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Monday 30 May 2016

Walking in the park

We have been home to Somerset
Sunday afternoon was spent in Vivary Park
Grancha with Finn
 Logan was riding his bike most of the time
no stabilizers, all very grown up
but everything stops for swings. 
 We took a visit to Monkton Elm Garden Centre just outside of Taunton. 
The garden center has a craft shop, which sells beautiful cotton material for patchwork. I was in heaven.
Anyone living near to Taunton should try a visit, they have a pet center and the plants are brilliant as well. Plus a lovely cafe, my mum loved it here. 
These beautiful fabrics came home with me. 
 I have already taken my back home tour of our garden, Chris across the road has given me two dahlias, no idea of the flower colours, it's a case of grow them and see what flowers. I have this red pom pom already to go in.  
Our journey down on Friday took four and a half hours, which is really bad, we hit a wall of traffic at Bristol and we crawled along for 2 hours. But the journey was worth it, we had a lovely meal with Martin (brother), Leanna and Alan (sister and partner). I got to spend Saturday with my sister, loads of chat about sewing and craft, Leanna has done a course in patchwork and produced a lovely cover, her choice of colours made the project beautiful, plus her stitching was perfection. She passed on loads of tips, I have suggested she follow Pam's blog for inspiration.
We had a visit with our niece Emma this morning and then an early start back home, our drive was just over 2 hours, much better, the roads were busy, we do not travel back late on a Bank Holiday Monday the traffic will be horrendous.
Our daughter Su was feeding our cats , but on Saturday morning was shouted at by mad cat woman (MCW) next door, shouting we should stop smoking drugs, she said she had called the police twice on Friday night because it was so bad. Su came into our house and called the police, who sent some to speak to MCW. BUT she then called the police on Saturday night again saying we were smoking drugs, not believing we were away from home.
SO enough is enough, we have a meeting at our local police station on Friday, we are making a formal complaint regarding MCW,  and unless the police take action, we will start action again MCW and also our local police for not stopping these untrue allegations, what happened to our quiet life.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

All things green

I am working on another branch, the basket is stitched, just a bit of back stitching around the edge. I can do that once I have stitched the green around it. 
 The different stages of our yellow rose
this is so beautiful.
I grow them to remind me of my mum's love of yellow roses. 
 Last flower on my peony, I'm a bit worried 
this beautiful plant is not so good as previous years.  
The other green thing is my green house which arrived today, we have checked all the packaging is not damaged, now it waits to be put together. We did not expect it to arrive so soon and have no plans to build it. This weekend we are away with family, so hopefully early June will see us putting it together. It means my growing season is starting later, but using the greenhouse the hope is it will catch up quickly.
Last night hubby and I spent hours in Win's front garden, we have weeded and planted most of her bedding plants in boarders and pots. Win is expected home soon, and I want her to be happy with her garden. We have the back to do, but not tonight, hubby is just finishing off the security cameras in the back of our house, he has moved one and added another. Mad cat woman next door is acting very strangely and with the history between us, we just don't trust her. Win is still very poorly and is being let home to spend her final days, no one knows how long that will be, but we all want them to be happy times for her.
Wish I had happier news, but life is not all smiles and roses. 

Sunday 22 May 2016


The back section has been cleared
both hubby and I worked in the garden all day.
This little greenhouse is broken and will be removed once we build the big one. The treated timbers will be fixed to the ground and the greenhouse will be on top, on the long fence side they lay on the soil. The ground is very hard and if you dig down there are loads of tree roots, so we made the decision to use treated wood as our base. The second greenhouse now lives with our neighbour over the road. 
We dug out the raised garden, hubby cut it down to just under six foot, it will fit inside the greenhouse along the back. I will have space for my table and chairs at this end, I do like to sit here with a cup of coffee when I am working.  The center of the greenhouse will have this concrete base, which is nicer.
 We will have a path to the corner behind our new arch, another small growing area. The greenhouse took up alot of this space so it's extra for me.  I have my corner shelves there for the moment until I can decide what to have there. 
 I got a cheap arch, put up each side and used these bendy pipes from the raised garden, does not look much this year but early next year I will get the rose growing up the sides. it does look a bit high, I can cut the white shorter if needed. 
 I am missing planting things
so I made this little pot for the office
but I have decided to keep it in our bathroom
My greenhouse arrives on Tuesday, so I am pleased we have cleared the area, we are back in Somerset this coming weekend, it's been planned for ages, so I will have to wait for a while before we get the greenhouse together. I have asked hubby to make me a potting table with a shelf below, he will use wood and ensure it is the perfect height for me. I will need so staging for the other side, but I am not going to make any purchases, I want to see how I use it before filling it.
I have promised I will move all the pots from our office window sill, and all the orchids around the house.
We finished outside and have just had the best shower ever, and now enjoying a well earn't cup of coffee.
We have made a wedding book from all the photo's, I placed the order today, I got a 40% off voucher which I used, I was able to get the nice weight paper and finish and still not have a book too expensive.
Last night I stitched hexagons, I managed to do half of the ones I cut out last weekend. Later tonight I am going to sit and cut out paper templates. I also have another book to start reading. I have done more on my Christmas tree, I will show you that next time.
 For Rachael
pages 1 and 2, plus 3 and 4 

Friday 20 May 2016

Showing off

I have had this fabric for years
I love the colour and the design
 Can't wait until I can stitch these into a design, 
I had just a fat quarter.
 The birds have been back stitched
 Later I am thinking about adding silver and gold shinny threads
to add to the Christmas baubles, and the snow on the branches
it's a joy to stitch and I'm almost finished the top 2 pages
then just another 2 to go. 
It's been another cold week, so nothing much doing in the garden, BUT I am excited, my greenhouse will be delivered next Tuesday, so this weekend I will have to sort the area where it is going, which includes digging the soil out of my raised garden, hubby will make it a bit smaller to fit into the back of the greenhouse. I have made loads of measurements in this area, everything will fit great, I will have a some space for other things, but it will all look tidy. I will be sorting the back corner, I have piled this area with branches, twigs and other natural stuff for a wildlife haven, I will make another in a different corner of the garden. So come rain or shine tomorrow I will be outside most of the day. The bedding plants are more than ready for Win's garden, so on Sunday I will evaluate the weather and decide if I can plant them.
I had great news in work today, my final meeting on probation, they have now made my position permanent, which is great news, it means I have a few more benefits from them.
I finished The Ice Twins by S.K.Tremayne, it was an interesting read, I'm not sure about the ending, whilst it was not wrong, it all came so quickly.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Is it raining

Six fat quarters cut out
another nice mix of fabrics, just need to get them stitched
I also have loads of templates to cut out, not my favorite bit of this project 
 I also did some baking, this quiche is made without pastry
I made two medium size ones, 
perfect for my lunches with a salad,
last week I lost 3lbs, so I'm hoping to lose some more.
We had a treat for tea tonight
I love fishcakes, one each with a salad
very enjoyable and not too expensive
 The downloading of Ice Twins failed on my iPad
but in Tesco I found the book on offer (2 for £7.00)
So I am now reading Ice Twins. 
Work has been busy, but enjoyable, we are settling into our new routines, we still have a back log, but it's shrinking.
I spent time in Win's greenhouse after work, most of her bedding plants are now in the smaller green house being harden off for planting soon, I am going to ensure her garden is looking lovely this summer, I always water her garden as the summer gets hotter, it easy to do both of our garden with the hose at the same time. We are being told Win will come out of hospital soon, not sure where she will go.
We have confirmation my green house is being shipped, but no arrival date, I'm getting excited, so many plans whizzing around my head. We have also agreed to get an arch for the bottom corner of the garden to allow the climbing roses to grow and flower, I am finding it very hard to keep the rose at a low height.
I am almost half way through Ice twins, it's a good book, it is making me think, what if? I shall read some more tonight. This time of year I have to juggle what I spend my time on, garden straight after work, then later cross stitch, sewing hexagons or reading, but when I have a good book it always wins out.

Sunday 15 May 2016


I have done more, I have to outline the birds
such pretty design, it's fun to stitch
this one I will be keeping and using each Christmas
 Loads more hexagons, will cut more out tonight
I am trying to fill both these boxes before stitching them together
 Spare room is tidy and finished
we got this little shelf unit, perfect for this spot
 The bed is tidy
The quilt was made by my sister, who lets me have it on long time loan
the cushion, youngest daughter made at school
 This is the 3rd set of flowers on this Orchid
I just love the delicate blooms and they last forever. 
Josh and Sam came to play yesterday afternoon, we went to the local park to play football, so much more room there, we had a good run around and then to our local shops for pocket money and an ice cream, it was sunny and warm. They went home happy, it's so lovely to hear their laughter around our home.
Last night I did some stitching, first time this week. I have finished reading House of Memories by Monica McInerney, which was a great read, I have Upside down Inside out to start now, I do like reading books by the same author. I have also downloaded The Ice Twins on my iPad.
Win is still in hospital, she is much better, but the talk to now of finding her a place in a home, she has been to a good local one, so sadly we might not see her back at home. I have not planted her bedding plants as yet, the nights are still too cool.
Housework this morning, followed by a supermarket shop and then later garden time, if stays sunny I will be outside the rest of the day.

Tuesday 10 May 2016


My fruit are all doing well
 I have separated my Lemon and Lime plants
The Lime is back in the office, just needs a boost.
My peony is back in flower
only two blooms this year so far. 
 I have joined a book swap in work
Monica McInerney is a new author to me
We have decided to order the green house, we can use a family members discount from the shop, so we are getting a nice saving. I have found a home for one small greenhouse, my neighbour across the road will take it, so it will be easy to get it to her back yard, the second greenhouse will be scrapped, it's got a few issues. All my tomato plants have withered, it's my own fault I planted the seed too early and they went very leggy, I will leave it for a couple of weeks and buy some more. My peppers are doing well, and I have given the spare plants away. 
I have done some sewing on my Christmas tree, but also a fair amount of unpicking. June's design is out for Joyful World, so I have plenty to do. I have also stitched more hexagons another two fabrics done. 
On a real sad note Win next door is now very frail, we do as much as we can to help, our neighbour Chris does loads for her, but we can all see the decline, and at 101 years old she still has a sharp mind. She went back into hospital today, I will visit on Thursday, her doctor has told us to prepare for the worst. I am garden sitting, ensuring her plants in her green house are growing OK. 

Sunday 8 May 2016


I was going to post on my fruit gardens
 But, let me tell you about the perfect Saturday in ages
 The sun shone all day
 Less than 1 hours work in the garden
then lazy on the recliners all afternoon
 BBQ for two
 nice glasses of bubbly
 Loads of new plants potted on for the summer
 Herb garden sorted and seeds sown
plus hardening off plants, I still bring them in at night.
It was a perfect day in our little plot, just the two of us, nothing major to do, just a bit of weeding and finish the herb garden. We sat listing to the radio (not too loud), drinking tea chatting. All afternoon resting in the sun, it felt as if we were on holiday.
Later hubby fired up the BBQ, nothing posh just sausages and burgers, nice salad and a bottle of Prosecco. We stayed in the garden to almost 8pm, then a lovely shower hot mug of tea and a early night.
Few days are as perfect as this. 

Friday 6 May 2016

A bit of this....

This is good
 So pretty, but I've not had much stitching time this week
 Spare bedroom is finished
 I was going to clear the bed
but let's not lie, it's a bit of a dumping ground
hope to get my plants out soon.
Hubby has done a great job in the spare room, I just have to clean the carpet and it's all done, we decided to change the bed around and not have the book case in there. It does have loads of space now, I do have to find somewhere to put my books. Most of my crafting items are in the bed drawer, nice and easy to get at. Next is the bathroom to be decorated.
I have been outside in our garden most evenings, which is very pleasant, not too much to do, still a bit early for placing tender plants. I have been measuring the back section, I have enough space for a green house, but not much else, for years I have said I like my two small lean too greenhouses, but we have enough space for a 6' x 8', so I would have room to have my raised garden inside and have a longer growing season. Not made the decision as yet, I have made plans to scale and it would all work.
Today at work our summer timetable starts, so until the end of August we finish at 3pm each Friday, simple quick drive home, it's nice to miss all the motorway traffic, with the lovely sunshine a nice way to start the weekend.
Nothing planned this weekend, I have a haircut tomorrow morning, but that's local in the village.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

A start

Just a little start
but it's lovely already
It did come with fabric, but the count is to big for me
 Stitching on DMC, Toile a broader, 28ct
with one strand of DMC stranded thread, 
I was two colours short in my stash, but I have matched them
 Monday afternoon in the garden
hubby loves marigolds
 I have terrible trouble growing herbs in our heavy clay
so I have dig 5 holes for these pot tops (hubby cut off the bottoms)
I do need more slate for in between but it will look much better once finished 
The BBQ on Sunday was fun, but oh so cold, daughter had her fire pit burning the whole of the time we were there. I was fun, but we were home by 9.30, just too cold to stay outside.
Monday started wet and stayed dull all day, I did sort most of the herb bed in the afternoon. I have Sage, Lemon Thyme and Parsely in the 3 planted rings using compost rather than our heavy clay. I last did this garden in May 2013 The problem I have here is I purchase loads of herbs, and they never last long, but I want a herb garden, it's a waste each year as I spend to make it look good. I have Basil seeds in the yellow bucket, Chives around the big pot, my Rosemary and Bay are both planted at the back and doing well. So more spend on my garden, but hopefully this time the herbs will last. I just have to decide what two other herbs to grow.
Youngest daughter and SIL coming for tea tonight, we have an issue with our Wifi and David will fix it whilst we cook tea.
Hubby has finished painting the spare bedroom, photo's next time and we have decided not to put a book case in the room, it looks nicer without one.
So normal week this week, just hoping the weather gets warmer as promised and we can start our summer.

Sunday 1 May 2016

Sunny Bank Holiday Sunday

It's list time again
I over spent in April by £13.77
But I'm still almost £300 pounds down on last year. 
Part of the reason I over spent was the purchase of DMC threads on cones, at £14.99 it represents a huge saving, I buy my threads on line for 55p each, at the local shops they are 90p each, the cone works out at 28p for the same 8 meter length.
I have not done anything new on my 52 things for 2016, my walking is an improvement in the past two weeks, but everything else is chugging along. I did not read a book this month, but I have read 6 so far this year, so I'm on target. The list is always in my mind, I'm pleased I am doing it this year.
Our spend list for April is done, we have spent as normal and recorded every thing. We won't do it again in May, I think we are both pleased to how we have changed our spending habits and waste less money.
Look at these,  we had poached egg on toast for breakfast yesterday, afterwards we popped to town for the Farmers market, it's on the 1st Saturday of each month, so you guessed as the last Saturday in April, there were no stalls. Oh well, we did get the new bedding for our spare room, just waiting for hubby to finish painting so I can redress it. We have not changed the wall colours, and it will look as it did before, just cleaner and brighter. 
I spent some time in the garden, just doing a couple of tasks, the mint is planted in my Butlers sink, and I planted the Thyme in the top of my chimney, I have tried to grow it in the ground but our clay heavy soil holds too much water for them to survive past the summer. 
 My dark tulips are blooming
Last night I started a new stitching project, I did not stitch for long, we had a glass of wine, I sat watching birds in our garden until the heavy rain drove them away.
Today I have to make a Spanish Omelette to take to our youngest daughter's BBQ, hubby has made a pumpkin seed loaf of bread. We have not decided if we will go early and do a bit of work in their garden, with the bright sunshine outside, I can't see me staying inside to long.
We do need a trip to Ikea, the book shelf in the spare room needs replacing, we have seen a slimmer one in white, so we will pop there tomorrow. The old book case will go in our attic, it's always hand to have storage up there.
Jo from awholeplotoflove has awarded me the Liebster award, I will give my list in the next post.
Have fun what ever you are doing today


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