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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Harvest and shopping

Just a couple of Olives, if the weather improves I might get my first tiny harvest from this plant. 
 Outside tomato plant
 Peppers getting there
 Greenhouse still giving
 Along the garage
 Over in the sunniest spot. 
My small harvest are still coming, some things had smaller harvest than normal, but my peppers and outside tomatoes are doing better than normal and there are loads of late raspberries. My plants from seeds and pips have all done well this summer, the hot weather has suited them.
Some of my bedding plants are going over earlier than other years, but they have all given me a beautiful display of flowers all summer.
I finished reading Peter James Love you dead, and will look for more of his books. I do need to pop to the library today, I never have enough books. It's market day, so hubby and I will walk to the village, it is a small market, but we love it.
My table is covered in material, I have a few bags cut out ready to sew, I enjoy having a cutout day and then another sewing day, I plan to sew tomorrow.
Later we are off to B&Q, to choose the paint for the walls downstairs, we are back decorating. I also want to pop to our out of town center at Whitley. Yesterday I was shopping with daughter in Southampton, she has a big wedding coming up and was looking for shoes and bag for her outfit, I went in all the favorite shops for clothes and shoes, and brought myself nothing.
I did want some more Sally Henson nail gel colours, I started using then a few weeks ago and they are helping strengthen my nails allowing them to grow, but typical for me Boots had few colours left. I popped to our local Superdrug, which suddenly had removed the stand due to poor sales, so I am popping to the larger Superdrug to see if I can get more colours. I am enjoying having decent nails for  a change.


  1. Marlene, did you buy the olive as a plant, or grow it yourself? We have masses of tomatoes this year, although some of the skins are a bit tough, due to the hot weather, apparently.

    1. We have had this Olive for a few years, last winter it stayed in the greenhouse, so the tiny olives survived the cold weather.

  2. Your garden always looks so well kept and it's productive as well as ornamental. Fingers crossed that you get your olive harvest this year. It's very rare that I use nail varnish, I haven't even painted my toes this summer.

  3. There’s nothing like homegrown is there. We’ve had a lot of tomatoes from the outside plant, but things haven’t fared so well in the greenhouse this summer. I like Sally Henson nail strengthened and use it as an over coat. I shall have to look for the gel colours xx

  4. It's good to see you are still getting a harvest from your planting. Enjoy your bag making day.

  5. Lovely that your garden provides you with harvests, homegrown food that you can enjoy. I cleaned out my veg patch here yesterday and am thinking of what I will plant. There's been next to no rain here for months and things are very dry. It feels as though our Spring and Summer will follow suit so I may not grow much as it will take a lot of water to keep it all alive. Meg:)

  6. Your harvesting still looks good to me. The heat has rushed things a bit here. Plus this week we are dealing with awful air thanks to the wild fires in BC. I can't wait for Fall!

  7. I've already ripped out my fuchsias from the window baskets as they were going to seed, but they have been lovely. I think all the sun took it's toll on some plants.
    I wish I had a little veg patch, i'm tempted to dig up a section of the grass (we have enough room) but then i don't know if I will have the time to tend it, It must be great to go in your garden and pick a few veggies or fruit.

    1. Almost all my fruits and salads are grown in pots, and all the plants grow up making the most of my small plot. The fruits are kept on our sunny decking, they look nicer if we sit out. I would love a garden but hubby refuses to allow the small lawn to be dug up.

  8. My hanging baskets have all finished... I have taken cuttings from the bizzie lizzies and managed to root then replant them. I have more just starting to root. They will hopefully flower through to October.



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