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Saturday 31 December 2011

Getting ready for a party

Well it's the last day of the old year, 
2011 was not the year I expected or wanted, 
so I am pleased to see it finally go.
I am very lucky, I have a great family, with daughters and grandsons, we have had a  close family Christmas, and tonight we have friend's coming here for a small party. The food is ready, as is the wine, I just need to go and get ready.

I do not make resolutions for the new year, but I have promised myself this is the year where I have my final operation, I then will raise my fitness, and lose those extra pounds I have put back on, just to get me back to where I was a couple of years ago, and to get out and live my life again.

So to my blogging friends
I wish you a happy healthy New Year
with the promise of great things to come.

See you all next year!

Thursday 29 December 2011

Confused garden

 My garden does not know what season it is.

Each morning I still have to pick up leaves from our tree, it still has a few hanging on, which is very late in the year, but look closer and you can see buds forming. What is going on?
 In this little garden my winter pansies are in full bloom, but the long green leaves are for spring bulbs growing in December.
 In this garden I have fuchsia blooms in the corner, and a fuchsia bush growing near the front, in the middle I have bedding plants with buds on, and the others are still growing.
It's the maddest weather we have had, each year the flowers last longer, but this year they have started regrowing, even my two rose bushes I cut back have leaves on them.

I am working again today, only a short day finish at 4pm, then another long weekend off, loads to do, but to start my brother Martin arrives today for a visit.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

TUSAL December

 Just a few threads this time, life really did get in the way of stitching.

 The pot for the year looks really good, my ORT's are pushed down in this pot, 
I have enough to stuff a heart, and I have a couple to sew up.
 One present I had from hubbie Kev, was this hanger, this is the most simple design, but perfect for my collection of hearts, I have more to add, and as yet I'm not sure where it will be placed in the house, but I want it on view, I love my collection of stitched hearts, and I have plans to make more.
Our Christmas was perfect, both grandsons were great, we have seen them three days in a row, Josh loved his globe and Sammy was given a push along duck, which quacks and is musical, he loves it, but there is no off switch, poor mummy and daddy. Lunch cooked by Su and Gav was perfect, the evening at home together was the perfect end to a great day. Yesterday we went for our Boxing day walk along the sea front at Lee-on the Solent, the tide was high it was breezy but again we all enjoyed the walk, Josh had his new scooter.

Today is a day at home together, I would like to do some stitching, I have not picked up my work for almost a week!

Friday 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, how quick it has arrived this year
We are home for 4 days with our family around us
Warm, snug and happy

I love looking at your blogs through this year, it's been great fun watching your craft's grow, seeing photo's of your families and loved ones, reading your comments left on my blogs and feeling part of the community which is blogging.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas with a Happy New Year
spent with those you love the most.

Thursday 22 December 2011

More decorations

 I popped into Laura Ashley yesterday and these came home with me
I like to add something to my tree each year
I do not follow theme's for my tree, it's our family history, I brought my first decoration in 1973, and I have added each year since, I have purchased items from most of the countries I have visited, it shows our family history.
I managed to do a small amount of stitching, I still want to finish this corner by the weekend, I have two and half rows to do, not much stitching, but it's not a repeat pattern, so I have to follow the chart. Romantic sampler can be find here at the designer's blog.
We have a get together after work in the board room, nibbles, bubbly and a staff raffle, it will be fun to have everyone together, we work over two sites.

Tonight I want to finish my house work, so there is nothing to do over our long weekend, tomorrow night we are out with friends, on Christmas Eve we will have Josh and Sammy for a couple of hours, then an evening in together.

Jan Houtman - Patchwork
the colours here look a bit bright
but this is heading for my next project.

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Busy time

 I have done almost no stitching, it's just so busy here
I was hoping to finish the top corner before Christmas, 
I may still make it if I have a good evening stitching.
With family visits, watching very excited little boys, and keeping up with friends, I had little time to myself in the past few days, I still have my cake to finish and tonight we are going for our last prechristmas shop to the supermarket, wish me luck.

Work is slow with long boring days, next year I will save holiday for the week before Christmas.

Still the big day will be here soon, with loads of time with my daughters and their families, laughter and joy, can't wait, and over the New Year we will see our youngest grandson who's 1st birthday is on the 1st, and visit my brothers and sisters.

Saturday 17 December 2011

Getting closer

 The post man came this week, and Kev received the following box, we both loved the name on the front, I love all things wood, and the feel of this box is beautiful.
Inside are two very nice bottles of wine, a thank you to him for his help through out the year, Kev is looking forward to the wine, I will also enjoy it, but the box is on my mind, what to do with it, it's not the right height for my dolls house, but I will see if I can use it, if not the most perfect storage box,

 Our spare bedroom is still a tip, loads of presents have been sent on their way, and we have more to hand out tonight, soon this room will be ours again.
 We have two chocolate logs this year, the back one we are taking to our daughter on Christmas day, it was brought from a local baker, the front one is ours from Marks and Spencer's, I have one every year.
 I changed our table decoration, the first one I made had loads of candles, and greenery, but as I like to light the candle it did not feel safe, so I have made this one, the candle now sits higher than the stuff around it. I am very pagan with my Christmas, loads of holly, ivy all around my house, all of it silk and very realistic looking.

Friday 16 December 2011

Stitchy Friday update

 Yet again not the best photo's, 
I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, 
so midweek photo's are never going to look good. 
But I hope you can see the stitches.
I have started adding my touch to this work, the hearts along the rightside should be empty, but I fancied the pink centres, I would like to add more, but I am waiting to nearer the finish line to see what will work.
Work has been busy and stressful the past couple of days, we are not seasonal but we are busy, which is good, I have a job, a good boss and a small bonus again this month, can't be that bad.

We have a busy weekend, tonight we have Su and Gav coming for a curry tonight, I wish Fliss and Steve could be here as well, but I'm their babysitter, so it's difficult. Tomorrow evening we are at a friends for a pre Christmas get together, nice chatty evening. In the days I want to get Christmas in the bag, just a couple of small things to do, and a small bit of food shopping.

Here is the south east we have weather warnings, rain, wind and snow, so it will make an interesting day!

Monday 12 December 2011

A star

 Josh played the lead star in his school's Nativity this morning, he was really good and brought the three wise men to baby Jesus.
But alot of the time it was a bit boring for a young lad, they all sung beautifully, there were no tears and they all performed well.

 A few stitches more, it's coming along well, can't wait to complete it, I have a new project from this designer starting on 10th January. Winter watergarden is now a WIP, I think it's going to be a summer finish, after starting late I have never caught up and this sampler came along..........
I have had a great day off, spending time with Fliss and Sammy, bit of shopping loads of chatter and laughter, now an evening in with Kev and may be a glass of red.

2 post in one day, my goodness, I have been busy.

Sammy christening

 Sammy and Josh
Yesterday Sammy was christened, below I have a family photo, Josh by this point is fed up with smiling, typical little boy, he was thinking about all the cakes next door laid on the tables for afternoon tea. Sammy was a super little boy, good all the way through.
 Fliss and Su, bot looking extreme with their hair colourings, both have added colour and even thou they have gone different shades, the both look good.
 We had a nice afternoon catching up, 

I am feeling much better, I have finished all my cards, wrapped my presents and am almost ready for Christmas, we are not at home for much of the day, but still we have loads to do, I watched grumpy old woman again on TV last night, it was the Christmas one, and they have hit the spot with their moans, why do we set ourselves up each year, well last year, with all my health issues I gave up on the prefect Christmas, and guess what we had a perfect time.

So again this year, I'm not collecting any top chef recipes, or following any ones house decorating schemes, for my house, I'm using what I have, presents have been a reasonable cost, and with a morning with the boys, mummy and daddy and lunch with Su and Gav and an evening with my wonderful hubby Kev, sounds a perfect day.

Friday 9 December 2011

 I have added a bit more to this sampler, the pale pink does not show as well as in real life, it is a delicate colour against the natural background. I love this so much I have signed up for next years pattern, I love the style, if you want to find our more pop here I am hoping to have this finished this month, I have plans for it.
 I love these dark evening and candle light, our homes are so cosy and warm, 
and at this time of year it is perfect to have lit candles every where.
My thoughts this morning is with everyone in the north, after the battering they had with such harsh winds, snow and non stop rain, I hope you are all dry warm and safe, thank goodness the gust have slowed, pictures on the news last night looked horrible.

I have an extra day off this weekend, I go back on Tuesday, not alot planned for the weekend, our Grandson Sammy is being christened on Sunday, so posh frocks for that, I hope to be able to catch up with Christmas this weekend, cards, cake wrapping presents. Monday it's Josh's school play, can't wait to see him, he did not want a speaking role, so he's a star, which in my eyes he has always been.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

In daylight

 I took some photo's in daylight, our tree above and the shelf in our hall way below, I am so pleased to be able to use my star, I did think of putting it on top of the tree, maybe next year.

 Purdy is getting over her op, the collar stays on until Friday, but she is not really bothered by it, Grace is settling on our sofa, it's getting colder out side.
 Santa is back out, Josh loved again this year, we had one year when he cried each time it played.
Not done alot of stitching, been really busy, doing not alot, I have to finish making my cards they are made just have to put the decorations on the front, I also have to finish my Christmas cake, it's made just needs icing. We are at Su and Gav's for Christmas dinner, so nothing for us to plan there, and as yet I have not wrapped a present. I feel a bit of a mad rush this weekend.

Sunday 4 December 2011

Getting ready

 I have dressed the house for Christmas again,
I am using the same decorations but it all looks different  this year, my small shelves in the hall is lit, I should use tea lights in the star and angel, but I can't use them is this small space, so I have brought loads of the battery operated fairy light with 20 bulbs, and using them instead of tea lights, all very safe.
 Our tree is in the same place, at this time of the year we do not use the patio doors so its a perfect place for a full size tree. I prefer to have loads of traditional items on the tree, all different colours, but I never use tinsel, can't stand it, don't have any in the house.
Our fireplace is just the small wood burner, not real it's electric, but a focal point, note the Santa on the motorbike, he's been a family favourite for years. I also have loads of silk, ivy, holly, misletoe and ponsettas, which I have placed every where, a real pagen feel to the place.

Josh came round with mummy and was very excited, he went to his school disco last night and stayed out to after 9pm, so the whole weekend has been exciting for him. They were going home to decorate their house.

Dinner is now ready, evening in stitching and watching TV with hubby.

Saturday 3 December 2011

More lace

 Not the best photo's but I have almost finished another panel of lace, the repeat pattern was another easy stitch, I am now over half way through,
 The whole pattern is now looking much better, I have decided to make this into a cushion, and I am thinking of giving it to someone special, who will cherish it.
Busy weekend, putting up the Christmas decorations, tree goes up tonight, and see what Purdy makes of it, and then decorations tomorrow, this year I am going to have a sort out and get rid of loads I never use. I have far to many things, so on Monday a trip to the charity shops.

Tomorrow I would like to visit a garden centre we have heard about, nothing I require but nice for somewhere to go, We had our farmers market this morning, not alot of stalls there, which is a shame, but a bit early to buy fresh Christmas greenery.  This evening we are baby sitting Sammy, whilst Josh is taken to his disco with daddy, and mummy is working.

Final bit of good news, my last op is being booked for early next year, still a wait, but at least I'm now on their list,once it's done I can put every thing behind me.


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