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Saturday, 11 August 2018

This week

I have... 

  • Walked in the rain and got wet feet
  • Worn long trousers for four days in a row
  • Snuggled down and read loads
  • Drunk loads of hot drinks
  • Spend lovely time with hubbies family
  • Slept well each night
  • Sat and watched the rain and wind - more like Autumnal weather
  • Caught up with recorded TV  
  • Harvest salad and fruit

I have not...
  • Worked in my garden or watered once
  • Seen much of Will, but he did visit on Friday for a couple of hours with mummy
  • Done any crafting
  • Drunk many iced teas and coffees
  • Reached my daily step target
  • Spent much money

I should have...
  • Started some sewing
  • Finished knitting my sock
  • Tried to work out how my sisters sewing machine works
  • Housework, but it does look clean and tidy here
  • I'm sure this list should be much longer

Our weather has broken and we are having wet and windy days, a couple of days have been heavy rain, I'm not complaining, the temperature is much lower, and it's stay inside days, with much cooler nights. The south coast of England is a dry part of the UK, so we are always happy for any rain we can get, it just feels like a normal summer now.  


  1. I've been so happy to get some rain. Such light relief after such a hot summer. I feel like I can breathe again.

  2. It's sunny here today, though I think a little rain is forecast tonight and we're due a whole day of rain tomorrow. It's much cooler than it has been though which Archie is definitely thankful for.

  3. Rain can be so welcome!

    All the best Jan

  4. Boy,it's beem soooooo darn " HOT " for soooo long,I can't believe the Summer we've had love it,BUT,am I glad to see some rain at last.Feel so sorry for the farmers trying to feed their animals and everything so dry.Luckily we have not had a Beacon Fire like last year.x



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