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Thursday, 20 February 2020

New start

I have loads of knitting to do, so why then have I started another pair of socks. Red and slate grey, these are men's sized and will be another Christmas gift, I don't need a pattern any more so they are for me simple to knit. 
 I have started reading this book recommended to me, I've not found it a great start, but I am starting to 'enjoy' it. Can you enjoy a story like this, it's a good read. 
 Checking in the greenhouse, 
no storm damage done to structure, all glass panels still secure. 
Most of my plants in the dry river bed are looking good, I have one which needs protection, it looks as if water has been dripping on it, not good, but it's still alive, so there is hope. 
So many flowers on this plant. 
My chicken will go back outside once summer is here. 
 The huge bulb in the center has shot up, this pot is at the back of the garden, soon I will move it to the front, so we can see the progress of the plants. I won't move it until after the high winds drop, I don't want the plant to be damaged, in this spot it's sheltered. 
The weather has forced us to be inside far more than normal, I do manage a walk around the garden, and short time in the greenhouse. We do love to sit inside in the warm and dry and look out on our garden, we feed birds, so there is always something to watch. I also manage to do loads of crafting and reading, I really can't sit and do nothing.
I make loads of mental notes at this time of year, looking for bare patches, I have already dug out an old holly and rose bush, and replaced with a Peony, I would like some more snowdrops, after saying they had not come back, I now notice some growing, they are just later to shoot and flower.
My herb garden is not as productive as I would like, I'm not going to change it, I love seeing the herbs, the design has loads of slate around the plants, and I could plant more herbs, but I do like the space between the plants, I think I need to replace a couple of aging plants.
I am truly pleased with my fruit pots, I had a decent harvest last year, I have loads of small pots dotted in this area with spring bulbs in, later I will put out my decorations, animals ect.
I was pleased with my side bed last year, I am hoping I will just have a few gaps to fill in the summer.
The big raised bed infront of the greenhouse has not been changed, just as I planned to lower the height, I noticed the bulbs showing so it has been left, I will fill it with colour, I have some Dahlias to plant.
I only have 3 small pots at the side of the house to fill, they have winter pansies in at the moment, and they still look good. Soon I will start the marigold seeds for the old strawberry tubs, I always grow them from seed, I will also sow parsley and coriander seeds.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Today is Will's 3rd birthday, how quickly did those years pass, we popped over for cake on Monday evening, as Will was at nursery all day Tuesday. Mummy and daddy took him to the Science exhibition at Winchester, for the day, which he loved. They had lunch out and back home to open presents, he loved the police outfit and kept it on for the rest of the day. We all loved his cake, it was fire themed, he loved Fireman Sam as well.
George is growing so fast, he is 12 weeks old, he still looks very small, most people think he is only a month old, we had loads of cuddles and smiles from him.
It was a perfect finish to a busy day, we did some shopping at B&Q and home bargains, it was good to get out of the house, hubby was needing to go out, he had been decorating last week and then the wet weekend kept him inside. The decorating is not finished we ran out of paint, it's not sold any more in store, we did purchase it 2 years ago, but hubby found some online so it should be delivered this week, just 1 wall to finish.
Today I am having coffee with the sign ladies, it's in our neighbour Chris's house, which is just across the road, so no driving.

Monday, 17 February 2020

In bits

This is Tilly, I managed to finish all her body over the weekend, I used Ecru shade, and pink ears. She was easy to knit, but I did struggle with the instructions in a few places. 
 I love the long legs, the feet was a struggle with the pattern instructions, but I got there in the end, I did think of an easier way to knit them, but stayed with the pattern. There is loads of sewing up to do, but I find I am enjoying sew things together. 
 These are my 1st Christmas gift finished, I love the shades of blue, I will start another pair soon. This being my 2nd finish this year. 
 I do like this colour Amaryllis bloom, but in truth I think I prefer the pink flecked ones better, this will last for another week. 
 The buds on the 1st stem are dying, these blooms are now all from the 2nd stem, still no leaves. 
It's been a weekend for staying inside, it's just far too wet to be outside much, we did get a walk on Sunday, just to the Co-op for a sweet potato for tea, I have been very busy knitting, reading and drinking coffee. I am happy to be inside, and don't often suffer from cabin fever.
Our garden is OK after most of the storm, we are due high winds all day and some rain, so it's not over yet, but the worse has passed. The fence is wrecked at the bottom of the garden, we are hoping the rest will break, then we will have a new fence put in, which we will pay for, therefore having a strong fence rather than the cheapest, which is always our neighbours choice, normally we pay half each, which in the 10 years we have been here we have replaced 3 times.
Chris from Gully Grove  asked why do we name our storms, as in Australia they only name cyclones, it's a practice we have on done in the last couple of years, not all storms are named, just the ones which will  cause damage, often these named storms come with warnings for wind, rain and flooding. Our weather here in UK, is much calmer than other countries, but these named storms can leave loads of damage in their wake, but thankfully rarely loss of life. So many homes are flooded around the country, in Yorkshire their highest tide should be this lunchtime, so many are not safe yet. Again we are thankful we are not in a flood areas, and have not seen any local fallen trees, I tried imagining losing everything on our ground floor, and it's just too huge to comprehend.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Hunker down.

10th book this year, I really could not put it down, it has been recommended by loads of people, and I totally agree with them, a brilliant read. 
 I am at the toe shaping of my 1st pair of Christmas socks, these are for a size 11 feet, I love the colours, I am making striped socks this year.

 My cardigan is growing, I am working on the length, but I have also done loads on the sleeves, soon I will try it on and work out the final lengths, I always make the sleeves shorter to match my short arm length, making a knit down garment helps me get it perfectly right.

 I hope to make a start on Tilly soon, I am making her for a raffle prize at Easter, I will make her body 1st, I am using Drops cotton 4ply, I also hope to make a second set of clothes for a male rabbit, so suitable for a boy or girl. I am also making another small baby ripple blanket, so busy time. 
Love these knitted animals, 
they have a modern feel to them.
Friday was fun, we all met for coffee and a chat, afterwards I went to daughters house, my friend Shelia came as well, she had gifts for Will's coming birthday, which he opened, loads of musical instruments, we had fun singing and playing. Then my darling grandson did the toddler thing and changed from the little angle to a little devil, in a bat of an eyelid. Shelia and I popped out for lunch together before I returned to daughters house, Will was still having his terrible two's, but was better, I had a chat with daughter and cuddles and smiles with George. Later at home hubby cooked a nice steak meal with wine (no diet on Valentines day).
Today was a dry when I got up late at 10am, we walked to the local shops and then home for the rest of the day. Now the rain  is hammering down, with the wind so strong, we have no plans to go outside for the next couple of days. Plenty of reading and craft time.
We do realise we are truly lucky, we do live near the coast, but it's an inlet  by Portsmouth harbour and Gosport waterfront, any high tides and flooding never come close to our home, we get protection from the Isle of Wright. I hope you all stay warm and dry over this stormy weekend.


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