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Monday, 22 October 2018

Catching up on real life.

In the garden
This pot all ready for winter months
 Olive bush back in the greenhouse
 Peppers drying in the greenhouse
A few cut flowers from the garden
 My ripple blanket, 
I do a few rows each night, a little bit of normality.
I have sorted the garden, SIL has helped moved all the heavy stuff to their winter home, and we will cover the wooden garden furniture, on a dry afternoon, so no jobs for hubby once he is home.
I have done some ripple blanket, it's simple to do, but now I am going to try and finish the blue socks for hubby for Christmas, I have a few more rows before I pick up stitches around the heel to form the foot. Now my stress levels have dropped a bit, I will sit later and try to do them neatly.
Hubby's operation went to plan, he had 2 days in ICU, and is now back on the Cardiac High Dependency Unit, their care is wonderful, there are more medical staff than patients, I can see his strength coming slowly back.
I am just thinking of everything, ensuring when he gets home there is nothing for him to do, saving his favorite TV programes so we can watch them together. I plan to pop to the library to pick up a couple of books for him. Plus ensuring he has all he needs whilst still in hospital.
The cost going to visit Southampton hospital is huge, the hospital is 20 miles away and not on  an easy route to get to, unless you have a car. Twice I paid £8.50 and once £10 for day visiting hubby, plus the fuel, it was starting to get expensive. The unit nurse gave me a form to allow me to purchase a ticket for long stay for one week, it cost £18, so much better, it has to be used in the car park furthest from the hospital, but I enjoy walking.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my last post, it was a huge shock, I dropped hubby at our local hospital, expecting a call mid afternoon to come and get him, so when my phone rang just a bit earlier, I was not expecting to be talking to a doctor.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Going blue

Another start
 Heel done, ready for the gusset 
Couple of good reads 
I have done very little almost no crafting, and not too much reading, anything which requires thinking is packed away.  

This week my darling husband went for a procedure in our local hospital and had a heart attack, he was rushed to Southampton General, and has had heart surgery yesterday, needless to say I'm in free fall worried sick and scared. The hospital has a great record in the cardiac department, and their care is wonderful. I just wish we had a switch to turn off thoughts for short periods.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

With a difference

The difference is the handles are shorter and wider, these are not for shoulder straps, plus I made a small bag for it is sit in, whist not in use. I had great fun making this little set, I did it last Sunday, whilst we had a day of rain. I had not shown before as it was a gift and it needed to get to a lady Sue, Snooze, I think it's fair to say 2018 is not her families best year. She had requested the bag, just before I began to feel blue, so it took much longer for me to find my mojo and make it for her.

Monday, 15 October 2018

When it rains

I craft
 I wanted a bag for December, made from two tea towels
 Will loves his Easter bag, 
so here is one for Christmas, I used the 3rd tea towel and some Christmas fabric from my stash, I love these little bags. 
One sock knitting finished
 2nd sock, I still think these colours are bright
I finished knitting my first sock and did not want to stop knitting, so I started on the second sock, knitting one at a time means each sock is quick to knit. Later I will finish the toes and weave all the colour change ends.
I have been able to knit some of hubby's sock, but there is not much to show, so photo's another time, the finished pair will be put into his Christmas stocking, so a complete surprise for him.
I have also found out the pattern for a jumper for Will, I purchased wool earlier in the year, enough to make 2 jumpers, and hopefully a hat to match, which I not sure he will wear, we purchased him a hat with a tractor embroidery on, which he is wearing everyday.
As you can see the garden is now taking less of my time, these days we sit in our warm home and watch the birds come to the feeders, and enjoy what colour we have around our tiny plot. The weather is now true to the season, the temperature has dropped, we had huge amounts of rain on Sunday, so everywhere is still lush, but summer plants are now fading.
My sewing machine is out again, I do enjoy sewing, I did finish one other project, but I can't show it here yet.


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