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Tuesday 5 December 2023

Home made

I adore this cross stitch design, I made it many years ago, hubby got it framed for me, I love to see it out, it always hangs in our hall, next to the kitchen. It's a true spirit of Christmas, much how we now see the season. 
My love of cross stitch shines through in my cushions, the gold patterned one I remade this year, turning 5 small designs into one cushion, the teddies are again years old, finished in 2011,  my tiny tree is a design I played with and the big french tree, I finished last year. 
I made these stockings when our girls were young, so probably early 90's, the girls stockings were nicer, these were made quickly with what fabrics I had at home, one year our daughters wanted us to get a stocking, they were past the age of believing in Santa. We still use them every year, both daughters still have their original ones as well. 
Two years ago, I made new sacks for youngest daughters children, she asked for this shape so books can be popped in them. I am so happy our grandchildren get their excitement on Christmas morning, in something I made for them, no fur as George does love to chew on it.
I have always made things for the tree, whilst our girls were at infant and junior schools, every year a friend and I would knit Christmas puddings, we made loads, they were very cheap and popular with the children, the cat cross stitch was made in 2011, and the glass ornament a couple of years ago. 
I do make cakes each year, I've still to finish them for this year, so no photo's yet, these were from last year, I make for ourselves and our youngest daughter, and a smaller cake for my brother, it's not something I will stop doing yet, everyone enjoys them, so it's worth the effort. 
This is very special to me, back in mid 90's I was a guide leader, and my young leader (helper under the age of 18) made this card for me, it was her first attempt, it's too precious to ever discard, and has it's place in my Santa display. I messaged her a couple of years ago, to say I still had the card, she was surprised and happy to see it. 

I am making needle felting designs, but still not quite finished, you can see them here, most years I am busy with presents to knit and sew, socks for family and toys for the little ones, I'm having a break this year, which is good as these bugs are just not going anywhere, and I'm so tired all the time. I won't finish my Christmas blanket this season, which I'm OK with. 

I have to top ice the cakes, I have already started making the snowflakes, which I will decorate the top with, I do try to make everything edible and no plastic, the ribbon bands around the cake are giving back to me to reuse. 

I love to see these old decorations come out each year, I don't believe in having a different theme each year, as with the baubles on the tree, most of everything we display has a story, it's our history.  

Sunday 3 December 2023

It's arrived.

I've filled my advent bags, which I made last year, loads of lovely treats which both hubby and I love. I'm keeping them in this silk bag, as they are bulky, it would be cheaper to just purchase advent calendars, but this is way more fun. 
It took a couple of days, the tree is up and the decorations are placed, it does feel like Christmas. I was lucky and did not drop anything, our ornaments are all glass and won't bounce on our wooden floor. The lights fill the room at night, and reflect off the patio door. I followed trend this year and instead of wrapping the lights around the tree, I went up and down, much easier.
We had little visitors on Friday, George loves a hat, here stealing my chair, which he finds hilarious. 
Molly also with the Santa hat, she is covered in spots, chickenpox, at least they will be soon gone, both boys have already had it.

We posted our cards this week, less said about the cost the better, both our families are not close to us, so cards are important this time of year, we transfer monies to parents accounts to be added to the grandchildren's cards. We had our first Christmas gift arrive this week, it's now under the tree and have a few cards, it's starting to feel right. 

It was lovely to have both little ones for the day, daughter looked exhausted and we got her to rest, Molly has not been sleeping to well, so a day at home. They both were very good with our tree, George wanted to touch more then Molly, I took both of them into the garden to help pick up the huge Magnolia leaves, they both love helping me, we did not stay out to long, it's dry but really cold. Our village lights were turned on Friday evening, but I was too tired to walk to the village, it lasted for two hours, these bugs are still causing me issues, I'm so tired by mid afternoon.

Saturday was a day at home, hubby put up a small shelf behind the TV, we have so many electronic bits cluttering up behind the TV, it does look much neater with them all out of the way. He has measured the space for a new radiator in the bathroom, the outside wall by the front door is always a damp spot, we have had work done, but it would help if we can double the size of the radiator, so we have chosen a tall one for the small room. It was dry and grey all day. 

It rained overnight and is still raining here, the snow was to our north, its cold, another day at home, I have a crafty plan for today.

Thursday 30 November 2023

November round up

Having been good for a few months with my craft purchases, I have gone a bit mad this month, almost everything purchased is for projects, so they should be used in the coming weeks. £17.29 was for needle felting needles. Garden is never a huge spend at this time of year, and with the refit, there is very little I want, I did get my rhubarb crown. I still have a garden centre voucher and some more birthday money, which I can use once everything is done.

We did purchase a new Christmas jumper each, mine is years old, and we had a do which required such jumpers, nothing else. I have had my eyes tested and the cost of new glasses, which can't be helped. 

We spent a bit more this month, but we have now finished the few Christmas gifts we give, most of the grandsons get money, we don't keep up with their taste as they live so far away. As for Black Friday (which last for weeks) passed us by, nothing purchased, nothing wanted.

We have increased our standing order for gas and electric this month, it's crazy how much power is still costing us. Our heating is on, but we are being careful not to boost it so much. 

No food waste, as always being really good on what we purchase and ensuring it's all used up, I have stocked up again, in hope we can avoid all the madness of shopping in December. 

I've lost a few pounds this month, all due to the bugs I've had, steps are averaging just over 6000 each day. 

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Christmas baubles

 Loads of people use different things inside their needle felting items they make, the rovings when used can soon add cost to projects, I have this huge ball of yarn leftover from knitting, so I had a go at making a centre for a bauble, yarn, well wool works very well, using my 3 needle tool, the strands bind together very well, and I was able to make them truly round shaped, I made 6.

Without plans I looked at what fibres I had, I would liked to have a few of these as extra little gifts this Christmas, I wrap the rovings always in the same direction, it makes the basic ball look neat. I do have a few ideas for these using different colours.
Next was time on Internet, see what others had done, watch a couple of videos, checking what colours I have and deciding on the designs. Two are the start of robins, the red ones will be Santa's, the blue I will use for my sister, and the white, possibly a snowman. I not sure these will be finished anytime soon, I'm hopeful I can get going with them.
I have been using small biscuit cutters for these star shapes, I always wanted stars on the blue bauble, my sister loves blue, making one of the red's into Santa is fun, I'm not sure you can immediately guess it's him, I have a bit more to do. By now I hoped to have them all finished, but I'm not feeling up to crafting.

These took much longer than I wanted, I required some new needles for my clover branded triple handle, the best price we could find was on Ebay, hubby ordered 3 packs and then the problems started, nothing arrived, seller ignored hubby's messages, speak to Ebay, seller sent replacement, wrong size arrived, seller ignored hubby's messages again, speak to Ebay, who sent hubby return label, just waiting now to see if we get a refund. I found another company who sell them (still much cheaper than from Hobbycraft), they arrived as promised. Finally we have our refund, it's been a pain, and just makes me realise why I don't use Ebay. 

My desire to craft is very low, I have in the past two days picked up my knitting, I've finished one sleeve, these are for me easy designs to follow, I am not reading, I have a book but it's not calling. Luckily I don't have any crafting to make for Christmas this year, so no pressure, I've not touched my cakes whilst I have these bugs, I hope to marzipan them all soon.

Hubby has piled my Christmas boxes in the spare room, I don't have plans on when to start, I normally get it all done in one day, this year I will take my time.

This post was started weeks ago, the issues getting replacement needles and then these horrible bugs have slowed it all down. I will keep going as I do love them, I have in mind a project I want to start needle felting in the new year, I also now know how to finish my wet felting project, which I did a course back in July


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