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Sunday 31 August 2014

Finishes and stash

We have our dinning room table back, I did some sewing yesterday, I still have loads to do, and have made plans for some patchwork, only very simple. 
 I made two more small Christmas cushions, I have had the Christmas cross stitch in my box forever. The Christmas fabric I purchased many years ago, without any plans, just three different designs, they are a good quality cotton.
 I have decided to give Leanna the top (1st made) cushion, I have made mine just a bit simpler, I do need to add a few words above the tree, red cushion is also for me to keep. I will stuff and finish them later today.
 This design has finally arrived, it was purchased in my last order in early August and was out of stock, I am itching to stitch it, but will keep Winter Watergarden in the frame.
 I purchase the chart for this, e cosa bella natura I fell in love the moment I saw it, I have not stitched a long narrow piece before, can't wait for it's arrival. I found it at Crafty Kitten. This was purchased before I decided to join Sue's September drive, see below.
 Just one shot from Friday, we make a neat team plus a few from the district, it was fun to see them all again and very sad to say goodbye. Ann and I will have lunch together this week, to catch up with gossip.
I follow loads of blogs, ladies (and guys) who have the same loves as myself, and in the past few years I have been sorting clutter and unnecessary things from our lives. Sue at Our New Life in the Country  is a master at this, and in September she is having a Low spend/No spend and I am joining in.
I plan to use the hoard of food in our big freezer in the garage, we have enough clothes, not to need to purchase any more (we have been good for ages, and passing all the sales to wear what we already own)
The only hiccup I have to allow is hubbies 65th BBQ next weekend, but already I have found items in the freezer to use, and will stick to the low spend as much as I can.
It will be very interesting to see  what changes we make, but it should be just more of what we have been trying to do, and a very good time to stop purchasing chocolate and snacks, which will help with the pounds I have put back on.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Where did that week go

My sewing machine is still out, but as yet I have not had much chance to use it. The green box holds all my finished cross stitch, I also have a bag of fabrics for finishing, plus my Christmas material, the blue box holds some of my cottons reels, as does the box it is sat on. 
 Yesterday was my leaving meal from the Sea Cadets, a bit late but it was the last day for the other lady. They always have a sketch done for you, this time they framed them and added the little plate, all ready to go on the wall. I do love mine, I have a few, but this is the 1st with colour. A very clever artist.
 I now have a nice shoot from the Avocado and strong roots, but this is the easy bit, it gets hard when you try and plant it. The Lemon (smaller) and Lime plants are both doing well,  the growth on the Lime has slown down, but both are healthy.
 In the back garden along my herb bed, my cucamelon plant is huge, and looking much better than the plant in the green house, I will have more strawberries to pick soon. This area is still very green.
 The flower beds are not looking so good, the cooler weather we have had is tricking the gardens into thinking autumn  has arrived, we are fore caste for some more warmer weather, September is normally a warm month. This rose with it's visitor is beautiful.
 My harvest today is healthy, I have three different tomatoes, just a few of each, the smaller red ones were from a hanging plant, a very interesting way to grow them. I have loads of cucamelons on the plants, but we are having a BBQ next weekend so I am saving them, I also have a couple of cucumbers, which I want to harvest next weekend. First harvest for peppers, mine are all late this year. A small harvest of Raspberries, it was wet on Thursday when the boys visited, so for once we can have some.
It has been a very busy week, I have not picked up Winter Watergarden as yet, I do need to do some careful counting before stitching, and when it is busy here I prefer not to risk it. But I am getting withdrawal from not stitching. We do not have much planned for this weekend, so maybe tomorrow.
It was David's 30th birthday yesterday, so we popped in for cake after our lunch, his birthday meal has been delayed, his brother is working oversea's.
I am busy planning for Tuesday, hubby is 65, so it's the big birthday, he is not bothered, but I do want the day to be special, hope to surprise him. On Saturday we are having a family get together in our garden, with afternoon tea and later a BBQ, this will enable family to be able to travel to see him.

Thursday 28 August 2014

All made up

I did manage to make this cushion up
 I love the fabric with the tree, but I have a small dirty mark above the stitching, I will have to sort it out. This is the total sum of getting my sewing machine out yesterday, I had a friend pop in for most of the afternoon.
 Daughter Fliss has made me this sewing roll.
 It is a great size and nicely padded to hold my scissors, I must admit it would make a great makeup holder. I will have to see which contents fit better, either way, I love the colours, what a real nice gift.
 Fliss's progress with 'Once upon a Time', she does not have as much stitching time as me, but it's looking good, she is still using the published colours.
 Today, Fliss came around with Josh and Sam, so the house gave way to loads of toys, Sam loves his road mat and all the cars, Josh had loads of Lego, Star wars and Harry Potter. Fliss did manage to stitch, but I resisted, I find it far to easy to miscount on Winter Watergarden.
 Hubby brought home these roses for me, I had a big problem last night with our mortgage insurance, and managed to get it sorted this morning. It was pleasing to hear them say it was their error and they will put it right. I even had an apology from them for the stress their letter caused us.
We did manage to pop to the park this afternoon, Sam and Josh ran about and played together, when the sun did show itself it was really warm, and we managed to get back home before the rain. The garden is looking good, the weekend rain (which equalled a month's rain for us) has helped every where, our lawn is now back to green.
We also had fun with Grancha, he was challenged with the ice bucket, and we had to throw iced water over him, and he then donated £3 to Macmillan, the boys thought it was great fun, I now have every thing crossed I am not nominated, you can pay the fine of £10 if you don't want to get wet.
I am tired tonight, so no stitching, but I have left my sewing machine out, and will try and finish a few more items, I do fancy doing some sewing.
Tomorrow we are out to lunch at HMS Nelson ward room it a a beautiful setting for a lunch. This is the last get together for Sea Cadets, so it will be a sad day as well.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Beady finish

It has rained here for the past two days, loads of heavy rain, so inside we stay.
 I have finished beading my 1st tree
 I found the tree topper in my stash box
I have searched out my Christmas material, and decided on these two, I will get my sewing machine out tomorrow and sew it together, hubby is home today. I prefer to use my machine when I am on my own I can then spread out. I will try and finish a few other projects, I have some hearts to make up.
 I used two size of seed beads, these are the normal size, I mixed loads together,
I also used petite seed beads along the top of the branches. 
I will bead the 2nd tree later, it will be a gift for my sister Leanna
This morning we met Su and David for breakfast in Costa Coffee, which was a 1st for us, we chatted for almost two hours, they are both on holiday this week, it was a real nice way to start the day.
Fliss is also on holiday this week, today is a day at home for her and the boys.
Our garden is looking good for all the rain, I did manage to pick some tomatoes this morning, I only had time for a quick dash out, I still get withdrawal symptoms if I don't visit my shed, and I wanted to ensure the Amaryllis was doing OK and not dry.  I can't imagine life without a garden.
My window sill plants are growing well, the Lemon now has four small leaves on, the Lime leaves are huge. The Avocado now has a very small green shoot coming through the top of the split, all very rewarding.

Monday 25 August 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Finally I am stitching, this is another design from Pintrest
 I am stitching two, but in each case only the tree, just two colours so a quickie. 
I will add beads to the branches.
 My sister is a hoarder, and can not buy just what she needs, here are a few of her seed beads, she has confessed she has never used any of these, they were purchased 'just in case' They came home with me for this project, I will keep a few and the rest will go back, I have no need for them.
 This is my aim for the finish, I won't copy it just use it as a guide.
 I think it is beautiful.
 Yesterday Josh was 9, and for his birthday he went to Harry Potter World.
 Just a few photo's of the fun they had.
 Sammy loved the motorbike
The boys will be with me one day in the week, so I will hear all the stories of the best bits, Josh is not good with photo's. Sammy climbed on every thing he could, both boys had a great day.
I have pulled out Winter Watergarden it's time I finished it, I looked at it in June 2013, but last stitched it in June 2011. I have everything I need, I just need to focus on the next section.
Not done much this weekend, I am hobbling about like an old woman, I have trapped a nerve in my lower back, which runs down to my left leg, so I can't sit or stand, and now on the second day, I am grumpy.
It's wet outside, so no bike ride, we will pop out later for a Pizza, but other than that, it's stitching and chatting to hubby.

Saturday 23 August 2014

Back garden

Southsea front, in Portsmouth, we popped down yesterday, first time in ages,
 I forget how lovely this place is, so near but a nightmare to drive to. 
We went on the bike and then went for a ride afterwards.
 My Salvia in the garden is not as great as normal, some thing is eating it !
 I have sorted both greenhouses, on the left is full of cucumbers, with a few peppers, on the right just peppers, I did have tomatoes here, but I have composted them. Plus a couple of trays of seeds.
  I have sorted my big veg tubs, hubby is going to build me a raised garden here, for salad and small veg, it will run along the back fence. I love this area,  it's productive and beautiful at the same time.
 My couple of cheap shrubs are growing well, and my cutting from the box plants have all taken, I will leave them for a bit longer before re-potting.  This afternoon, I have been sorting out pots, planting bulbs for the spring and loads of pansy seeds.
 My avocado stone now has more roots on it, and when looking inside the split I am sure I can see the start of a green shoot, it still sits on the tripod in water.
 My lemon pip now has three tiny leaves on it, so I think I can call it a plant, and the leaves on the Lime plant are huge.  The window sill where they live has sun shine most of the day and they love it.
In February, Kev gave me a house plant, which when it had finished I place in the garden, the main plant went very scruffy, but today I took 3 side shoots off and potted them up, so hopefully I will have some new plants. Also in Feb I took my Amaryllis bulb into the greenhouse to dry out, I checked it today and there are new shoots forming from the centre, so I have potted it and placed it in my shed, which is dark and warm, I hope it will grow again.
I have planted loads of Salvia, East Friesland into my flower boarder, they were in pots by our front door for the past three years, I will find something new for the pots for next summer.
We popped into Wilko's again today and got another bargain, John Innes potting compost reduced from £2.50 to £1.50, just in time for me to plant my pansy seeds.
I have had a lovely afternoon in the garden, just doing a few jobs and keeping it tidy, in two weeks we are having a garden party and BBQ for hubbys birthday.
Not done any stitching, but I have found a quickie to do, in fact I aim to stitch it twice, and then on to Winter Watergarden.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Change of colour and a finish

1st posted 26th April, finished 19th August
I changed the yellow half flowers back to blue,
 and then added some yellow it them, I think it works well.
28dpi, using DMC threads, just one strand
I added one extra colour, the design was not done in DMC, so I choose the shades myself.
It has been a joy to stitch.
I am tempted to stitch it again and have a pair of matching cushions. 
Here is the design 
At this point I have nothing to stitch, I could not find anything which called to me, and now I am staying with my brother until Thursday, so no stitching tonight.
I am having a restful couple days away with family, I spent the morning with Martin and the afternoon with Andy and Leanna after she came home from work. It is great to have time to sit and catch up with every thing.
Fliss, Josh and Sam are having fun, I will collect them tomorrow lunchtime and head for home.


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