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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Tidy garden

 We got this new square plastic pot, the pomegranate plant was not as pot bound as I thought it would be, but this pot will be placed where our large water but is, on the side of the garage, it's a sunny spot so it should do well here. I got plastic because the whole plant and pot is still very heavy, hopefully once in place it should not have to be moved. 

There are still pockets of colour around the garden, the begonia's have been fantastic so far, but the cold weather will kill them off soon, they grow from corns, which I leave in the soil, all are planted in raised section, so the flowers tumble down. Most of the plants returned after the drought, but few are in flower, so we have lots of different shades of green everywhere.
I have done more stitching, I love the flower design on the outer section of the bottom square, I normally finish my thread and then pack my sewing away, yesterday a neighbour popped in, so I did not finish my section. I have now decided how I am going to finish these squares, and I've started to think about what to pop next to them. 
The shed is empty, hubby helped and gave it a good sweep, he place a free ad on our local Facebook page and it was quickly snapped up. Hubby has been out and removed loads of the screws holding it together, it should be collected later today. Removing the shed will not as bad as we feared, it did just fit into the space behind the garage, it had been built from the inside, so everything is accessible. Hubby has also remove the canvas roof to our pergola, he packs it away each winter, stored in the garage in the dry, it prolongs the life of the canvas and keeps it looking good, plus it does flap in the wind. 

It's been a busy few days in the garden, it's that time of year when it's easier to do so many jobs, it's much cooler this September, so some jobs are being done now instead of later in the month. I still have 2 pots with gladiola bulbs in I will dig them out and plant loads of spring bulbs, they can be done later in October as the soil in the pots stay a bit warmer. I have one big round pot, which the pomegranate was in, not sure what to use in that pot, it may stay empty for a while.  I also have my old 3 level  tower pots, I need to decide if I am going to use them or pass them on.

Thursday, 22 September 2022

A little bit more

I am stitching just 3 of these star squares, there are 9 in the original design, but I think 3 will be enough, I am taking my favourite bits and putting them together, the blue should have been darker, but I think the change works. I love the red flower, I will do another yellow one in this section, there will be loads of different colour flowers around the piece.
I have moved the rose bush forward to the middle, it's a bit early as there is still growth, but as it has not been in the ground for 6 months it should be OK. I have moved a few plants about, this bed should be very colourful next summer. The little green fences are to stop my cats digging their holes to close to the front, for a while they were flicking soil over the slate.
I emptied my black dustbin, it was full of shredded leaves taken from our Magnolia tree late last year. Its the first time I have made leaf mulch, and I am really pleased, the shredding of the huge leaves helped break it down, most of the garden had a good covering of this precious garden waste. Hubby is so pleased he is looking to purchase another dustbin, and make loads more. 
The plant in this huge brown pot went into the back of the rose bed, it will match another one already in there. This geranium came from my little raised bed by the back door, the fuchsias were crowding it out. It looks good in this pot and can easily be moved into the greenhouse in the winter months, if it need protection. 
Not much left in my shed, it's so sad to see it almost empty, quite a lot of this will be going into the greenhouse, some will be thrown, should be empty by the weekend, when we will inspect to see if it's worth trying to pass it on, if not hubby will break it up. I loved having my own space, but now this tiny space behind our garage will have another use.
Monday we sat and watched TV all day, very sad to watch our Queens last procession, but so proud to see all our historic pomp and ceremony, the colours were stunning. Hubby is an ex Welsh guardsman, so he loved all the guardsmen protecting the Queen. The newer generations of the royal family also having a bigger role, life does go on. The history of seeing the cane being broken to be buried with the Queen, first time ever seen on TV and The Princess Royal, Ann standing with her brothers for the princes vigil, first time ever a female has done this.

Tuesday and Wednesday we were at home, I managed an hour in the garden both days, I was exhausted after each time, but pleased to get so much done. I still have the gladiola bulbs to dig out of 2 pots and to put in spring bulbs, that should not take long. I also did some sewing  it helps me rest if I am stitching. I am still full of cold, but I am feeling much better, it's been a horrible week, not sure what bugs I had, but I don't want to see them again, I have everything crossed I have not passed it on, hubby has a cough, hopefully that's all he will get. 

Monday, 19 September 2022

Family time

 Hubby's daughter and youngest son were here over the weekend, for my daughters 40th birthday party, we did a lunch on Saturday, ensuring everyone was well fed. It was lovely to see so many grand sons running around the garden together, football was top sport, but as always the bikes were fun as well. Cousins making friends, they all live so far apart, so they are not often together.

I was surprised to see this rose in bloom, I had cut away all the dead heads and was not expecting any more flowers. Its such a pretty colour and such a beautiful blue sky.
I am full of cold and have an irritating cough, so I took a covid test, it's again negative, as the cooler months are here I expect we will be taking more test again.

We had a late night on Saturday,  we went to daughters party and left about 9ish to bring George and Molly home, hubby popped back just after 10pm for Will, we then sat with them until just after 1am, when mummy and daddy got home. Loads of our daughters teenage friends were at the party, it was lovely to see them all. Our house was very close to the town centre, and was the meeting place for all of them  we loved seeing them together and are so pleased their friendship has lasted.

Sunday was a late start, hubby's son and family came for breakfast, before driving home to Somerset, we then had a lazy day. My throat was very sore, I'm still full of cold  I am hoping this second pack of antibiotics will help with the cold and clear this kidney problem. Today we do nothing, the TV will be on most of the day, doing the same as millions of others, watching the final journey of our dear Queen.

We both have had our flu jabs and have booked our covid booster jabs, hopefully we should be protected this winter. 

Thursday, 15 September 2022


I have cut out the 24 front and back squares, I will cut the same amount in the red fabric, my aim is to make two pockets, sew them together and make little bags. 
It took a bit more time, but I now have advent bags, I've not finished them all yet, but it won't take long. I swapped the plain red fabric for the colourful striped fabric, it makes them slightly more festive. These can be popped on our dining room table in a bowl, before I used white paper bags, these should last for years. I have to make the closing ties, I'm thinking a gold thin ribbon, the striped fabric I had in my stash.
I saw this yarn and loved the colours, so I am making myself another pair of socks, I thought they were going to be thin stripes, but the pattern has changed, I won't know what these will look like until the sock is made. I have used this brand before, it's very good for socks. The heel is in a contrasting colour, which I think goes well, not sure if I will use the same yarn on the toes as well. 
I started the other side of my work, ensuring I am on the same level as the right side, I am starting another loved design, stitched here, I have added this design to 3 other projects. I am truly mixing everything up. I love these colours together, they sing, I will have 3 of these squares in this corner. I have done 5 pink/red squares, I have 10 different designs, but for now I am leaving the right side, to fill the left side and middle. 
I still have all this fabric to use, the denim is the most important, I will work on that first. But I am not feeling in the correct frame of mind to tackle the bigger task yet. I will need to sort things as the weather is changing and George is in need of longer trousers, he is tall but very slim, his waist requires clothes for a 2 year old, but his height is for a 3 year, so if it fits around the waist it's always too short. I have taken in legging for him at the waist, but it would be nice for him to have trousers which fit. 

We had a couple of dry days at the weekend and Monday, but the rain is back again, so I have not done much more in the garden, hubby has his new shelves in the garage, so I now have the 2 shelves above my unit, so most of my bits are sorted. I do need to tidy my greenhouse, remove the tomato and cucumber plants, I have a few things to place in there, then my shed will be empty. 

Tuesday I went to sign group, I've not been for a couple of weeks, it was great to catch-up with everyone, I did not stay for lunch, we drove to daughter house, she was celebrating her 40th birthday, her MIL and FIL popped over, with their youngest son, visiting from Australia, where he now lives, so once Will came home from school, we had the whole family together, first time in ages. Both George and Molly kept giving Jonathan strange looks when he arrived, he is very much like his brother (their dad) and neither of them had met him before. Will was ecstatic to have Jonathan visit, he spent time playing with him and Lego, they often face time, so Will knew him well. I was pleased our daughter has such a lovely day, she is having a huge party on Saturday, when more family will arrive. 

Wednesday I got the sewing machine out and started my advent bags, I am doing cross stitch in the daylight and knitting my socks at night. It's too wet to be in the garden, but it is tidy, I just have a few smaller jobs to do, nothing urgent. Today hubby wants to go looking for new chairs, our leather ones are looking scruffy, neither of us like using throws as they slip on the leather and never stay in place, so a walk around a couple retail stores, it's a couple of junctions down the M27, expensive, but they do last for years. 


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