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Monday 29 June 2009

Sunny Evenings

We have sold our house and now have brought a bungalow, we are hoping to move as soon as possible . Our chain is only three people, our buyer is a cash sale and our seller is moving to rental, so fingers cross it should be pain free.

We brought a DS "walk with me", which counts every step you take and encourages you to walk more, it's set at 3000 steps per day. So most evening we try and pop out for a walk, we do not live very far from the coast, about 10 Min's drive, and we are lucky to have some nice beaches and well as the new forest nearby.

Last night we decided to park near to our new bungalow and go for a walk, the pic's following is of the coast 15 Min's walk from our house.

It does help it was a wonderful night,
this is walking towards Portchester castle

This is looking across the harbour toward Portsmouth

The harbour view is spectacular with the yachts

It's about time you saw me

And my super hubby, Kev

I'm off to walk around the block, which will bring me up to my target steps

Sunday 28 June 2009

Quiet Sunday Morning

It's very peaceful here this morning, Kev is playing his Sunday game of golf, the cats are out, Bliss. We had a BBQ last night with 16 of our friends, it was great fun. I did venture into our garden yesterday, and have brought it back up, with Kev's help, I planted (very late) some bedding plants.

The plant above has just re flowered, it was given to me by Fliss on Mothering Sunday back in March, I am always pleased when we have a second set of flowers.
Fliss, Joshy and Daddy are in St Ives, Cornwall for the week on holiday, I will keep my fingers crossed they have good weather.

The above collection of plants are living in the conservatory, I love the green leaves, and the peace Lilly is also blooming.

I loved the palepink flowers on this fuchsia above, I have potted it in a blue pot just outside our back door. In the background the garden does look good.

These last flower's I do not know the name of, I planted them in our raised garden two years ago, they come back every year and last for months.

We have had an offer accepted on a bungalow on the edge of town, we are now waiting for the paperwork, survey and soon a moving date.
I have decided most of my things in the attic will go, I have not been up there for a couple of years so I am not using any of it. I also will cull my kitchen plate and dishes, it's amazing how much you can collect of 15 years of living in one house.
But I think Kev and I will have fun, with everything you own there is a memory.
How many boxes does it take to store your life?

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Sunny Wednesday

Today as all this week I have been off sick from work, I have a small infection, which is not nice, but hopefully the tablets are kicking in and by the weekend I will feel better.

The sun is shining and it's very peaceful here, I can hear a bird singing, so Tom and Grace must be snoozing somewhere in the sun. I have not done much work in the garden so its looking a bit sad.

My Spanish sample is coming along and I am very please with the finish. once I finish this panel I will have three more to do, I love to be able to stitch in the natural light on these summer days.

We have sold our house and now have to pack everything into boxes, we are downsizing so we have to decide what to keep, and after 15 years in this house we have alot to sort. I think the charity shops might do well.
I have put an offer in on a super house we viewed last night, and now I have to wait

Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunday Morning

After the most busy of weeks, with family issues, I sat here on another sunny Sunday morning, Kev is playing golf and Grace is curled up in the chair beside me, I can see Tom in the garden laying in the sunshine, the house is quiet.

We had a great day in the New Forest this week, but forgot to take our camera, we wondered in the woods, sat in the car and watched an amazing display of aerobatics, we found a spot where people fly their model aeroplane, not something we are into but the display for about 15 minutes was inspiring.
We saw loads of ponies, and baby donkeys, I love the freedom they have in the forest, it's all so natural there. It just takes us under an hour to get there.
At lunch time we sat by a lake full of ducks and swans and ate our picinic, it was a beautiful sunny day, Kev and I walked, talked and laughed. A moment to treasure.

We spent yesterday in Somerset, where I was born and grew up, we visited my brother Martin, and then went for a super lunch to meet a new friend.

I am still working on my Spanish Sampler, not done much this week,
I have the pattern for three long outside panels,
I have to wait for the final two panels to be published.
I love the design so far, I can't wait to see the sampler finished,
as yet I have not seen a picture of the complete sample.
I am following Millys progress on her sampler here

Friday 5 June 2009

Monday 1 June 2009

Kev's 2nd love

Here is my Spanish sampler, I did not get to much done this weekend,
we had another fantastic sunny time and my sister came to visit, so another BBQ and loads of shopping.
Plus Joshy came to see us on Sunday and was so cute.

This is Su, she was having a great time on Kev's bike,
Kev was sorting the garage and bringing out all the items required for the BBQ,
and Su jumped on the bike,
I took a shot from behind so I would not show her face
but she wanted another photo taken and gave her approval.
It's a sham its parked next to the bins.

Not to be outdone Kev jumped on,
he did offer to take Su for a spin, but that was declined,
like me she is not a fan of the bike.

I'm off to do more with my sampler, I love it, but it takes up alot of my time.


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