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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

What are you reading

My hallway book shelves. 
On this lower shelf,
I keep a book from authors I have enjoyed reading,
in each case it will be my favorite book if I have read more than one.
Craft books on my craft shelves. 
Books in the spare bedroom,
Ready to be taken home if not finished. 
Alistair McLean books,
I loved his stories, for years he was my favourite author.
I have had this set since the 70's
Loved this set of books, sadly Sue Grafton died before Z for Zero, was finished.
I keep both A and Y on my shelf.
This is the only book I have read twice, once when I was at school, my English teacher gave me a copy. I read it again last year, just to see if its impact on me had changed, which it did not. 
I have just finished this book,
 I guessed the plot early on, but it was still a good read. 

I have been asked, who is my favourite author, there are so many good authors around, we are so lucky to have so many good story lines to read. My fellow bloggers always list good books they have read, leading to me to new exciting books. I am a book worm always have been, my mum used to nag me to pack away the book and go to sleep, I always had a torch under my bed so I could read after lights out. I always have books, in this house I have less books, I decided not to keep every book I owned, I rarely read a book twice.
It's a question I can't answer, it would be like saying which is my favourite daughter.
Who do you love, what do you recommend I should be reading.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Mum's birthday.

Another year
Taken in 1999, myself, mum and my daughters.
All looking so very young.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Blooming July

New in the garden this year

Old friends returning

 Hubby got me flowers, because I have been unwell
I have done very little this week, I picked up a tummy bug on Tuesday. 
I managed to pack away all my fabrics tidy, but did not get rid of anything, I just need to get my machine out and use some. I have not thought about my yarn stash, so nothing new started. 
My daughter, Will's mum also had the bug which was worrying as she is pregnant, but like me she is on the mend, we speak every day, but I have not seen them since Tuesday. 
I have sat for 3 days watching the tennis, guilt free viewing, the matches have been brilliant this year, yesterday's gentleman's semi-finals were unmissable. Will settle later for the ladies final. 
Nothing has been done in the garden, hubby has been on watering duties, but as our water butts are really low again, we have been using the hosepipe on most of our plants. Our fake grass on the lawn, always comes into it's best at the driest times, it requires no water and staying perfectly green, keeps the garden looking good. 
I still have one bare spot in my side flower bed, which I will purchase a plant to fill the gap this week. I have also decided I will dig out my strawberry plants, whilst they look good, the bugs still get most of the fruit, I don't mind the bugs feeding on my fruit, I am happy to share, so far this summer we have only harvested one strawberry. I will dig out the gooseberries as well, the bushes were full of fruit, but the sawflies got to the leaves, and the birds had most of the fruit just before it was ready for picking. I will wait until all the fruit has finished and the bugs have had their feast, and then put flowers in the long pots in front of my raspberries, adding more colour to this spot, but we have not decided what to grow in the round fruit tub. 
I am pleased with the rest of my garden, it has taken 10 years, most of which I was planting things I loved but not necessary things which would grow a 2nd year, so now I have the full looking garden I want, it's never finished, but I can settle for it looking good. 
I did start reading Until I find You, John Irving, its a whopping 819 pages, and follows the life of Jack Burns from a child aged 4, I got to page 184, Jack was 8 years old, and found I was not interested in anything he got up too, not my normal reading, I had been given this book, and reading about a sexually active boy at 8 is not my cup of tea. I need a visit to our library. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


I have 14 x 50grms of 4ply Alpaca yarn, plus another 200grms is part balls, I would like to use these, knitting I think rather than crochet, there is enough for a jumper or cardigan for me, I will have to look online for a pattern.
 I have 2+ balls of white and 3 balls of natural.
 Plus loads of Nord 4ply from my shawls.
 I have never followed a crochet pattern, so I am going to have a go at making this lion, the box has everything I require, my eldest daughter gave it to me. 
I have been sorting this morning in our spare room. 
I have always kept board games in the bottom draw, and Will's toddler books in the middle drawer, but the weight is too much for these drawers, so I have moved everything to the drawer under the spare bed. We have visitors soon, so these empty drawers will be useful.
All my fabrics from the bed drawer is now on our bed, I want to sort everything, having already pulled out the yarn above, I have far too many fabrics, I will have room to store them in my walk-in wardrobe in our room, it will be good to have it all in piles where I can see what I have.
I have a few items I want to make, but no desire to get my sewing machine out. I have plenty of time, but I am not crafting or reading much. I am watching tennis, the matches are brilliant, I don't find the doubles or mixed doubles interesting, the action is just too quick.
Yesterday I went out with daughter, to local out of town center, hubby met us for lunch in M&S, I did purchase some clothes, I needed 2 bra's and also picked up a tailored pair of shorts in M&S sale.
Soon I will start sorting the stuff from our bed, nothing else planned for today, it is market day in the village, but we have no plans to walk down.
It is very dull and overcast here, and horribly muggy, but I don't think we will have any rain, I would love some rain, my water butts are low again.
I am feeling a bit under the weather, outside suits my mood, I am hoping working to sort my fabrics will make me smile again.


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