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Monday 28 October 2013

Another start

Another quickie, I could not stitch my cat over the weekend, Su was about, so I started this heart for a Christmas present, my photo's are not great.
 I am using soluble canvas, 1st time for me, it's not the best, 14 count is very large stitches for me, and next to the linen the holes are really hard to see. This little sheet cost £5.00, which makes this little project more expensive than normal, the silk is DMC4150, which is a natural random shades. The top photo is closer to the true colours, it will be a hanging heart, my daughter-in-law loves hearts and linens.
Martin my brother was with us over the weekend, loads of laughter, and fun. Saturday evening we sat and talked about our childhood, we were lucky we had a great time as kids.
I had my 1st Christmas trip to the shops to add to my stash. I love the two glass cup holders, I want to use them now!! the snowflakes are for my cards, I already know what the will be like. The advent candle just fell into my basket. The heart Fliss has given me as an early birthday present, I'm not sure where to put it yet. I took my Tiger cat to be framed, it's part of my Christmas present from hubby, but I took it to choose the frame, he will collect it and pay for it. I also purchased loads of Kilner jars( mason jars) I want to make cookie mixtures for the grand sons, but I could not find any nice cookie cutters.
We have weathered the storm, in fact I don't think it was as bad as expected, our home is intact, as is everyone we know. The fence between us and mad cat woman has broken, but because they claimed it was their fence in the summer and their solicitor sent us a letter to tell us so, Kev will not mend the post and they can pay some one to fix it. So there is justice, our deeds and paperwork from our purchase of this house states the fence is ours, but they wanted it.
Not many plans this week, I am having dinner with a girly friend tomorrow so loads of laughter, but all the other evenings will be home stitching, I have 3 things on the go, i will try and finish the heart and then go back to the cat, Grand Marquoir is on the back burner at this time.

Keep warm and dry.

Friday 25 October 2013

And the next one is............

I'm on a roll, another quickie, this is for daughter Su, she is not a blogger so it's safe to show.
 This looks like Willow, and it should be a happy reminder of a silly funny cat.
 I am still picking things from my greenhouses, I still have a few more tomatoes left, and a couple more peppers, not sure what to do with the peppers, I think I will give a couple away. My chillies are doing well, at this time of the year, I stop watering the plant and the chillies dry out on the stems, Its the best way I have found to dry them.
Today Sam is three, I have spent the afternoon with him and mummy, he has had loads of presents, but this scooter I think is the best, here with his big brother Josh in a local park. It's half term next week so weather permitting they will be outside alot. They are both growing up fast.
My brother Martin will be arriving soon, he is here for the weekend, no plans as yet for tomorrow, I would like to visit Hobbycraft, I need supplies, both daughters are busy, so it would have to be a trip on my own, I do wish I could find a localish stitching shop. I also have a few bits to do in the garden, nothing heavy, fingers crossed it will be dry.

We have had weather warnings for the south and east of England for Sunday night into Monday morning, heavy winds and rain. Oh well autumn is here, but it is still very mild all we have to do is keep dry.

I am starting to think about Christmas, I have purchased a couple of presents, and been given a couple of hints for what to get, just the problem of what to get hubby. I have seen on Pintrest the cookie mixtures you add to Kilner jars, and attach a nice shaped cutter, I am toying with making a couple for fun. I will make my rich fruit cake this week, it's a recipe I have used for over 20 years, it is typed on paper, I have a copy on my computer, but I love the feel of the typed words on paper.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Super finish

This is a super quickie
 Started on Sunday, finished yesterday, stitched on 25dpi, using 1 strand of DMC815.
 I got the pattern off Pintrest, it's a novelty to find patterns and then stitch them. I plan to frame this one, I have had the heart mount board for ages, I will pop to Hobbycraft at the weekend to purchase the frame and have it on the wall by Sunday.
Last night we had the best thunder storm in ages, the lightening lit up the sky, we sat inside in the warm, watching it light up the tree's. Grace sat on my lap the whole time, Purdey was on hubbies lap. The rain was the heaviest I have ever seen, but my garden survived. I plan to spend some time on Sunday, just pottering and measuring, might get a garden shed for behind the garage for all my tools.

Last night was the final of British bake Off, we love the programme and I did want Ruby to win, but all three ladies in the final deserved their place.

Friday is another day of rain, so not many plans, I will have the afternoon with Sam, a happy little boy on his 3rd birthday.

Monday 21 October 2013

Finish to start

I love this yellow fabric, its perfect for this design, 
I just have to add a few more buttons. 
Pure pleasure sorting through my button box, lots of my buttons have been cut off outfits so each set a memory.
 This is my new start, a heart, another pattern from Pintrest, I am loving seeing what every one else is looking at and then finding nice patterns. Yesterday it rained all day, so a day spent stitching was bliss. At one point I had my friend Cat and Fliss my daughter all sat together stitching. Fliss and I are trying to keep to Wednesday night, stitching night.
 My free orchid is doing well, this is the third flower from this plant, 
it is so perfect.
 I have another bud forming on another plant,
 so I should have an orchid in the room for Christmas. 
We enjoyed a weekend at home, I still ache a bit from the gardening, but it looks so good, can't wait for the spring and next summer, so many plants to watch grow.

It is so snug in our warm house, all together, hubby and both cats, watching TV and enjoying time together, if this is our future then, I am looking forward to it.

Family are all well, I have a half day on Friday for Sam's 3rd Birthday, and my brother Martin arrives on Saturday for the weekend. I am enjoying this moment in our life.

Saturday 19 October 2013

Thank you mummy

Grace and Purdey are now ready for the winter, Grace had started sitting on our new sofa, upholstered in fabric, not a good idea, so a quick visit to the shops, now they have a new comfortable bed each.
 I have been stitching, I am on a break from my big project, 
I saw this pattern on Pintrest, and loved it.
 I love buttons, all types all sizes, here I am using buttons from my stash, the two smaller ones from tops I no longer own. The big button, I purchased a while ago, for no reason other than I loved it. I should finish this tomorrow, I have two small quick projects to stitch next. 
PS it's not a spelling mistake, it will be the french word for buttons.
 I have been out in the garden today, I dug out every plant from my patch, added more soil and compost and then replanted every thing. We had to raise the water feature as well. Now I ache, every where, but I am really pleased with the garden, I did pass loads of plants to a neighbour, which were too big. 
 I had raised the garden to almost the top of the edging, and added bark, this should help keep the cats away, just two plants still look sad, my dahlias was happy to be dug out and replanted. I have also planted loads of spring bulbs in here. I do have some primroses to plant in pots, but maybe tomorrow.
It's been a good week here in Hampshire, every one is well, Su is getting over her sadness of losing her cat, Willow. Fliss and the boys are well, next week it will be Sam's 3rd birthday. Hubby is great, but like me really tired after a busy day.
Tomorrow, I have a friend coming over for the day, so loads of stitching to be done, nothing else planned.

Monday 14 October 2013

Little, big, promise

I managed to almost finish this at the weekend, just the stalk to back stitch around the outside, I forgot to take the light green silk with me. 
It is so pretty, again I stitched on 28 count, with one strand of silk. 
Just another 5 to go.
 Not much done on here, a busy week, 
but I am stitching the "Z" on the last row.
 Yesterday I lost a couple of hours on Pintrest, and found a nice ornament, so with these silks and some buttons, this is my next project, I have an idea forming, which will make this very mine. 
Our weekend away was good, the hotel was not to bad, a very large old manor house, it was clean and tidy, some parts were a bit worn, the staff were great and the food good. All four of us had fun, but the big shame was it rained the whole time we were there and we could not walk in the grounds. 
But we went to relax and we did just that.

Back at home Su is not having a good time, just as she is getting used to her boot, and walking better, her cat Willow become poorly and last night Willow was put to sleep, so more sadness for Su, we will visit later with loads of cuddles.

Just had our tea and used some of my home made chutney, I made one sweet and another spicy, both are lovely, I prefer the sweet and hubby loves the spicy. 

Thursday 10 October 2013

Stitching big and small

 Not as much stitching as I would like, but I have done some, I have started the last row, I have nine and a bit squares to do on Grand Marquoir, the end is so close. I love stitching this, I just don't have enough time.
With the nights getting darker and colder, I should sit and stitch more. 
 I have added more decoration to my Christmas post card, I did this last weekend, how many bikers had cross stitch in their saddle bags. I love the tiny robin, and hope to finish the ivy in the next couple of days, yes it's coming with me again this weekend.
After 3 days back at work, I am now off on another long weekend away, this time to a spa hotel, Hubby, daughter Su and her partner are coming, it should be fun. The country hotel has not had very good reviews in the past summer, we are hoping all will be well and sorted, other wise I can see hubby not being very happy at all. Either way we can enjoy a couple days away.

I have not completed my garden, ran out of time last Monday, but we will have a weekend at home soon and I can finish it then. Spent time with Josh and Sam yesterday, Josh has had another award from school for doing so very well, at 8 years he is smart, which he does not get from his Nanna. Sam was so cute, we played football in the garden and I had loads of cuddles, I am collecting his cuddles soon he will grow up and not be so free with them.

Hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter. 

Sunday 6 October 2013

Memorial Wall at the National Aboretum, RTTW 2013

 We joined bikers across the UK, for this annual RTTW, at National Arboretum
this being their 6th year and our 1st time. 
 High on the raised area, not alot of chatter, just quiet thought.
 Each side, in the centre of these walls

 Poppies laid every where for remembrance, of units and individuals.
 The quietest part of the wall, nobody stopped, just walked past this spot, but for me it was the most thoughtful. There are no names here, the most recent have been added and here is space for the names of those to fall in our future. We live in a terrible world, and this part waits for sons, daughters and loved ones to be taken from us.
 Kev at the Guards wall, he is ex Welsh Guards, and the railing were taken from Chelsea barracks and placed here, with all 5 Guards badges displayed, The tiles at his feet are made from stone from all over UK. as planned more ex Guards met at this memorial, it was great to sit and hear them all catch up with each other.
 Above is at the service station along M40, where we joined the ride of respect towards the wall, on our route as we passed service stations loads more bikers waited to join us and below, just one large bike park in a huge field, it was fantastic to be apart of this ride.
 Loads of interesting displays all day, below The Red Devils coming into land after a breath taking display.
There are hundreds of tree's planted, our native tree's, with benches every where, with over 20,000 people on site we often felt alone, we sat listening to the events around us. Last year the event raised £72,000 for charity, so fingers crossed they have done well this year.

We stayed close to the site last night in a hotel, we were both very tired, you do alot of walking here, I did take my cross stitch and managed to do some, photo's next time.
I hope you enjoyed this post, for me it was a very special day.

Friday 4 October 2013

Super quickie

Our tree has been trimmed, 
and it's looking good as is the rest of the garden.
 Shame the guy came in the morning instead of the afternoon as booked, our mad cat woman next door went off on a mad rant and accused him of damaging her plant. He did have a laugh with us, but agreed she is off her rocker. Oh well PC Bob agreed and went to have a word with her, so sad when you have neighbours like them.
The bike is out, we are away for the weekend, photo's on Monday, weather is looking dry and warm.

Paula, Purdey had a kidney infection, she is well now, but we will keep an eye on her.
Su has had her plaster off and is wearing a huge boot for the next four weeks, which supports her foot when walking, plus she can remove it to shower and bathe, today she is much happier.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

New start

I saw this last year on a blog, 
but the lady was not able to say where she found the pattern, and then a couple of weeks ago I found it on Pintrest, a set of 4 postcards. I have had to choose the colours myself, most are true, except the gold around the stamp. I purchased it from a recent trip to an old cotton mill and have wanted to use it.
 Another two squares on Grand Marquoir, just over 10 to go, I have some interesting squares to stitch on the bottom panel.
 My new chair has arrived, it is perfect for stitching as well as lazy evenings watching TV, Kev's is not built yet, his large recliner will go this weekend, the room already looks much better with small seating in. The stool is perfect, just the right height, can't wait until Sam claims it.
 Hubby has finished all the ground work, 
we are very pleased with the result, on Monday I have the day off and if it's not raining I want to sort my flower bed, it's much bigger, I want to spread out the plants and I have loads of bulbs to plant. Tomorrow the guy should be here to trim the tree, but the heavy rain is due.
 Grace sat on the wall watching me, nice to get this close to her, 
she is a pretty kitty.
Purdey went back to the vets, but now is on the mend, she had me worried for a while.
We have had another busy week, the garden took up most of the weekend, plus visits to daughter Su, who has her foot to knee in plaster, falling off high heels.
Saturday I took Josh and Sam out for chocolate cake and pop, plus a trip to the local book shop, loads of laughter and fun.
I have Friday off, Su has another hospital appointment and another x-ray, mum's taxi is booked again, fingers crossed she is on the mend.
Work is good, very busy, just finished my first 3 months, I am now permanent staff, but on a yearly contract, but my boss is very keen to keep me on.

So happy part of Hampshire here, looking forward to a good weekend away, camera is ready for hundreds of photo's, will blog about it on Monday, enjoy your weekend.


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