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Monday 31 August 2015

Another wet Bankholiday

It's the end of August, 
so many of you are sad summer is almost at an end, 
we did not have a good weather summer, a few warm  sunny days, 
but with spring so late and cold, 
summer in the garden has been difficult in our little plot.
Another reason for being sad, we have to turn this page to another view, 
 I popped to a charity shop and found this little treasure for a pound
next to my posh pin cushion, it holds it's own
I love the feel of wood
 The material is glued in, 
the plan is to replace the material and put wire wool for the stuffing
this should keep my working pins sharp. 
I use thin pins for silk, for everyday use
they are long and thin and do not mark the fabrics.
Theses pretty top pins are huge and leave holes in the fabric
they do look pretty
I was naughty and kept stitching, but guess what
one stitch out and loads of unpicking.
I might stitch some more and do knitting tomorrow, 
I wanted to see the full size of the cushion
We are having a day at home, doing little jobs, 
I have used my sewing machine this morning, I repaired seams in our pillow cases, I like pure cotton linen and always white. A couple of years ago we purchased new quilt covers, but the seams on the pillow were coming apart, I have stitched all the covers, so they look like new. The sets should last for years.
I have used my Xyron machine today with embellishing folders, I like to keep cards started, so I can finish them when needed, and it's very time effective, to get the machine out and do loads.
We have been into our very small attic, and sorted our stock pile,  we found there 2 x 16 pack of toilet rolls; 4 x 9 pack of toilet rolls; 14 big kitchen rolls; 4 x packs of dishwasher tables, plus loads of other items, we are looking for a small shelving unit to keep every thing tidy.
Hubby has replaced our light outside the front door, it had stopped working and Win next door asked us to replace it as it helps her see walking to her side door on dark days, Win's sight is not very good.
Now hubby is cooking our burgers for a late lunch, then we can watch film, and I can stitch.
Sometimes a wet day can be good for the household, silly little things have been completed.
How do you turn a wet day outside into a positive day inside. 

Saturday 29 August 2015

It's Saturday

Broken sash
The right hand side will be a mirror image.
The colours are better in these photo's
 Is now packed away until after our holiday
it's really hard to pack it away
I love stitching it
 Up close, it's all about the colours
I am pleased with my purchase list, I put everything on here
The total so far this year is £848.44, which is just over £100 per month. 
If I factor out the cost of the huge pot, which was a one off purchase, and the cutters for my new X cutter it's £146.00 less, that's £90 per month, so I have reduced my spending by loads. 

We have been to visit our youngest daughter Su, her partner David has his birthday today, he asked for a wooden chopping board, which we found plus a nice small knife. We also took loads of cheese, crackers and pickles, so he could use his board, he was so pleased we had took him his instant lunch, 

Whilst up that end of town we went to Whitley Village, it's an out of town shopping center, the car park was full and busy. The shops and the walk ways are huge, so even though there were loads of people it did not feel too bad.  I managed to purchase another pair of jeans from Next, I don't normally get clothes from Next, too expensive, but their jeans have a high waist and the legs are not skinny or wide, I love them, I can tuck every thing which normally makes a muffin top into the jeans. Hubby got some shirts in the sales, for work he could only wear white or pale colours, so he has added loads of bright shirts. It does sound as if this month we have gone back a few years to the sad shopping every weekend, no it's all part of our master plan, we were always going to use his last months salary to stock the wardrobe, in the hope we would not require anything for a long time. Every where had a summer sale, nothing we purchased was at full price.
Tonight I will pick up my knitting again, the repeat pattern is simple so I hope it will start to grow loads. It's just hubby and me, so home made burgers for tea, it has been raining again so we have no plans to go out again at all. 

Friday 28 August 2015

The sun has got it's hat on

Hip hip hip hooray
nice to see sunshine in our garden
 Both girls are enjoying the sunshine
it's sunny and warm
nice change after all the rain we have had.
 Rain outside
means stitching inside
This corner is almost finished
 The center will be a huge diamond 
and a different design
so I have edged with black for neater lines.
Once this section is finished I will get on with the knitting, but as you can see stitching will always be my first love. The next section of Carrie Rose will be released on September 10th so I have plenty of knitting time.
So we have a long Bank Holiday weekend, last one for this year, and the weather is going to be much drier, so we can plan to do things. I still have not finished the design of daughters wedding invitations, I have had to order Navy card off line, can't get the dark shade local, that should be here early next week, I have ordered, plain, sparkling and mirrored, sounds weird, but we do have a plan.
Thank you for your comments regarding hubby on my last post, it's such a huge thing for him, and with me staying at work for a couple of years, to ensure we have savings behind us. I have so many hobbies, so I can fill my days, he plays golf but only plans to go out twice a week, and of course winter in coming. His older brother is doing their family history, which was his project when he retired. Because of the long days and driving, he is not offering to help run courses after next week, if he could do local ones he would love to do a couple days each week, it's a shame to lose all his knowledge.
So for now, bring on the weekend

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Daddy or chips

Daddy or chips
do you remember the advert on TV
sewing or knitting, a hard choice
 Sewing won out
 There is much more work in this
but I have done the left hand side of the top line
now I have to infill and work my way down the side. 
 What does a girl do when it is pouring with rain
watching her garden, keeping a check on things
Grace was curled up on the carpet
I have managed a quick tour of the garden, 
emptied loads of pots over flowing with rain water. 
I have covered my alpine dish, I am fearful the plants won't survive the soaking. 
I don't know about you but enough of this rain, still I get loads of craft time, sewing in this case, I hope to knit tomorrow evening, hubby is away so I can concentrate on the pattern.
Work is good, we have a laugh most days, but we still get loads done. I popped to the library this evening, returned my last two books, when I got home Josh and Sam had popped around, very nice surprise, both were in a great mood, despite have been inside all day, we have planned tomorrows tea, home made pizza, so I need to get a few more toppings, they boys will make their own.
I am getting worried for hubby, he retires next Wednesday, and is going to be home alone alot, he has not found anything much to start to fill his days. I have held off sorting our small front garden and have set him the task of replanting it. He had yesterday off, and was really bored by the time I got in from work.

Monday 24 August 2015

Green, orange and random

This Olive plant is just to look pretty
but look at the Olives forming
It must love this sunny spot
Hubby purchased another nut feeder for the birds
it does look good
Twice in the past two days I have had to tip water out of this dish
I have loads of gravel in the bottom
Later yesterday afternoon and evening the sun shone
so I was able to dead head flowers and tidy a bit of my garden
very relaxing after our busy few days
I have started knitting
I made this pattern years ago
very quick and simple
 I love the random colours in this knitting
I am pleased with the knitting, it's growing well, would be nice for our holiday in three weeks, the design is long so I will not have to stitch as many rows as the pattern states, a bonus of being petite. I will make it without sleeves.

10 years ago today I became a Nanna for the first time, it's Josh's birthday, we have been and shared cake and given him his present, he loves to receive money for his birthday and plans to go shopping tomorrow with his mum. He was given a Wii consul, so he can play his games any where, plus some Lego, and a book of top ten list, which he loves already. Becoming a Nanna was a huge step in my life, we have 4 grandsons we see often and are a great joy, our 5th grandson at this point is not part of our life, a sad fact we can't change.
After days of horrendous rain and loads of surface water, which made driving into work very tricky this morning, tonight it is over caste and grey, but the wet stuff has stopped falling, so a night in. I plan to do some more sewing, I would like to get the first corner finished, nothing much on TV so hubby is looking for a film to watch.

Sunday 23 August 2015

My niece is married

My niece Sophie looked stunning
With her family
I took far too many photo's
But I'm happy with the relaxed ones,showing every one having fun. 
The wedding day was fine and bright, it was a small wedding, all about family, they had thought of ways to keep the children entertained and happy, a true family affair. Sophie's style was country meets vintage, they had decorated the garden area and trees and in the evening under loads of candle light it was again very pretty. Sophie had loads of little fish every where, her dad, my brother loved his fishing, it was a lovely touch. With them living in the edge of Stratford-on-Avon, which is 3 hours drive from us,  it was lovely to meet their friends and Rich's family. It was also nice to chat with her mum, last time we spoke was 10 years ago at another family do. We also had a lovely evening out with my sister and her partner on Wednesday evening, we were directed to a small town close by to our hotel, we went back on Thursday morning for a bit of shopping.
This wool called to me
it's 4 ply and the colours are stunning, I got 5 balls
enough to make a summer top. 
We found a tea shop
they made pots of tea with real tea, no bags
very vintage.
I got two books
Breaking the silence for 50p, looks interesting
Summer at Shell cottage for £4, 
I seen this being read by loads of people
both to be packed for our holiday
We spent Friday and Saturday night in Cannington, 
Friday was with Logan, Finn, mummy and daddy, loads of laughter and catching up, sharing pizza and family news.
Saturday we had the day with Martin my brother, and popped into his local town, Bridgwater, it's a small town and very run down, few branded shops, just full of phone and charity shops. Gone are the record and dress shops I remember from my teen years.
Saturday night another meal out, but this time in the village, there is a great place to eat, so while the thunder rolled around us we sat, ate and laughed.
This morning we drove home in heavy rain, but now the sun is out and it's warm again.
We are very sadden by the air crash in the Shoreham air show, which is not too far from us, we know the road and junction well, one car was a wedding car going to pick up the bride, so many families affected. As for the French train, thank goodness for the bravery of the three Americans they saved every ones lives, the news is saying they were sat near the toilet and heard the suspect sorting his gun and heard the clicks and guessed what he was doing.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Just stitching

 A side on view of my stitching, this is coming along
It's fun to stitch and easy on the mind. 
My ORT jar, much fuller this year
I've been very busy on the stitching
 My stash has arrived
most of these are for the above project.
 I always buy extra fabric for my stash
Tonight I am doing my hair, can you remember the plastic highlighting caps and using a crochet hook to pull just enough hair through for highlights, I have had my cap for years, it always works perfectly, eldest daughter is on hook duty.
Tomorrow I will have my nails done, it's been years since I have had tips done, but my nails are really bad at this time.
Later tonight I will pack ready for our trip away tomorrow, both hubby and I are looking forward to the break. So many people to catch up, loads of chatter, some wine and a couple of nice meals.
Josh and Sammy came home on Sunday, I had lovely cuddles from the boys, and loads of chatter of the fun they had with grandmas in Manchester.
So I will be back on Sunday, I will keep up with everyone through my iPad, let our long weekend start now.

Saturday 15 August 2015

New start, new project

My new start, does not look much
but this is two evenings work
It's not about following the design, which is very simple
there is no hiding here, so every stitch has to be perfect
The design and book it is taken from is shown in my post below
I am stitching on 28 ct Toile a broder, evenweave from DMC, I have just ordered loads of silks for this project, I choose the colours from my stash to match the design as close as I could. I am making another cushion cover, so alot of work to go into this project. BUT, this will be an evolving project, at this point I would like a huge diamond in the middle with this design around the edge making the square, but as always this could change, I just want the finished item to look like fabric.

We are all glad at work last week is over, we are up to full staff again on Monday, but I am off Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, we are going to my niece's wedding on Thursday, the death of her dad, my brother last December gave them a good cash sum, so after years of living together, they are getting married, with their two children along side them. It will have a tinge of sadness, but I'm sure it will be a great day. So we are in Stafford for a couple of nights, and then back to Martin's house (another brother) in Somerset for the weekend. Plus we will get to see Logan and Finn, mummy and daddy, so we are both looking forward to the days ahead.
This weekend we have few plans, morning at home I can smell fresh bread baking, we will have to pop to the huge Tesco for a big shop, but only for items on our list. Into Town for the final bit of the wedding present, then an evening at home together.
Tomorrow Josh and Sam are back home!!!!

PS for those who like the huge Regina Blizt paper towels, Co-op are selling them a pack of 2 for £2.00, nice bargain.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Stitching again

 Almost finished
just the words in the bottom hearts
I am using my own words, our location in one and the year in the other
 I am loving the cup with flowers in
 I have shown you this book before, I love almost every design inside
 I stitched this design once before on a small scale
I am now thinking it would make a nice cushion cover
I will have to place an order for the silks.
Paella, bubbling in the pan
I don't cook very often, but I love making and eating this dish.
plus leftover for lunch today. 
I love stitching so you cover the whole canvas, and it looks like fine material, plus my desire for a big project, I think this will tick all the boxes. I did look at Christmas designs, but can't get in to festive stitching in August. I have finished reading both books, A Little Strange was the least favourite book out of the three I have read by Sarah Walters.
I have not been in the garden, we have had rain for a few days, so it's looking after itself, plus I am now planning to work in out front garden. Like so many other front gardens it's parking space for both or cars, there is coloured pebbles down (which I hate) but it would be a waste to remove them at this point, but the small gardens could look better.
Soon it will be the weekend again, we are home again but doing normal weekend things, catching up with both daughter, plus Josh and Sam will be home from Grandma's, and I can't wait to see them both.

Monday 10 August 2015

A fine walk

We spent a couple of hours walking around Farlington Marsh
a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon
 Not so pretty when the tide is out
but interesting to see the mud banks
 This whole area  is a bird sanctuary
 Hubby took his big lens and got loads of photo's
 This sitting area, overlooks this man made lake
 Everywhere loads of different birds
with so much natural space for them
it's a proper flat wet lands
The wild flowers and hedgerows full of ripening fruit.
 The motorway passes very close to the top end
On the very outskirts of the city, it's perfect use of this land
The tide was out beyond the harbour in the far distance
it's the first time we have been here with no sea. 
Yesterday was another perfect day, we felt as if we had stolen time, both days busy doing things we wanted to do, no one wanting any of our time. I love both my daughters and of course our grandsons, but it was brilliant to be without any of them, two perfect days with hubby, we laughed alot, ate out and relaxed. We really must try and have weekends like this more often, it felt as if we were on the best weekend break.
Today was back to work, it's a busy week just 4 people in all week instead of 8, should be fun. It's also muggy and wet, good for the garden.
I am finishing reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters, and soon I will look to stitch again, my next section of Carie Rose is due 10th September, so I need a new project. I did think of getting my sewing machine out, but alot of what I need is in our attic.

Sunday 9 August 2015

In the pink

Up close in the garden
Dawn asked if our Magnolia tree flowered twice a year often, I am pleased to say it flowers most years twice, we do cut it back at the end of each growing season. We had a tree surgeon in a few years ago to give it shape, now each October we trim it back ourselves, taking away most of the new growth. I treat it like a shrub. This keeps it's size and shape each year, if you want more dense growth trim in the spring. As you can see I played with my new lens, and so many shades of pink.
 We popped out for an hour, Porchester Caster is just 10 mins away, normally we would walk, but we got the cycles out, I was able to fit my tripod and camera bag in my basket. It's the first time this year I have used my bike, it sits and waits for days when I have a bit more energy.
 I took loads of photo's, but I can have issues with the focus over distance using my long lens, this was the best shot of the Spinnaker tower, with a couple of Naval vessels along side in the military docks. With the tide in, loads of people were out, the children in the top photo had caught loads of small crabs, saving them in buckets to be thrown back before they went home, the sailing club was busy and even a couple of canoes on the water.
I may have a bird collection in the garden, this wire one followed us home, we popped to Dunelm, looking for a wooden chopping board for a present, soon to be SIL, David asked for one for his birthday, we also popped close by to B&Q, hubby needed to replace our garden strimmer, it's a good time of year to replace garden items, almost every thing is in the sale. I purchased a white orchid, with just a few flowers in a white pot for £4, half price, the flowers will regrow.
The weather is beautiful, hot, sunny and just perfect for our stay at home weekend, with both the girls away we made no plans, just did what we wanted, I can't remember when we had such a lazy day, nice early night last night. Later we might go our on the motorbike for a ride, it's a case of see how we feel.


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