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Thursday, 8 June 2023

And rest

I have done more on this cross stich project, the bottom left hand side is almost complete, I have very few plans for this, I stitch a design and then look for the next. As the space gets smaller it does get harder to place things. The finish line is in sight, it will eventually be a cushion, with a nice green back, the very top is wrapped around the frame.
This was a very quick read, it was the authors first published book and it showed in the story plot, it had everything there, but just too simplistic. Book 10 read this year. I have one more of her books left to read  I'm hoping it's a better book.
Very quickly I remembered I had read this book years ago, it was the first book I read from this author, normally I do not read many books twice, but this is such a good story I kept going. Book 11 read this year. 
 I'm making time for more self care, something I'm not good at, I am feeling good at the moment, my Pilates class is helping with my posture and all the issues on my left side and shoulder, having less aches and pain does make me feel good. Normally by now I would have had a pedicure, I am managing without one this year, I file my hard skin on my heals after every shower, and I've started painting my nails. I have very weak nails and for years used them as tools, now I wear gardening gloves and ensure I am not damaging them, they never get long, but I'm happy with them, having said that I expect to break a couple now.

I thought it was time for a non gardening post, most of my time is spent outside, the weather is just so good, our garden has shade at different times of the day. I am hardly reading this year, I read so many forgettable books last year, I have decided to read less and choose my books, rather than read everything being passed around. I popped into our library this week, it's been months since I visited.

Not much crafting being done, I am still looking at my calendar wheel for 2023, so far this year I have not done much, I can't decide if I should start again without each month stitched in segments, in hope I might do more later in the year. I am sketching, so it is moving forward, once I decide I will catch up quickly on the stitching.

I have no other craft projects, most of my time is outside. I do love my sewing machine, but no plans to use it, I have been thinking of finding a simple button through summer top pattern, and make a few, nothing fancy, the tops would make a change from wearing T shirts. I would need to practice making small buttonholes.

Monday, 5 June 2023

New growth

This alpine plant is beautiful,  it was the most expensive plant I got, it's called Weldenia Candida, it's native in Mexico, it's central spot in the display is to highlight the flowers when they grow, I should get atleast six flowers this year.
The third bloom has faded from my Amaryllis  so I popped it once again in the greenhouse,  this lovely bulb just keeps giving, I have never seen a side shoot on these bulbs before, and have no idea what is growing, it's a case of wait and see. 
I have loads of cutting in my sphagnum moss, some grow others don't, I have planted a rose and honeysuckle rooted this way. I pop all cutting in, in the hope some will grow. This large plant saucer is full of rainwater and sits in a shady part of my greenhouse. I have had this system for over two years, the moss rejuvenates itself, I gave a huge lump to a friend, who is using it in the same way. I hope to pot on buzzy lizzies soon, they root easily. 
Hubby walked to the village, popped to the pet shop and saw white lavender, lovely huge plants and only £5.40 each, he decided to get two, so the tubs have been changed. We passed the eucalyptus plants to a lady who wants them to feature in her wedding next year, so pleased to pass them on. I purchase almost all my plants from our local pet shop, the quality is always good and with prices I love. I have added the cost to my monthly list, the other new smaller plant will stay where it is until the garden work next spring.
Another unwanted digout, I noticed the new pretty dahlia was missing from the centre front of this garden, cursing our squirrel,  I looked for it and found rat holes and no plant. This bed has an open bottom, so I had to dig it out, found their entrance and a couple of hyacinth bulbs, hubby has lined the bed with chicken wire and some big stones  I refilled it and replanted my shrubs and bulbs. All I can do now is hope the shrubs survive,  this is the reason for the new garden next year, we can't control what is under the decking.

Daughter and the three little ones came over on Saturday, daddy is working away, we had a day outside and a mid afternoon BBQ, so much laughter, they all play well and daughter had a restful day. George at three and a half has been given hearing aids, which he will not wear, we have tried everything, he only has partial hearing loss, I think he hears most things, any tips on how we get past this barrier, as soon as he sees their boxes he is gone, we have tried bribery with chocolate, a treat he loves, nothing works. George fell over at home and bit his top lip, loads of blood, but he was a brave boy.

Sunday another day at home, we work, rest and play well together, having time in the day to sit, enjoy coffee and a chat is wonderful, sitting in the sun even with the cool breeze is good, we enjoy watching the small birds on our feeders, which we fill all year around, I refresh their water every morning as well. At this stage of our lives time is on our side, jobs can be manana, instead of get it done now as we have work tomorrow. 

Today is the start of a busy week, I have a short list of things I want sorting, and then we plan some fun time. 

Saturday, 3 June 2023

Not blue

Kirt has new hair  he is looking much better it's not the same grass as before, the light does look good through it, I thought he would like a change, we all play about with our hair. I have popped the old plant at the back of the garden so the birds can steal more dried grass.

I have purchased a white lavender plant, I was pleased telling hubby I had taken loads of cuttings for new plants when he said the lavender is blue, I checked back through my posts and indeed the plant is blue, so once this is settled, I will take cuttings. This plant cost £12, and we would need six, so I'm happy to wait a year before changing the tubs by our entrance door.
As we were wondering around a garden centre looking for the above plants, hubby said, 'I like that', pointing to a green parasol, we both loved the design, we had been discussing getting a new one, they had different colours so the blue one came home with us. It's been a bit breezy and the base is holding it firm, so a great addition, I love the spokes, it's really pretty and holds steady. It won't fit through the hole in the middle of the table, and hubby can't make the lower hole any bigger, so we will keep moving it until we find the best spot.

I got some simple warm lights for our bunting, our garden does not get any light at night and this fence section is dark. I rest my case on the fact I'm a woman of certain age and I love loads of lights, these are solar, and static, they could flash, but I don't like flashing lights.

So a simple coffee one morning with friends, became expensive, but most of the things we needed, using the garden in the new layout, is working, the parasol gives loads of shade around the table. Hubby put the pergola on our local Facebook page for a good price and it has sold, another step towards our new garden layout. I have not added the cost of the parasol to my stash and garden list, big things always come out of the household budget, especially if hubby wants it as well.  

I did not watch Chelsea this year, I was happier sitting in my own garden, than watching perfection on TV. I have gone off Monty Don, I'm not watching Gardeners World, I loved his garden, but I now feel its just the same each year, I want realism, and more about plants, their history, their native habitat, and more detailed care. 

I have done more of my cross stitch, no other sewing, I don't have a knitting project, and I'm not reading much, We are in our garden most of the day, the sun is hot, the breeze cool, so together it's pleasant, just little bit's to do, mainly weeding and dead heading. We are walking more, trips around our local park most days, chatting to dog walkers, it's a social place. 

Thursday, 1 June 2023

Inside out

We had Molly on a sleep over, with 3 children we have them sleep over one at a time, she slept all night and was really happy next morning, it's been years since I did little girls hair, she is not keen on having her hair brushed, so after cleaning her teeth, I left the cold tap on and did her hair whilst she was playing with the water. 
Just a few new things in the garden this year, the Azalea has loads of new buds, I'm not normally a fan of pink/red plants, the Geranium in the mug, is a replacement for a plant lost, both photo's on top row. The tiny white flowers in my half pots looks pretty, my Camelia is still blooming, with just a few buds left, all these plants are new this year.
These blooms are regular in the garden, the chives are blooming again, I love them, we do cut them, but always grow too many. The Hosta, in my copper coal bucket grows well, I pull it away from everything in hope to stop the slugs and snail, at some point the leaves will all get eaten, but it's the natural cycle. My early Alliums are blooming, this is their 2nd year. 

I am trying a few new plants this summer, my Astrantia's grew well, one is in the garden the other in the huge pot by my greenhouse door. This Physalis, Chinese Lantern is completely new, I have popped it into my big brown pot, which was the only empty pot, it's still in the greenhouse, now by the open door, soon I hope to have it in the garden. I am growing this for ornamental reasons, not to eat any fruits. 
I want to change the two bigger pots by our side door, our main entrance, at the moment I have eucalyptus which has got woody at the bottom, it's hard to try and keep them like a bush, after chatting with hubby we have decided to go for white lavender, he has blue lavender in the front bed. Being tight, I have decided not to change the pots this year  I have taken 8 cuttings from my white lavender in the back garden, just to see if I can get 6 plants, it's worth a try, I have rooted lavender before.

I have three water butts, and I have just half of one butt left, so as the half term comes to an end, is it wrong of me to hope and want rain, any gardeners will understand, going into summer with little rain water, is not a place I want to be. Everything is focused on the outside at this time of year, we are enjoying our space, and next door has gone quiet.

It was fun to have Molly, she is so much like her mum, brings back so many happy memories, she plays independent, and tries most everything, typical youngest child with her I can do it attitude. I did tell my daughter the trick to getting Molly's hair done. We have had a simple few days at home, eating loads of salad and relaxing.

One final thought, how can it be June already, sat here shaking my head, it will be Christmas all too soon. 


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