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Thursday 30 October 2014

Catching up

Not baubles,
but something to cheer me up
This is very pretty
 With the fabric I shall use to make it into a small cushion, 
its a German design and a quickie for me
I will get back to the last six baubles
 Some more bulbs for my garden, these are going to be added to the garden along the side wall in front of my garage, the Lily is late but it was 50p from the pound shop, worth taking a chance on. These were purchased a couple of weekends ago.
 The roots on my hyacinth, are doing well, the second one is not growing much, 
Sam's is as good as this.  
 A new Orchid, at £5 a cheap way to have flowers, this will last for weeks.
 My Avocado shots are growing, I think more leaves.
 Hubby got me two poppies, the Union Jack will stay on my coat, and the red poppy is for my jumper each day. These came from Royal British Legion.
I tried to pre book to purchase two of the poppies surrounding The Tower of London, but they have all been sold, as yet we have not been to see them and as time is running out, I fear we will not get time.
I am not in work today, I have a sore throat and a cough, enough to give me a permanent head ache, I think Logan left it behind last weekend, and with the worry of my brother, I am feeling a bit down.
So after a lazy morning, I am going to stitch, I'm OK whilst I am not doing much, as soon as I walk about, every thing hurts, hubby is playing golf and will be home later, he will fuss and ensure I am OK. We had planned to go out for a meal last night, but I passed on that and enjoyed a nice piece of fish from the fish and chip shop.

Monday 27 October 2014

Fun to be 4

Sam's on Saturday, four of them played for three hours, 
at the top, Josh, Sam and Logan, Harry is on the left coming down the slide
Harry (yes Harriett) is Sam's best friend
Sam's 4th birthday
 They were left to their own fun, Josh kept a bit of an eye on them, 
the amount of noise coming from this place, was deafening.
 Not the best photo, but Purdy wanted to play with Logan
Logan stayed for two nights.
 My Avocado has now two buds? 
not sure what what these will become, but nice new growth.
 My stash has arrived, I have three fat quarters of 28 hpi, in various shades of brown,  this is for my little girl pulling her Christmas tree, and this fabric. I am behind with my baubles, I have 4 gold infill to complete, not sure if I am in the mood to do them tonight.
It was great fun to see the boys and Harry have so much fun, I think Harry outran all the boys, we enjoyed having a girl about. Saturday was all about Sam, he enjoyed all his birthday presents, we got him a large toy landrover with flashing lights, and a winch which works. Sunday was another day in our car, almost three hours to get Logan homes, time with mummy and then on to visit my brothers, and then over 3 hours to get back home.

My older brother Mel is very ill, and I am so sad to see him so sick, bloody cancer, it's taking another of my brothers. Martin is being a great brother, Mel will stay with him for as long as possible, but it's horrible, just horrible. I now worry for Martin, he is always so strong.

Work is good, I enjoyed the day in court, and have two more days for the same case, it will be interesting to see it through to completion, it's not a nice case, they never are in the family courts. I have almost finished typing my notes, it's nice to have an absorbing task to keep me busy at this time.
Sorry this post is not so good, but it's a sad time in our household.

Wednesday 22 October 2014


This is coming along well, no stitching tonight, I am out soon for coffee with Su
Plus of course the gossip to go with the coffee
From last weekend, our own Fireman Sam
and his big brother Josh
 It has been a very busy week so far, work is going so very well, already they are giving better task to do, and enhancing my role, I am enjoying working at both offices. Today we had training on money laundering, the law is very interesting, at my level I only need to be aware of it, loads of things to think about. Tomorrow I will be in court all day, taking notes, after I can decide if it is something I might like to do again. I have been in a court doing jury service, so it will be again interesting to see the court experience from another angle.

I have been in a reflective mood this week, we have had oldest daughter Fliss with us for three weeks, and we have settled into a family routine again, we do not see as much as we would like of Fliss, each day after work she pops into see both Josh and Sam (hubby would not leave the home, and forced Fliss into leaving) we are still really close to both boys.
One of the main changes we have made is with our food, Fliss has to eat Gluten free foods, at first we thought this would be expensive and awkward, but in fact  as we check our foods we are finding more which can be used for all of us. Bread is the main difference, Fliss has her own, Kev has a small loaf for him, and I don't bother. We all love rice, rice noodles and jacket potatoes, we do have separate pasta's,  we stopped using pre-made sauces, so no change there, I have got some gluten free flour and we are starting to bake, most of the time we make gluten free for all of us, and not noticing much difference. For me I am feeling much better, I have problem eating refined white flour, so pastries and pies have been off the menu for ages.

I have done some more to my book, but still have a few more post to add, and then editing, it does not matter how many times I check, I can always find a small mistake after the book is printed. I will start 2014 in January after we have replaced this computer.

We have a busy weekend coming up, Sam will be 4 on Saturday, and Logan is staying with us and going to the birthday party. Sunday we will travel back to Somerset, take Logan home and then visit my brothers Martin and Mel, Mel has been unwell and is staying at Martin's house.

Monday 20 October 2014

That's huge

I love these gold glass baubles, I have another set in silver as well.
 These are huge, I purchased three of them,
not glass, but still very me
I think I now have enough for my new larger tree.
 A few craft bits I can show you here, 
I want to make some handmade baubles for the tree, 
these six are a good price and with the snow effect they have a nice texture. 
The buttons will not be hung on the tree, these will be used on parcel wrap.
 This little bird house will find it's way into my shed, it is just too cute. 
Daughter, Su set me a task to find myself a birthday present from her, I have sent to her a photo of a nice bug house for my garden. I found it very hard to find any thing, I have de-cluttered so much, and with my new way of thinking, I don't want loads back. 
I did get loads more items, most as gifts for Christmas, which can't be shown here.
I did a little stitching last night, slowly I am getting these done.
This week I have to spend time on my book 2013, I have about 10 post to sort, then a tidy up, proof read. One last check and off to be printed. I am on a time scale, hubby is buying this for my birthday present, at £50 the books are not cheap, but I do love them. 
We enjoyed a nice cream tea whilst out shopping, the garden center was packed, every one had the same idea, I also manage to purchase a few more spring bulbs, photo's next time. They were selling the glass bulb holders, for £1.99, which makes mine purchase at 50p a real bargain. 
Last night we stayed in, it was a pleasant evening, Fliss is knitting a scarf and got loads done. 
Busy day at work today, I was in the office I prefer, can't say why I prefer it, both sites and the people who work there are great, but the smaller office is just a much nicer pace. 

Sunday 19 October 2014

Half way

Yesterday was 999 day in Fareham town centre
They have this event every year
Both Sam and Josh enjoyed all the vehicles
 A blast from the past, there were loads of old vehicles as well as vehicles from USA, and loads of motor bikes. We were luck it stayed dry, we went for lunch afterwards and then the afternoon at home, just chilling, no house work.
 My plants are doing well, just one photo.

2nd six are now finished, that's half way, 
these are easy enough to be able to enjoy stitching them.
 I did start on my Christmas fabric, the fabric is woven too loose to do French Knots, but I can still add to it, this was very quick to do, the star has loads of small cross stitches.
Later today I am going to Haskins a large Garden centre, which has now all their Christmas stuff out, it is also next to Hobbycraft, so a perfect shopping trip, with Fliss and Cat, both stitchy and crafty we should have some fun. I am also being chased by Su to give hints for my birthday present, so I will send her a couple of photo's and allow her to choose what to get me. Su was going to come, but is out to lunch with MIL and FIL, they are off soon to their warm winter retreat, lucky things, 5 months in the sun.
I am having a very lazy weekend, the house could do with a clean, but it can wait, nowhere is ever that dirty, now I am back to work, hubby is doing the laundry and ironing, he's happier at home ironing than out today with us.

Friday 17 October 2014

Pick and mix

Hope to do the rest of the shinny gold infills tonight
 But this is on my pile, I have ordered the linen to stitch to use with this, I am thinking I might enhance some of the design, I want to fill one tree with French knots, matching the colours on the fabric, to raise the tree, and maybe add some shinny threads. 
 My roses from last week should last the weekend, 
The flowers have all gone from my Orchid, so these are the only pretty flowers left.
My Amaryllis is still growing well, but no flower stalk as yet.
 For the first time I have not cut back all the seed heads in my flower beds, watching Gardeners world, Monty Don suggested they be left on some for the birds and some to reseed next year, I'll try anything once.
 My Lemon and Lime plants have slowed down the growth, but they are green and healthy. I read on internet, you should snip out the growing tip on the Avocado, so I have done mine, it had six huge leaves and two smaller ones, just waiting to see what it does next.
As we are thinking about Christmas, I saw this on Pintrest, it is so true.
I'm glad it's the weekend, it has been a busy week, last couple of days at work were good, I am beginning to understand what my role is, alot of the time I am left to myself, just to get on with things. Most of the work is easy, you just have to ensure nothing gets mixed up or lost. 
Looking forward to having my hair cut tomorrow, it has got a bit long, and on Sunday we are off to Haskins, they have their Christmas stuff on sale. Fliss and Su are coming as is a good friend, shou;d be loads of laughter. 

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Just stitching

This was earlier in the week
 Here as at last night
If I can do a set of six per week, I will be happy.
I had tired eyes last night, so I skipped the lilac one.
I saw these in The Range last weekend, packs of 5, 5 for £1
These are perfect for the front of my Christmas cards.
Later I am going to purchase some natural linen to stitch my winter lady on, I have loads of plans on how I will make her up. I am sure a few extra things will fall into my basket, then all I have to do is wait for them to arrive.

My new job is going well, Goodness how many times have I said that. The important thing is I work with grown ups, I have never held a position at a Solicitor's, they all have their own secretaries, so no typing, loads of collating of notes and copying of papers, the main thing is I don't need to read much, so I don't get involved.  It's a bit strange working over two sites, one is very Corporate and the other family, both are really different, but both are fun, the Corporate is very glam, and the family is more friendly. I will have to dress up twice a week, and the other three days are just office smart.
Tonight I was finally able to park on our own drive, our neighbours will be re-leaved, two extra cars parked on the road for so long, parking around our home is a nightmare, hence us paying for the dropped curb, stops people parking in front of our drives.
Hubby is back cooking tea, I can smell our gammon roasting, we are planning to make it last two nights, it was one of the bigger gammon's we had in the freezer. I do love it when I don't have to cook.
We had some family news which is not good for one of my older brothers, he is a very private person, and we are trying to help him, life is going to get tough soon, more sadness to come.

Monday 13 October 2014

A useful post

I want to show you all these, Wilkinson Sword long handled cutters.
Purchased from The Range.
 We had our tree cut back last October, and there has been loads of new growth, 
so we thought this year we would  trim it ourselves, we saw these cutters online and purchased them locally. They were a joy to use, both hubby and I had a go, we trimmed all the new growth.
I treated it like a tall shrub, we are not sure if it's the best shape, but we can do a bit more in early spring to keep the tree in a nice shape. 
The cutting blade was perfect. 

 So if you need a set of long handled cutters, I would really recommend these.
Our garden now looks great. 
 I dead headed all the flowers from my potmum, there are loads of buds inside the plant, in a weeks time it will look great again. As yet I have not cut back the raspberry canes, they are still a bit green. I have planted my garlic, in the front of my herb bed, so every thing is done for now. 
Just two of my pots, 
The new cyclamen flowers purchased this year, there are loads of buds showing.
Plus the ones found from last year, planted a bit late, but I am hoping for flowers on them.  
Hubby purchased some newer bird feeders, which he has already hung, so after a dull but dry Autumn afternoon, it's great the garden is looking so good, each year it just keeps getting better. I have so much joy from this little garden, and each year it's so pleasing to see how much I can grow.
Sam has taken his bulb home, daddy has the instructions, I hope his grows.
Last night I did loads of stitching, getting on with my baubles, I would love to have these finished before starting something else, but my little project of the girl pulling the sledge, is calling......

Sunday 12 October 2014

Growing Christmas

I have completed the six baubles, and I love the look, now I have to repeat these three more times, I would like to make 24 cards. I have shown a couple of friends and they also love them, the texture is just perfect.
 Stash enhancement, 
Fliss and I walked to the village yesterday and our local fabric/ woolshop had new Christmas fabric, I purchased the tree design to use with my Advent im Winterwald (Advent in Winterwald).
 The Santa design I'm not sure what I will use it for, it just called to me.  
 My Amaryllis is doing well in the house, this spot in the sitting room is it's permanent home, so I am hopeful it will continue to thrive. I wanted Sam to take an Hyacinth home for him to grow, so whilst we were in the village, I found this (and two more) glass pots in a local charity shop, and at 50p each a bargain. Sam will be able to see the roots as the bulb grows, this is mine, Sam can set up another to leave here and take one home. Josh is not into gardening at all, unless it's to eat home grown strawberries and raspberries.
It's been a strange few days, busy with chatty friends, days in because of the rain, but little sewing done. The garden is now a bit of a challenge, with all the rain, I do pop out and ensure my pots are not too waterlogged and to pick some tomatoes from the green house, my plant is still on full steam ahead.
Yesterday we popped into town, just a few things to get, I wanted to purchase a couple of cotton white blouses for work, must be cotton, I dislike nylon ones, after a long search, including M&S, (at £35 per blouse I passed on them), I did mange to get one in Peacocks for £9. Whilst in M&S I looked at their sale rail, normally nothing in my size worth getting, but yesterday I purchase a skirt, 2 tops and a cardi, for £51, which was well below half price and very useful in my work wardrobe. It is always a bit scary starting a new job, ensuring you do not stand out for the wrong reasons.
We are keeping a low profile in our street, we paid the council to make our drive entrance larger with a drop pavement, they started the work on Thursday and should have finished on Friday, they have not been back, so the pavement outside of our property is shut off and will be for a couple more days.
Not many plans for today, we will see Josh and Sam for a quick visit, they are going out with Fliss this afternoon, weather permitting. We are at home, a stitchy friend will pop in for the afternoon, and then more stitching in the evening.
X Factor is back on TV, I am no longer a fan of this programme but hubby loves it, so it's prime stitching time for me.
Tomorrow I start back to work. 

Thursday 9 October 2014

It's over

I did the infilling last night to two baubles,
whilst watching British Bake off, we wanted Richard to win, 
but was happy to see Nancy get the top spot.
 I have used the golden thread purchased last year from Masson Mills, it is thinner than the DMC thread, so it gives texture, and also the retro look I am seeking. 
So all the details of the card is now coming together, 
all I require is loads of these baubles. 
 My Avocado plant has grown loads in the past few days, this photo does not show the colours in the leaves, they are beautiful, I know it is unlikely I will ever have fruits from this plant, far too cold in UK, but it's fun to see how far I can take it.
 Another shot for height.
The Lime and Lemon plants are slower, 
but both are happily growing in the sunshine behind glass.  
 I purchased a couple of garden items, the seeds are for the outside, they will be planted early next year, I'm looking to fill the gaps in my side garden. The Hyacinth are for the house, I followed Win's practise and planted all my bulbs in the garden, she has a nice show each spring. I will find a pot later and get these growing.
I have good growth on my Amaryllis, which is now in our sitting room, it will be nice to see another flower from it this year. My Orchid in the sitting room has started to drop it's flowers, but I have two plants which have each a growing stem for new flowers, it will be a while yet before they will be ready to bloom, but the promise is there.
We have had a storm over night, loads of wind and rain, all good for the garden, I think we returned from Wales at the right time, no damage in the garden and now the sun is trying to come through. Last night we were cold and thought we would have the heating on for an hour, our downstairs is open plan, but whilst the boiler worked the radiators stayed cold, handy to find this out now, so the engineer is coming tomorrow.
Later today I am popping out to lunch with a friend, and then picking Sam and Josh up from School, so a busy day, but loads of fun, no plans just see what they want to do and Pizza for tea.
As for my title, my time at home is coming to an end, I start back at work on Monday, part of me thinks, darn! but it will be nice to have my own money and with Christmas coming the extra pennies will come in handy. I have a role at a local solicitors covering their admin work, just a simple role which allows me no stress. Their benefits are great, I will have five weeks holiday each year, which is one week more than normal, it will help once Kev finished work next year. I am hoping this will be my final job, just a couple of years and I can give it all up.

PS, here comes the rain again.


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