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Friday, 26 November 2021

Along came three

This blanket is finished, here it is on my king size bed, I love the colours, very me, it's made with a fine cotton purchased in Spain a few years ago, I used 3 x 200 grm balls, and I'm left with just 14grms. I do have one 200 grm ball left in a pale cream, not sure why I did not use it, I do think these 3 colours work well together, I just made the design up as I worked on it. 
I love the drape and weight of this blanket, I will get loads of pleasure in using this, and being cotton it's easy to wash and dry. I stitched all the ends in as I made the blanket, so I only had the finished strand to sew in. I have promised myself I will not make anymore granny square blankets, I think after this one they will all feel less worthy. Next year I hope to teach myself to follow patterns in crochet. 
I have finished my friend shawl, I still don't like the colours, I'm not a fan of yellow, but I've shown it to another friend who agrees it perfect colours. I knit these shawls up quickly and I enjoy making them, this is another Christmas gift, this friend does not craft at all. 
I really should have not cast on a pair of socks for me, but I loved this yarn, again it's James C Brett, this time just done in the main green colour, I am again pleased with the stripe match, I'm going to have warm toes again this winter. I have now cast on a pair of men's socks, not as a Christmas gift, but as a thank you for my wood turning friend, his wife has given me his shoe size. 
I'm loving putting these colours together for a pair of socks, Mick does wear colourful socks, so 🤞he is going to love these. The stripe in the bright blue is dark brown, I will do the toes matching the top, the heel I will do in the dark brown. 

Every spare moment I am crafting, I want to have everything done in the next couple of weeks, the time consuming items are finished, daughter  requested the few things for George, he is moving bedrooms, out of the nursey into a bigger room. Molly will be going into the nursery, as yet nothing from me is required, it is a small room. 

Christmas cards are all almost done, I have mainly the inserts to print out and attach, they should be in the post next week. I did cheat and buy one box for the sign ladies, I just fell in love with the simple design on the front.

It's been a restful few days, plenty of time knitting, lazy afternoons at home, we did do a big shop at our local Lidl, the freezer is now full, we should not need to shop for a while. Today I am going into town with hubby using my new bus pass, I have an eye test booked, which I'm sure will see me needing new glasses, expensive but necessary, no other plans, a treat of lunch out. The weather is now cold, with a strong wind from the north, so a weekend inside is planned, no gardening, the leaves are being blown off, but we will wait a few days in hope the wind dies down.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Last week in November

The green pot has last years Amaryllis bulb, the white pot has my new bulb, I have planted them differently, using much bigger pots and having the bulb sit higher up in the compost, which now I know is the correct way. I have re-potted another bulb, but I'm not sure it will grow, there are still 2 more bulbs in the greenhouse in leaf, but no flower stalk. 
I was given these sweet pots for a birthday present, there is a 3rd one, on the box it suggest you use them for herbs, the pot is a bit small for herbs. I love succulents, and these are a perfect size, the big plant in the yellow cup, I've had in a big gravy boat with other plants, but it was too crowded, so I have made this it's permanent home. The green pot has shoots from an expensive plant I purchased back in March, it would be nice to have more of these plants, I have 6 planted in here. 
My birthday gift from my brother, 14 days later I have lost all the bottom leaves, this has been in the office, which is warm and sunny, but sadly not enough for this plant, I have moved it in hope I can stop the drop. 
Kurt has new hair, the previous grass did not weather well, I cut the tips back as it got very long and then it just looked untidy, this grass is the 3rd type he has had, the 1st blood grass was too thin. I think this should look good, it's from my sink, I planted it in the ground, but a cat has been sleeping on it, 
The garden looking tidy, with this blue sky it could be July or August.
I loved this book, it's a real good read, twisted all the way through, so many ' he did it, no she did it' and after it was solved another twist, just brilliant, her sequel is not due until next summer, I can't wait.  this being my 44th book read this year, I already have my next lined up.

Monday morning we spent time outside, sunny but cold, we cut back the Magnolia tree, it's a necessary job each year, otherwise the tree would be too large for the garden, the top needs cutting back, but we can do that in the spring, hubby picked up all the leaves, not that it stayed clear for long, as I always say, any work on this tree is a labour of love. I have also cut back all the late fruiting raspberries, we had a bumper crop this year, the 3 decorative plant frames have been put into my shed, the back section is now clear. Everything tender is now inside the greenhouse,  the 30mins I spent in the greenhouse was bliss, it's lovely and warm inside, so many plants are thriving in there. 

Tuesday I went to sign class, it was at my neighbours house across the road, so no traveling, Shelia our tutor was unwell and did not attend (flu bugs) so it was more of a social gathering, which was fun.  Hubby and I popped to an out of town shopping place, it's our nearest M&S store in afternoon, for just a couple of things.  I treated myself to a pair of jeggings, just because I liked the colour and a couple sports bras, I am loving no-wired bras, so comfortable. I am having a much slower week this week. Today I think Molly might be have some time here, the boys are at nursery and school, mum can get a few hours on her own, then crafting, I have almost finished another item.

Thank you for all your kind comments about my finished cushion and our George, family has always been so important to us, having his family home so close has allowed us to be able to support and play with all 3 children, and help mummy and daddy. It is sad when our other grandchildren live so far away, Covid has taken all the joy of making trips anywhere, we always found time to visit our parents regularly, but this busy world their family weekend time is filled with clubs and other interests, we see less and less of our grandsons. 

Monday, 22 November 2021

Happy birthday George

Our youngest family, taken on Sunday afternoon, we had lunch with daughter and SIL. 
George is 2 years old today, we had a party yesterday, with a beautiful cake, Teletubbies who George loves, it tasted as good as it looks. 
Will had a fantastic day out with Grandpa on Saturday, even got a ride in this jeep, he is army mad and wore his combats and helmet, his face is just pure joy, grandparents know so much and so many interesting people.
We have had  a brilliant family weekend, how quickly the last 2 years has flown by, all the sadness of the first few weeks of his life has been transformed into joy and laughter, the fear of the unknown was replaced with knowledge, thanks to support from Portsmouth Downs Syndrome Association, they were and still are a tower of strength, George has taught us all so much. He is an intelligent, inspirational, determined little boy, some of his links are different, he is still to master walking and talking, but he communicates well, he is becoming independent, so wicked in his play, he loves to copy older brother Will. 

I had many things planned to do over the weekend, nothing was done, again I am tired, we are going out into the garden this morning to pick up huge piles of leaves, all can be put in my black dustbin, in hope of leaf mulch next year, this afternoon is going to be lazy. 

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Get stuffed

This project is finished.
I have made pockets on children's cushions before for their reading books, on this cushion, I made a huge pocket on the back for patterns. I am always juggling with a pattern when knitting and often it falls on the floor, so this should be useful.

All finished, I am really pleased how well it looks, not perfect, but pretty and useful, in hope my friend will pop it on her crafting chair in her summerhouse. 

 I have enjoyed stitching this project, I found the french knots very restful to do, just stitching the same colour over the pattern on the fabric, making 'S' for Shelia. I did notice the 'S' was not straight, just a little off, but it should not notice, I used a bright blue cotton for the pocket, it was the closest match from my fabric stash, adding binding at the top of the pocket, which picks out the off white lines in the design. The biggest pain was in the pretty bobbles around the edge, I was planning to pop them in between the front and back when sewing together, but the black edging was too narrow so I had to hand sew it, I stitched around it twice for strength. The size was determined by the cushion insert I purchased, just a couple of hours to finish.

I have loads of crafting things on the go, so plenty to choose from each time I sit down, I can't sit and do nothing, I will have other finishes to show, I will post photo's soon I wanted this project as a single post as I am mighty pleased with myself.

I've had a couple restful days at home, time inside, I love my creative time, last night I slept at daughters house, with Molly and George, Will had a sleep over at Grandma's house, mummy and daddy went to a huge fundraiser in Portsmouth for the local DS group, they booked a hotel room and stayed over, they will be back soon with tales of the fun they had. I've had my hair cut from a shoulder length bob is a much shorter style, George was shy for just a few moments, Molly no reaction, Will just said 'like your new hair', I got really bored and changed my style, I also have a colour to put in, purple, rather a major change for me.

I'm home the rest of the weekend, some gardening to do, a tidy and a few last bulbs to plant, then back to crafting, no plans to go anywhere, we have everything we need. 


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