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Thursday 31 October 2019

October roundup

It's the end of the month and I look at my spending, most of the yarn purchased was for crochet blankets for our baby grandson, due next month. Plus some hand dyed yard for a shawl. I also purchased some round glass shapes for my glass fusion.

I did spend £28 on 2 pairs of jeans, both comfortable to wear, new clothes and shoes totalling just  £197.80 this year, I'm really pleased with myself. £22 on Christmas decorations, I have no desire to purchase any more for the festive season, but I do like to treat myself to something new each year for my tree.

We have not purchased anything big for the house nothing is required. Our fence between us and our horrible neighbours has taken another bashing in the winds, but because her garden is so overgrown they are staying upright. We are saving as much as we can so if they break we can replace them, we already know she will not pay anything towards it. Our boiler is working well, the issue from the water heater does not show when the heating is on, strange, but helpful through the winter months.

We put the heating on this month, Just mornings and evenings, we are both warm and often when we touch the radiators they are off, the temperature is set at 19c, I normally feel the cold, but the house is snug and warm, which is great, as we have oak wooden floors and few carpets, which in years past always added to the house being slow to warm. We will never be able to save enough to equal the cost of the new windows, but being warm is more important. At this point we are saving over 50p each day on last year, looking promising.

No food waste again, we have been eating from the freezer, it was full of meats, hubby was looking at turkey crowns, but as yet we have no freezer space to get them early.

We have done most of our tiny Christmas shopping, with baby George due in December, I want to be free to help daughter as much as we can.

Tuesday 29 October 2019

My parcel has arrived.

Given my medical history, I was not sure if it was wise to read, Will you remember me, Amanda Prowse, but I did enjoy the book, lots to think about. I have just started The Stone Circle. 
Postman brought an expected parcel yesterday, yarn from a UK maker, Burrow & Soar, I follow them on Instagram. Plus purchased in their sale, nice discount on hand dyed yarn.
 The multi colour yarn is for a shawl, don't you just love the colours, like gems catching the light. The darker yarn is not spun, I am wanting to do some needle felting, something I have wanted to do for ages, and though these shades would make wonder animals, I will try a fox 1st. 
 I have a lemon sherbet habit, and it's gotten out of hand, these are my last two sweets, and I won't buy anymore for a while, I have been sucking my way through them for weeks. 
I have not done any craft, the blisters have all popped on my hands, they are not causing me any issues, the skin below is formed and not sore, but to ensure they don't hurt I have done nothing but read. My leg is healing very well, I have just one small spot where the blister formed but it is clearing up slowly.
We had Will for 2 nights from Saturday afternoon until Monday, mummy and daddy had a few days at a spa, the rest did both of them good. It's the 1st time we have had him for more than 1 night, ready for early December, he will be here whilst mummy has baby George. Both mornings we were up at 6am, and then full on, it's amazing how much energy a little boy has, we both enjoyed the peace whilst he had his afternoon nap.
Sunday we went into the garden, I had to empty my big water butt, one side had sunk, only slightly, but hubby wanted to put it right, plus I was able to pop and obelisk behind it, where we planted a climbing rose. With all the rain we are having it should fill up very quickly, I am using this water for my plants in the greenhouse, I always prefer to use rainwater on my nasties and citrus plants. I did not get to plant my new tulip bulbs, I will try next week, the plant in the pot has not yet totally died back, I can always pop the pot into the greenhouse if it gets too cold.
We had an air frost, our flat roof was white at 6am Monday morning, it does feel much cooler, winter is coming.
Tonight is the final of Bake off, I won't say who I would like to win, because in the past I have never been right, we have both enjoyed this series.
I have just heard the report from Grenville house attacking firefighters, these are brave souls, who on the night which must have been overwhelming for each and everyone, in a situation which they have never faced before. I salute each and every one of our fire fighters, police officers and staff in NHS, all around our country, they do the best job, without them so many lives would be different.

Saturday 26 October 2019

Finishes and planning a start

I have finished this cot blanket for George, it's not huge, perfect size for a baby. I used Drops 💗you, cotton 4ply, and used 12 x 50grm balls. 
 I still have all the ends to work in, I have a tiny rug hook, which I use, 
hope to get it all done in the week. 
 These are pretty boys colours, 
whilst not using the same shades of blue as used for Will's blanket, 
which he still takes to bed with him. 
 I have done some more glass fusion, these are made with triangles of glass in a circle, overlapping, but leaving a gap in the middle to be able to hang them. Neither is perfect, but I will use them on my Christmas tree this year. I have a couple of designs in my head, I hope to get them done soon. 
 Back to crochet, these are the colours for the ripple blanket for George to use in the car,  this will be the same size as the one I made Will, just the colours will be different. This will be a simple quick design, which I can thread the yarn ends in as I make it.
I'm not in a rush to start the ripple blanket, I really want to knit, I have enough yarn for a chunky jumper or a 4ply Alpaca jumper and a few shawls. I have just half a sock to finish for a Christmas gift, I might knit another pair, I have loads of sock yarn.
I also need to sort the scarf I am weaving, it should have been finished ages ago, the loom is on a small table in my dining room and is in the way, so that's my incentive to get it done. This will be done over the weekend, some of the blisters have broken on my fingers, and whilst they do not hurt, I think it's best if I don't hold hooks or needles for a couple of days.
I did pop to our local library and get some more books to read, so I have plenty to do.
I have been sorting, packing away baby toys and books which Will no longer uses, some went to our local charity shop, I have his toy box to do next, it is overflowing with toys. I also have some shoes and clothes I have not worn for over a year, these I take to the red cross collection, where clothes are given to those in need for free.

Friday 25 October 2019

Colour everywhere

This new raised bed has looked perfect all summer, I have not added anything since I created it, it is under planted with loads of spring bulbs, I am not touching this bed until the frost come. 
 Another nice selection, my bonsai acer has lost all it's leaves, but is still healthy.
 Rose buds, and so much colour in the garden.
I will soon pack all the birds in my shed for the winter.

 I don't expect these leaves to be here much longer. 
 This is the 1st year for this planting in my sink and I have been very pleased with it, next spring I will reduce the grasses, as I don't want them taking over here. 
 It's such a shame this shrub from our neighbours garden has been cut back, I loved it when it grew over my shed. But it was top heavy and it's more important to ensure the plant survives. 
Hubby picked up all the leaves and stuff off the lawn and around the garden, which immediately made it look tidy again, I am not cutting anything back as yet, I am very pleased with the colour.
I did purchase some purple tulips to plant, but I am waiting for a plant in a pot to die back a bit more, I am not removing the plant, I will add compost and plant the bulbs in the same pot.
I have very little to do, I did have a plan, which has been shelved, at this moment I'm not sure if I will do it next year, or rethink my outside raised bed by the greenhouse. This is the only spot in the garden which is not producing, it was made for cut flowers, but for the 2nd year has failed. I am not going to think about how much I have spent on cut flowers for the house this year, but it is much more than it should be.
I am beginning to do craft again, I have done loads to baby George's cot blanket, it will be finished next week. I am pulling out all the material so I can make Christmas gifts with my sewing machine.
We will walk to our library today to get more books, I have finished all five books, but I will only get a couple of books this time.
We have Will staying for 2 nights, Saturday and Sunday, so I won't be doing much over the weekend, we never plan much as we let Will decide what he wants to do, and spend time having fun with him. With baby George due in 4 weeks, it's the last chance for mummy and daddy to get some time together, they are away for the 2 days, being a couple again.

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Family time

We went out for lunch on Monday in the village, walking back home past our local barbers, which was empty, we took Will in for a hair cut. Will loves it here, because Grancha has his hair cut. 
 Love this photo. 
I have not done much other than reading, as a bookworm I find true pleasure is settling down with a new book to read. I hope to pop to the library tomorrow to get some more books. I have done a small amount of baby George's crochet blanket, but I can't hold the hook for too long.
Sunday we popped to Will's house, Will now has a single bed, it's a cabin bed, which is set low, when he's a bit older it can be set high enough to use the floor space below. His potty training is going very well, only an occasional accident. He looks so old in the photo's above but he is still only 2 years old.
Monday, mummy and Will came to ours, normally mummy leaves Will with us and gets on with things, but as she has only 5 weeks until George will arrive, she is doing less, and relaxed with us all day.
Tuesday was sign class, we started earlier, and got loads done, we are now starting to learn more Christmas songs. Hubby and I read in the afternoon, and I finished my last book from the library.
Today I am meeting a old work friend for lunch, hubby and I will pop to town early , I will stay in town and catch the bus home, I am still not driving, my grip is still very tender.
Later this week I have a few small things to do in the garden, plant some more tulips and a general tidy around.

Monday 21 October 2019

In the greenhouse

These have worked well again this year, keeping bugs at bay.
This begonia is just stunning, 
I have two new plants from cuttings taken. 
Back inside the dry
String of pearls, is looking good
The plants have settled in here.
All my nasties are looking good
Raised bed

Love this display in this pot
My original Olive is growing and looking healthy, I will keep in greenhouse this winter and try and sell it next spring, it will be a good size. 
I may not have been able to do much in the last week, but I can pop to the greenhouse, water and enjoy everything inside. When the sun shines it's lovely and warm inside, perfect place to recharge batteries and feel close to the garden and growing plants.
I am still reading, which I enjoy, hubby and I spend loads of time sitting quietly together.
Blogger is changing again, I have clicked for the new version, I have more time to be able to work with the changes, one positive, they cut back the comment to just the last 1000, but with the new version I have got back all the comments, right back to the 1st one. I am enjoying the new style, very interactive.

Saturday 19 October 2019

Getting better

These have kept me occupied this week, I went to our local library on Thursday, I have finished 2, 
The Rumour was brilliant, loved this book
Sleep - I also enjoyed
Left Jodi Picoult to last, I have never read a poor book by her.
These are all fastbacks and have to be read and returned within 2 weeks.
 These I can keep for up to 4 weeks and extend the loan time if I wish, but they will be finished quickly, I do read quick, and I do have loads of reading time. 
Thank you so much for all your kind comments, I know I should have gone to a walk in center at the time of the accident, but Will was here, hubby was full of cold, and I could not drive myself. My hands are much better, the blisters are slowly disappearing, they have not broken, at some point I know the dead skin will break away. I thought I had only burnt my right hand, but my left finger tips are also very tender, so I am being very careful.
My leg is very sore, I did have blisters here, but they are again settling down, I am watching the area daily, if it changes I will get to see my doctor, at the time, I thought I had been lucky and the burns were not too bad, but as the days have gone by, I can see my delicate skin was burnt more than I thought. I love skinny trousers, they are so comfortable, but became hell to get off at the time of the accident.
I am not accident prone, infact I have very few accidents, even when working in the garden I am able to avoid cuts and bruises, but in a blink of an eye things change.
All it had done this week is rain, which helps as I can't go outside, but I did manage an hour in the greenhouse, wearing gloves to protect my hands, I watered all my plants.
It's a dry sunny morning, but other than picking up leaves, we have no plans to be outside, the ground is very wet.
I have been making plans in my head for crafting, but I have not picked anything up as yet.
I did finish the second series of The Crown from netfix, which I totally enjoyed.
It's that time of year again, the fireworks have already started!

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Reading time

Reading time here, this was a huge book 511 pages, but not the best read, set in ireland just a couple of years ago, but it felt almost American and more 60's, but maybe that's just me. I also thought this was 2 books put together as one, not sure I would look for another of her books to read.
 But this is great, enough clues to keep you wanting to read more, I do like Peter Robinson, he writes a good interesting story. This is my 47th book read this year. 
 Ouch, burnt my hand and leg in an accident at home this week, I knocked a pot of just cooked soup over myself, could not get my skinny jeans off fast enough.
I sat with my hand in cold water for an hour, the blisters at the finger tips went down, but I still have a few more on my fingers and the back of my hand. I did this on Monday when Will was here, it was so very hard not to scream out, I'm not sure what Will thought as Grancha striped off my clothes in the kitchen. I have burns on my legs, they are sore, but no broken skin and just one blister. So I am sore, it was bloody painful, I am hoping I can put on some trousers to walk to our libary, I have run out of books to read.
Hubby got some burn cream from our local chemist, I see no point going to A&E, as I can treat myself at home, with no broken skin I should heal well. 
No crafting, I can't hold anything, no gardening same reason, on the plus no housework or cooking. 
I have finished editing my 2018 book, I have read through it again and I'm happy, so just waiting until next month when I can get the best discount. 
So back to reading. 

Monday 14 October 2019

New start and a finish

A perfect new start, using Drops 4ply cotton, this is for baby George, I made one for Will in shades of blue.
 A very simple small blanket to crochet, I do have loads of ends to sew in, I'm about a 3rd of the way through, I have used 4 balls, and have 8 more to use. 
 I finished the socks for my brother, these were so simple to knit each colour was 10 rows, the top, heel and toes all match in navy. The second sock was so much quicker, no measurements, I know where I was at every stage. I did not mind all the ends to stitch in, a pure joy to knit.
 I have done more on these, I'm half way to the toes, or I would be, if I did not have to.....
 unpick loads of rows a dropped stitch, this has happened alot with this yarn, I will be pleased once they are finished. 
I have done more on my weaving, but as it wraps around the loom, it's does not look any different.
I have a couple of home made sewing gifts I would like to make for Christmas, nothing too busy, easy designs. I also want to finish my bag, and make a fabric toy store for my neighbours daughter. So sewing machine will be out for a while.
I have most of the fabrics needed to make Luna Lapin, the only issue I have is, whilst I have loads of felts, I don't have a piece big enough to make her in one colour, but I could make her limbs in different colours, I will have to think about it. I also have loads of Peter Rabbit cotton fat quarters, which I can use for clothes.
I also have a small ripple blanket to make, again for baby George, simple design, very similar to Will's, just enough difference to know which belongs to each grand son.
Both Saturday and Sunday was wet, not that it mattered to me, I have a real bad cold, which started to go onto my chest, not sleeping to great, so I was happy to sit and crochet or read most of the weekend, I am feeling better this morning, having a couple snugly days helped fight the bugs.
Today I have decided not to cancel Will, it's probable he gave me the bugs in the first place, we are having another day at home, it's his second week of toilet training, he is doing well, but not up to trips out, when he shouts 'nanna I want a wee' we have to move quickly.

Saturday 12 October 2019

Growing inside

It's a wet weekend and our cats have the right idea, I have plants everywhere inside, this is my stitching storage cabinet beside my chair. 
 I have had this orchid for over a year, I'm still waiting to see if it will flower again, there is loads of growth on here.
 These have been brought back to a light place, hopefully to flower again.
 The blooms on here are stunning and have been out for weeks, 
and should last for loads more weeks. 
 My coffee plants, sits by the patio doors, 
it's light here but no direct sunlight, these love the shade. 
 These flowers are over a week old, on my dining room table, 
all the above plants are in my sitting room. 
 In the bathroom, full of buds, these have a stunning pink flower. 
 My baby plant is slowly growing, 
the parent plant is doing brilliant in my greenhouse. 
 In my office, I love string of pearls. 
 Pineapple plant has not done much,
but the babies are growing. 
The african violet has moved from the kitchen, it's sunnier in here.
 Cuttings on the window sill, 
aftrican violets and a hanging plant from the garden. 
Hubby is getting used to having so many plants inside, I try and keep them out of his way, he understands my need to grow things. Some plants are new, small cuttings or old favorites which I have had for years, all of them are loved.
My focus is inside and the greenhouse, the garden is still looking good, but we have been closing it down for winter, last year I did not cut back plants leaving seed heads for the wildlife and I plan to do the same this year.


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