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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Matching pair

These are beautiful and matching
and finished
Loads of yarn left over

Another start, this is a jumper for Will, my 1st time with a knit down from the neck pattern.
I have ordered more wool, I think I am forming a wool habit, I was checking my wool stash and I have to admit, it's growing, lot's purchased online and sale prices, I have loads for socks, which I am loving to knit.
Can't wait to get my feet into the above socks, they look so colourful, it' a German yarn, which I have never used before, loads of yarn left over, I will add it to the leftovers for my granny square blanket. 
Now I am focusing on Will's jumper, I have never knitted a neck down design before and on circular needles, so no sewing together, in theory for me a perfect knit, I have four colours to use in wide stripes. 
Yesterday was a day at home, I did get my haircut, so I'm feeling good, I also spent loads of time finishing my socks, tonight I hope to have time for Will's jumper.
Will slept over last night, mummy and daddy had a night out with friends. We love having Will here, he is such a cute, good boy, and he is instantly forgiven for waking so early in the morning, his cot is still in our room, we not happy for him to sleep downstairs, whilst he is still young. We have found out all Bob the builder toys, Will is helping the builders next door.
My new steam floor cleaner arrived, I'm so glad to have this replacement, the floors come up so much better with steam, the old one lasted for years, so I hope this one will be as good. January is an expensive month, I am watching youtube video's for an expensive purchase.
Nothing much planned for today, knitting, a day at home, it's wet outside. 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

In the garden

Only one of my Helebours have flowered this year, the second plant in the garden is looking weak. The plant I put into a huge pot last November is small and behind. 
 Still I have flowers on my geraniums, these grow in a chimney, so raised off the ground, the others planted in the ground don't have flowers on. 
 Yesterday Will came to play, last minute visit, he stayed whilst mummy went supermarket shopping. The rain stopped for a while, so we went out to play, The fake grass is great allowing all the rain to soak through and not be too wet. 
Will is almost 2, and looking so grown up.
 This is the view from our kitchen window, the extension went up this week, it looks tidy and should stay tidy looking. But it has cut out loads of light, it sunny here this morning, but you would not think so. This extension now makes the kitchen dark and that stops light filtering into our dining end of our living area, yesterday we had the dining light on all day.  We don't spend too much time in the kitchen, so the view does not bother us, but the loss of light will. 
I enjoyed time in the garden yesterday, it was good to get out, not much to do, I still have not cut back my summer plants in the side garden, some have flowers on, and loads have seed heads, I will leave them until the end of February, unless the bulbs push through.
I planted another Amayllis for the sitting room, I have not grown many this year, I replanted my bulbs to save money, but only one grew and only leaves.
I have finished knitting my socks, just need to finish the toes off, photo's next time.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Colour in a grey season

1st sock finished

First great customer service, back in 2014 I purchased a new tree in the January sale, half price from Christmas Tree World, even at half price it was still expensive. Last December when I put up our tree, the bottom plastic ring into which you slot the branches broke. Hubby spoke to them on the phone, after emailing them a photo of the broken bit , just a week ago, they promised they would help. Yesterday in the post arrived the replacement bottom section of the tree, all FOC, no bother, no stupid demands from them, just the replacement part to enable us to use the tree this year. Great service.
I have done loads of knitting on my socks, should really be doing a jumper for Will, but I am loving the colours from the yarn, Opal, glitter 4ply. I have just started the second sock, ensuring the colours match.
My daughter had her staples removed from her knee on Monday, I thought she was really brave, we had a coffee out, before heading back home for her to rest, we had fun knitting and chatting together. Will and mummy came to check she was OK.
Tuesday again sign class, we are now two groups, our group is leaning new things, whilst the other group is redoing the classes from last year. The lesson was fun and will become more conversational, everyone enjoyed this morning.
We have had some rain overnight, not much, we could do with more for the pots in the garden, it's still so very grey here. Yesterday I had words with the builders next door asking them to clear and clean the shared drive and to stop leaving dangerous tools outside when they go home, I'm glad I did otherwise the drive would be a sea of mud.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Catching up

Daughter got me a coffee plant, she has one as well
  Can you see the bean/seed

I have said before it's a busy time here, nothing fantastic going on, I'm just spending more time out than at home.
Friday we popped to our local garden center, it's Will favorite place because it has a full size old tractor for the children to play on, he was the only child in the play area, so he had plenty of fun, hubby spent time with him. Youngest daughter and I took a tour through the final Christmas sale items, a few things dropped into my basket. I got 2 packs of 6 Tom Smith table crackers for less than half price, they still cost £10 per six, but I do hate a cheap cracker. I got two packs as the hope is our Spanish friends will have Christmas with us this year, if not they will last a couple of years. I also got a mistletoe reed room scent again less than half price. All have been packed in the attic with the decorations, so I can find them in December. the only plant I came home with was the coffee plant my daughter got me, I have looked on the inter net and know what it needs to live. Friday night I did some more sock knitting.
Saturday morning was spent cleaning, the floors are really dirty and loads of dust everywhere, the builders next door are creating both, but they only should be here for a couple more weeks. We have asked them to clean before they leave each night, they do have a habit of down tools and walk away.
We had a lazy afternoon, an ex work friend popped over, we went out for a meal to a local Thai restaurant, loads of chatter and catching up, she has moved back to her family in London. Shame she had to drive back to town the same evening, but the meal was great.
Sunday was another lazy day, after lunch I managed to do some knitting, I am loving these socks, but I really must start Will's jumper.. 
Today I'm with eldest daughter, she is having the clips removed from the wound on her knee, if we survive it we hope to have a coffee together before taking her home. 


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