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Saturday 31 March 2012

Patchwork Sampler

 Jan Houtman, Patchwork Sampler
Above is at the end of Thursday and below is at the end of Friday
 In the design Jan has put random letters and numbers for which I can not see a reason, so I am not stitching them, so in a few places I have a space to fill, below you can see a large row and short row of red flowers, the short row  should have been letters, but I have chosen to repeat the flowers.

 A couple close ups, each pattern is just great and together instead of looking messy, they are brilliant.
I have my brother Martin visiting this weekend, so not so much stitching time, our heat wave looks to be over, which is a shame, I have enjoyed the warm weather for the last few days. But some rain might be handy.

I am planning a few trips out next week, just local, in the start to getting my stamina back.

PS the new upgrade is terrible!!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Stitching and flowers

 In between friends popping in I am getting along well with this piece, which is Patchwork sampler by Jan Houtman, I am using his colours, so Julie get yours out and start stitching, his patterns are easy to stitch once started they repeat and make stitching quicker.
 The flowers above came from my boss, a very nice surprise and the  daffs and tulips below from a friend, my house looks bright and cheery, I still have the flowers Josh got for Mothering Sunday, over a week ago.
I have my doors open, it is already very warm here, I have been for the first walk around my small garden, all is well there, we managed to pick up the large blossom leaves from the magnolia tree, coffee pot is ready to pour, so I'm off to stitch again, Kev is on the golf course, which is pleasing for both of us, he needs some fun after all the extra things he has been doing for me.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Wednesday update

I have finished the 1st page of patchwork sampler, and am working on the two pages joining, I hope to stitch the 4 pages across the top first. When I was thinking about what I would say in this blog, I thought these are not colours I normally use, but I have not purchased any colours yet so I must have used them at some time.
 Once again my stitching is helping me recover from yet another operation, it's a fantastic hobby, I can do it almost any where, but more importantly I can sit in my chair in comfort for hours.

Fliss purchased the heart above, just because she wanted to, it's on my heart tree.

I have been watching all the wild life in our garden, I can sit for hours gazing at the birds and squirrels, this little cheeky one visits every morning, ignores all our nuts and goes for the the wild seed set in lard!

Yesterday I managed to fit back into my own jogging bottoms, they were just tight at the waist band, where I am very tender. I also managed my 1st shower solo, which feels good, I'm unable to bathe, can't get in or out of our bath even with help. so a few more steps along the road to recovery.

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine, not allowed to sit out side for long, and can't do any gardening, strange I notice things I would do in the garden, but in the house, I just am not bothered.

Monday 26 March 2012

Stitching first

 I have not done much to tribal cat, but I am enjoying him, my arm aches when I hold this small frame for too long, but the mixture of oranges are beginning to form Tigers colourings.
I quickly took my photo of patchwork Sampler, I am unpicking as much as I am stitching, I just can't count! I normally like to fill my whole canvas with stitches, but for now I am enjoying stitching lace work, it's a nice change.

 Spring has come to Hampshire, our tree is beautiful, strange to have it full of blooms and no leaves, 
the leaves always form after it has bloomed.
 A couple of weekends ago Fliss and I went stash shopping, and the materials below followed me home, we found the most perfect coffee shop, Fliss tells you all about it here pop along and have a look, the photo's are brill. I only have a use for the print fabric, next week I hope to be able to use my sewing machine and make up tribal penguin for Su.
 I have no thoughts on how to use this tape and the button, I will add to a heart.
I have been following your blogs on my iPad, and have enjoyed every word and photo I have seen, thanks for all your best wishes, I feel already on the mend, my fist goal is to be back in my own jogging bottoms, at the mo I am wearing hubbies, not the best of sights. So I have two weeks of stitching and resting, with a sunny week fore cast, it's not a bad out look.

Sunday 25 March 2012

On the up

Just a quick update, using my iPad, I have never posted from here before, I am feeling good, back home where it's best for me,with my loving family.

Josh came over yesterday for an couple of hours on his own, to ensure nana was getting better and to play football with Grancha in the sunny garden. The blooms on our magnolia tree have burst into flowers giving the garden a pink blush and we now have tulips in bloom, and Paula, thanks for your comments regarding my garden, but please remember. I only show you the best bits!

I have read a couple of good books and just a few stitches, hoping to be able to sit more and do stitching. Had a good shopping trip last weekend with Fliss will show stash next time, can't take photos on this iPad.

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Sunday 18 March 2012

Travelling Penguin and an early TUSAL

 Not having my own mum around on Mothering Sunday, leads my mind to focus on my daughter and her hubby and two sons, they had lunch with us along with Su and her hubby Gav, Kev cooked a perfect meal, and we all had loads of fun together, what a perfect little family.

I have started Patchwork Sampler, but last night I frogged loads, just two stitches out caused loads of problems, best not to stitch when watching a good film, not sure why the fabric has yellow marks in this photo, I'm stitching on pure white.
 I won't be around on Wednesday, loads of colours, pinks, greens and oranges.
 My pot is looking good already
 I have had so many nice comments regarding Tribal Penguin, I want to send him on a journey, can we get him around the world, if you would like to stitch him and then pass him on, please leave a message on this post, he is very easy and quick, I will start a list on my side bar of where he goes, if I pull you name all you have to do is post about him when you have finished and send him on. I will watch and report on each stage of his journey, and see how he looks at each stage, I'm sure someone will stray from black and white. I will choose next week, normal thing names in a hat.
I am ready for hospital, so 7.30am I will be off, and not back until Friday, which means I shall have loads to read, and plenty of rest time to enjoy all your blogs.
See you soon.

Saturday 17 March 2012

Thanks, new starts and loads of rambling

 Laura from My Wee Life asked me to watch out for a package, and this morning it arrived, with the comment "I saw this and thought of you", thank you Laura it is me and will look great in Somerset House, another small project, very handy for the next few weeks.............watch this space, once again thanks Laura, and I love the card!!
 I have made two starts this week, but Patchwork sampler does not look that exciting so I will show you next time, but Tribal cat is to me looking very exciting.
 This is where having a stash is at it's best, I had all the colours I needed so I could get right on with it, I have to choose where to put the shades in each case, but the design is perfect, the shapes are very feline. I have 6 shades to use and just the green in the eye as extra colour. I have just lighter shades to add, this is calling to me and won't take me long to finish.
 This is Tiger, beloved cat of my daughters childhood, Su was 2 when we got him and she names him Tiger, she was 19 when he passed away, so he was hers, all through growing up, and he was a perfect friend for a little girl.
It's raining here, which does not happen that often, here in the south east we need loads of rain, already around us there are hose pipe bans, which is not good for us gardeners, the fore caste is to rain again tomorrow, but we really need heavy rain, so fingers crossed.

This afternoon I am shopping with Fliss, going to a shop selling stitching and patchwork things, my eyes are sparkling already, The final matches for the six nations rugby are on, Wales v France and my welsh hubby is praying for victory, they already have the triple crown, I would like England to beat Ireland, but that might not happen. Later an evening in together.

Mothers day tomorrow and both girls are here with their families so a big roast dinner cooked by Kev, loads of fun and laughter, and then a quiet night in, hospital on Monday.

Tomorrow I will blog again my TUSAL and my RAK for tribal penguin.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Another finish

 Romantic Sampler is done
To say I'm pleased is an under statement
 To me it looks stunning
 Fliss my daughter loves it
 Every bit of it make a perfect whole
 With mixed pink material, this will be a cushion soon
 Simple but stunning
 It was a pleasure to stitch.
I am now starting Patchwork Sampler by Jan Houtman and Tribal Cat, the sampler I am doing as it is designed, but the cat I am doing with shades of orange in memory of our cat Tiger, can't wait to get into both.

On Sunday I will have my next RAK, it involves Tribal Penguin, I have a great idea, so please pop back and see if you agree it's great.

This week is flying by, with the fine sunny days we are having and the foggy mornings it's a mixture of weather, but I am loving walking in my lunch break, and my weight is looking better. I have found an apt for iphone ;ipad and computer called MyFitnessPal, it's free to download and it helps you count calories, it has a real good data base of foods, and it's interesting to see what you are eating each day.

Monday 12 March 2012

 Spring is bursting into life in the garden, our Magnolia tree has loads of blooms, just waiting for a extra sunny warm day to burst. We are still fighting with all the cats from next door, they chase the birds and squirrels, it is a battle to keep them out of our garden.

I have finished the centre panel of Romantic Sampler, 
 As you can see not much more to do, two flower patterns at the top and two at the bottom. I am being really good and not starting any thing until this is finished, and I have loads I want to stitch.
 The postie did come on Saturday and I now have more Tribal patterns to stitch, my plan is to start the cat one first, I want to do it in shades of orange, we had for years a ginger tom called Tiger, we have been hunting out photo's so I can have the correct shades. I plan to start this the week after next, a small project for me.
 This time next week, I will be in hospital, getting over major surgery, my last operation if all goes well, so fingers crossed, the Tribal cat will be great for me to do whilst recovering. Hubby brought both series of Downton Abbey, I have seen them, but it will be great to watch again, it a plan to keep me resting.
Work was good today, I am spending alot of time training others to do bits of my job, I will be home for 3 weeks if all goes to plan, so warm sunny days are wanted.

This Sunday we are having a family Sunday roast, which will be good, every thing is ready for my hospital visit. I just want to get it over and done with, I hope to have my ipad with me so I can read all your blogs, if not I will catch up once I am home.

I'm off to stitch now, Romantic Sampler is so close to the finish line, it has been fun, but I am ready for another challenge.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Two finishes and a WIP

 What a perfect title, and a great way to start the weekend
I have just to make this up as a hanging ornament, and I love it, but it's for daughter Su, so much so I have ordered another three from this designer, and I have another idea forming, once the postie arrives I will share my thoughts.
 Sweet Flowers
 Part two is done, and I am counting it as a finish, I have to send this photo to the designer Angie and then later this month she sends everyone the next stage. I have only changed the leaves from pale pink to green, I love the lace work, stitching is very simple but it looks great.
 Romantic Sampler
 I have started the centre panel, one large flower, I only have a few small panels to go and then this is done, it's by the same designer as Sweet Flowers.
Shopping yesterday, I found these hearts, the smaller one was attached to the bigger one, I have separated them, added the metal daisy to cover the holes and I will stitch a centre and add them to my heart tree, I am looking for different textures now, I had an idea to use buttons on a heart as well.

Family weekend at home, off to town soon, bit of shopping to do, the nice sort, clothes included, not the supermarket!. My garden is showing signs of life, spring is here, hope to spend an hour outside at some point.

Hurry up postie..................

Thursday 8 March 2012

Is it really Thursday

It's been a busy week since I last posted, loads of family time and fun, and sadly not alot of stitching done.
I have a new apt for my ipad, and I love it, I can do almost any keep calms I want
I have almost finished this months Sweet Flowers, just some back stitches to finish.
I'm loving the colours, but I have added the green, I think it makes it vibrant.

 I hope to get it all done tonight, or finish my Tribal penguin, not sure what I will stitch yet.
I should be sorting my giveaway on Somerset House, it was due on 1st March, but I promise I will do it on Saturday, we have had such sunny days, cold but sunny, so I have been walking in my lunch break, and I'm tired when I get home, so I have my lazy head on.

Last night I was with Fliss, Josh and Sam, Josh was playing Sudoku on my ipad, completing the first three levels, he is a clever little boy, and like me he loves to play.  Sam was playing the piano, he loves he can get a "tune". Fliss and I had time to chat and catch up, I love visiting their cosy cottage, almost like a time warp, a happy family all smiles and laughter.

brilliant stitching I have finished both

Thursday 1 March 2012

1st day of spring

 We have had the sunniest and warm day for ages, at lunch time, we found a new walk which takes us along the coast, near to our offices, a nice 25 minute walk, what bliss. These flower were given to me last weekend, I have not had a chance to pot them out side, so they are bright in my kitchen.
More cross stitch
 Sweet flowers is stitching up very quickly, I have not made any more changes, the lace panel at the top looks just so fine, one more evening at this and this section will  be finished. I am waiting for my stash to arrive, the Tribal Cat, is the next thing for me to stitch, every thing else has got to wait.
Tomorrow after work we are off to Somerset, and a Saturday night out with my brothers and sister, in the village where I grew up. No not alot of stitching planned, but loads of laughter, a couple glasses of red wine.

I love the spring time, so full of hope and new life, my op is just two weeks away, then that's all dealt with and I can finally look towards our future, if you know anyone battling cancer, it does not matter how bad things get, together with supportive family and friends there is a way out.

Today is also St David's day, my hubby is very proud to be Welsh, he has spent the day in London, with the Welsh Guards, brought home some wonderful photo's, I was sad I could not be there with him. Tomorrow he's is on the golf course, so he's having a very long weekend.


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