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Friday, 3 August 2018

Life in a heatwave

Bouganvillea Amarilla
 Last two books from last weeks visit to library
 A bit more stitching
Beautiful silk
 I see some new clothes. 
The heat earlier in the week made doing things easier, but now the temperature and humidity are much higher and I am again spending time inside. Plus the smell of cat pee is really bad in our garden again, so doors closed sat inside.
The Bouganvillea I have had for years inside, but it needs a bigger pot, I am thinking to put it in the raised bed at the back of our garden, I would need to protect it in the cold winter months, the soil is free draining, which is good for the plant. It has never flowered inside, so is it a risk I should take?
I read a couple more books, Amanda Prowse writes about real life problems, I will need to pop to our library again for more books.
I was searching the drawer in our bed and found all the lovely lace, it was left over from making my daughters wedding dress, I have had it for years, it's now with the rest of my stash, I will look at patterns for a nice top or two, I love the feel of silk against my skin. Our bedroom is all put back, nothing has changed, we used paint left over from last time, I have not purchased anything new for the room.
Lazy plans for the coming weekend, hubby is away on Saturday night, so a couple of please myself days, which I love.


  1. I love having complete days to myself, I hope you enjoy your time. If your Bouganvillea has never flowered inside then i think i would take a chance and plant it outside.

  2. What beautiful lace, it will make a pretty top. Enjoy the weekend, it's nice having time to yourself every once in a while.

  3. When we moved to our new house I thought we had a problem with cats in the garden too. It turned out to be the smell from the box hedging plants the previous owner was overly fond of. Not sure if it was the plants themselves or if cats loved them. Once they were taken out we had no smelly issues!
    Is your bougainvillea one of the prickly sort? I’m looking forward to seeing your lacy tops.

  4. Oooo, that lace will be lovely in a top, maybe as a trim or another feature. I love your colourful stitching too, very pretty indeed. Meg:)

  5. Oh lacy tops will be very nice indeed! It does not know if it wants to be hot and humid or cool and comfy here of late.



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