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Monday 28 May 2012

 The Machines de l’Ile is a totally unprecedented artistic project. Born from the imaginations of François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice, it is a blend of the invented worlds of Jules Verne, the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and the industrial history of Nantes, on the exceptional site of the former shipyards

 We spent an afternoon here, some where out of the rain, and what a great surprise we had, every where was amazing, from sketches machines grew and then they were built, we had no real idea of what we were coming to see. Can you imagine our faces as the elephant came towards us, slowly moving along the street.
 So many different machines, all built with care, using alot of wood to shape the animals,
 The heron bird gives flight, and was so big, I took far to many photo's to show you here. Les Mondes Marins, is huge, but not opening until July, sea life built next to the river,looks like a giant carousel, I would so love to go back and visit.  Young and old faces were  awake with the beauty and mechanics of every thing.
 Tribal cat has grown, I'm please with it's progress, as I work towards the front of the cat, the colours will become lighter. I think I will do a bit more on this one, I do have projects lining up, but this is a quicky by my standards.
Work today was good, very busy, I was missed last week, I prefer to be busy the time goes quicker.

Sunday 27 May 2012

Home again

 Food was great, not sure about the donkey in pink gingham, very nice shops, loads of them, full of French style.
 Poppies every where, the road sides were very pretty, I love the mix of poppies, cornflowers and daisys
 the camp site pools, there was 5 of them, very clean, and not to full, May is a good time to go.
 our chalet, life was good, BBQ most nights, loads of red wine.
I did get some tribal cat done, but now I will be back on Sweet Flowers the next stage of the pattern has been released.  This afternoon our grand sons will be popping in to see us, loads of things here for them. I'm off to our garden, the sunny weather is just great.

Monday 21 May 2012

France is fun

We are having a great time in france, the rain has followed us here, but we have the promise of sun tomorrow, so fingers crossed we can spend time at the pool. We have been shopping and eating out, the food is unbelievable their deserts are to die for, so much for my diet..... I was hoping to have photos here but I am having troubles and my wifi time is running out. I have done some stitching on triBal cat, but stitching time is small. I have enjoyed catching up with you all all83post in 3 days, boy we do like to blog, And I love to read your news, my time is almost up. Enjoy what ever you are doing, we are loving France.

Friday 18 May 2012


I will be in France on Sunday so here is my TUSAL early, another busy month
ORT's from Sweet Flowers and Patchwork Sampler, I might need a bigger pot this year!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Photo heavy

Above progress on the Patchwork Sampler, but normal for me I am unhappy with the blue design, the pattern is very free hand, no repeats, which is strange, because every pattern on here repeats on it's self.
So below is my version, I took his first pattern and repeated it, added some infill, and I like it.
 I have filled in the gaps left by the removal of the panel, and I'm loving it, I have just over 3 pages to go, it has to be framed as Paula said it's far to nice to use as a cushion, and my sister and a couple of my friends are begging for it, but I'm keeping it, I'm thinking it will look great in the spare room with all the African items and colours.
 I won the give away from Loredana, and the postman came today, I have never visited Malta, so the postcards show her country, and a calender for 2013 with cats on, perfect.
 Some herbs, we have Rosemary in the garden, but noThyme, 
I will start them in two weeks after our holiday.
 Loredana does crochet, and I was hoping she would make me something, 
 This toilet roll cover is great, and white trimmed with blue, 
my bathroom has white fillings and painted blue walls and blue accessories, perfect. 
Thank you Loredana
Today has been good for me in many ways, 1st this morning I weighed myself and I have lost another pound, OK but not wonderful, but this morning I was 10stone 13 pounds, under 11 stone, which I have not been for over two years, since my health problems. 2nd, the lovely parcel from Loredana was waiting for me on my desk after work. 3rd I had a message from Hazel I have won her give away and she is sending to me "Tree of Life" by Klint, I loved it when I saw it on her blog.  So happy me sat here.

On Friday we are off on holidays, Saturday morning we will wake up in France, a weeks break, with Su and Gav our youngest daughter and her husband, we have been to France with them before, please keep your fingers crossed for good weather. Cos I know the food, wine and views will be perfect.

Monday 14 May 2012

Lights, garden and stitches

 More on Patchwork sampler, with all this rain, there is nothing else to do, I have used  the green pattern for a second time, it was used on the top right of this work, but I changed the colour, using the green which was used for the box I have removed.
 I like it as a complete piece, I have to tidy the dark grey and the mustard/green adding a few more stitches to close the gap. It looks right, I am trying to ensure I do not have all the joins at the same height.
 We popped to a garden centre and I purchased some coloured solar garden lights, I'm a bit fed up with just having blue lights, I did take a photo after dark, but the lights whilst looks very good, they do not show in a photo. And our poor BBQ is stuck there, unused, at least the garden looks so green.
We had a nice weekend with my sister, no craft shops, I really do not need anything, she did take back some of my unwanted items, so I have a bit more space in the office. I have not yet decided what to knit with my recent purchase of wool, I have not seen a pattern I like, I do have one I could use, if nothing else comes to light.

We did have two sunny days over the weekend, and the garden is looking good, but I am still very behind, loads of plants are not showing them selves, maybe the second dry winter has killed loads off. When we get back off holiday, I will look to replace any thing not in bud.

Friday 11 May 2012

stitching plans

 This is how I started the week, the boarder to the oblong box, ready to put my name and date, not using the designers pattern, yet another change, but that's the way I sew, always "improving", bit of a cheek to take someones beautiful work and change it.
 I started the pattern below the long box, still loving the designs, they way the patterns fall into each other, whilst others are given space to be a whole. All so very different.
 Then I thought, I don't want a box across the middle of the work, it's not me, and I have unpicked all the green. I will take the top and bottom patterns and let them crash in the middle, not sure what will work, it's a case of stitch it and see! so watch this space.
 Our little stray, Purdy is now becoming a family member, she has taken her time, Grace has always been my cat, so Kev now has Purdy, it's nice to sit and watch TV with a cat on your lap.
 The Peony in the garden is blooming, we have had a sunny day

 The colour is pure summer.
My sister is driving down for a visit, she lives in the village in Somerset, when my family home is, it's 106 miles away, about 3 hours drive, she will stay until Sunday. We have not planned anything, just to see what the weather is like and what we want to do.

Monday 7 May 2012

Bank holiday rain

 Well after three days of rain, I have more stitching to show, but nothing done in my garden, and I am itching to get out and do some gardening.
 I have decided which green to use in the above design, I'm glad I waited until I had stitched all around the pattern, I think it blends in well, the icon on the pattern sheet was printed wrong and there are two dark green silks in this design. I have just started page 8 so only another 4 pages to go. I am still unsure how to finish this design, frame it or make into a cushion.
Su and I had a perfect spar day yesterday, we spent time in the pool, steam room, sauna and hot tub, the pool was deep and I am not confident in the water, but Su swam alot, and I did go into the pool. We both loved the steam room, and all in all the day was relaxing and our skin feels wonderful today. We had a nice lunch and a great afternoon cream tea, we chatted and giggled most of the time.

Today I wanted to spend in the garden, but the weather has stopped that thought, soon I am going to be behind with my planting, it's more like March than May. I have sorted our china cupboard, which I'm glad it's done, I have loads for the charity shop. I will stitch again this afternoon.

My sister is visiting next weekend, not sure what we will be doing,she does like the craft shops, but we don't have any really nice shops. I would like to take her to a nice coffee shop for afternoon tea.

I did manage an hour in the garden, it's a start

Saturday 5 May 2012

Stitchy update

 I've done some more on Patchwork sampler, now almost finished page 7, I am not stitching them in true order, the design is set to stitch the left hand side top to bottom, but I prefer to stitch the top row and work down.
 I have stitched the purple pattern as a complete balance, there were more letters here but I am not stitching them, I am happy not to have them, for me I do not see any relevance to having random letters and numbers,  once I have finished the next section, I will go back and do the circular design, I should be able to decide which shade of green to use.
 My Mere cats are back, they were protecting their pot again, or maybe just enjoying the one day of sun shine we had this week. And my peony below is getting ready to bloom.
We have a bank holiday here, so no work on Monday, I have been shopping for gardening items, because of the weather I am not planting any bedding plants, it's too cold and wet for them. But in hope of having a summer I have new solar lights, just to brighten the bottom of the garden. I have a couple new plastic green houses, my last one the neighbours cats trashed, by climbing over and using their claws, the windy weather did the rest. So Monday is planned for a busy day, Tomorrow, Sunday I am having a spa day with Su, loads of pampering and a nice lunch. Kev is off to the golf course.
I have also brought loads of bunting and flags for our garden, we have the Queen's jubilee in June, so a garden party/BBQ will be called for. Every thing red, white and blue.

Thursday 3 May 2012

Goodbye to a good friend

 We had sun shine yesterday, 1st time in ages, so I popped into my garden to have a look around, my Maple is loving the sun shine, so full of colour. It loves it's life in a pot.
 I still have a few Bluebells, most have gone, but these in the corner looked good. It's nice to have different colour flowers in my garden.
 My Peony has loads of buds, not bad for a plant over 50 years old, it enjoyed it's move 3 years ago and I can't wait for the flowers to form, a real sign of better weather to come. the birds love to bathe in the water behind the plant. The garden is looking good after all our rain, I hope to be able to do some work in the garden this weekend, nothing too heavy just starting to tidy for the summer, if we have one.
 This is my good buddy, we have been together for 6 years, going every where, having loads of fun, and the best reliable mate a girl could want. Taking me to meet my first grand son, taking all of us on days out, never breaking down, getting to and from work each day, come rain, ice and snow, never giving me shocks when the MOT is due.
Yesterday I said goodbye, and part exchanged it for a new car, and I feel guilty, after years of no problem motoring, I just cast it aside. I felt so guilty driving off and leaving it behind, my work mates ask if I am excited with my new car, I say no, I'm sad and miss my 307, but they know I have strange ways.

We have a bank holiday on Monday so three days off, which will be fun, another busy weekend, Saturday a bit of shopping and a hair cut, Sunday Su and I are having a spar day, we have booked our lunch and a couple of treatments, as yet I will not be able to have a body massage, but I hope to have a foot massage. Monday a day at home.

I have been stitching will show you next time.


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