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Monday 31 May 2021

May roundup

Nothing again on craft, and not too much on the garden, I now have most of what I need.

I did purchase some underwear, we went to big out of town retail park, which has a huge M&S, I do always love their cotton undies. 

Our week break was paid for last September, daughter suggested we holiday with them, we decided to have a separate home from them, our spending money came from our Christmas gift money and our £2 saving jar, we brought money home which has gone back in the jar. 

No big purchases this month, nothing we really need, we should be looking for a new cooker, but hubby repaired the fan oven last year and it's still going strong, it must be at least 16 years old. We are thinking of getting someone in to tidy our wooden floor, there are a few gaps, and it could do with a light sanding and new varnish, it's a big job as it cover everywhere except the bedrooms, it's another thing where we look, make note and talk about it. 

Our heating was still on!! mainly it came on in the morning, our strange spring this year is throwing everything out of cycle, it's off now. I am sure the garden is about a month behind. 

Our waste is brilliant, we never fill our recycling bin, we try and not bring packaging in the house, no food waste again, we are always checking the veg/salad drawer to ensure everything is used. 

My weight has stalled again, just not walking enough, I'm in the garden more, so I do move through out the day, but just can't get into the habit of going for a brisk walk. We both eat well, and limit our sweet treats, it's just not enough, at least I have not put any more weight on.

We here in UK use over double the amount of renewable resources from our planet each year, we are not the worse or no where near the best country, things do need to change. 

Sunday 30 May 2021

Back home

I enjoyed this book, I have not read this author before, the plot was great, but I thought it ended so quickly, in just a couple short chapters, I will try another of her books. 
This was the last of my library choices, it was a soft story, in which the lady was always going to succeed in everything and get the guy at the end, I normally don't read this type of book, but it made a good holiday read, my reading total this year is 23 books, down on last year, but my cross stitch took up so much time. 
I have cast on a pair of socks, using lots of left over yarn, these are for me, not my normal colours, but they will look good as I wear alot of blue. 
I love my Peony, sadly just one flower this year, I need to dig them out and separate them, the roots are too big, I can feed the soil around them as well, daughter wants a bit of this plant, I will replant in the same space. 
We came home earlier than planned, we decided not to visit family in Somerset, we both have colds, cuddling a poorly George spreads the germs, driving the A303 on a Friday at the start of a bank holiday was a nightmare, probably not as bad as traveling on other days over the weekend, but it did look as if everyone was having a break away from home. We did get lunch with hubby's elder brother and his wife, we had not seen them for 2 years, it was nice to catch up, whilst eating outside in the sunshine. 

Saturday we both took a covid home test, thankfully both were negative, we hoped this would be the case, but just because we are meeting up with family, does not mean it's safe out there. 

Having 2 extra days at home was bliss, apart from laundry we had little to do, I did spend loads of time in the garden, I had a few plants ready to go out, hopefully if they are not ate, the planting is done. We stayed in our village, only popping out once to see daughter, Will and George, the decorators spent time at daughters house painting bedrooms, so Will was excited for us to see his 'new' bedroom. I can't go away without giving the house a good clean, so on arrival back home everything looks lovely, just a few more cat hairs on the floor, so no housework, our neighbours feed our cats for us, they have 2 young children who love our cats, it's a perfect solution for us. 
Sadly within an hour of our return. we heard loads of screaming from next door, she went out in the garden to scream at us as well, apparently our drug fumes are killing her, we have reported her yet again to the police. 

Saturday 29 May 2021

Family time

We are had time with youngest daughter, SIL and boys, here at a breakfast club, watching Will join in was marvellous, great start to the day. 
George loved the pool, he is happy splashing with mummy, could not get a photo of Will, he did not stay still, he loves this pool with water cannons and a huge pirate ship. 
I managed to take a photo of Will in the outside pool, not so many children around, he is a water baby. 
We have just returned from a short break at Woolacombe Bay in Devon, I have never visited before, it has a huge stunning sandy beach and is very popular with surfers, our accommodation was on top the hill, looking over the bay. The weather was very kind, it was wet driving down, dull on the 1st day and then warm sunshine, how lucky were we. 

It felt lovely and safe there, in the main reception area we spent most of our time outside, you sat at a table and ordered anything you wanted, via a phone app, hubby set up his debit card, so it was quick and easy. The 1st night we has fish and chips on the camps takeaway, they were delivered to our door fresh and hot, we had a couple of BBQ's at daughters, SIL cooking both nights. Both chalets were lovely, daughters was bigger than ours, clean with everything we required, Will loved being in both, sadly baby George was unwell, full of cold, but he still smiled at everyone. 
We are back home for the Bank Holiday, after a very long drive home, so many cars everywhere, I forgot the joys of Bank Holiday traffic, we have nothing planned. 

Thursday 27 May 2021


Here it is done
I'm really pleased with my final corner, I'm glad I added the diagonal section, it does represent a designer I have used many times, it did get harder to choose designs as the plain space became smaller, but it is how I thought it should be, even if I had not decided beforehand on the finished piece. 
Just a short video if you wanted a closer look. 
These are all the silks (floss), I always keep them in a project bag and try and use colours more than once, I feel it helps hold the work together, now I will pop them back in their drawers until they are required again. 
These are a few of the designs I have used in this project, each one I have stitched in full before, 2,  I still have and will be made into cushions to go on our bed with this bigger project, the others have been gifted, I don't keep many of my completed work, the joy is always in the stitching. 
Now I need to make 3 cushions, 2 normal size and this one larger, they will sit on our bed, I always air the bed each morning and about 10ish I make it and add cushions and a throw. I do have materials in my stash and hope I can find enough to make the cushions without having to purchase anything, I will have a layer of white cotton behind my stitching to hold it tight. 

I have really enjoyed this project, it was timed right, allowing me to have a purpose throughout the long hours of lockdown. I just can't sit and do nothing, and I rarely have daytime TV on.

I had a plan for a small project with limited colours, I have searched for an image, but sadly I've not found one, so I'm thinking time to knit a pair of socks. 

Monday 24 May 2021

My weekend

I enjoyed this book, maybe not as good as Harold Fry and Queenie Hennessey, still a lovely story. 21st read for this year. 
I plan to read these library books before returning them, The End of Her is a popular book it has 2 reserves on it, I have not read anything by Shari Lapena. 
I got these 5 archs, 2nd hand locally, a young couple moved to a new home and removed them from the garden. They are solid and heavy, and will fit in front of shed, replacing the scruffy hoops I used, I will be so pleased to remove the white flexible pipes, the best bit they were free, did not take too much work, I cut back the plants, but they will regrow over the summer. 
Trying to get back to normal (what is that these days) I had a pedicure done on Friday, it was lovely, the lady is an independent, and works from her salon based in her own home, it felt safe and I was impressed with her. I will use her again, rather than the shop in the village, it's only a short drive to her home. Purdy thought she should be in the photo, she comes close to me all the time, follows me outside and around the house. 
 My brother visited, I can't describe how pleased I am to see him again, he brought a fantastic home crocheted throw made by my eldest niece and a gift for youngest daughter. I have never tried waffle stitch, it's very warm feeling, daughter will love these colours. 

We did very little, spending time here and not going out, both hubby and brother helped in the garden on Saturday, we got the archs in place and the old stuff sorted. It was a nice hour in the garden, just before a huge rain storm.
Sunday was a lazy start, we did get to see daughter, SIL, Will and George, but the rest of the day again was at home, it was so lovely to hear Will shout uncle Martin, when he saw him. So much to catch up on, I have really missed my brothers visits, having an extra person in our home was so rewarding. One thing I have noticed I have become extra tidy, I had on a few occasions to stop myself, my brother has lived for years on his own so is not as tidy as us, he found it amusing knowing what I'm like. We had rain most days, not the heavy relentless rain, but enough to keep you inside, any thoughts of a BBQ faded pretty quick. 
This week is different for us, I will tell you more soon, I've finished my cross stitch patchwork, photos next time, needless to say I'm pleased. I have yarn for socks and a couple of books to read. 

Friday 21 May 2021

Bags of savings

We have a M&S, BP garage local to our house, I had read on Jane's blog about the Too good to go app, so I reserved a bag, paid £4 and collected my items, all are dated the day collected, I received 4 items, the lamb we had for tea the next day, I've crossed off apples on our shopping list, sadly the coleslaw has cheese in so hubby won't eat it, the Olives our daughter will have tomorrow. So is it good value, yes, the lamb meal would cost double what I paid, we will try and book another bag, they sell out quickly, the yellow sticker price was £8.92, so great value, so we tried again. 

Our second bag had very different contents, I added the yellow sticker prices, £5.31 plus the 2 bacon rolls which I could not find a price for, again out of date on the day we collected them. We had the bacon roll next day for breakfast, the salads were for lunch, mine with feta cheese in lasted 2 days, hubby had the sausage rolls. The peppers we always like to have in went into a Paella.  

The app allows you to chose the distance and there are more shops on their list, living in a village and wanting only walking distance, limited our options. We have decided to start purchasing the Greggs bag, it is collected earlier, just before the shop shuts, we can tag it on a day we are out and about. 
This is not a promotion, I have not been paid, but I love the app, normally at the end of the shift food is disposed, smaller shops don't have the quantities to have people come and collect their unsalable foods, this taps into our desire to help stop waste. 

I will not get a bag every day, but a couple times a week, maybe the day before daughter, Will and George are due, it was really nice to eat items which we don't normally have each week, I can be a fussy eater, but hubby will eat almost anything, just cheese and pork he will pass on, which happily I love both. 

My friend and neighbour got really excited about this app, she has 2 children at junior school, who eat any and everything, she is very interested in the Greggs bag, for lunch boxes.

Once again being part of the blogger world has been helpful, it a great medium in our mad world, I feel connected to people from different parts of the UK and the world, it's often a peaceful place to be, I sit in my comfortable home, normally with a huge mug of coffee, it's a perfect way to start my day. 

Thursday 20 May 2021

Out the back

My fruit bushes are all doing well after so much rain, loads of blooms, Will checks these on most visit's, I tell him the cycle, of bud/bloom/fruit/ripen/eat, he can't wait for the eat part. 

The moved acer is really happy here, I was a bit worried about the wind, this spot is not as sheltered as it's old position, but it looking good, I have a chocolate cosmos in the blue pot, I love the flowers, the pot under cover is a daisy, there are no holes in the unusual container, shown in last photo of this post. At the back is a bucket with mint in, hopefully the mint will grow and cover the bucket.
I have changed this area again, and moved the metal shelves away, it gives more room for my bigger pots allowing me to have a few more flowers, there is so much colour to come here. 
This is the 3rd lot of shoots on our Magnolia tree, the weather has held this tree back so much, it's good to finally see so many buds, we did miss the flowers this spring, but the tree does look better smaller. 
Down by my shed, tucked behind the garage is the spot where my 2 Hosta's do well, the front one is in a copper coal bucket, the back one is in metal bucket, both have holes drilled in them, and both help with the slugs, which I know is a losing battle, so I enjoy these while I can. 
I moved and changed some of these grasses in my sink, there is loads of new life here, should look good this summer. 
I love pots on my outside tables, the metal table always has the Begonia in the blue pot, which is still inside the greenhouse, the other plants move around the garden to ensure the wooden table always has a colourful display. 

As much as I am fed up with the rain, the garden is looking good, it's a perfect start to the growing season, the water table should be a good height. I have asked my lovely neighbour to stop her son building her sun house, it's been non stop rain since he started. 
I had a brilliant day with Will and George on Wednesday, whilst mummy looked at cars, I think they have found their next car, Will told me loads of information about cactus and the desert, he had watched a programme and took in loads of information, George was so cute and very active, pulling himself up and loving a small shuttlebug bike we have, how quickly they are growing up. I slept well, we stayed in all day and I still managed over 10,000 steps, but was disappointed when Will said Grancha makes a better lunch, can't win them all. 
Today we have friends popping over for coffee, we can sit inside if it's wet, tomorrow my brother is driving down for a visit, his eldest daughter lives local to us, it's been over a year, so loads of family time coming up, we have had both jabs, his daughter and partner have both had their 1st, so family time.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

As the rain falls

This book started slow, 3 stories, but they came together beautifully, there were bits which rang unbelievable, the ending was a bit different, but it is fiction. I enjoyed the plot, book 19 read this year
This is a wow book, a hard storyline as they often are from this author, she tackles some mighty issues, as always she steers you through each persons story,  real life to fiction, brilliant sad ending, book 20 this year. I am going to send this to another blogger. 
My book arrived from Maggie, thank you so much, perfect timing this is my next read, love the packaging. 
I'm looking for something to do, I've not grown anything from seed for ages, so I'm having another go, these have been soaking for 48 hours, on my desk over the radiator in hope the heat will start something. I have no idea if this will be successful. 

The whole weekend was a washout with rain, heavy rain both days, but the soil under the surface was dry so this was much needed rains, and I have full water buts, other than a walk around to check everything on the way to my greenhouse, I have done nothing. My plants I put in the side bed, still looks good, as does my moved acer, the heavy rain is doing good. 

Plenty of reading and stitching time, Grace has had longer on my lap, she follows me around until I sit down, I did manage some housework, listening to lots of music, just another boring stay at home weekend.

Monday I went for a walk with my neighbour, we drove 15 minutes to Lee on the Solent, a small seaside town, it was dry but very breezy, we did stop for tea and cake inside a lovely coffee shop. 

Tuesday we had George, mummy took Will out with other children who are starting school in September and will be in the same class, it's a wonderful idea, they hope to keep meeting with the children, a great way for them all to get to know each other before the scary big start day. It was a day inside for us, George doesn't walk so we could not play outside, we have plenty of things inside. 

Today we have George and Will, mummy and daddy are looking at bigger cars as their family is growing, another day inside, it's raining here. 

Sunday 16 May 2021

In the post

A very dear lady called Karen sent me an email a while ago, we have chatted a few times, she is not a blogger but loves reading blogs, she sent to me a small parcel, I'm a lucky person.
Home made lavender bag with home grown lavender from her garden, and the most beautiful cat fabric bag, a home knitted cloth and the most perfect soap purchased from Lanzarote, it's such a shame you can't smell these items, and a beautiful hand made card. The lavender bag is in our big wardrobe, and the soap is in our upstairs bathroom, so many beautiful scents.  

I have had more emails from blogger, they have reviewed my 6 post, and have reinstated each one, I had not contacted them, so it was a surprise to me. I have no idea why or who started this chain of events, and sadly no way of knowing. I have no objections to the policing of online media, I always embrace it, but details of any decisions would be nice. Comments received on my last post are saying they have seen this before, it does not stop me wondering what their criteria is. 
My mammogram went well, I walked up to arrive just on my appointment time, they were happy to see me, even with my cough (which is getting better), they were pleased I got the test before coming, the lorry coming into our community is a brilliant scheme, parking at our local hospital is always difficult to find spaces and oh so expensive. 

The rain has been non stop, it's pouring down as I write this post, very good for the garden, as I was planting out last week, I did notice the ground below was still dry, I flattened all the leaves from the daffs and bluebells, I then added loads dried chicken poo and farmyard manure and after planting some bark I had left over from the front garden, the whole side garden should do well this year. 

Yesterday I did some more stitching, I am very close to finishing my big project, I will post photo's once completed. I also sat and read for the evening, nothing we wanted to watch on TV, our Alexa is set to play music we love, last night I listened to George Michael , followed by 80's music. 

Saturday 15 May 2021

Some you win....

Had a wonderful lunch on Thursday with old work mates, not seen them since November 2019, it was a long lunch sat outside, with gift swaps as always, Ann make the most wonderful preserves, and a new face mask. For a short while everything felt really good, catching up with everyone's news and a bit of added gossip, Ann is retired like me, whilst Lizzy still works at the same place.
 Friday was not so good, I had a pedicure booked, I have a cough, so I took a test just to be sure, it was negative as expected, but the lady refused to do my pedicure, can't blame her, but what's the point of taking test. I sent her all the information on Thursday evening, so at least I did not turn up on the day and upset her. I have another lady doing my pedicure next Thursday, happy to see me.  
We stayed in on Friday morning, waiting for the post, medical delivery for hubby, can't be left on the doorstep, later we drove to a local  Dobbies garden centre, hoping it might have improved since our last visit, Plants did look better, but I'm not impressed, won't go there again, I got just 1begonia.
Hubby got a couple of dahlias for pots in his front garden, not sure how long these will last, he does not care for his plants once planted and complains when I do anything. 
I had loads of emails from Blogger this morning, they have deleted 6 of my post, they don't give induvial reasons, just refer you to their policies, I'm a bit at a loss to why and what's happened, I have never knowingly put any contentious content on my blog. Their links are so general it gives me no help. On checking, the post I think are to do with my cross stitch project, so I assume it's about copyright, but in each case I have paid for the patterns from the designer, maybe someone does not like what I am doing with their designs. 
I drove on the motorway M27 and into Portsmouth on Thursday, it was so strange to be driving again, most of the past 15 months I have stayed local, but driving into the city where so many things have changed, it was surreal, the roads felt very busy, cars everywhere, I drove to the bottom along the sea front, which was so lovely. 

Today is my mammogram, the lorry is in our local carpark, so just a quick pop out and get it done, no other plans this weekend, nothing required, nowhere to go, so just time at home together. I am hoping to finish my cross stitch this week, and I have plenty of books to read. 

I did get some gardening done, I have planted loads of bedding plants in hope they survive the weather and slugs, they are all a healthy size, and ready enough to be outside. My Acer is looking good in its new home, the leaves did not drop off, I love watching the branches dancing in the wind, our small wild birds are in it through out the day, it was the best decision to place it near the decking. I have loads more in the greenhouse, which I hope to plant this coming week, hoping for loads of cour this summer. 

Thursday 13 May 2021


Just finished this book, another story about Roy Grace stationed in Brighton, Peter James is changing the style of these books, just a bit in each book, keeps it sharp and readable.  18th book read this year.
On our coffee get together last week, one of my friends thought of me and took loads of books from her friend for me, 7 books on top of my shelf, these were going to the charity shop, they will still go to the charity shop but not before I read them and then pass them to my neighbour. 
In a lovely act of kindness Maggie from BlackCountry Wench blog has offered to send me this book, I have read Harold Fry and Queenie Hennessy stories and loved every word, I have always loved blogging, reading everyone's news and I love how kind we are to each other, thank you Maggie.
If you look at the top left of this blog, you can see my favorite post about our child's garden bench, how each grand child has had their photo taken sat on it, it's Georges turn with big brother Will, don't they look cute. The boys came over on Tuesday and Wednesday, with mummy, we did have some time in the garden, so much laughter, and for a nice change it was warm and sunny. 
Thank you for your kind understanding comments on my last post, I almost deleted it rather than published it, but I decided it is my reflection of life at this time, most years I have published my blogs into a book for myself, so if I print this year it will be another honest read. With the end in sight, these last few weeks are dragging, there are only so many garden centres we can visit, especially as I don't really have any space for more plants. We do have plans, but these days are slow and long, the weather does not help, still spending too much time inside. 

I am having a busy few days, lunch out today, pedicure tomorrow, 1st one for over a year and on Saturday it's my turn for the dreaded boob squash, I have had a really bad cough, thanks baby George for sharing it, so I have had a Covid test, which was negative, thank goodness. I did not go to Tuesdays coffee morning in one ladies garden, the numbers crept up to expected 9 people, so hubby and I stayed away, these days I see more people relaxing the rules with a shrug of their shoulders.

Monday 10 May 2021

I'm bored

I love the leaf colours of my jade plant, it lives and thrives in my greenhouse, don't you just love the pot it's in, it's a biscuit barrel, and reflects everything around it. 
These bedding plants are ready to go out, I am going to have to get them in the ground soon, some are ones I dug up last year and the others were plug plants I have grown on. . 
Blooms in the greenhouse, these will be placed around the garden in June. 
My pomegranate plant, grown from seed, it's a few years old, last year it was left outside in winter for the 1st time, I love the colours on the leaves, it's a really healthy plant. I have no idea on how this will grow, is it a big bush or will it grow into a tree, I'm just happy to watch and learn. 
I may have purchased another indoor plant, I have always loved maidenhead ferns, this is a nice size, and looks good on kitchen window sill, my herbs are now in the garden, I will use the pots in my greenhouse. I have got my plants online, Candide Gardening plants are always sent well wrapped and the plants have all been if fantastic condition, I'm not being paid to say this, just my own thoughts. 
The 3rd Amaryllis is also sprouting leaves, I am doing nothing to these bulbs, just waiting to see what happens, they are on the floor in the greenhouse, my cucumber behind is in it's growing pot. 
This is the straight view from our sitting room, 
I love it, it's our world, it makes me smile.

Our world has become very small, it's all about home life, the past year home has been our safe place, my post have become boring, we are doing nothing, so sewing and garden updates are all I have to talk about, with the odd photos of Will and George. We have popped to a few shops, but we have over the years got into the habit of not purchasing stuff we don't want or need, understanding our commercial world, where the shops/internet flash stuff at you, you need this, buy it now. 

We are both tidy people, so the house and garden is sorted to how we like it, after living here for 11 years, it's all to our taste. I am almost finished my big cross stitch, I have books to read, and a couple of small ripple blankets to make, but I am bored. Our world has shrunk far too small, we are starting to meet up with friends, later this month my brother will be here and then we will visit my family in Somerset, we have a short mid week break booked as well. We need summer to be here, so we can go further from our house, do different things, widen our outlook. Any task we find to do, we jump on it, enjoying the purpose of the task, something to do, we work well together, our skills between us ensure we can sort most things. We now need to get out and start enjoying the bigger world, I love our home, but it's not enough at this moment, hopefully Boris will release us more today, Monday can't come soon enough, I will still be very cautious, it's been a long, long winter in every way.


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