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Friday 13 November 2009


Still no internet at home, so I'm sat at my desk in work, I have a very good boss
on a very wet afternoon.
We have the builders in, we have almost a new kitchen, our new bathroom arrived this morning
and the painter has started in our bed room.
I found these fellows on the net, and as Christmas is closing in fast, I thought I would share them with you. Here, I might think about shopping for Christmas in a couple of weeks, very disorganised.
But we love our bungalow and once every one has done their thing, we will have a little bit of heaven.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

New House

We are in, after a long hard day of moving, two weeks ago, we are settled in the bungalow.
Everything not in storage has been unpacked, our cats have become settled, found warm places to snuggle and are having fun discovering all the new gardens around.

Today we started the "builder game" I re packed the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, we are renewing both, and yes you guessed it, our well recommended builder did not turn up this morning, oh how I dislike this game. With a new kitchen and bathroom due to arrive with in two weeks, please keep your fingers crossed for us.
As for craft, forget it, loads to do, I am looking at designing a sampler, so each evening, when we finally sit down I am sorting through my stash of magazines.
I will try and post some photo's soon, but my camera charger is in storage.

Tuesday 13 October 2009


Never leave your work where your hubby can find it.

The other night after I had finished taking a photo of my sampler, I folded it and put it on the book shelf at the top of the stairs. This book shelf is empty, we have packed everything for our move.
Last night we were sorting the wardrobes in our bedroom, when Kev my hubby, comes in with a cloth to dust the wardrobe tops. Call it intuition but I looked up, just as he was going to use my folded sampler as a duster!!! In his defence it does look ragged around the edges, and the stitching was folded inside, after I growled at him, he fetched the proper dusters.
Phew, what fun we have.

Sunday 11 October 2009


My Spanish Sampler is finished, and I am very pleased with it.
This is not the best picture, but with almost everything we own packed into boxes, I am glad to be able to show you.
I am looking for some pale green fabric, I will make a cushion cover and place this in the middle, I will also stitch a motif for one corner to bring it all together, the colours will match our new bedroom. If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

We are moving in 5 days, the house is now a shell, my craft room is empty, all my projects are in storage. I have to sort my plants, I have a very kind boss who is allowing me to take my plants into the office and sit them in the window, they will stay there for a couple of weeks.
The only place to pack is the kitchen, I will start that tomorrow.
We have far to much stuff, and we will sort so much after we move, I thought we had done enough but there is still to much for two people.
we have been very stressed for the last week, but now the moving date is getting closer we are feeling happy.
Both our cats have no idea what is happening, I keep telling them they are coming with us, but they wander around the boxes.

I will be off line for two weeks, I have the Internet at work, so I can visit all my fave sites.

Sunday 4 October 2009

Walk the Walk, Pen y Fan

On top of the world.

On Saturday 3rd October,
and I walked to the top of Pen y Fan, which is 886 meters above sea level,
and the highest peak in the Breacon Beacons, South Wales.
Typical of Wales, the weather was unkind,
it rained and the wind was very strong,
but cold and wet we made the 8 mile climb up and back in 1 hour 40mins.

Below is us at the start point, ready for what ever was to come.

At the start of the walk at 8.20 am, it looks bad,
but people were hiking for a good cause and we joined them.
The views from the top are said to be wonderful,
but sadly we were unable to see anything
the mountain was surrounded by mist the whole time.

At no point were we going to give up,
I have never walked in these conditions before, but with Kev beside me,
younger and older walkers everywhere,
we kept going.
Everyone enjoyed themselves,
we passed people who cheery encouraged us to keep going.

This is taken near the top,
403 walkers braved the day, we are raising monies for the Welsh Guards Afghan Appeal,
Kev is ex Guards,

We are proud to be apart of this appeal, I will remember this day for a long time.

As for our move, back to the real world,
our house looks like a tip, a third of our items are in store,
we have loads to pack and place into store this week.
But two weeks time we move!!

Thursday 1 October 2009

Happy Husband

I have the happiest of husbands,
Kev took delivery of his new bike this week,
All he has to do is change the number plate,
and yes we went with a personalises one for him.

As yet I have not been on it, was hoping to get a go soon, but with everything going on I will have to wait. Kev had a trip out on it and came back with the biggest grin.
We have our moving date, and are busy packing everything that will fit into boxes, we are downsizing now the kids have all left home, still a 3 bedroom house but much smaller, so less housework for me. We are storing everying but our furniture, so on moving day it won't be too bad. Well that's the plan.
This weekend we are supporting Kev's ex regiment The Welsh Guards, they are in Afghan, and we are walking Pen y Fan a mountain in Wales, it's an 18 mile walk around it. We have been walking as much as we can and have brought walking shoes and wet weather gear. This will be on Saturday so Sunday I will be resting, I have a good book and the final panel of my Spanish Sampler. Monday I will be back into work, but I have told my boss I will bring my foot spa!!

Sunday 20 September 2009

Busy days

It's been a busy few weeks here, the weather has been kind and we are having a sunny September. So we have made the most of our time outside mainly walking along the water front at various locations around Portsmouth.

I have done some more work to my Spanish sampler, I have just one panel to finish, but as yet it has not been published, I check the site most days, so fingers crossed I will have it soon. I have decided to use it as a centre panel for a cushion for our bed. The colours match so well. I am now looking for my next project, I'm not happy without some stitching to do.

I have put our new cushions on our bed, once we have moved we are changing the quilt covers to pure white, our furniture and curtains will not change. I can't wait to see how it all looks. The two striped cushions I made using left over material from our curtains.

In between everything else I have read the book below, it was recommended to me by an lady in our local book shop. I found it fun to read, the story is between the war years, and told by a servant in a large house. Fliss is now reading it.

Thursday 10 September 2009

New blog site

Blogging has become a family thing, I have often linked to my daughter Fliss's site here
Now hubby is getting in on the act, try popping here
He is a biker amongst other hobbies, could be fun!!

I have a second blog, it covers my miniature projects, visit here
and view my 1820 Georgian house, and other room boxes

With regards to our pending move,
still no date as yet, there are only three in the chain and no one is doing much,
we live in a state of limbo.

I am waiting for the last part of my Spanish sampler to be published,
so I am reading a book.

Monday 7 September 2009

Lazy Mondays

We are having a break from work again this week, we should have been in Spain, but due to the house move paperwork being very close to signing, we decided to stay at home. We should have a firm moving date this week.
We have spent our time, walking, talking about packing
but not doing any packing and eating out.

We spent a great evening at Marwell Zoo, we took the twilight tour, with 18 other people, it started at 6pm and we were there for three hours.

Above is the latest view of my Spanish sampler, I am very pleased, when it is finished, I want to make it into the centre panel of a cushion for our bed, we have purchased loads of new bedding, cushions and throws for our bedroom in the bungalow. I know I can't believe Kev has been choosing colours and cushions, and not a moan.

I wanted to show you the signs of a new season arriving, our hedgerows are full of ripe blackberry's, we have had a bumper crop from the bush in our back garden. The rose hips are everywhere and the elderberry bushes are laden with fruit. My mum would say it's natures way of getting ready for a harsh winter, she produces extra fruit to fatten the birds and small animals for a hard winter ahead. After many mild winters, it would be nice to have a real winter, and who knows a white christmas.
We have close to here a wild life park, it is perfect for birds. It is surrounded three sides by water and the motorway crosses at the top end, on the edge of the city of Portsmouth, it does not sound a good location, but after walking there one sunny afternoon, it is the most peaceful place. We found loads of thistles drying in the September sunshine.

We will now have to start packing everything ready for a move, I will let you know how many boxes we will use, I have already been sorting my clothes and shoes, this morning I threw 12 pairs of shoes, and piles of clothes has been taken to the charity shops. I have even sorted my collection of magazines, and parted with loads. it does feel good to have a sort out after being in this house for 15 years.

Monday 17 August 2009

Fully paid up Member

On Saturday, we went to the bike shop and brought my leather trousers, and jacket.
I have already purchased a new helmet.
So now I am a biker, or more to the point a bikes chick, babe or whatever I should be called.
To view Kev's bike visit this recent blog.

Kev is really pleased, I just decided to give it a go a couple of weekends ago, and I love it.
So here we are in our gear, I never thought I would be in leather trousers,
I love my jacket with a pink trim, a bit girly but lovely.
We decided to go to the New Forest on Sunday,
not a great journey in the car, but no problem on the bike.
It was a sunny day, and the roads were very busy, but it felt great as we passed all the queuing cars. We were able to drive all around the forest.
It was wonderful to feel so close to everything,
We saw loads of ponies with their young,
cattle and donkeys along side the road
I wanted to show different photo's, not just the forest and the ponies.
We went to Lymington, and watched the ferry leaving for the Isle of Wight
Walked into town, past the shops to the church at the top of the hill.

Back at the harbour full of boats, all my recent blogs have shown boats,
but the Solent where we live is a busy place for crafts of all sizes.

Kev took a shine to this one.

We are hoping our moving date will be the weekend 12th September
We have asked everyone to confirm this is good.
It just needs our solicitor's to get every thing in place
Fingers crossed.

Friday 14 August 2009

The Creek

We decided to walk along the creek, it's very near to our house, so no car required.

The tide was low, so it does not look it's best, but filled with little craft waiting for the tide to float them. The walk lasted for 45 minutes, it runs along side the water.
Past The Castle in the Air, a nice typical english pub and business that has built themselves working along the water.
On the far bank is the local golf club, with the greens looking so tidy and smart.

Past the red brick houses, all made with the beautiful Fareham red brick, a reminder of days gone by, the buildings still stand, but the brick works long gone.
Each vessel with it's mask so tall, stretching up towards the sky.

What a great name for a boat, this one is out of the water.
Past the boat yards onto the green,
with blackberry bushes laden with fruit alongside the edge of the path.
walking their dog, a gentle nod as we pass them.

We are very lucky to live in this area, with the countryside and the coastline.
Next time if the tide is in I will take some more photo's and show you the difference.

Still no moving date,
I would like to do more packing, things are moving slowly, papers are being exchanged and signed.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Thought for the day

I saw this and thought I would be good to share,

myself I prefer coffee

Thursday 6 August 2009


One last look at our weekend
I want to take you into the walled gardens of the Dunraven Estate
We walked along the estate and came to a door,
which just had to be opened

And to our amazement we found gardens
with a fantastic view

There are three sections to this walled garden
In the far corner is the original Ice Tower

Each area different, with fruit and flowers
as well as a formal lawn

The walls stood tall and straight
I could imagine elegant ladies taking the air on a sunny day

With what I call a folly at the bottom
Overgrown with Jasmine, smelling Divine

We have booked a couple of day in January to revisit
No flowers at that time of the year
But I am looking forward to
The weather and the tides crashing against the rocks
A totally different view of the area.

We have a car boot sale to go to this weekend, that's the problem when you downsize,
The bungalow, has the most wonderful master bedroom,
but as a result we have little attic space.
It is fun to find things we have not seen for years
lots of old photo's of the family.
We are having fun deciding what should go,
I'm for getting rid of it, it I've not touched it in over 6 months.
Soon I will have to do my craft room, that's a different matter,
my young neice, Natasha is promised loads of thing.

Saturday 1 August 2009


Last weekend on our way home from Wales to Hampshire, we called in to Clevedon

While we lived in Somerset, this was a local resort, just below Bristol. We visited here often, bringing the girls when they were younger. The pier had been wrecked and there were major fundraising to rebuild it.

So after 10 years away, imagine our delight to find the pier rebuilt and looking so very good.

Having never walked on this pier, the view form the top is fantastic, very simply done with wood planks, it looks as if it has always been like this. We walked down the length passing fishermen, wrapped up from the rain, we were grinning all the way.

At the bottom, just shelters, and a tea room, what more would you need.
Snuggled out of the weather we had steaming coffee and shared a muffin.

We were stunned at our luck as the Balmoral, sailed into view, they were sailing down the Bristol channel. I have sailed on the Balmoral in the 70's, we went to Lundy Island again in the Bristol channel.

The ship tied up at the bottom of the pier, so we were able to have a closer look.

This weekend is another wet one, we have been shopping this morning, I have brought new trousers and jeans, in size 12 which is a size smaller than my normal size, I can not remember the last time I was able to fit into a size 12, so I am feeling very good at this moment.

Later Kev and I are going to see the new Harry Potter film.
Tomorrow Kev is playing Golf so I am having a pamper morning.
And to add to a perfect weekend, Kev has just booked us another weekend trip to Porthcawl in January next year

Monday 27 July 2009


This blog is a thank you to my hubby, Kev,
We have had the most wonderful weekend away together.
We spent 2 days in South Wales, Porthcawl.

I love this photo, Kev is sat on Dunraven Bay beach,

We were lucky and had good weather both Friday and Saturday, we spent our time walking and discovering the coast. We both wanted to revisit Porthcawl, it has not changed a bit, stuck in a precious time warp, and thanks to Jill we had the most delicious fish and chips at Beale's. We headed our car along the coast and found wonderful bays.

Ogmore has a ruined castle above, nestled next to a river, with stepping stones across, we sat on the grass and watch countless people get wet feet as they crossed the river. The field next to the castle was for campers and there was three wigwams among the tents. On the other side of the river was a large field full with horses. Ogmore has a large sandy beach, we walked for miles, the beach filled with families but so large there was plenty of space for everyone.

Back to Dunraven bay, the beach is small and pebbly but beautiful, the cliffs are rugged and the downs roll as far as the eye can see. loads of great walks, we found their hidden walled garden, opened a door and there before our eyes was a pleasure of plants and dry stone walls.

These views are of the bay, just stunning, we were very lucky with the weather. We stayed in a bed and breakfast on a working farm, great fun, when we arrived the sow with her piglets was in the main part of the farm, we passed the geese with their young and at the back door we were welcomed by the farm dogs. We asked what time we should return so they could lock the door, only to be told "we don't lock our doors". Each morning we were woken by the cows, calling to be milked.

If ever you get the chance please go, it is as Kev says Gods country.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Weekend away

We are planning a weekend away, driving to Porthcawl, South Wales tomorrow,
staying in a farmhouse bed and breakfast, and discovering the coast line in the area.

Early next week I will have our own photo's, these have been taken form the net.

We still do not have a moving date, it's frustrating, we are packing and sorting, but would love the security of knowing when we will move, hopefully next week we will have our wish.

Have a good weekend, what ever you are doing.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

15th July

Today, 15th July is my mum's birthday, she loved the red pompom dahlia's.

Sunday 12 July 2009

Sunny Sunday

I have not done much stitching, our time is spend sorting, we have been in the attic (loft) this week, after living here for 15 years, we are awaiting our moving date, in about 4 - 6 weeks. So we have started at the top. I still love this Spanish sampler, the colours whilst not the normal ones I would choose, are beautiful. But it is still growing.

I woke early this morning with the sun shinning through our curtains, the forecast was for a dull day, so we got up early to catch the sunshine, to our pleasure the sun has got better throughout the day. It has been breezy, but a lovely day.
This afternoon for the 1st time, I went with Kev for a ride on his bike, after many years I decided I should have a go, it is his 2nd love, and I enjoyed it!. Kev has a big crusing bike, the ride was not to long and I would like to go on it again, Kev is a fine weather biker which suits me.

Above is another free plant in the growing, I love orchids, and once they have finished flowering, I leave them on my craft room window sill, I let them die down and when they look very sorry for themselves, I start to water them again and then new growth.
Below is my half price plant, our local Sainsbury have their orchids on special at the moment and one jumped into my basket as I walked by!

The salvia's from the garden are looking well, I love these plants, I have put them in a pot so we can take them with us once we move.

This African Violet has been in flower for a couple of years,
I am lucky they love my kitchen window sill.

Grace wanted to get on my blog again, she is sat on her chair in the sunshine, this is taken after she has had her tea, so she will settle for a couple of hours before going out when it gets dark. Thomas loves the evening sun and is lying under the hedge in the back garden.

My final news I am pleased to tell you is our healthy life style is working, to date I have lost a stone in weight, Kev has also lost weight, we had a walk along the coast line this afternoon at Lee on Solent, we try and walk most days. Today I am wearing a skirt I love, last time I was able to put it on was two summers ago. It's great to see my tummy disapearing. Through the Nintendo DS we walk 4000 steps per day, its a great system, today we have done almost 7000 steps! and I don't think I will ever tire of the wonderful salads we are creating.

One last note, please pop over to Joshy & Belle, Fliss my daughter has a wonderful site, her dialog is wonderful, she should be writing in a magazine. She talks about all aspects of her life and her craft.


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