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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Harvest and shopping

Just a couple of Olives, if the weather improves I might get my first tiny harvest from this plant. 
 Outside tomato plant
 Peppers getting there
 Greenhouse still giving
 Along the garage
 Over in the sunniest spot. 
My small harvest are still coming, some things had smaller harvest than normal, but my peppers and outside tomatoes are doing better than normal and there are loads of late raspberries. My plants from seeds and pips have all done well this summer, the hot weather has suited them.
Some of my bedding plants are going over earlier than other years, but they have all given me a beautiful display of flowers all summer.
I finished reading Peter James Love you dead, and will look for more of his books. I do need to pop to the library today, I never have enough books. It's market day, so hubby and I will walk to the village, it is a small market, but we love it.
My table is covered in material, I have a few bags cut out ready to sew, I enjoy having a cutout day and then another sewing day, I plan to sew tomorrow.
Later we are off to B&Q, to choose the paint for the walls downstairs, we are back decorating. I also want to pop to our out of town center at Whitley. Yesterday I was shopping with daughter in Southampton, she has a big wedding coming up and was looking for shoes and bag for her outfit, I went in all the favorite shops for clothes and shoes, and brought myself nothing.
I did want some more Sally Henson nail gel colours, I started using then a few weeks ago and they are helping strengthen my nails allowing them to grow, but typical for me Boots had few colours left. I popped to our local Superdrug, which suddenly had removed the stand due to poor sales, so I am popping to the larger Superdrug to see if I can get more colours. I am enjoying having decent nails for  a change.

Monday, 13 August 2018


I have the last tiny bit of yellow to do
then the reds and it's finished. 
 Books 1, 2 and 3, I'm a crime reader now, so many new books to find, these 3 were brilliant reads, I have passed them to hubby to read. It was so wet over the weekend, I sat and read every day. 
 This is my next book
 Cutting from a couple of Coleus plants, these are inside and I will use them as my parent plants, next spring I will take cutting from each to produce more plants for the garden. 
The heat got to this planter, but for weeks it looked great. 
 Bouganvillea is looking poor, but the weather changed as I planted it, I will leave it and see if it comes back, I have nowhere in the house for it to grow, so here is it's best chance for life. 
I really enjoyed reading Y for yesterday, the last in the Sue Grafton series, It was  a huge book, with a double time line, no hints until the end of the book. I'm sad there are no more books left for me to read.
I spent some time yesterday sorting my material stash, later today I want to get into our attic and pull out a huge plastic under the bed container, with more fabric in, I have a few ideas on things to make, the plan is to only use what is in my stash, plus I want to make some Christmas items, starting with bunting.
Just waiting for Will to arrive for our Monday playday. 

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Dahlias and Begonias

and a sneaky Salvia and Coleus 
Just some of the flowers I grow.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

This week

I have... 

  • Walked in the rain and got wet feet
  • Worn long trousers for four days in a row
  • Snuggled down and read loads
  • Drunk loads of hot drinks
  • Spend lovely time with hubbies family
  • Slept well each night
  • Sat and watched the rain and wind - more like Autumnal weather
  • Caught up with recorded TV  
  • Harvest salad and fruit

I have not...
  • Worked in my garden or watered once
  • Seen much of Will, but he did visit on Friday for a couple of hours with mummy
  • Done any crafting
  • Drunk many iced teas and coffees
  • Reached my daily step target
  • Spent much money

I should have...
  • Started some sewing
  • Finished knitting my sock
  • Tried to work out how my sisters sewing machine works
  • Housework, but it does look clean and tidy here
  • I'm sure this list should be much longer

Our weather has broken and we are having wet and windy days, a couple of days have been heavy rain, I'm not complaining, the temperature is much lower, and it's stay inside days, with much cooler nights. The south coast of England is a dry part of the UK, so we are always happy for any rain we can get, it just feels like a normal summer now.  


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