how similar their reigns are, to our delight they had footage of the garden party we went to at Windsor Castle for the presentation of the new colours to The Welsh Guards.
Work is going well, we have caught up and the problems are getting fewer and simpler, it's enjoyable in the office and all 8 of us get on so very well.

Monday 7 September 2015

Mix it up

Busy time stitching, not hiding from everyone
just stitching
 It's coming along well, 
I spent 2 days resting and stitching last week
 Sam came to play on Thursday and Friday
so Grace found a new place to hide, 
 There is a new series of Bob the Builder on TV
so out came all the old toys, Sam had loads of fun
 I have done nothing in our garden
lucky then it still looks good
 Grancha and Sam at the park on Friday
Sam leading the way to ensure Grancha knew what to do
Back to park with Logan on Sunday
 Hubby and step-son
just because they can 
We had a houseful over the weekend, a family BBQ, with all four grandsons together, it was hectic but great fun. Sunday was our 29th wedding anniversary, we don't do big things, it just tagged on after Kev's birthday and retirement. We were able to sit outside for home cooked Sunday lunch, beautiful sunny day, the boys playing, loads of chatter, but it get's so cool at night.
We went out for a meal on Wednesday evening, our favorite restaurant was too busy so we went to an American themed meal, OK, but won't go there again.
The rest of the week was written off, things coming our way which we have no control over, very intense and tiring, both my daughters have been lovely to me, they are a great comfort, hubby just supports and is always there for me.  I went back to work today, and I'm counting down to Saturday when we jet off for a week in the sunshine, we both need this break.
Today hubby's first day at home, with loads of things for him to do, he was OK when I got in from work, we have been for our walk already, so it's a sit and stitch night again, I have not forgot my knitting, but my stitching will always be my first love.
My birthday present is due tomorrow, I'm allowed to try it on to ensure it fits and then it will be packed away until November, darn!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

September post

Sam getting ready for his first day at school next Monday
 Josh in his new uniform, he's back today
The school has gone back to shirts, ties and school jumpers
Don't they look smart. 
How quick they have grown up, Sam has never worn a uniform, in one way it sad to see him going to school, they change so much. Logan is visiting with mummy and daddy and baby Fin this weekend, so we should have lovely photo's of him soon, Logan also starts a different school on Monday.
Our SIL to be David is celebrating this month, he has paid off his student loan,  and is very happy about it, but with the wedding coming up next spring, they will be short of cash for a while. Plus Su's birthday coming up, which comes just after his.
We have our anniversary on Sunday 29 year married and 31 years together, how quickly the time has passed, I'm lucky we have a happy marriage, a good partnership.
Today is hubby's birthday and retirement, he will be home from work soon, I think they are having a small do for him. We have Chocolate birthday cake (at Sam's request), which will be served once Josh is home from school. Later Su, David and Fliss will be home from work, so another small celebration, then I'm taking hubby out for a meal. I want this day to be special for him, after wards it will just be the two of us.
In just over a week, we will be packing for a nice short break in the sun. 
So September starts busy and stays busy in this home. 
I have had an unexpected day off today, and will be home again tomorrow, sad family news,


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