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Friday 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

Hope you have loads of fun 
planned with family and friends, 
this long weekend, and the weather is kind to you.

Thursday 28 March 2013

Slow going

 I have finished N, but it is slow going, that's 5 out of 9 on page 3, I think I am missing the colour from my other project, still 2 weeks before the next stage is released.

I have been sorting in my office space, I have moved my shop and kitchen to the book case, I have room here to have a small house, but at this time I can't decide on a theme.

I have been busy, my CV is every where, had my 1st job interview this week, and fingers crossed for more.

I am home today hopefully it's the last visit to get our boiler working, I am also finishing my third book, Poppy Patchwork 2012, I just need to have one final read through to ensure there are no stupid mistakes. I do not change much content on the blogs, so soon I will have 3 books. I have a second book to print, it's the story of Somerset House, my house maybe gone but  I will always have the record of it.

We don't have plans for the weekend, it's too cold for planting, but I hope to sort my little greenhouse and get things going in there, Josh and Sam are at grandma's house for the weekend, I hope to spend time with Fliss and Su, as well as loads of time with Kev.

My main aim is to find a localish cross stitch shop to visit, I would like to add to my stash, but I feel a touchy feely time coming on.

Hope your long weekend is full of fun, and a bit of warmer weather.

Monday 25 March 2013

Weekend fun

 Nana had  visitors all weekend, Logan and mummy came to stay, Kev went to their house to help daddy fit a new bathroom, here Logan is saying hello to Grace, not sure who was more shocked, Logan getting to stroke her or Grace having a toddler touch her.

We went out on Saturday morning to Fort Nelson, so Logan could have a run around, the day was very wet, and every thing we needed was inside.
 Shouting hello down the barrows and sitting on cannon balls was the best bits, and of course all the gravel. At two Logan was a bit too young for the guns, but a perfect day out for boys of most ages, pop here for our last visit.
 Saturday afternoon Sammy came to play, there are just 3 months between them, they played well together, Nana loves all the curls and I'm glad they have been allowed to keep them. Josh was here as well, but he was doing things with his Star Wars stuff. They are the same size, so double trouble, but loads of laughter.
 I did manage some stitching, mostly yesterday, and most of it I have already unpicked, miss counted again, so frustrating, I had almost finished the right hand side before I noticed it.
 But another square done, that's 4 out of 9 from page three. It is a shame you can not see the shades in the silk being used, it is very pretty.
The situation in work has been resolved, on Friday I went into work, and read an e-mail from our department boss, we were having two extra staff, great news, further into the e-mail, both staff were to work in repairs and myself and the returns supervisor would have to manage. I called to speak to my boss who sent the e-mail, he was on a day off, typical of him. So I quit, just left, I have never done that before in 40 years of working, it was making me ill with stress, and I am really done with being ill.

So I am sat here again looking for a job, I do need to work for just a couple more years, once the mortgage is paid I can then hang up my boots, plus I'm not ready to stay at home and baby sit grand children, I do love them but I do like to use what few brain cells I have left.

We are cold and dry today after a very wet weekend, but no snow, hope eveyone in the north is doing Ok, so much snow for March, as my mum would say, "March in like a lamb, out like a lion".

Roll on spring, some time soon would be nice.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Wednesday I think

Lemon butterfly cakes, I thought I would do some baking on Saturday, whilst my Welsh hubby enjoyed the rugby, he sat and yelled at the TV the whole match, but as Wales won, it was cheery shouts. The cakes were divine, I used a lemon drizzle recipe which we loved. Josh and Sammy popped in on Sunday to help finish them off.
 Grand Marquoir is back in the frame, I have done 3 more squares, it's slow going at this time, but I do still love this, this is page 3 of 6 pages.
 This photo was taken this evening, it is so much better to come home in the light, our tree is getting there, it is such a pretty shade of pink, today was a much warmer day and the rain did not show, please let this be the end of winter for us.
Work is back to being horrendous, they have brought in a new system to work along side my work, but it has more than doubled my very busy workload, and finally my boss has admitted there is too much work for one person, but that does not mean I will get help, he has promised meetings next week. As for my supervisor, she is much the same, but even she had to admit we both required more help, we will have to wait and see.

I am exhausted most of the time, but next week it is Easter and I have an extra day off so five days break should help and with nothing planned, the rest will be good.This weekend our youngest grand son Logan is staying with his mummy, should be loads of fun.

Sunday 17 March 2013

Google reader

If like me you do not want to lose Google reader to keep in touch with all each others bogs, they are planning to close 01.07.13.

Please pop here and sign this petition and see if we can change their minds.

I have not totally looked in to the changes but the biggest problem for me is there will be a limit on how many people you can follow on the new system, and why should I drop blogs I love to suit a large corporation, and how can I chose who to keep I enjoy you all.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Outside and In

We have had the house painted, it does look good, I do wish we could get rid of the yellow stones on the front garden, we have to park both cars here now, our road is full of parked cars. So my plan to make half the area back to garden is on hold.
Our tree is great, this photo is taken from our bed room window, loving the pink, we have rain again this weekend, I am keeping every thing crossed we have a real summer this year.
Grand Marquoir is back on the frame, but I have not stitched much, busy week, Fliss has fallen in love with this, so it might have a home to go to, rather then sitting in my work box, waiting to be made into something, and my box if full.
No plans this weekend, Su has moved into her new place, but not completely, our spare room has loads of her items in. But it's just the two of us, I love both my daughters, but I love just the two of us, we love our little home and lifestyle. I have been sorting my office space, it will be great when I can put all my books back into the spare room.

I have found a nice site called Tagxedo, they have different shapes into which you add words, above is a cat with all my cat names, you can not save in the free section, but it will let you print it out and once scanned you have it, great fun for card making.

It's very wet here, so a day inside again, well at least I will have time to stitch.

Monday 11 March 2013

Snow day

 It has snowed all day, dry fine snow, and all we have left is this, it has been windy and as fast as it fell it blew away, tonight is really cold, but we are all warm inside. Our tree looks fantastic with the pink buds and the snow on the branches. Both cats have been inside all day, what a life, I will come back as a much loved cat.
My Mothers day cards, from daughters and grandson, Nana is as important on the card as mum, my memory box is full of such cards, but I keep them all each year, one day I will do something with them.
 Sweet dreams is off the frame, I have done this section, can I count it as my second finish this year,
 It is just so colourful, I now have to wait until April 10th for the next section. 
so Grand Marquoir is back read to stitch page 3. 
Night in tonight, it's so very cold out side typical of March, to promise spring and then throw snow at us.

Yesterday  we did not go any where, Kev wanted to go out but it was so dull and cold, I stayed in and worked on my 2012 book, which is almost finished. I have one other book Somerset House, which I would like to have as a keepsake. We did go to the KFC drive in for tea, very naughty but very tasty.

Paula, St David is the Saint for Wales, like England has St George and Ireland has St Patrick, so 1st March all of Wales celebrate and wears either a daffodil or a leak.

Keep warm and dry.

Saturday 9 March 2013

Life not stitching

 I have had flowers from Kev for Mothering Sunday, which here in UK is tomorrow, lots of pinks and reds, I do love to see cut flowers inside, but hate taking them from my garden.

Sammy and Josh popped in, we had loads of fun, it was too cold and wet to go out side, but we had fun inside, no photo's of Josh, he is still camera shy, Sammy had loads of fun with our cushions, not sure why he was piling them on top of himself, but it was a giggle. Josh brought his Star Wars figures with him, he has loads, and knows them all, but Nana is not good at remembering them.
 More signs of spring, my pots by the front door is coming to life, as is our magnolia tree, loads of pink buds. We have just had the out side of the house painted, I like to see the bricks, but there was already paint covering them when we moved in. Every where is looking tidy.
 I have done almost no stitching, just a tiny bit more to do and this section will be finished. I am going to stitch tonight, but this last week has been very busy and when I get time to stitch I've been to tired.
Tonight we are home Pizza and a film, just the two of us, which I love.

Tomorrow we are out for the day, not sure where yet, will have to see how much rain we get, might be nice just to have a drive and see where we end up, not sure about lunch out, every where will be so very busy.

Monday 4 March 2013

On a mission

 The stitching in my last post was not totally up to date, I had problems doing my post on Saturday and left it until Sunday, so I was further along that you saw. I am really loving this section and should be finished very soon.
 I have just the top half to do, 
I am pleased I have added the extra colours. It is looking good.
Today has been good, work was busy, which I don't mind, and I got every thing done, which is always a bonus. Had lunch with Kev, we sat in his car looking over the water front, near where I work, the day was cold but the sun shine was bliss. I will stitch for an hour, then I want an early night, Kev is away tonight, so I will make the most of my time, Su is here so we can chat for a while.

Just a short post, this week is all work and stitching, not many plans, just counting down the days until the next weekend.

Sunday 3 March 2013

All types of every thing

 Dream Sampler is back in the frame, and I am loving the colours, yet again I have made changes, adding the pink and the green to the blues, it helps to tie it all together,  my needle is flying on this section, it's just so pretty.
 I managed to finish pages 1and 2, and finished the crown, this will be on hold for at least a week until I have finished the above stitch along.
 I am using my gifts from Kathy, how much neater my work box now looks, so much nicer than plastic sleeves. I should promise myself to make some, but my sewing machine is packed under loads of stuff, whilst Su is staying with us, so maybe not.

 Spring is here, the garden is waking up, Yesterday was St Davis's day and I am married to a Welsh man, so we are very pleased to see so many daffodils in flower.
It's been a very mixed week here, we started with a guy sleeping in our garage for a couple of nights, Cristian is walking the coast line of UK, and sleeping rough, he is ex army and is raising awareness of the plight of some guys who are not able to adjust to civilian life and fall on hard times. He has raised over £10,000 for Help for Heroes if you are interested you can follow him on facebook

Work is going better, still loads to do, but I now feel both my supervisor and boss have changed their attitude towards me, I can just about finish most of the work each day, and I am doing more now that ever, I have a couple extra things to do, it would be so nice if every thing stays like this, I don't mind hard work, I can't stand the bullying.

We have a busy weekend, Su is still with us for a couple more weeks, she has seen a nice one bed room house, Martin my brother is here for the weekend as well, so our little house is full of family, just as we like it.


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