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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Village Fete

We had our village show yesterday, 
so we took Will for a walk around
 Will loved the big bunny with pink shoes
I finally found the black material and finished these two bags
 I prefer these bags to the ones with colour linings. 
 Another bag finished
I was later starting sewing on Friday morning, hubby needed a bit of help with the decorating, but the walls are finished in the stair well of the hall, just the glossing to do next week.
I managed to make the bags above, but then we got a call from mummy and Will, who wanted to pop over, we were having Will on a sleep over, so mummy and daddy could have an evening out together. So everything was packed away for now. Loads of fun at bath time, he is so comfortable at ours on a sleepover.
Saturday we were up at 6.30am, early for us, plenty of play time a lovely morning nap for Will and then we walked to our community center for the Village funday, it was dull overhead but dry, the lawns around the center were full of people and stalls, Fire engines were climbed over, everything checked out. Will was too young to try any of the stalls, but he loved seeing all the children, the big bunny came towards him and Will hid, but quickly he was OK and had a long cuddle. We had lunch out at a local Bistro, and later mummy came and collected him, so Nanna and Grancha had a quiet evening reading together. I have finished You are Dead by Peter James, another good book.
This morning again it's dull, I thought August was the best month for sunny weather, so far it's been more like October, later I have to pop into town, I want some tulips, Carnaval de nice, which I got from Wilko's last year, I would like to see their stunning blooms again next year.
No decorating today, we will start back tomorrow, I agree with your comments, we do not like decorating, with our home being open planned once you start one area you have to keep going until it's all finished, it does help we only have painted walls, so once it's washed down it just needs a couple coats of paint. Hope to get it done before the end of the month.


  1. Awww what an adorable little lad Will is. I love those bags Marlene. With Little Miss Bluebell I’ve not sewn much at all! I’m trying to instill a routine in for her but I also don’t want to miss a minute of this puppyhood as it lasts less than the the childhood of my two real children!! Madam is just in her crate right now so I’m taking the opportunity to dabble in blogland for a bit!

  2. Tried to comment on your previous post but the technology fairies weren't having any of it. We have been here 10 years and there are STILL a couple of walls that haven't been painted . . . cannot tell you how much I hate decorating!

  3. Awww, that's a lovely photo of Will with the bunny. We used to have wallpaper on our walls but as each room has needed decorating we've removed the paper, had the walls plastered and then painted them, it's made it so much easier when we've needed to redecorate.

  4. Will looked like he was having a marvellous time on the fire engine and cuddling the big bunny. It’s the upheaval that goes alongside decorating that I’m not keen on, but it’s worth it when it’s done xx

  5. Love the photograph of Will sitting in the fire engine.
    Looks like a fun day.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a fun time with Will. He is such a cutie!

  7. We had our local show just recently too, Marlene. Aren't they wonderful. Love the photo of the fire engine and its little driver! Meg:)

  8. Hi,great photos,Will is so cute that Bunny sure is Big.Loving the bags.x



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