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Sunday 29 May 2011

Lunch anyone

 I have done some stitching, I put Winter Watergarden back into the frame, I want to finish section 2, I am way behind with this one, but work has gotten in the way of my stitching time. I hope to finish this tonight, I want to get on with section 3. 

I have ordered the threads to finish April, the only thing I have not chosen is the central beads, I brought the one's suggested on the pattern, but they are not to my taste.
I still have some left from Su's wedding dress and I want to see how they look.

Last sunday Josh, Sammy, mummy and daddy came to a BBQ at the house, and to say thank you he made us cards, he was very busy and made a card for everyone, thank goodness I have a large stash, mummy drew the motorbike on Grancha's card and Josh made it look like Kev's bike, mine is of our house, Josh loves it here, he's always in the garden.

This morning I have been in the garden, every thing is growing well, the plants in my small green house are coming along well, I have flowers on the tomato's and pepper, the aubergine, cucumber and courgette are all doing well. In my veg plot I picked, leeks and onions, kev added potatoes( from the shop) and made a great broth, even the parsley on the top is home grown. It tasted divine, all my work was worth it, and there are more to come, I have carrot, Parsnips and beetroot growing well. Salad leave and herbs all ready to use.

We are off to town soon, and then in to visit Joshy, Sammy, mummy and daddy, later I want to stitch. Tomorrow is another bank holiday, we have nothing planned, the weather is terrible, so dull, cool and very windy, so no bike rides for us. It's more like October than the start of summer.
I have ordered Connies book Mystic Imaginations, so I hope to do a book review soon.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Flowers and stitching

 I got home to these sitting on my table, hubby saw them and thought of me!

I have been stitching for the past two nights and enjoying it. 

I have to order some more thread for this project, I did not notice the centre had a different colour, and I want to use clear glass beads, not the pale pink ones suggested with the pattern. 
When I have finished this piece, I want to have it framed, every one has said how pretty the colours are, it's so girly and light.

 I have also put Winter Watergarden back in my frame,

I am stitching part 2, part 6 is due out in 2 weeks, so I am very behind, I love the  colour changes in this pattern, the designer mixes soft smokey colours with harder lines, and it works so very well as you can see below with the reeds.

Had a drive of my daughter Su's new VW Polo last night, it's her first new car, she has worked hard to be able to afford one, so I'm very proud and pleased for her.
I have the day off tomorrow and I am going to the happiest cottage I know, visiting Fliss my oldest daughter and her son's Sammy and Joshy, I am promised a day of sunny smiles and laughter.
But for this morning I'm off to work.

Sunday 15 May 2011

With all the fun and games we have had this week with Blogger, I am so glad I copy all my post, my daughters have laughed at me, but I have a complete record for both of my blogs.

I keep my blogs in folders with clear sleeves, I have filled three folders for this blog and two for Somerset House, I post more here, but have longer post on my house. It's not cheap all these photo's. But I like to think I have a socal history, and you are all a part of it, at no other time in history have we, the people been able to leave our mark, on everyday things, I hope in the future they can look back on our records and under stand us.

We have not done much, it's been a weekend for us, no work required in the garden, every thing is green and lush.Still no stitching, I'm not looking for my mojo, it will find me when the right time is here.  But for now I am enjoying just pottering around the place.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Going Green

It's been a very busy day here, but look a new lawn.

We are having a very busy time, I have been baking this morning, and doing the house work, whilst hubby has laid our new lawn, finally we have a garden!!

Last night we had heavy rain and thunder storms, and they are fore caste again for tonight, so that should help the grass. It's the first real rain we have had in months.

Tonight our daughter Su is coming around with her in-laws, Gav her husband is working, we are going to have a meal, hence the baking.

Tomorrow Fliss, Steve and the boys are popping in, we hope to go for a walk around Portchester Castle. I should have some time to stitch tomorrow, I am enjoying the long stitch project.

Friday 6 May 2011

Oh wow

I am sat at my desk, I can smell sweet apples.

This cheeky chap is smiling back at me.

Candy and the reason for the scent.

This soap is is gently spicy, citrus and feels wonderful.

But the best is last
Denise from Riverside Stitching has been busy
I love this heart, it was in a box of goodies
a nice surprise to greet me after work today

There is only one place for it, in our spare bedroom
I have an African theme in here,
and it matches the colours, perfectly.
I like to leave the door open so everyone can see in.

Thank you so much, it's always nice to have a surprise,
but such wonderful items,
I value your friendship, along with others met through blog land.
Your stitching is perfect,
I feel very honored you have sat and made such a lovely piece of work for me.

I have still lost my stitching mojo, but in truth I'm being very lazy at the moment, and enjoying having the time, I'm not worried, my stitching will come back, it always does, and with summer looming and those wonderful long light evenings.

Work is going well, I'm enjoying being in the office again.

Tuesday 3 May 2011


Not alot to show for last month

Working full time again takes away loads of stitching time, just a few threads from Winter Watergarden, Family sampler and a few shiny ones from my new stitching.

My new stitching is going well, on the second try, I miss counted so badly I took the linen off the frame and stuffed it in my, "don't open THAT drawer". so now, I think I will need some more white thread!!

I have not done long stitch for years, it's great fun to do, the threads are typical shiny ones they twist and knot and are horrible to pull through the holes, other than that I am enjoying sewing. I love the shades I am using and can't wait for it to be done. I think I might have ordered the wrong colour beads, I have pale pink ones, I think I will order some clear ones.
I had a very lazy weekend, all the work in the garden is done, just the lawn to lay next Saturday. We had a family BBQ on Saturday, Josh ate his Easter egg and was very entertaining and loud, Sammy was just a dream boy, it was great to sit with my daughters in the sun shine. Friends popped in yesterday evening, unexpected but fun.

Today is back to work, I have had two 4 day weekends in a row, I could get used to it. Just working 4 days this week.

Sunday 1 May 2011

Watch this space

My stash arrived yesterday, I have never used threads such as these before, so I am excited, the pattern is not a cross stitch, but a short long stitch, so it should be a very quick pattern. I have not done any long stitch since I was a child.

We have done every thing in the garden,
my Acer and herb garden is looking colourful.

We have prepared the ground for the lawn, Kev worked yesterday morning, so by early afternoon, when we went shopping for the lawn turf, all the best had gone, we will pop out tomorrow to see if anywhere has new stock in. If not we plan to get out early next Saturday. So sometime soon we will have a lawn in our garden.

If where you are it's Mother Day, I hope you have a good day with your families, here we have another Bank Holiday Monday off, which is good, I plan to spend the day resting and sewing.

Yesterday I was very tired, so both daughters came over with Joshy and Sammy, and Steve Fliss's hubby, we had a quiet BBQ in the garden, well not that quiet, Josh is almost 6 now!

Kev is on a test drive with Su, she is still looking at new cars, later we hope to go out on the bike, the sun is shinning here, not as hot as it has been, but still sunny.


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