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Monday 27 July 2009


This blog is a thank you to my hubby, Kev,
We have had the most wonderful weekend away together.
We spent 2 days in South Wales, Porthcawl.

I love this photo, Kev is sat on Dunraven Bay beach,

We were lucky and had good weather both Friday and Saturday, we spent our time walking and discovering the coast. We both wanted to revisit Porthcawl, it has not changed a bit, stuck in a precious time warp, and thanks to Jill we had the most delicious fish and chips at Beale's. We headed our car along the coast and found wonderful bays.

Ogmore has a ruined castle above, nestled next to a river, with stepping stones across, we sat on the grass and watch countless people get wet feet as they crossed the river. The field next to the castle was for campers and there was three wigwams among the tents. On the other side of the river was a large field full with horses. Ogmore has a large sandy beach, we walked for miles, the beach filled with families but so large there was plenty of space for everyone.

Back to Dunraven bay, the beach is small and pebbly but beautiful, the cliffs are rugged and the downs roll as far as the eye can see. loads of great walks, we found their hidden walled garden, opened a door and there before our eyes was a pleasure of plants and dry stone walls.

These views are of the bay, just stunning, we were very lucky with the weather. We stayed in a bed and breakfast on a working farm, great fun, when we arrived the sow with her piglets was in the main part of the farm, we passed the geese with their young and at the back door we were welcomed by the farm dogs. We asked what time we should return so they could lock the door, only to be told "we don't lock our doors". Each morning we were woken by the cows, calling to be milked.

If ever you get the chance please go, it is as Kev says Gods country.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Weekend away

We are planning a weekend away, driving to Porthcawl, South Wales tomorrow,
staying in a farmhouse bed and breakfast, and discovering the coast line in the area.

Early next week I will have our own photo's, these have been taken form the net.

We still do not have a moving date, it's frustrating, we are packing and sorting, but would love the security of knowing when we will move, hopefully next week we will have our wish.

Have a good weekend, what ever you are doing.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

15th July

Today, 15th July is my mum's birthday, she loved the red pompom dahlia's.

Sunday 12 July 2009

Sunny Sunday

I have not done much stitching, our time is spend sorting, we have been in the attic (loft) this week, after living here for 15 years, we are awaiting our moving date, in about 4 - 6 weeks. So we have started at the top. I still love this Spanish sampler, the colours whilst not the normal ones I would choose, are beautiful. But it is still growing.

I woke early this morning with the sun shinning through our curtains, the forecast was for a dull day, so we got up early to catch the sunshine, to our pleasure the sun has got better throughout the day. It has been breezy, but a lovely day.
This afternoon for the 1st time, I went with Kev for a ride on his bike, after many years I decided I should have a go, it is his 2nd love, and I enjoyed it!. Kev has a big crusing bike, the ride was not to long and I would like to go on it again, Kev is a fine weather biker which suits me.

Above is another free plant in the growing, I love orchids, and once they have finished flowering, I leave them on my craft room window sill, I let them die down and when they look very sorry for themselves, I start to water them again and then new growth.
Below is my half price plant, our local Sainsbury have their orchids on special at the moment and one jumped into my basket as I walked by!

The salvia's from the garden are looking well, I love these plants, I have put them in a pot so we can take them with us once we move.

This African Violet has been in flower for a couple of years,
I am lucky they love my kitchen window sill.

Grace wanted to get on my blog again, she is sat on her chair in the sunshine, this is taken after she has had her tea, so she will settle for a couple of hours before going out when it gets dark. Thomas loves the evening sun and is lying under the hedge in the back garden.

My final news I am pleased to tell you is our healthy life style is working, to date I have lost a stone in weight, Kev has also lost weight, we had a walk along the coast line this afternoon at Lee on Solent, we try and walk most days. Today I am wearing a skirt I love, last time I was able to put it on was two summers ago. It's great to see my tummy disapearing. Through the Nintendo DS we walk 4000 steps per day, its a great system, today we have done almost 7000 steps! and I don't think I will ever tire of the wonderful salads we are creating.

One last note, please pop over to Joshy & Belle, Fliss my daughter has a wonderful site, her dialog is wonderful, she should be writing in a magazine. She talks about all aspects of her life and her craft.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Weston Super mare

On Sunday we went back to Weston-Super-Mare

They have a wheel like the London eye there for a few weeks,
and here are photo's taken whilst on the ride.
the beach is huge!
and golden sands

This building is the bus stops,
new for us
can't make my mind up, if I like it or not

Donkeys on the beach

The black clouds did not last for long
looking toward Brean Down

The island is steep Holm, there is a second called flat Holm

The front looks very good,
The pier burnt down last year and it is being repaired,
there is nothing sadder that a damaged pier.


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