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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Park by the beach

Will in a jeep this time
 He loves a steering wheel. 

Daughter took myself and Will To Royal Victoria Country Park for an afternoon's walk in the sun. the park is close to where we live, but I have not been there before. It's free to enter, but we did have to pay to park the car.
The grounds are beautiful, loads of lawns with plenty of trees for shade, nice paths through the trees for walking, and the grounds drop to the shore line, where at the entrance is Foley refinery, which you can see in some of my photo's, and further in, the port of Southampton.
We sat and watched all sizes of boats sail by, it was really peaceful, Will fast asleep in his pushchair, the play area was a perfect spot for him to run around and use the last of his energy.
Every where is lovely when the sun shines, but we agreed we should come back with a picnic, and more time to run about.
Hubby lit the BBQ and we ate outside, later watching Chelsea Flower Show, so much beautiful colour.
This morning we have a few errands to do, and then later rest at home, tomorrow we are driving to Somerset, family time and home again on Sunday.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Lovely bloggers

A beautiful hand made card
thank you Linda, you are very talented. 
 A book to read, when I asked for recommendations in a previous post, you had just finished this book and offered to send it to me. Often I have noticed we read the same authors, Edward Marston is new to me, so I am looking forward to another sunny afternoon to rest and read.  
I have done some crafting, not much,
 we stay in the garden until late most evenings.
All planted up, I used hanging basket liners for each level and filled with hubby's favorite flowers French Marigolds, grown from seeds. Just waiting for flowers to form. 
I am living most of the day in our garden,
 it's as good as being on holiday, just no pool. 
 We are loving this lovely weather, and spend so much time in our garden, after all our hard work I think it's important to relax and enjoy the changes appearing at this time of year.
Chelsea flower show is on TV again, I enjoy seeing all the plants and flowers, all perfect, it is also interesting to watch what the nurserymen/women have to do to ensure everything is ready on time, I could not over see such a huge project. As for the gardens, some are strange, others lovely, but all give inspiration.
We are making plans, we are going to replace the decking this summer, it's loose in places and also looking worn, so whilst we can still do the work ourselves, we think/hope the base is still secure, we removed some of the decking in 2013, and the base was perfect at that point.
Will was very tired yesterday, we slept from 10-12 and again 13.30-15-30, we did get a walk to the local park and a lovely play time, but it was a strange day toys everywhere but no little man playing.
Today is again sign class, I was asked if I had a need for learning sign, no it's just something I want to do, it's enjoyable.
I love blogging, it's a record of my tiny spot on this earth, I use my blog to check back on things, when something bloomed, when hubby did the decking. But the best bit of blogging is other bloggers, people we never meet, who are now in our lives, we share happiness and sadness together, and the kindness I see. Linda sending me a book to read, others posting about gifts received, the help given in comments. Our world is often portrayed in negative ways, bloggers are neighbours we would chose in our lives.

Sunday, 20 May 2018


All grown from seeds and pips
 Nasty corner
 Salad garden
 50p tomato plant
 Potting bench
Most of my plants are planted outside, the tender plants in pots are now permanent outside, I have a couple of displays I put out in the day, but come back in at night. It is really nice to have space in here again.
I have a few seeds and pips I have started, cherry pips, a plum pip, Braeburn apple seeds and a cape gooseberry, I do like a challenge, I will keep you informed of their progress.
Yesterday was a perfect day for a wedding, Meghan looked stunning, we thought her dress suited her figure perfectly and Queen Mary's Tiara finished the whole look. Perfect day to show England at it's best.
Today nothing to do, as with most days this week, we will spend loads of time resting in our garden, watching the wild birds at our feeders.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Sea of red

We visited Fort Nelson, just 10 mins drive from our house to see the Poppy Wave, the display is here until mid June, it's only a small part of the display from the Tower of London. The above photo's are just some of those I took, it is a stunning display.
We often visit here with our grandsons, who love all the guns and also the tunnels, it's a good rainy day out, as most of the site is under cover. There is no entry fee, but we always give a donation on the way out, it's so very interesting here on many different levels.


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